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Part plumbing fixture, part architecture, the SATI and SANGHA shower heads are part of the new Elemental Spa collection by Dornbracht.... Dornbracht's new Elemental Spa collection, designed by Sieger Design, has the common element of a white form that just floats out of walls, providing water. The outcome is almost like floating shelves and not at all like your typical chrome tap. The SATI protrudes straight down from the ceiling above and the SANGHA floats out from the wall.

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I really like these chairs - traditional French bistro chairs. >> Maison Gatti Bistro Chairs: Made by Maison Gatti since 1920 these are constructed out of rattan and Rilsan, a natural polymer made of castor oil. They come in tons of shapes from stool to chair to armchair to lounge and in any color or weave you want. Available through Annick de Lorme in NYC and through Cafe Society in the Bay Area. >> Poitoux Rattan Chairs: These are also one of the top brands in France. Made of nylon and rattan, these come in many different shapes and color combinations. >> French Bistro Chairs by American Rag: 'Bring that French cafe feeling into your home' with these French style chairs made in Italy! From Los Angeles' American Rag's French shop, Masion Midi, with cane wood and nylon, these simple copies aren't bad for $200. -. They stock a complete line of these chairs in many styles and colors which substitute a soft plastic for the seat material. >> Bistro Rattan Chair: These only come in two colors and are made for commerical customers. >> Aluminum Bamboo Look Bistro Chair: Here you go, lowballing it and super strong with a metal frame. How about a rattan bistro high chair? this was is Paris - custom made for this bistro near Les Halles.

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Katie and Ian Walker's Buckhead home was profiled in this month's Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles magazine, and we thought the place was the epitome of eclectic glamor. Katie told reporter Clinton Smith that the architecture was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, Italian villas, and 'a more streamlined international style,' while the landscaping has elements of South Beach and Long Island. See some examples of what we mean after the jump.... For more images and detailed descriptions, check out Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles magazine.

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GO TO KERRY'S ROOM TO ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better! If you love color and are thinking about adding new hues to your home, help is here. Whether you enter or simply find fantastic rooms to choose as favorites - join us!

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It's the only way to describe the light given off by the rope lights we recently put up in our bathroom. While rope light is ubiquitous around the holidays, we like this look so much that we think it will last throughout the year. We used two ropes for this design, attaching them to the wall with the included clips. For ease of use we used an adapter to plug them into the light socket, so they work with the wall switch. We picked ours up at Target but almost anywhere selling holiday decorations should carry it. It's also available from numerous online sources, including Amazon, which has 24' for $15.29.

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We recently had our own Adventure and Outing at a family get-together in the Finger Lakes. As excited as we were to spend time with family, we were most looking forward to meeting the two newest family members who are close in age to our one-year-old son. To both minimize the amount each family with a baby would need to transport and to reduce the clutter in the rental home, we made sure to coordinate beforehand to see what baby items we could all share. Having three full-size high chairs never would have worked in this space so between the three families we had one standard high chair, one booster seat and one clamp-on chair for al fresco dining. One family brought a water mat while we brought a baby float to share. One area of sharing we could have coordinated better was food as we ended up with about three dozen baby yogurts and a dozen bananas. Have you vacationed with multiple babies or young children before? Any tips for coordinating beforehand to share?

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How many times have you been shopping, seen something beautiful, or cool or cute or on sale, snatched it up, and then later realized you didn't really love or need it? Learning to shop conscientiously, or not at all, is liberating, better for the environment, and essential if you live in a small space. Here are some of the things we've learned on our own journey. Before you set foot in a supermarket, mall, or any other store, have a clear objective and a shopping list ... and stick to it! If you're the type of person who just can't resist a spontaneous shopping trip, keep a master list of things you are 'Allowed' to buy in your wallet or smartphone at all times. You can still have fun shopping, but the point is to refrain from extraneous purchases. How, where, and by whom was it made? How long will it last, and will it biodegrade someday or sit in a landfill? Also consider such questions as, Do I truly love this? How exactly would it enrich my life? Will I feel the same in a year, or even a decade? Before purchasing something on sale or at a discount store, ask yourself whether you would buy it if it weren't on sale. Is it on your list? Do you need it? What makes it a 'Good deal'? Once you get to the store, there's no need to meander; stick to the section(s) relevant to your list, make your purchases, and leave. Not only are you living simpler and saving money, but you're also saving time! Participate in activities that don't involve shopping. Do you have any other tips for buying only what you love and need?

