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Living room with modern furniture


Gray sofas and fire place

Q: Hi guys! You maintain an excellent site and I'm constantly distracted on social media thanks to Apartment Therapy. I'm looking for design ideas for folks living in uninspiring places with low or minimum-requirement ceiling heights? The way I see things, a good design result is fairly easily achievable when there is ceiling height to play off. I'm in my cheap first home from the Australian property market, the weather is hot, the ceilings feel low, and I still had to put ceiling fans in for cooling. Will look for future inspiration in this area but thought I'd ask if here are ever a few golden rules. Editor: What a great question! I bemoan my house's low ceilings, but I know they could be so much worse. Other than recommending low-profile ceiling fans, I'm still figuring things out so I hope all of you have some tips to share with Mandi. Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

Black and white living room

These funky, ornate vintage mirrors would look terrific in a range of bathroom styles, from eclectic to traditional to sleek modern. I think my favorite combination is to put an ornate vintage mirror in a very modern bathroom. Some of the mirrors below are small and would only suit a small powder room, while others are quite large. None are dull! Our post Design Details: Bathroom Mirrors Done Right really underscored how much fun a cool bathroom mirror can be. Total frame measures 19.5' long and 12.5' wide. Ornately detailed vintage brass frame hand painted in marigold yellow acrylic then sealed with gloss varnish. Scrolled distressed gold leaf mirror from Layla Grace, $579.10. One of a kind vintage mirror in distressed gilt from Layla Grace, $990.14. This antique solid wood mirror was foiled in a mottled silver and gold and finished with clear semi-gloss protective polyacrylic. Measures 21.5' at the widest point and 21' tall.

Gray and green color palette living room


Large open plan living room

Surely we've all known our share of closet-deprived apartments. Creative solutions for increasing storage space are always welcome, and we just love this elegant execution of a simple idea from local designer Anastasia Faiella. Faiella's client's loft, while blessed with gorgeously high ceilings and windows, was sorely lacking in closet and storage space. So she went looking for a part of the home where there might be space to spare, and landed on the large foyer. By installing a curved drapery with a rail running under an overhang, Faiella and seamstress Doreen Leong created a closet out of an otherwise awkward empty space. The heavy gold fabric was an elegant choice, and because of its weight and texture it will do nicely for hiding the stacks of stuff behind it. Lovely, isn't it? To see more of Faiella's work, check out her portfolio. A bit more inspiration for those considering curtained storage solutions: Small Space Solution: Curtained Storage How To: Make an Instant Closet With a Curtain Look! DIY Closet.

Modern lounge

I've been looking to upgrade our outdoor dining chairs for the past month. The ones' we've got are simple old Paris park folding chairs which I love, but they've become really run down from many years out in the weather. Though I'm seriously considering refinishing our existing chairs to get one more season out of them, here are the front runners.... >> The Luxembourg Side Chair by Frederic Sofia - $250 - I have a sweet spot for this chair since I saw it first in Paris five years ago, but I get a little scared they're too industrial for a home. >> Folding Bistro Paris Park Chairs - $110 - This is what we have right now, just to give you a source. >> The Bellini Chair by Heller - $150 - This chair took us by surprise a few years back because it was so comfortable and indestructible. >> The Alonzo Chair from DWR - $88 - This looks like a copy of the classic Bellini chair DWR used to sell, but it's nearly half the price! >> Marais Chair - $250 & Tolix Cafe Chair - $225 - These are also on Sara Kate's top pick list, but they ain't cheap for very low manufacture style. 'We got these for outside and love them, nice mix of contemporary and teak: Broadway stacking arm chair'. 'Broadway stacking arm chair by Sir Robin Day, manufactured by old-time UK teak company Lister. Nice sale price, though still expensive but investment for long-term.'

Living room with concrete walls

I know it is a matter of opinion, but I love the look of a mirrored dresser. I have decided to buy the one from Pier 1 and I know for sure that I don't want to go matchy, matchy. I am thinking to find a nightstand that is similar lines and paint it. I also have a tufted headboard picked out that is going to be gray, blue, or white. I am concerned that I am going to pick the wrong pieces for the rest of my furniture in the room. There is only room for a bed, nightstand, and this dresser in my bedroom, so each one matters quite a bit in how the room looks. What bed and nightstand would look best with this dresser? Should I buy the matching night stand and do a tufted bed? Editor: Please share your suggestions with Kate in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Neutral tones living room

With all the black walls floating around AT, we thought we'd pull together a dramatic color combo that we rarely see: blue and black. It's a combination that can come off as romantic and moody or crisp and elegant, depending on the shades you choose and whether or not you balance the combo with a lighter neutral.

