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Living room

Living room in purple shades

Name: Liberte Location: Vancouver Canada Square Feet: 400 Division: International What I Love About My Small Home: My building was originally built around 1910 as a home for nurses who worked in the old hospital down the block. I fell in love with my apartment when I saw all the historic details in the arches, leaded window, and inlaid wood floor. I like to think all girl's who've lived here before loved it as much as I do.

Living room with fresh flowers

We would guess most people are familiar enough with their bathroom layout to be able to locate the light switch in their sleep. For those who aren't or are frequent visitors to the bathroom in the middle of the night, Robern has a new bathroom cabinet with an integrated night light. The in handle LED and a built in light sensor illuminates the under side of the cabinet automatically when the light conditions are dark enough to warrant it. Now your midnight bathroom trips can happen discreetly without having to wake your partner by turning on all the bathroom lights.

Small living room with black piano

Ugly appliances are so commonplace that we sometimes find ourselves accepting them then trying to forget about the way they look. Why not do something about it by changing out the handles? There is a range of appliance handles available for purchase at Kitchen Cabinet Hardware. We found a couple of stainless steel bar handles that we really liked, though they aren't cheap. A quick look at our own oven looks like handle replacement would be a simple job. This small project could have a huge impact on the appearance of the kitchen.

Small sitting room

Design-conscious pool sharks rejoice! Now you can have your cake and a place to eat it too: it's a sleek Parsons-esque dining room table that...wait for it...turns into a pool table. In its 'Hosting state,' the Fusion table seats about 10; but if you slide open the top.... ... you've got a full-size pool table with hidden compartments that store the balls, cues, triangle, and chalk. Because the best dinner party is the one where you win money off your friends! The Fusion table comes in various finishes and options.

Modern formal living room with fireplace

While dining in Venice Beach this past weekend, we noticed this amazing chandelier adorned with a variety of different bulbs. It left us feeling giddy with desire to have it hanging in our own home. Our dining room would never accommodate such an immense fixture. We have no problem going back to Gjelina over and over again to admire it and we suggest that you do the same.

Elegant leather sofa

Name: Lena Location: Chino Hills, CA Square Feet: 924 Division: Small What I Love About My Small Home: What I love most about our home is that it feels cozy like a cabin in the woods. Although we live in the suburbs, our little historic area called Sleepy Hollow is nestled in the canyons surrounded by nature. Our home has many windows and glass doors that let in natural light and the view of our green surroundings.

Neutral colors living room

When Step 2 discontinued their Choo Choo wagon, it became a cult item among parents of multiples, who would stalk resales and eBay in hopes of finding a used one. Now Step 2 has reissued the Choo Choo, and Radio Flyer debuted another wagon for three. The Choo Choo is available with 2-3 cars, and Step 2 makes a trailer that can be added on for hauling additional kids or stuff. Radio Flyer's Triple Play Deluxe Wagon has triangular seating configuration and a rear storage bag for carrying extra stuff. Each Choo Choo car can hold up to 50 pounds, while the Triple Play can haul up to 200 pounds total. Neither design is particularly attractive and we would much prefer a non-plastic option, but it's worth noting that wagon manufacturers are addressing the needs of larger families. These could be good options for families with several small kids who have aged out of their strollers but might still want to hitch a ride on longer outings.

Modern TV Unit

If you're like us and don't have a built-in closet in your bedroom, you've got to think outside the closet. Wardrobes are freestanding closets that you can move when you need to. Click below for ways to use them in your space.... A small-scale item like the Narrow Leg Wardrobe from West Elm shown above can work at the end of a hallway. If your bedroom is too small for a wardrobe, a piece like this can be placed in an entryway, dining room, or living room. Line wardrobes against a wall to create a storage space that looks like it's built-in. Image: PAX Wardrobe System from IKEA. In a loft or studio, a line of wardrobes can create a room divider.

Black and white living room

Diving deeper into April, it's clear that some of us were going a little stir crazy with spring not totally allowing us to go outside and play. So we put our energy to good use wallpapering the fridge, rounding up the best products that can be ordered late at night off the tv, cultivating some indoor gardens, finding humor in the bathroom of all places and finally making it out of the house to see the CA BOOM Show at Barker Hangar.

