Small bathroom layout


"Kev is moving this month and has some questions for the crowd. He says,"Need some design/furniture layout tips on decorating my future new small studio. The unit is a 495 sq ft "Soft loft" and will have a concrete ceiling, exposed ductwork, white walls and off-white cut Berber carpet.... I've been staring at my floor plan trying to figure out the best way to layout my furniture. I'm not all that excited about the carpet being in there. I wish it were able to be hardwood floors or concrete, but I'm renting so I can't make that choice. How do I deal with white carpet? Will it be awkward to put a rug on carpet? I've attached an image of my floor plan as well as some renderings of what the unit will look like. These are just renderings from the developer's website so they do not reflect the actual units of the building, like the cool concrete floors. I don't really have any furniture, so I basically have a clean slate to work with. I plan on getting a double or queen sized bed, a sofa, flat panel tv, chest of drawers, small dining table and a small desk. "Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!". We think a rug on top of the white carpet would be fine - we've seen it done many times and it works, especially against a light carpet.
Q: I am moving into a very small studio in the beginning of January and wanted some ideas on how to place a full bed, dresser and small seating in a cozy space. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Glowmouse in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.
These ideas are just as relevant today, especially for those trying to make the most of a small space. Living small is all about keeping tabs on what you have! Waist-High Shelf - In every home there are certain objects that are handled daily - waist-high shelves in the main rooms of a home provide an easily accessible location that keep you from losing your things. Because people are naturally drawn to light, these spaces should be the most important in the home. Even if your home is tiny, varying the levels of light can provide much-needed distinction between rooms or spaces. Today, successful kitchens go back to the farmhouse model of bright and comfortable work spaces that include enough room for families to gather. In small homes, consider ditching the dining room for an informal kitchen table that can be used for dinner parties or extra work space. Light on Two Sides of Every Room - When given a choice, people always gravitate towards spaces that have light on two sides. Usable balconies can also serve as extensions of indoor living spaces, making a small home feel larger.

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