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Living room

Living room with modern furniture

We came across this incredible Before & After on the blog Hashai, and it seemed like an amazing example of how you can completely transform a room with a few changes without spending a lot of money or buying all new things. Even though the owner painted the room a dark green, the room is so much lighter and brighter due to removing the curtains, rearranging the furniture, and adding a few bright accents.

Gray sofas and fire place

We met Carmel Campos, the founder of LOOP last night at the Feist concert and quickly went into blogger mode, asking her questions about her company. Surprisingly, not many are doing what she's doing. Completely devoted to simple, organic bedding and bath linens, LOOP has got a great niche. Nowhere does organic make such an immediate impact as with sheets and towels, and LOOP, though small, works this angle, while providing a very modern sensibility. This is for quality basics in whites and a few colors. Neither of those companies offer organic sheets. It costs more to do things right these days.

Black and white living room

Name: Room and Board - Cricket Floor Lamp Store: Room and Board Value: $429. A Room & Board exclusive, this lamp adds gentle lighting and a contemporary aesthetic to your space. Each lamp features a hand-welded base topped off with a natural linen shade.

Gray and green color palette living room

Juliette balconies are often 'Pasted' onto buildings, seemingly unusable. There's something nice about them from the interior.... Sure, you're never going to get a table or even a chair out there. If you open the doors wide, the narrow balcony acts as a rail for the rest of the room, creating a great big balcony, if you will. Take this bedroom from UK's Channel 4, for instance. In the photo up top you can see that with the Juliette balcony's doors flung open, the whole room takes on an outdoor feel. Rather than step out onto a full-size balcony, this flattened version allows you to enjoy the interior space much as you would an outdoor space. Arrange a comfy chair there by the doors and you could read or nap away a warm afternoon 'Outdoors', in the comfort of the interior.

Large open plan living room

In case you weren't paying attention during grade school, here's a real-life lesson in 'The grass isn't always greener': You could spend a chunk of your life wishing you had an apartment with massively tall ceilings, then regret it all the moment you realize that, yeah, sometimes it's hard to decorate with those new proportions. Like, what ever do you do with the space above the kitchen? Above: You can bring the lights down to where you need them, like these suspended track lights from James Ivy Designs. You can extend the cabinets all the way up to the tall ceilings, like in this dusty green kitchen from This Old House. You might even consider a library ladder setup, like in this quaint kitchen from Country Living, to get good use out of the highest shelves. Or bring the backsplash up and over the top cabinets, like the checkerboard pattern in this Brazil apartment designed by Gislene Lopes and featured on Home World Design. The goal with each of these designs is to visually bridge the gap between your usable, close-to-the-ground kitchen features and the tall, tall ceilings. This Mexico home in Architectural Digest makes it happen with ceramics atop the cabinetry and a low-hanging pendant light.

Modern lounge

Even in a child's room with mostly neutrals, one oversized piece of pop art can really liven things up. Renting in a white box where you aren't allowed to paint? Wary of taking a plunge with bright walls? Oversized art can be a way to create something special in a room where the 'Bones' are limited, whatever the reason! The example pictured above comes from LAMA Blog's writeup of a company called Picnic's showroom. It looks like it could be plywood with acrylic paint - just lay out the color blocks and paint away to DIY your very own! Head on over to LAMA's post to see many more great ideas for kiddos' living spaces.

Living room with concrete walls

'We would love to win, because we'd love some new furniture. When we moved into our apartment after our September wedding, we bought used furniture, making our room for under $500. We've included before and after photos, so you can see how we transformed a tiny run-down apartment into a stylish haven for work and play.' 'We can only imagine what we could do if we weren't just settling for what we could find at a thrift store. We love the stuff at CB2 and think it'd look awesome in our room.' 'DM's Dining Room - The curtains, the lighting, that gorgeous shade of red! What a warm, relaxing room to sit down to a meal in!'.

