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Charlotte Turtle and her husband didn't have a master bath in their home and wanted to find a way to remedy the situation. They did have a large laundry room attached to their bedroom that they thought just might do the trick. Follow me after the jump to see what they came up with. They began this renovation with planking the walls, leaving one wall with exposed brick. For Charlotte, the design element key to making this rustic bathroom a success was the sink basins. She had always loved the look of ceramic bowl basin sinks and that's what she had her heart set on, so with a little work she made it happen. She found two brightly painted ceramic bowls at Anthropologie and brought them to a granite shop to get holes drilled for the drains. Then plumbing was hooked up to the bowls and they were set atop rustic barn-like shelving. Once the sink was complete, Charlotte was beside herself that her dream had been realized.

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I've always thought it was a bit unfair to have to stare at my apartment wall while engaging in drudgery like peeling potatoes or the like; having a view to appreciate would make any chore a million times more delightful. Well, Callum's mom, Suzanne, thought of that detail when she made his play kitchen. Being from Western Canada, naturally her son has a view of the Rockies. Not only is Callum's play kitchen kitted out with a mountain view, the kitchen itself is a wonderful example of repurposing as it's made almost exclusively of recycled parts: the main frame an old t.v. unit they found on Kijiji for $30, the sink is a salad bowl and the knobs are from an old cabinet.

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If you are looking for a large screen movie or TV viewing experience in your home, a projector definitely gives you the best screen size to dollar ratio. A 65 inch LCD runs for approximately $7000 while you can pick up a 1080p projector and screen for about half that price. Those numbers alone give the projector a considerable advantage for our home theater setup. Do be aware that projector setups require a reasonably dark room to provide the best image, not as much of a consideration for LCD TV's. What else should you consider? Assuming you use the projector 8 hours a week you are looking at just under 5 years. Not all projectors can be ceiling mounted and each projector has a distance requirement which may not fit with your layout. Noise level: Having a projector means having a spinning fan to cool the projector while watching a movie.

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Here's an example of where we like the idea behind the product, but we're not so hot on the actual selection of finishes to choose from. The Mirr.Edge system allows you to fancy up that plan mirror sheet in your bathroom with a mirror acrylic or woodgrain finished polymer. Like we said, we like the idea, as we've living in our fair share of apartments and homes with those cheap tab held mirrors. Looking through Mirr.Edge's selection of choices/finishes, we're left wondering if a DIY solution using framing material from an art/frame shop and some industrial adhesive would work just as well. It would surely give you a lot more options to choose from.

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Home office

We'd like to know the story behind this white leather side chair. Anthony says it would go great in your apartment or loft, and considering the chair's simple modern design, he's most likely correct. Given the color, we'd see it surviving best in a home that doesn't have various and sundry stain causing variables. MM. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.Thanks, Craig!

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A well designed and made wood desk is a pleasure to work at and fits nicely into a home, which wants more warmth and softness than an office environment. Here are three that I've stumbled upon over the past month that are unique and beautiful, with real design design DNA behind them. Over the weekend, at the Arch Digest show, I saw a beautiful small maple desk by George Nakashima, which is simple and luxurious at the same time: the Patterson Desk. They don't know if any of these designs were built or sold, and they've been slightly modified to contemporary specifications. At our last Apartment Therapy Offline, I met Henry Grosman and Abby Richardson, two young designers who have created a uniquely attractive His and Her desk from green materials called the ADV 2.0. 'It is made from an environmentally friendly wood that is a composite of sunflower seed husks called dakota burl. The wood was cut with a CNC router machine and the legs are 1' piping with speed rail joints. The surface of the desk looks like burled wood and smells like Cheerios. While they're not in the manufacturing business, they wanted to get their design out there and said they'd be happy to help others make it. Finally, a few months ago Joseph Fratesi of Atlas East released a stunning new desk that matches their as4 shelving system. Made, like the shelving of solid walnut and cold-rolled steel bar, the desk is free standing and minimally framed so that you can move freely in and out of the desk.

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Hello AT,. I have a good n' cheesy question: I'm in love. I've fallen in love with the big leather armchair that Carrie buys from Aidan, her furniture designing boyfriend, in Sex and the City. The arms are wide dark wood, plenty of room to balance an oversize mug of tea. The leather is worn and weathered looking, since Aidan tells Carrie he pulled the leather from an old pullman car. Where can I find a chair like this? Or, if I were to commission someone to build it for me, how much could I expect to pay? If we're not mistaken, this is a mission-style adaption of the leather club chair. We would start looking in these places:Scott JordanMission LivingBarn FurnitureTarget's even got one in a rocker for $399Strictly Wood Furniture.

