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Dear AT:. I found a beautiful old table at an Oakland antiques/thrift store, Uhuru Furniture. The top of the table is especially lovely-the surface has an incredible patina that I really want to preserve. I'd like to get a.custom-cut, tempered glass top to put on it... where is the best place to get something like that? Email questions & pics with QUESTIONS in subject line to: sf(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com Link To All Good Questions. The Acacia Glass Company near GG Park in Inner Sunset will cut glass in custom sizes in a variety of thicknesses. We've used them for exactly this kind of thing and they were prompt and professional.

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A lot of the kitchens we feature on this site are dramatic and beautiful and... well, huge. So today we've rounded up a selection of kitchens that are on the smaller side to inspire those of you who want a beautiful room for cooking, but don't have infinite space. Above: this Parisian kitchen could not be any cuter, and is a great reminder that having a small space doesn't have to mean skimping on style. A sloped ceiling makes this small kitchen, in a Swedish apartment spotted on Decor Demon, especially sweet. A brick wall gives this little kitchen from Loving It a little extra character. A small, streamlined kitchen in a Swedish apartment from The Style Files. Tall ceilings make this kitchen feel much more spacious. Finally, from The Style Files, a German kitchen that's small but beautifully bright.

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These colorful pillows from Canadian design shop Manor 12 call to mind the fresh, citrus hues of summertime. Handprinted on heavyweight organic cotton with a wool backing, we think they're just the thing to perk up a dull sofa. Manor12 is the work of Canadian textile designer Julie Moschenross. In addition to pillows, Julie is also working on a full line of textiles for interiors with a focus on hand-printed wallpaper and hand-embroidered upholstery. Prices for the pillows start at $60 USD and can be purchased through these Canadian retailers, or online at Modern Karibou.

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It's always fun to imagine what our lives and our homes will look like in the future. Especially when you catch a glimpse of what technology may allow us to do. Remember that kitchen scene in Back to the Future Part II when a small wafer is put in a microwave type appliance and - poof! - out comes a pizza pie? Amazing. While this scene wasn't included, has put together a small gallery of kitchens of the future imagined in the 20s, 50s, 70s, and even now. Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass company Kitchen of the Future. Check out Oobject for their line-up of 12 retro kitchens of the future.

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Diving deeper into April, it's clear that some of us were going a little stir crazy with spring not totally allowing us to go outside and play. So we put our energy to good use wallpapering the fridge, rounding up the best products that can be ordered late at night off the tv, cultivating some indoor gardens, finding humor in the bathroom of all places and finally making it out of the house to see the CA BOOM Show at Barker Hangar.

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The casual look combines the sleek style we expect in contemporary kitchens with the natural warmth of wood-just another reason we're adding 'Kitchen renovation' to our home wish lists. The Danish company Dinesen, makers of beautiful plank wood flooring, decided to use the natural material throughout the entire room, covering both the walls and cabinets. I'm now convinced that textured wood below, glass cabinets above, and marble in the middle is the recipe for a flawless kitchen. If you're a fan of butcher block counter, this kitchen shows us you don't have to stop there-extend the look to the cabinets, as well. Matching wooden cabinets and window frames pull the room together, while clean white subway tiles keep the look fresh. In this New Zealand home by MRTN Architects featured on Design Milk, pale wood cabinets join forces with black hardware for a striking study in contrasts. In this deVOL kitchen, natural slated cabinet fronts sit beside those with a dark wood stain. While your first instinct may be to balance wooden cabinets with crisp white walls, critics of the all-white kitchen will be pleased to see how beautifully jewel-tones complement reclaimed wood cabinets and shelves in Swoon Edition's showroom, above.

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I'm thinking of getting it for our living room. What do you recommend for a good wall color to paint our walls? Thanks so much!-HG. Anyone?

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After Rachel had her new wood floors installed, it was clear she had a problem- her always darker than desired kitchen was now even more basement-like because her cabinets now matched the tone of her floor. Determined to create a lighter, brighter space without spending a lot of money, Rachel decided to use paint to transform her kitchen. Rachel used a Rustoleum Countertop Transformations Kit to transform her counters from dark grey to desert sand. The room was already looking brighter but not bright enough so it was onto more paint. After installing a backsplash of beadboard wallpaper, Rachel used another Rustoleum product to refinish her cabinets in pure white. The project took six days over three months but the end result was certainly a brighter more welcoming space for Rachel and her husband.

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Initially we searched for a two bedroom, but in the neighborhood and building we wanted the price was not realistic. We found a beautiful one bedroom that we both absolutely love. Currently, we are both sleeping on separate air mattresses in the bedroom. We are ready and looking for permanent sleeping accommodations. My question is this: how can we decorate a medium sized shared bedroom for two young single women? We are looking to balance style, comfort, efficiency, and some personal space. Two fulls? Functional futons? Two queens? Is there a way our desk can stay in the bedroom? My online search for design ideas for a two adult shared bedroom proved futile. Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

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There's literally not even a place to put toothpaste and toothbrushes! As you can see in the picture, there's lots of wallspace above and to either side of the sink. I'm wondering if you know where I can find shallow large wall cabinets.... There's a plethora of ugly medicine cabinets on the market, a semi-attractive one might work above the sink, but I'm looking for something much larger, perhaps several feet wide by five feet tall, for next to the sink. Something with lots of shelves where we can store everything from toilet paper rolls and cleaning products to skin and bath products. Oh, and it would be great if I could get it for under 500 bucks! Thanks in advance and keep up the good work,Caroline. P.S. We also plan on changing the lighting and the paint to tone down all that peach tile! We're opening this one up to the 'AT junkies' who perhaps came away from April's Bathroom Month with some answers for you. We think your problem may best find its solution in a custom-built unit, so you can get the exact materials and shallow dimensions you need and want. In addition to placing shallow shelves/cabinets around your sink, you might also consider using the area above and around your window, which may give you less restriction on shelving depth.

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