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Dark tones study room

These 10 kitchens all have features you might not expect - small but impactful details to both surprise and delight. Above: A gorgeous wooden sink in a kitchen from Bolig Liv. A brass backsplash is just so perfect for this minimal kitchen from Vogue Living. Encaustic tile on the side of an island gives this kitchen from De Dujes a pleasing jolt of color and pattern. A glowing brass toekick adds a tiny bit of a glam to a traditional kitchen from Desire to Inspire. These minimal glass cabinets are the perfect counterpart to the more traditionally styled lower cabinets in this kitchen from AD Russia. An unexpected flooring transition adds personality to a kitchen from Royal Roulotte. Artful open shelving graces the kitchen in Violaine & Gaetan's Montreal home.

Under stair study niche

We love an unexpected splash of color, and one of our favorite places to see it is the front door. In general we consider our taste pretty classic when it comes to exterior paint colors, but all bets are off when it comes to accent colors. This door and stair combo is refreshing but not overwhelming. As renters, we can't paint our own door, but we like applying the same idea to our home by keeping the overall palette pretty neutral and adding a few bursts of unexpected color. Do you prefer a classic palette, eclectic, or a mix of the two? Images: Yellow door via: ...Tim; Orange door via: Mayhem; Turquoise door via: Robem.

Modern narrow home office

Chrome fixtures are common in bathrooms, but they can be made very modern when paired with gray walls and a clean-lined tub. Click below for modern bathrooms in silver and gray, ranging from super-sleek to warmed up.... In the top photo from Wow Bathrooms, this Duscho-designed space latches on to the trend towards furnished bathrooms. The silver chair picks up on the shiny chrome finishes throughout the room. The glass dividers in this space by Boffi let lots of light into the bathroom, while the wall-mounted fixtures seem to float. This heather-gray Chilewich Roller Shade has just a hint of violet, and the signature Chilewich texture adds richness to the window treatments. The hanging light fixture in this Boffi bathroom softens the hard edges of the ultra-modern fixtures. This photo from the Jamie Hayon Collection for Spanish company Arquitect shows how Hayon's artistic interpretation of traditional fixtures can bring a bathroom to the next level. We like the use of the little stainless steel stool in this Blu Blue Shower from Wow Bathrooms. In this photo from Living Etc, a freestanding tub is chrome-plated. This Selvaggio Tile from Ann Sacks is paired with carved wooden pieces, a nice compliment to the modern pattern.

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Floor plan time! As you can see from the plan, the bed takes up a whole lot of space. Perhaps that's a good thing? Because, in working out the budget for this room makeover, our limit is just $100 + paint. Keeping in mind that everything in Australia costs about double than what it does in the US, $100 really isn't that much. We're talking bedding, lighting maybe, that's it. 100 feels even more puny when I think that some other budgets for this Style Cure are hundreds of dollars more. Those rooms will look magical with their on-trend marble, great lighting and deluxe linens. Imagine what we could do, if we only spent... but we can't. A tiny budget is a chance to show what a difference a little treasure hunting, a little cleaning and moving things around, a little DIY can do. How even a simple bedroom, a back to basics room, can look really, truly, great.

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Yesterday we received the missing component to our mini home theater setup: the digital audio coaxial cable. We had to create a slightly larger hole and after a couple of attempts, we were able to snake through our HDMI to DVI cable, alongside the DLP projector's power cord. The finishing touch was to cover the hole with a metal faceplate; fortunately the hole is mostly invisible from view thanks to the projector blocking it. We did run into one last problem that has yet to be solved; our digital coaxial cable is just a little short from reaching all the way into the closet to the hidden DVD player; also, its black coloured cabling is highly visible even when snaked around the wall moulding from the Yamaha YSP-800 speaker. Currently, we've placed the DVD player underneath our couch with the speaker wiring running in temporary fashion until we install some Wiretracks and Wiremold Cord Protectors. We'll also have to order another coaxial audio cable from Monoprice. Remember not to under-compensate for cable or wire's better to have too much than too little. 'When everything we could do was finished, we fired up a Flight of the Conchords DVD set a friend recently lent us and enjoyed the system for the first time at a fully operation level. Let me tell you, watching the LCD screen is going to be painful from now on after enjoying a 92' picture.

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Browsing at Retro to Go, we stopped short at this amazing image. It features a super decorative, mega-sized wallpaper mural from Britan's Surface View. Surface View has a fantastic site, making trying out the huge collections of images available in their sample mod rooms an addictive pastime. Images available for Surface View murals are from sources as varied as the Victoria and Albert Museum collection to the Land of Lost Content British Cultural Artefacts. Vintage postcards, romance images, textiles and photography are all used. Custom sizing, cropping, paper finish and color choices are all available, as well as fabric printing.

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When we first spotted this trio of bud vases by Heath Ceramics, we loved the simplicity and repetition of the shapes...but what really strikes our fancy? The combination of muted earth tones punctuated with a bright, brazen yellow. It's like an exclamation point at the end of this set. Hmmm, this could be a perfect color scheme for our work-in-progress bathroom.....

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What stands between a 'Good' living room and a 'Great' one? A good living room, while perfectly serviceable isn't bad, it just isn't as awesome as it could be. A great living room draws people in, keeps them there, and leaves them happier than before. This won't be a checklist of furniture items or physical items you should add to a room; this is a list of the intangible qualities that distinguish a great living room from just a good one. A great living room.... Has a seating arrangement that encourage conversation and sparks stories. It feels like the heart of a room - emphasizing that people are more important than things. Has the perfect mix of art that complements the room's style, along with a healthy dose of negative space to give the eyes spots to rest. Is a living room where the designer takes bold chances - and isn't afraid to fail. The kind of room where someone goes out on a limb to try something new, not knowing if it'll work or not. Perhaps most importantly, a great living room feels like you. What would you add to this list of what makes for a great living room?

White and gray study room

Much has been said about glossy white or black floors-but how about using a bright color? This orange is almost retina-searing; but for this loft space, it seems to fit. As a friend observed recently, 'Lofts just seem to get away with so much more! They're like the Parker Posey of apartment spaces.' What do you think of this bright resin floor?

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Maybe it's because he's french and had a fixation with the idea of the American old west, but when I was young my dad used to drag me around to the Rose Bowl to buy awesomely bad thrift store paintings of cowboys, cactus and horses, sometimes even40's era Indian Chiefs. As a little girl I did not have the same appreciation that I have today. The bathroom can be a great place to go big with color or with overscale artwork or fun collections that might not make the same impact in another part of the house. I like this collection of deer prints from gentillefille's flickr set that she picked up at a thrift store and put on display in the bathroom.