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Modern furniture and big window living room

The May 2007 issue of Real Simple has featured the OXO Good Grips sink strainer as their featured 'Product of the Month.' What makes this strainer so great is that the center is actually made of long-lasting silicone. It simply inverts and allows any icky gunk stuck to it to easily come out. It fits most standard sink drains and is $7. Available here. OXO products have been a favorite of AT since the beginning. Check out ATNY's review of these OXO products here, here, here, and this one from Kitchen. Do any of you use this sink drainer? What is your review?

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We've been looking at round dining tables FOREVER but have yet to find the perfect fit, so the search continues. 'Shown above, left to right:Round Leg Dining Table from West Elm for $399. 42' diameter.

Minimalist living room

This white, modern, chunky coffee table is pretty darn cool and seems to be a very versatile based on the current owner's digs. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

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With the glorious onset of Daylight Savings time, and the first official day of Spring happening this coming Sunday, I am determined to remind myself of the things I like about my apartment in the winter, before I get swept up in wide-open windows & sundress weather.... One of the very best things about living in San Francisco is that I can have at least one window open for most of the year. The chilly months of the year allow for the best of both worlds. I will admit to still cracking the window many nights, just to get a teeny bit of fresh air, but it makes getting out of bed in the morning rather painful. Cozying up in my chair, strategically positioned between the bookshelf and the window, is one of the joys of winter. It's foggy and rainy and miserable out there, and I can just sit here staring out at it. Ah. Nevermind all the cold wet days when I was out there. I've really loved living with my sparkly mirror garland all winter. In San Francisco even the greyest days of February are brightened by blooming cherry and magnolia trees, anemone, narcissus, and bleeding hearts. When cabin fever gets the best of me and I go for long rambling walks, the unexpected blossoms save my day. If you can see a flowering tree from your window, or if you have a little garden, you know what I mean. What aspects of winter have you enjoyed in your home? Let's all meet back here in the late autumn, when the days are getting shorter and the fog is rolling in, and remind ourselves that there's hope.