Colorful loft

My floor plan is pretty straightforward because our dining room is a basic rectangle and the room is quite empty right now. I used the floor plan to get a sense of what size rug to buy and where a hutch or bookshelf might work best. If you didn't see my 'Before' pics from Monday's post, this is a shot of what the room looks like now - pretty barren. To make a floor plan of how I'd like the room to look post-redo, I found a very user-friendly app called House Design. Rug size: Originally I thought a 5 x 7 was a possibility but that was way off. The current plans show the dining room with a 7 x 11 sized rug, which looks like it will work nicely. The only downside is that 7 x 11 rugs are always SO much more expensive, but I'm pretty good at scouting obscure places and digging for sales, so hopefully there's a big, lonely marked-down rug out there that needs a home. We definitely need another piece of accent furniture in the room, and a shelf will serve a functional and decorative purpose. Seeing it on the floor plan helped clarify the best placement, and was also helpful in thinking about shelf dimensions. I'd like to have a couple proper extra chairs in the room, and I think if they're hip they would look nice flanking the radiator. Overall, the floor plan is getting me excited about visualizing a warm, inviting dining room.

Large white tv unit

We know it looks like this room is styled for a magazine photo shoot, but it is a real, honest-to-goodness room in a family's home. The owner made some major changes to a chaotic kids' playroom to transform it into what she calls a 'Game room/lounge,' but what we'd describe as a true family room with space and activities for everyone. To really appreciate the transformation, see the before picture after the jump. Holy cow, right? We love the new warm color scheme and are inspired by how much storage and organization the owner added without it feeling clinical or school-like. We saw this incredible space on the fabulous This Young House blog where Sherry and John chronicle their own home's diy renovations and decorating. Check out their post on this beautiful room and, if you'd like to see more, follow their link to more photos and information.

Folk living room

Many homes have over-the-fridge cabinets designed to add storage and blend into the rest of the kitchen space. Which brings us to the question: more kitchen cabinet storage or a taller refrigerator with more food storage capacity? While there's no problem with a stand-alone refrigerator, the two contrasting IKEA kitchens shown above highlight how adding upper cabinets above the fridge can help create a more visually connected and integrated space. There are many other approaches for integrating a fridge, such as hidden panel fridges, refrigerator drawers, chalkboard fridges, and many more clever ideas from our creative readers, but overhead cabinetry is the most common. The extra refrigerator space allows for more cold storage and helps eliminate many second refrigerators in the home which may be less energy efficient and not as cost-effective. This extra tall Sub-Zero refrigerator matches the tall cabinets in this kitchen for a clean look and extra fridge space. Finding a refrigerator to match the top cabinets of a specific kitchen isn't impossible, as there are a variety of unique sizes to fit an exact space in the kitchen. Popular appliance retailer AJ Madison lists over 1,000 refrigerators ranging from 18' to over 85' in height.

Small sitting room


Light filled reading room

'The living room/ dining room space is long and spacious, about 11' x 22' and open to the kitchen. However, the ceilings are very low, only 7' 3' high. Tall friends duck instinctively as they move around the space.... I am looking to choose furniture and lighting to minimize the claustrophobic impression. Any tips for decorating and lighting low-ceilinged spaces on a.Craigslist-to-second-tier-Ikea budget? Darken the floor: either through staining, carpeting or a few darker rugs, a dark floor with 'Drop away' and extend the impression of space from ceiling to floor. Capitalize on the low, decorative aspect of table lamps. We love table lamps, because they offer great, indirect light with a sculptural element. Paint the ceiling white, but apply light color to the walls. Separating the ceiling from the wall will help to create a transition as your eye moves upward.

Minimalist living room

When Steve and Sherrie moved in to their new home, the dark kitchen was in need of a facelift. The appliances were new and the cabinets were in good shape, but they knew they could turn the rest of this dim log cabin kitchen into a bright and happy place. Amazing work! We especially love how they managed to keep the cozy vibe of the log cabin while making the kitchen so much more modern and user friendly. We painted the cabinets, reconfigured from a u-shaped kitchen to a floating island, added butcher block top to the island and granite to the remaining cabinets. New lighting, new hardware, and two custom pieces - the pantry and the plate rack. It took us 3 months and $3500 to make it work for us.

Warehouse living room

I fell hard for the Grissini bench while researching a recent Shop the Room post. Since DWR's prices aren't always within reach, I used the sleek chrome and leather collectible as a jumping-off point for a Dramatic Modern boudoir, complete with a similar bench and chic accessories.