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Apartment hunting is never easy, but searching for your dream home across state lines can feel more like a nightmare. Here are some key survival tips for searching, viewing and signing a lease on an apartment when you can't just hop in the car and meet a broker or landlord, without spending a ton of money. There's always Craigslist, but you might also find that there are highly useful apartment listing sites in your new city that have verified listings-finding one apartment you like could also lead you to a no-fee broker who can let you know about other apartments you might love as well. If you can take a trip to your new city, it's worth it to visit and view some apartments in person, so you can really get a feel for the space and the neighborhood. If you have your heart set on one apartment and that's the only one you set up an appointment for, you might hate it and not have enough time to set up more, sending you back to square one. If you have close friends or family members you trust in the city you're moving to, it might be worth it to ask them to help you with your apartment search. Apartment hunting in the city you already live in is hard enough, let alone finding one in a completely different part of the country. You might find your dream apartment in one go, but you also might not be able to find one that feels perfect right away, and either way, it'll be okay. You might find an apartment that's good enough for a temporary stay, so plan to stay for a year until your lease is up, and then the apartment hunt will be a lot less challenging. Have you survived a big move to a far away place? Do you have any tips for long-distance apartment hunting?

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'Buy swatches of paint and test them out before painting the whole wall and always paint the dark and lightest part of the room.Group similar colors together - whether it be red or orange or green to give it a punch of color. Incorporate your favorite color in your interiors.' Color Resources:Current or vintage magazines or books.

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No matter what you need to display or find a place for - shelving above the desk can work! The Black Hole Home Office Gregory's home office is in a small closet, so vertical square footage was essential to creating a successful space. He owns a lot of books and the perfect place was to display them above the desk on black shelving. The Minimalist's Clean Slate Joel installed these great shelving that actual conceal his belongings. Rebecca's Loving Living Small Home Office Rebecca installed shelves on the wall behind her desk. A Bright Bright Great Tech Tour Another great example of installing thin shelves for decorative prints and artwork. Do you have shelves above your desk? Any tips for organization or installation you learned after adding overhead shelving?

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I'm recovering from a delayed flight and a late night return to SF and will be posting light today. So there will still be plenty to see/read/enjoy.

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Here are several ways to get your new-found love back home, ranging from no frills hassle to white glove service. '$ Greyhound Package Xpress: Greyhound buses use their extra cargo space to ship cross country on a space available policy. You both drop off and pick up the item at bus stations on either end. If both Point A and Point B are businesses, you can pay a little bit more for door to door service. Once your piece has arrived, you'll have 72 hours to pick it up before they charge you a storage fee. Chances are good that Greyhound will be the cheapest by far, but it requires the extra step of getting a large, bulky item to and/or from the bus station. Basic Freight Service: Freight companies provide door-to-door service and there are no size or weight limits. The downside of this method is that it can sometimes take months for your item to be picked up for delivery. If you aren't in a rush, can't pick the item up at the local bus station, but still want to save a few bucks, this might be an option for you. White Glove Service: If you aren't in a schlepping mood, most companies also offer better service options. If you are in a rush, and money's not a factor, use this service.

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Q: As newlyweds, my husband and I have set about making our house a home. We have been trying to find a rug for quite some time, and cant seem to agree on anything. He gravitates towards things that are very masculine, and I feminine. The walls are a pale blue, and the furniture black leather. Oh, we have a black haired dog as well.... I would LOVE any suggestions you might have! Editor: Please share your suggestions and ideas with Seren in the comments below...thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

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This dining room table at left expands from 46' round to 82' long. The table and four blue chairs are selling for $175 in Columbia Heights. See more great Craigslist finds from DC and the surrounding suburbs below the jump.... Are you willing to travel to the suburbs for Craigslist finds? Please let us know.... The Apartment Therapy DC Furniture Classifieds are local and JUST DECOR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll highlight you here on the front page. The Apartment Therapy DC Furniture Classifieds are local and JUST DECOR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll highlight you here on the front page.

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Do you have some gorgeous wood floors that have seen a bit of abuse? Have they been hiding under carpet for years? Getting them professionally refinished is the easiest way to give them a facelift, but you will pay a pretty penny to do so. You cannot sand lead paint and may need to just replace the floor at that point. You will need 20-60 grit depending on the damage to your floors. The sander will remove a lot of surface from your floor, so the best scenario is if your floors are 3/4' thick to start. If they are thinner than 1/4', you shouldn't refinish them or you will gouge holes in your floor and hit the subfloor. Plank floors are thicker and can be sanded more times than tongue and groove. Sanders are heavy, loud, and awkward, so you will want to practice your movements on some plywood before you get going on your floor. The biggest mistake in DIY floor renovation is gouging the wood. If you are happy with the floor after the first pass, then go straight to 120 grit paper for the final smoothing process. If you are staining the floor a new color, first use a wood conditioner to help even out the stain.

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Different levels... We found a lot of interesting things going on in this image from the May 2007 British Elle Decoration. First off, if you happen to need some extra storage, and you have a backsplash with enough height, we love the idea of putting up corner shelving. Perfect for spices, extra cups, small plates, or utensils. We also are intrigued with the split concrete/wood floor action going on.... We're on the fence about it, since it sort of feels a little too unfinished, but at the same time kind of interesting in a raw/industrial-meets-artsy kind of way. We're also fascinated by the swing arm lamp above the fridge. It's a bit unconventional to use this type of light fixture in a kitchen we like how it is pointed to bounce the light off the walls, which probably works fine because of the apparent high ceilings.

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Like us, Kiel combines some strong patterns and throws in some solid black. We're oh so curious what the other side, opposite the sink, looks like.