Danish office


What exactly does NY/NJ mean? This fellow has tons of listings on Craigslist each day, and he/she locates all his/her furniture in NY/NJ, which can only mean that he/she is close to you whether you live in NY or NJ. "This Danish Modern dresser is a nice one, and the price is good. It looks to be in very good condition, and has no annoying decoration or over design details. It is a classic. He/she says it is"from a 1960's NNJ super cool Modern home... measuring only 57"w x 31"h x 17"d. Call for easy pick up or delivery arrangements. 908-313-4212." Now, you can't beat that. MGR. Got a good item for Scavenger? Know anything about these sellers? Leave a comment below.....
We're inspired by several Danish modern planters we've seen recently. They're all planters plus something else, and they all manage to bring a structured touch of outdoors in, in a very beautiful fashion. This Swedish planter/table, pictured up top, is by an unknown designer. Torbjørn Afdal's bench/planter This rosewood planter by Arne Vodder is what caught our eye in the first place. This one's just a planter, but check out those legs!

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