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The Bratsera Hotel on the Greek island of Hydra lived its first life as a 19th-century sponge factory before it was reincarnated into a 26-room inn during the 1990s. The rooms, described as 'Typical Hydriot architecture,' are full of interesting details like the platform bed and step stool shown above. For more, click below.... Wide plank wood is used for the floorboards, steps, loft and ceiling. White fabric casually draped over the canopy bed softens the room. A mosquito net can cover the bed or be swept to the side.

Simple study desk


Home office

You may already be familiar with Yvonne Eijkenduijn and the home she shares with partner Boris and their cat Boo in Belgium-she authors her own blog Yvestown which was one of our favorite blogs of 2009. Yvonne's home is a study in white mixed with pastel pinks and blues with minimal clutter and a lot of crafty accessories. Her bathroom perfectly ties together color and texture all in one neat little package. With crisp white as the backdrop, this small bathroom doesn't look cramped as the sink, toilet, and heater blend into the walls. The real star of the room is the pretty blue and white tiles with the red accent, which Yvonne matched perfectly with a piece of art that once hung in her office and a little mushroom figurine to balance out the visual. Beyond color, this bathroom uses wood grain to its full advantage: from the retro toilet seat, the wicker shelf unit next to the sink, to the small details like the wooden horse figurines and birch frame. Even the silver chrome of the sink and toilet fixtures get a nice tie in with the waste basket. See more of Yvonne's sweet home on her blog, Yvestown.

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Hardwood floors in the bathroom?! Can this be? We know that it's possible but should we be so bold as to tempt the water gods with this choice of flooring? Jump down to see why this AT junkie and bathroom renovator says YES! Jellyknits decided to go for the plank treatment because she wanted the floor from the outside hallway into the bathroom to be seamless. This bath is on the main floor so the shower is typically only used for overnight guests. Two rows of subway tile have been brought down onto the floor to give the occasional bather six inches of splash insurance. As for the thought of plumbing back-ups, we assume she's knocking on - ha! - the floor. What are your thoughts on bathroom flooring: tile, hardwood, carpet?

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We've seen Natalie's 19th century home before and this time she's tackling her dining room. From Natalie: My husband and I bought a circa 1870s house in Pittsburgh nearly three years ago. The house has a wonderful lived-in feeling and great bones, but it needed an infusion of style. We've been working room to room and the dining room is one of my favorite projects. I am an artist so I am inspired by many things, but I was especially excited to do a hand painted mural all the way around the room. I have seen these in grand old houses, and I wanted to do my own take on it. The floors were stripped and re-stained to match the rest of the house, the walls were painted, and the lighting changed.

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Feeling a bit moody? We've compiled our list of moody bathrooms done in a daring black to set the tone. Black bathrooms are tricky to pull off: too much gloss and it can look like the set of an 80's Kylie Minogue music video; too little pizzazz and the bathroom looks like a work-in-progress. Take a look at some of our favorite black bathrooms after the jump.... A boudoir black bathroom with a shocking shot of citron, from Laure's favorite black bathroom. A simple yet glamorous bathroom that can be recreated easily with some glossy black paint, floating white shelves, and black and white photographs in simple black frames. This top dollar bathroom features beautiful ebony floors with a matte charcoal-grey wall. Love the elegant clawfoot tub and the silver candelabra and light fixture adds just a touch of fantasy.

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Louise sent us an email: Instead of putting dressers in my daughter's room, I was thinking of putting a trunk or two in her room. She could use them as clothing storage and as a table top. We love the idea of using a trunk as storage and a side or coffee table. It's definitely a way of getting more bang for your buck and utilizing all of your space wisely. If you're looking for a fabric trunk, we like Pottery Barn's Lewis Trunk, $349. It comes in a nice variety of fabric choices. Target's wood storage trunk is a nice classic, that is not a bad find for the price.

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Home office with rustic furniture

Parents in the market for a big kid bed are in luck these days as there seems to be lots and lots to choose from. I tend to either like a fully kitted-out kids bed like this one or a kid bed that has grown up styling like this Liam Wooden bed. The horizontal wooden slats and the built-in galvanized gooseneck lamp are great details. You'll be glad to know that the Liam bed comes in all different sizes and finishes for the headboard. This is a steep not cheap bed guys so be forewarned. If that's more than you want to spend, consider a DIY version. There is one more thing in this room that made me look. Do you see it? It's the awesome storage next to the bed. The bookcase has cubbie shelves much like the Expedit plus it has pre-cut holes that hold galvanized buckets for portable storage. Fantastic idea! The Teddy Organizer also is availalbe for purchase over at PoshTots for $806..

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Ready? Guess the Decade is back...check out this photo, do your design detecting work and then jump below to cast your vote.... Check back on Monday - we'll post the answer then. Speculation is always welcome in the comments, but for those of you who may know the photo source info...please don't tell! Thanks!

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Looking around, we notice a pair of office chairs, a PC next to an iMac, and a ukulele and an electric guitar join hands in a corner. A room's personal dynamic is often overlooked when designing a room for a couple, but successfully pulling it off - being able to keep both people happy; that's priceless.

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We're always shocked at how expensive bean bag chairs are in stores. They don't have structure or complicated construction and are made from relatively inexpensive materials. What gives? If you're even mildly handy with a sewing machine, it's quite easy to make your own. Our favorite tutorial for this project can be found on Making It Fun, the blog of Michael Miller fabrics. You primary materials will be six yards of fabric and bean bag pellets. The tutorial has tons of photos so you can follow along at every step.

Home office with rustic furniture

This white, modern, chunky coffee table is pretty darn cool and seems to be a very versatile based on the current owner's digs. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

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We blinked, and checked the price again when we saw that this Modern platform bed from England's Habitat is just $50. The owner says 'Must sell fast' so someone should borrow a truck and get over there pretty darn quickly. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..