Living room with brown feature wall

In 2012, he moved into a 420 square foot apartment in SoHo, outfitted with all kinds of clever, customized solutions that gave the apartment the functionality of a much larger space. In 2014 he decided to go even smaller, and moved into a 350 square foot apartment in the same building. Graham saw the new apartment as a chance to downsize even more, but also to improve upon the design of the previous apartment. He wanted the new space to have a little more texture and character, and also be a little more affordable, with solutions that he could implement in some of his other projects. This diminutive space packs in all the features you would expect in an apartment more than twice its size. There's a living room, a sleeping space, room for a dinner party for up to 10 people, an office for Graham to work from home, and a guest room for visitors - all in 350 square feet. This may seem impossible, but the trick is that many of these functions occur within the same space, thanks to a clever layout and some very flexible furniture. The unit's office space also flexes to accommodate different needs. A 350-square-foot apartment is, even by New York standards, quite small, but Graham are making it work. This compact and highly efficient space is proof that, with a little ingenuity, and some very clever furniture, a little apartment can be the setting for a very big, rich life.

Living room with fireplace

We've always struggled to find a happy medium between our modern, minimalist aesthetic, and our love for ornate, vintage details. It's resulted, for us, in a happy hybrid between contemporary and antique, in a space with elements of each stylistic approach. Perhaps it is because we are a Libra, but we love a good balance between old and new. This image is not of two separate homes, but of a 100 year old home in Toronto's Cabbagetown neighborhood that has been fitted with a modern addition rather brilliantly.... On the left is the view of the home from the street. The classic facade is left undisturbed, 'Respecting the house's historical roots,' according to the Contemporist, a fantastic blog on contemporary design. Dubbeldam Design Architects , the firm that designed the addition and renovation, updated the home to accommodate contemporary living, and did it on a limited budget. The space was opened up by removing walls, replacing full walls with half walls, and the addition of open-riser treads in the stairs and built-in furniture solutions. This home is a fantastic example of making an old space suitable for contemporary living without sacrificing the character of the original structure. Check out more images and details about the addition here.

Narrow living room

Blame it on the weather, but we're going green thumb crazy. The ELT Easy Green Living Wall is a modular living wall panel that can be either pre-grown or planted in place. For $199 you can get the above unit and it comes with one living wall panel on a solid cedar stand and also includes an irrigation system. Our only gripe? We aren't a huge fan of the cedar stand. We feel with a little DIY love we could jazz it up a bit. If you've had any experiences with an indoor living wall please leave a comment! Also, got a design suggestion for that stand? Tell us about it!

Modern living room with brown sofas


Living room with coordinate colors


Black and white living room


Minimalist white living room

There's nothing that can freshen up your space or brighten your day like a bouquet of flowers. We've all heard of different tips and tricks to help our flowers stay fresh as long as possible, and I thought I would put some of the common options to the test. Keep reading to see the results and the big winner! All flower ends were cut at an angle before placing in vases. PENNY: 1 clean copper pennyTHEORY: copper acts as antibacterial agent. ASPIRIN: 1 crushed tablet per literTHEORY: mimics effects of traditional flower food. BLEACH: 2 caps full per literTHEORY: kills mold & bacteria. FRIDGE: placed in fridge over night each day THEORY: like fruits & veg, keeps them fresh. CIDER VINEGAR: 2 tsp cider vinegar + 2 tsp sugar per literTHEORY: encourages buds to open and last longer. Just by popping your bouquet in the fridge when you go to bed will help them stay fresh and last much longer and there's no fussing. As you can see, these tulips still have life in them and if you're someone who likes to buy fresh flowers every week, this may even save you the cost of one bouquet a month.

Large living room with large furniture

Hello AT,. Our new apartment has a 30 foot long living room that does not get good light at all. We love dark wood furniture and already own a wonderful dark coffee table but really have no idea what to do with the rest of the room! Rectangle rug or round rug? Carpet tiles or shaggy area rug?....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions. Is dark wood too much for a poorly lit room? We are allowed to paint and I'd love some thoughts about how to make the room look a bit lighter with paint. Your apartment looks lovely, and the living room area, though long, looks like it will make a very good living room. Paint your main room a nice, warm, off-white, but give the long wall a rich warm accent color that will ultimately run behind your sofa. We see the track lights on the ceiling, and these will be great for lighting up that color and bouncing it into the room. Orient your living room with sofa along long wall facing media stand and TV on other wall, with coffee table in center and two chair on the TV side facing back at the sofa.