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Home office under stairs

Remember those avocado green appliances of yesteryear? Since stainless steel has been the trend in modern kitchens for the past few years, we're wondering what's next. Another white? Cruising through any appliance store, there are three basic color options for appliances: stainless steel, black and white. Like many trends, stainless steel appliances started on the high end, with the likes of Viking and Wolf, and trickled down to the masses. A number of years ago outfitting your kitchen with stainless steel appliances was like saying I have arrived. I have mid-price stainless steel appliances in my kitchen. I don't want to replace them for purely aesthetic reasons so I probably won't be seeing new appliances until I move. I'm ready for a new appliance trend but when I really try to envision what that would be I come up blank.

White home office

The NY Times has picked up on the modernist dollhouse craze. I've loved dollhouses and things in miniature for a long time, but devotees to this movement have really wowed me with their collections and creations. Take this miniature replica of the IKEA Expedit, a familiar friend here at Ohdeedoh. Don't you just want to take it and organize it? You can read the NY Times full article and check out the slideshow here.

Work desk

Platforms may not be the first solution we go to when it comes to separating a room, but they really do a bang-up job when it comes down to it. Not only do they give homes-lofts, especially-some needed interest with the varying levels, but you can also take advantage of possible storage space underneath. Even if you don't have the time to build your own platform, you can save space by installing a ledge for a desk instead of a bulky desk. This is perfect for people who don't have to store piles of files-but if you do need a cabinet, you can slide one underneath, customizing how much storage space you actually need. Another great example of a custom desk ledge is from my dear friends Monika and Loren: They created their shared home office area in the mezzanine of their Oakland loft by adding a ledge underneath the existing one, creating a split-level desk. They divided the work stations by stowing the computer towers, a scanner, and even a small storage locker in between their respective areas. If you haven't seen the rest of Monika and Loren's house tour, go check it out here.

Small home office


Elegant home office

Only in NYC can a room that is less that 100 square feet function as a dining, living and entertainment space. That is exactly what this space is and I love every inch of it. When I moved into my Co-op last fall, I was a little intimidated by the space, or lack thereof. Having lived in New York City for over five years, I was no stranger to small spaces, but this was likely the smallest space I've ever called home. Fast forward nine months and I adore my little haven. I was able to keep it airy, feminine, playful and chic. Another piece I absolutely adore is my drop leaf dining table. When I found it I literally screamed out loud, with both leaves down, it's barely a foot across, and fully extended it can comfortably seat four! My living room rug is one of my biggest statement pieces, that and the Greek key mirror really bring big style to an otherwise small space. Would you like a room in your home to be featured as an Apartment Therapy Favorite Rooms post? Submit your room here.

Modern home office


Home office with brick wall

We're talking about kitchens this month, but kitchen timers can be used in and out of the kitchen. A timer is a great motivator for getting things done. It's also great if you've got a little chef or someone learning to tell time. Design Sponge shared a plentiful roundup of timers a while back. We've blogged before about the Time Timer which is often used in Montessori-style classrooms. We got our timer from Anthropologie a month or so ago for about 12 bucks and are quite happy with it. It's the same one as the yellow ones in the first picture above.

Niche home office

It has ugly woodpaneling on the walls and behind that is ugly wallpaper.... The cabinets are quite dirty and the former owner lined them with some sort of strange sticky corkboard that is also filthy. I'm thinking about painting the walls Wildflower Honey from Behr. My first instinct was to paint the cabinets white and get some sort of hardware from Ikea. So far I have had a couple of comments from people that think I should leave the cabinets the way they are and just attempt to clean them. Which has me second guessing whether I should paint them. I think leaving the cabinets the color they are might make the kitchen too dark. What do you think? To paint or not to paint? Sent by CB. Editor: We have some experience here. Cleaning is a necessary step even if you decide to paint the cabinets so let us recommend a thorough cleaning of the cabinets and then take another look. If, on the other hand, you think they're still too dark, you're nearly done prepping for the big paint! Just keep in mind that painting cabinets doesn't always mean going white!

Modern home office

Have you checked out our annual Room for Color Contest over at Apartment Therapy yet? If not, you should. Even if you're not a decor fanatic, there's some great examples of how to incorporate a large tech item like a flat panel HDTV into the your living space. These are real people and real homes, so no catalog-stylist arranged homes here. A selection of a few of our current favourites below.... Check out all the entries and vote for your favourites at Apartment Therapy Room for Color Contest 2010!

Wood furniture home office


Gray and white home office

This unique take on open kitchen shelving caught our eye, both for the ornate moulding and bright color as well as creative reuse of architectural salvage. The country-style door makes a nice frame for pretty preserves, but would also be a happy accent to the sleekest modern kitchen. We found this in Country Living's Ultimate Guide to Kitchens.

Retro chic home office

Yesterday, AT Chicago featured their favorite 'Real' bathrooms and it got us thinking. This bright bathroom comes from Rita & Morgan's beautiful Brookline home which we featured in our very first house tour here on AT Boston. The sherbet colored walls, the light heartedness of round mirrors, and the personal photographs and pottery put this near the top of our best 'Real' bathrooms list.... It's a tight space but the multiple round mirrors bounce light and color and the frosted glass door helps create a more open feel. We love the oldie-but-goodie Ikea water bubble curtain and how the bright liquid blue pops against the orange and wood. It may not be a magazine-styled master bath but it's fun, cozy, and a great space for waking up in a good mood. Check out the whole house tour: Rita & Morgan's 24 Years in the Making.

Neutral colors home office


Modern home office

The Union Jack: classic or cliche? Classic in the right room I think. Filled with wool, this square ottoman is dense enough for seating, while still providing a soft room element.

Large modern office

We've only got a week and a half left before the end of October's Color Month, so why not pick up this pair of bright yellow chairs, and only for $100 for both! Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

Home office retractable desk

For today's color combo, we thought we'd start with black and white, then spin the wheel for bold accent colors. We love the way yellow offsets the high-contrast scheme in this room, so we went on a search for other cool rooms that do the same using orange, purple, green, blue, red, and pink.... Black, White, and just a tiny bit of Red: Vitra.