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Small spaces are our focus, but even we flinched at this narrow landmark house in Greenwich Village.... At nine-and-a-half feet in width and about 950 total square feet, it's full of small space solutions suited for even the very high end of NYC's market. Judging from the above photo and the floorplan, it looks like the kitchen burners are set in a very shallow countertop. We're thinking it's a single row of burners instead of the typical two-deep we see on most off-the-shelf cooktops. The house just hit the market: See the full listing here. Read up on the notorious house's history at New York Architecture.

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The walled garden at Grey Gardens from Forty Years of Gardening via Stephen Orr. It's pretty obvious that we're excited for the upcoming HBO Grey Gardens movie. Even though we've seen and loved the Maysles' documentary, we hadn't really thought much about the gardens for which the home is named. Somehow we never realized that the gardens of Grey Gardens were walled. Walled gardens near the sea? Doesn't that just sound like the most romantic place ever? Before the home was purchased by the Beales, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hill bought the home in 1913 as a summer cottage. 'It was truly a gray garden. The soft gray of the dunes, cement walls and sea mists gave us our color scheme as well as our name....nepeta, stachys, and pinks....clipped bunches of santolina, lavender and rosemary made gray mounds here and there. Only flowers in pale colors were allowed inside the walls, yet the effect was far from insipid....I close my eyes and sense again the scent of those wild roses, the caress of the hot sun on our backs as we sauntered to and fro from our bath and lazy mornings on the beach.' - Anna Gilman Hill, former owner of Grey Gardens in her book Forty Years of Gardening. For more about the gardens of Grey Gardens, check out What Were the Skies Like and Grey Gardens Online.

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Q: We just bought a 1930s tudor, and can't figure out how to layout our living room. The room has lots of openings as well as a fireplace. Should we mount the television over the fireplace, keep it on the wall where the previous owners had it, or something else? I wish scrapping the tv altogether was an option, but my husband won't oblige. We'd like to maximize our seating options without creating disjointed space or having to squeeze by furniture to get from room to room. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Terra in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

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Another testament to the transformative power of paint: this dresser-turned-kitchen-island. With a fresh coat of paint, a few new accessories and a proper top, it makes a perfect budget-friendly kitchen island.... An old dresser was taken and all of its hardware was removed. An off-the-shelf wooden paper towel holder was attached on one side and the whole thing was given a new coat of blue paint. Add a stone top, new pulls, and some hardware for hanging towels and such, and you have yourself quite an attractive and functional kitchen island. This one's not used as an island, but it is a dresser in the kitchen. Also check out the back-to-back dressers used as a kitchen island in the post Creative Kitchen Islands.

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Wait a minute though! a friend sent us this link last week saying have you heard about this? A housing plan called Better Shelter. 'Better shelter aims to fill a void in the Orange County housing market. Taking elements of residential design from a variety of sources, the end result is:'. Affordable housing that has a design aesthetic based in case study housing, mid-century modern and sustainable construction methods. Better shelter recognizes there is an audience of homebuyers in Orange County that are design savvy, have an appreciation for architectural design but have been priced out of the market for such developments. Site plans look to have lot sizes from 1400sqft-3075sqft. It appears from the site notes that the two founders of the project come from some very successful design and business backgrounds Steve Jones and Peter Zehnder veterans of the surf and skate world Have partnered up to bring cool homes and architecture to the little people. The development called 1.7 Ocean must be in process as they are prequalifying and have photos of a sample unit.

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