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Scandinavian furniture home office

Right now we're helping a friend scour the depths of Ebay for a decent Nelson-esque slat bench. Personally, we've never been that big on buying big on Ebay. Relying solely on photos and an unknown vendor makes us hesitant about plunking down a great big wad of virtual cash. After hearing all kinds of large-scale success stories, we're starting to change our tune. Jump down to tell us about your most indulgent Ebay win and to see our one crazy splurge.... We bought a reclining mannequin on Ebay a few years ago. Sometimes it's hard to fit her into the decor but she's still with us and the transaction showed us that buying big on Ebay can pay off. So what's the biggest thing you've ever bought on Ebay? Did it work out or are you sticking with the knickknacks?

Under the stairs home office

The NY Times has picked up on the modernist dollhouse craze. I've loved dollhouses and things in miniature for a long time, but devotees to this movement have really wowed me with their collections and creations. Take this miniature replica of the IKEA Expedit, a familiar friend here at Ohdeedoh. Don't you just want to take it and organize it? You can read the NY Times full article and check out the slideshow here.

White work desk

When we moved in, our old clawfoot bathtub was in bad shape. Our landlord wasn't going to replace it, but after some coercing, we convinced him to reglaze it for us. For less than the cost of a new tub and installation, porcelain and cast-iron tubs can be reglazed and the finish restored. We've lived with our reglazed tub for about 5 years now, and it's showing some wear. It has chipped in a couple of places, but it's still in great shape compared to the way it looked when we moved in. Eventually, it will probably have to be reglazed again or replaced, but we're relatively happy with the results since our options were to live with the tub we had, or go the reglazing route. Since our landlord negotiated the work, we're not sure about pricing, although we've heard a few hundred dollars is standard.

Leather chair and study desk

This month has been all about COLOR in the kitchen, in food, and in harvest. Well, to cap it off, we have to show you these jolly little platters, made from refinished old candlesticks! These little pedestal plates are created by design team Iacoli & McAllister in Seattle, WA. They take a common discarded object - the tarnished brass candlesticks you see in thrift stores - and they powder coat them with bright colors to give them a new life. These are so bright and cute; we are totally smitten with them. They would make great serving plates for cookies, fudge, cheese, or fruit. They'd make a great centerpiece on the table all by themselves.