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Many homes have over-the-fridge cabinets designed to add storage and blend into the rest of the kitchen space. Which brings us to the question: more kitchen cabinet storage or a taller refrigerator with more food storage capacity? While there's no problem with a stand-alone refrigerator, the two contrasting IKEA kitchens shown above highlight how adding upper cabinets above the fridge can help create a more visually connected and integrated space. There are many other approaches for integrating a fridge, such as hidden panel fridges, refrigerator drawers, chalkboard fridges, and many more clever ideas from our creative readers, but overhead cabinetry is the most common. The extra refrigerator space allows for more cold storage and helps eliminate many second refrigerators in the home which may be less energy efficient and not as cost-effective. This extra tall Sub-Zero refrigerator matches the tall cabinets in this kitchen for a clean look and extra fridge space. Finding a refrigerator to match the top cabinets of a specific kitchen isn't impossible, as there are a variety of unique sizes to fit an exact space in the kitchen. Popular appliance retailer AJ Madison lists over 1,000 refrigerators ranging from 18' to over 85' in height.

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Pop-up coffee tables are something we've seen around but we're never impressed with them aesthetically. What we do like is the idea that one horizontal surface can function as a low coffee table and a dining or desk-height table in a small apartment. If you're handy, the mechanism for pop-up coffee tables can be purchased sans-table. We're sure a nice DIY design could make for a really cool pop-up coffee table. Until now, we've only seen unsatisfying finished models like this or this. Here is an example of one pretty nice DIY pop-up design that's used as a side table plus storage.

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Found through Japanese retailer Hiromatsu, but unfortunately not yet available in the U.S., these Sono chests of drawers seem like the perfect prototype for an adventurous DIYer. The striped pattern conceals varying depths of drawers and, in some cases, hides a flat cabinet door. If you're looking for ways to update an old dresser, this pattern of narrow stripes is more flexible that it seems.... The stripes conceal cabinets and drawers of different sizes. Wood stains in varying warm tones tie the color palette together. The repetitive pattern creates a trim, tailored look. For a similar look, we'd use painters tape to section off narrow stripes on a plain, flat-fronted chest of drawers, then center knobs between each stripe. The chest will seem like it houses several small drawers rather than a few big ones, creating a patterned effect.

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I'd like to introduce another series to Color Therapy, in which we look at great rooms for their color. You may not know this, but the only reason Color Therapy exists is because I was charged with recreating Claude Monet's dining room for Mr. Apartment Therapy himself, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan. It's painted in two colors of yellow with dishes and furniture to match, and Maxwell wanted this room replicated in his Long Island bungalow, at a scale greatly reduced. I had pots of paint and began experimenting: banana yellows, school-bus yellows; sunflower, chamomile and taxi. I agree with some of the comments posted on the uses of yellow, as it's a difficult color to get right. I hate the pale pancake-batter yellows many people choose by default; I also find many yellows to be needlessly acid. What about a combination of Ralph Lauren's IB70 Collegiate Yellow, IB71 Beach Yellow and IB72 Bicycle Yellow? Even though they're right in a row on the color deck, they're different hues and values and I think they would create a dazzling room together. I find the Benjamin Moore Color Preview deck to be less helpful, but would consider either a combination of Sunburst 2023-40 and Citron 2024-30; or Sun Porch 2023-30 and Yellow Finch 2024-40. Lastly, Fine Paints of Europe has so many beautiful and complex yellows I don't even know where to start. Send me your ideas for future great rooms! I'm considering the following: the Boucher room at the Frick, Le Corbusier's palette and the Villa Savoy outside of Paris, the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

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Why I chose these colors for the nursery:I didn't specifically chose the colors, it sort of came together by themselves in time while I was still imagining the future nursery. After a bit of color palette experimentation at, I found the perfect tone of yellow that goes well with the fabric. Then I found the poster by Steven Harrington, with color scheme which ties in all the different bright colors together. The rest of the colors are of course from her toys and books, since we prefer to keep the furniture in white or natural color, with some playful exceptions like the LĂ–MSK IKEA chair. I love the way the colors look girlie, yet not cutesy. is an excellent resource to experiment with color palettes, and if you're not keen on making your own, there are thousands of available palettes to use as inspiration. Having a small library in the room always adds instant colors and character to the room, even a plain white one. Color(s) and brand(s) of paint used in the room:We used Flexa, with specially mixed color for the yellow wall.