Formal dining room with mirror


"Guess the Decade" is back with a fairly formal, very feminine sitting room, with a roaring fire to welcome us. Comments and conjecture are welcome in the comments, as always, but if you know the source of the photo - PLEASE don't tell. We promise to reveal it tomorrow, so please check back then for the answer.
Well, if there is one thing I learned from yesterdays Guess the Decade post, it is that some of you have very stylish relatives with similarly designed rooms to our subject space. We choose this room because it is done in such a classic style - the individual pieces are ones that are design perennials - klismos chairs, a velvet ottoman, a silk upholstered sofa and ceramic garden stools. The items themselves don't point to any specific decade because they are ones that could and do show up in well decorated rooms in every decade. Because in this case, the majority of you were correct - it is a current design. It is a room done by Julio Quinones, one of many beautiful examples of his work that you can view on the website for his Dallas-based firm. The peachy colored drum looking stools tell me it would be 40s, possibly 50s. the klismos chairs have been brought out through various decades, so I don't think that's a good judge of decade. The art is very tasteful really, it seems that the whole room is an amalgam of various decades. This is very now - this room could be in an issue of elle decor this year - duckumu. The floral arrangement on the coffee table is very 2000s also... - kellylj. The variety of influences, ceramic garden stools, and floral arrangement all seem now to me.

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