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Benny writes:Hello AT, I've been looking for a vendor/carpenter that does closet sliding doors. They're a little too expensive for me. I've seen what Home Depot and Lowes has to offer and I'm not impressed. Hi Benny- I guess it sort of depends on what type of sliding doors you had in mind? A basic set of plain closet sliding doors can be a fairly simple DIY project, but it sounds like you might be looking for something more custom if you didn't like what the big chain home-improvement stores had to offer.

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Are you a big fan of spaces that are bursting with design, accessories, colors and patterns? But are you a little worried about how to make it work in the real world? We've got real-life living rooms that are bursting with style but that work - and we're breaking down the lessons to take with you into your own space! Jenn & Hunter's Historic Landmark Apartment - This room is full of furniture, art, plants and even a few quirky accessories. One, it's large and the room's architecture allows for a little grandeur. Two, the two largest pieces of furniture in the room are of the same set, and their coordinating color and pattern help unify the look. Beci & Raph's Most Excellent Make & Do Adventure - There are all kinds of things to look at in this living room, from great furniture choices to accessories to weird pieces of art and found finds. Anne & Richard's Loving Renovation at the El Dorado - From fluffy sofa cushions to a fluffy rug to lots of art and a full color palette that's hard to peg down, this room works simply because it has a lot of balance to it. Sasha's Silver Lake Bohemian Bungalow - There's quite the bold array of patterns happening in Sasha's bungalow living room. Matt & Mel's Animated Abode - Matt and Mel's living room has a lot of colors happening. Do you have a happily full living room that works? Share your secrets for creating a non-spartan space that doesn't overwhelm in the comments.....