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I have the teeny tiniest bathroom and I know it's not uncommon for New York City apt bathrooms to not have sinks, but it kinda bugs me. Does anyone have any suggestions on a bathroom sink solution? The Japanese top of the toilet thing won't work because I have the cabinet thing, and I think that's kind of weird anyway. Maybe something really skinny that could go on the ledge of my shower, like a water fountain thing but with a faucet knob??? Or some sort of thin basin that could drain into the shower? I'm open to any suggestions, please help! The tiniest sink I have ever used is in the bathroom of Against the Grain on 6th Street - right in your neighborhood! I would suggest you scope it out!

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Showering at a friend's home recently, I spotted something different in their shower: an hourglass. It's the 'Shower Coach', a five-minute timer made to help minimize water consumption in the shower. When you turn the water on, you simply rotate the hourglass to start the countdown. Five minutes later, the sand has run out and showertime should be winding down.... It really helped me see where I stand against the timer's five-minute goal. I thought I was a pretty conservative shower-er, but unfortunately my typical shower doesn't make the five-minute cut. With an hourglass timer at home, I think I could 'Train' myself to speed it up in the name of water conservation. How about you? How long is your typical shower? Would an hourglass in the shower help you to kick any wasteful showering habits? My friends got their 'Shower Coach' through the Colorado Water Conservation Board.

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What about marble in a black kitchen? Now you've got something really interesting. In the photo above, from WS Workshop via Inside Living, a luxurious, light marble is the perfect counterpart to moody, minimalist black cabinets. Here's another kitchen, from 24 Design Construction, where marble countertops pair beautifully with dark cabinets. Of course, you don't need to paint your whole kitchen black to get the effect. In this kitchen from Shoot Factory, a light marble makes a lovely pairing with a vintage-style black stove. In this kitchen from Traditional Home, marble gets punched up with just a bit of black, in the window frame. Finally, my very favorite of all these spaces - an incredibly elegant, light, modern kitchen, rendered lively with just the right amount of black from a black sink, black faucet and that gorgeous black lamp.

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If there is one thing I never tire of while working with children's design every day, it's seeing new Scandinavian-style children's rooms. They seem so fresh to my American eyes, so different from the character-driven or über modern bedrooms I'm used to here. Learn to let go and embrace serendipity like in Polly's Bold & Colorful Retro Room above. That is, begin with white walls! A clean white palette is almost always the backdrop for a chic Scandinavian-style kid's room, as seen here in Leif's Modern Victorian. In Indigo's Hyggelig Nook, colorful vintage pieces pair beautifully with an old patchwork quilt. Renew the old china hutch with a fresh coat of white paint and voila! Wardrobe. Bold graphic artwork, spotted pillows, a vintage chalkboard or a striped rug, as seen in Arden's White & Black Wonderland provide an excellent backdrop for all the chaos that comes with kid stuff. IKEA, Fine Little Day, Ferm Living and even the current collection at Target are good resources. Add children's artwork, graphic prints, vintage toys. The look overall will have an heirloom quality paired with happy brights and good lines.

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I am a very, very light sleeper and every once in a while I spend a night tossing and turning and swearing to myself that I will smother my husband with a pillow if he moves just One. The next morning, bleary-eyed, I'll complain of my troubles to my well-rested husband and he inevitably says something that has me reaching for that pillow again: 'You know, this could all be solved if we just slept in separate beds.' The very idea of sleeping in separate beds seems to me to be a recipe for the quick unraveling our marriage. On one of my favorite episodes of CBS's How I Met Your Mother, Marshall and Lily decide to give twin beds a try and - much to their surprise - they love it! Until, that is, they hear a friend recount the tail of his divorce and learn that the first step to the eventual downfall of his marriage was sleeping in separate beds. Horrified, Marshall and Lily quickly revert to their old double-bed set-up. I have to admit that whenever my husband and I are forced, through lack of other accommodations, to sleep in twin beds, I sleep like a baby. Still, I can't imagine bringing twin beds into our lives - and not least of all because it would throw off the design of the whole bedroom! Am I overreacting? Do you think sleeping in the same bed, as your partner is an important part of your relationship? Have you had success with separate beds, or even separate bedrooms? Tell us about it!

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Q: I need help designing the right look for my living room. For the living room, I ordered this blue-green Mitchell Gold velvet sofa and want to keep my current pineapple rug. What is a good coffee table and pillows to finish the look? I also have a sad and lonely gray wall next to the sofa. Help me please to create a warm and inviting living room! Sent by Carisa in DC. Editor: Carisa- You are off to a great start with your fabulous sofa and that pineapple rug. You might consider a glass-topped coffee table if you want to show off the pattern of the rug. We would love to see you exchange that grey wall for something in a warmer tone, and recommend bringing in some additional pops of color by hanging some art on the walls. We are sure our readers have opinions to share in the comments below- help Carisa build the room her new sofa deserves! Do you have a Good Question you need answered? Drop us an email with QUESTIONS in subject line - please remember that questions with pictures get answered first!

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We're excited for our son to get his first bike, but we're not excited about storing it for the winter. Like-a-Bike has developed a companion product to turn their freestanding bikes into rocking bikes. Like-A-Bikes are a considerable investment so we weren't terribly surprised that the ROCK-a-BIKE is too at a cost of almost $200. But we have to admire the concept as we're all for multipurpose toys. Have you seen a bike stand or rocker for any other kids' bikes?

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Q: Hello! I need some help with a strange kitchen / dining nook / landing strip area that has subway tiles extending past the upper kitchen cabinets. There's an overhang of the kitchen counter that is meant to be a breakfast bar, but it's not deep enough to sit at. We've tucked a table under there to create a place to sit and eat. My first and only thought on how to deal with this space is to put some shelves along the wall. The lowest shelf would butt up against the kitchen cabinet and run along the subway tile out to the edge of the wall. There could be two more shelves above it at equal intervals. How deep should the shelves be? Should they run to the edge of the wall? Is there a better solution? Basically, I want the kitchen cabinets to blend in more seamlessly and connect to the dining nook and entrance zone. Also it would be great to have a dining area that doesn't look like it's crammed into the space, so perhaps a long, skinny table would fit well here?

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We've seen LEGO on walls and LEGO used as a head board. So why not the kitchen? Design duo Munchausen took a simple IKEA kitchen island and spent a week creating this unique kitchen centerpiece. IKEA plus LEGO equals Scandinavian design, through and through. The Cool Hunter posted about their ambitious and bold kitchen project here.

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This is the first house that my friends and I moved into last year. It is a 1,150 square foot townhouse, with three bedrooms. I love it because it is within walking distance of my workplace, the grocery store and pretty much anything else I need to do. The three of us were pretty excited to get to decorate an entire house ourselves. We got a lot of hand-me-downs from people to keep the budget low, but we were able to imbue it with our own style as well. The pheasant patterned sofas were actually my Grandparents from the 1970s! The thing that I love most about our home, is that it has an eclectic vintage feel, while still being incredibly personal. Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy? Contact the editors through our House Tour & House Call Submission Form.

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Back in November, Tiffany wrote in asking AT for advice regarding wallpaper and molding in the bedroom. She sought your advice again for her dining room. Now, she writes to share images of what she's done and how appreciative she was for all of your suggestions! Hello AT,. Wanted to send an update of the dining room! I was in Egypt when everyone wrote back with their WONDERFUL ideas so only just read them. We were in Chicago for the holidays and got to use the dining room for dinner so I took some photos to update you all. I got the Merimekko wall hanging and put it in there, the rug is antique Persian and I have an antique crystal chandelier I got in Belgium that needs to be re-wired as it's European right now. The table is hand-me-down as are the chairs, or brought in from other rooms. I'm saving up for the Martine chairs from Restoration Hdw. Decided not to do the 'Woods' paper as it is so expensive! Thinking about this one... I'll send final pics when we finish this summer, as well as the bedroom.

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Here's a look we're currently loving: dreamy pastels punched up with a bit of black. Like all the best couples, these two are better together: the pastel tones have a gentling influence on the black, while the black adds a little bit of edge. It's just the right amount of unexpected, soft and modern all at once. Above: pastel wishbone chairs and light pink trim toughen up with the addition of black pendant lamps. Pairing pink with black accents creates a delicious contrast and a super-modern look. I love the way the black tub on a field of mint green really draws your eye. From Tia Borgsmidt via Nordic Design: a black sconce pops against a pink wall, while black accents keep lavender bedding from reading too girly. This kitchen, from an apartment in Malmö, Sweeden, spotted on Dos Family, flips what we've seen in the previous pics on its head by using pastel colors as an accent on a field of black.