Neutral tones living room

These are classic, basic sofas, available from well-known sources, that can fit into a variety of decorating styles.... Crate and Barrel's one of our favorite sources for well-priced sofas; they even have a category on their website for sofas under $999. We like that many of their sofas are eco-friendly with frames made from sustainable, kiln-dried hardwood and and cushions from soy-based polyfoam. The Camden Sofa, with its references to mid-century design, is well-priced at $899. The Troy Sofa is a classic loose cushion sofa. The Flex Sofa: Looking for a modern sofa that easily converts to a sleeper? Then this is your sofa. 999. The Slipcovered Movie Sofa: This sofa's versatility means that it could just as easily work with beachy, antique pieces as it can with more streamlined, modern accessories. The Comfort Sofa: Looking for something shabby chic? Then this is your sofa. Walton Sofa: If you like a lot of loose cushions, you'll love this sofa. The Blake Sofa: If you like a sofa with an exposed frame, check out this model. Tillary Sofa: Easily bored? Like something that can suit your many moods? You can move around the back supports on this sofa to suit your many moods. Use the money you've saved to reupholster it yourself and your guests will never know your sofa's origins. If you have a favorite, please let us know in the comments! And, if anyone's had any experience with any of the sofas on this list, we'd love your feedback.

Living room with brown feature wall

My room makeover:: We decided to use some vision and good bones, and transform a definitively traditional 70's Georgian home to the French country/vintage eclectic styled home it is today. Our Family Room is a large space with a wall of windows and room for 2 clearly defined and unique sitting areas. Keeping a bright white ceiling draws attention to the height and openness of the room. 2 cozy sitting areas make the room feel more intimate and the neutral color palette of the furniture keeps it relaxed. My makeover advice:: A couple words of advice:When creating 2 seating areas in a single large room, let your most natural walking path be your dividing line and leave plenty of obvious space so that foot traffic will continue to travel where you want it to rather than THROUGH your seating areas. This is an especially good idea when you have kids and large dogs ;)When choosing gray paint colors, make sure you actually see the paint in the room at different times of day. Gray has a way of appearing either too purple, too green or too beige, and the natural light coming into the room will affect these tones. What I love most about my new space:: What we love most - other than the fact that our eclectic style speaks volumes in this room - is the ability to have 2 separate seating areas in a common room and it not look too cramped or confining.

Living room with fireplace

Okay, the intense color of designer Muriel Brandolini's home dining room doesn't really need much by way of description: pinks, reds, oranges and yellows - and enough pattern to keep your eyes busy for hours. Beyond the brave exercise in color, we are mostly curious about a bed in the dining room. The red lacquer four-poster bed was placed just behind the dining table so that 'One can recline after supper.' Do you think this idea ever works? Unless you live in a very small space, do you think dining and reclining should coexist?

Narrow living room

Our favorite home offices to take inspiration from are the ones that look the most lived in and real. While we appreciate a perfectly staged home office for a photo shoot, they don't hold a candle to a work space that we know someone actually works in and utilizes on a daily basis. We love this minimalist white with pops of color home office we found on LifeHacker today. The space mimics a giant Mac and we think that's pretty cool. Daniel created his desk from several different IKEA pieces and hacked them into a stellar desk. We really enjoy that there is so much white, with subtle pops of bright red and blue. Even though there are only a few colorful pieces, because they are so few and so bright - they make a huge impact. This office is inspiring because it is attainable and real. We saw his desk chair in IKEA last weekend and contemplated purchasing it!

Modern living room with brown sofas

Nothing says 'cool' quite like the perfect gray. Whether you prefer a barely-there almost-white or a deep charcoal, there's a shade of gray here for you. A lovely light gray, from One Fine Stay via Desire to Inspire. Isn't this room so soothing? Light gray and light pink are a match made in heaven. Spotted on La Maison d'Anna G. I love how impossibly cool all these beautiful architectural details look when painted in an allover shade of medium gray. Gold? And marble? And charcoal velvet? Yes and yes and yes and yes and yes. A little bit of white balances out a wall of dark gray. Dark gray is lovely in a light-filled room from Skona Hem. The dark charcoal on the ceiling and walls and the rich jewel tones in the furnishings make for a rich, lush feel. I love how the different gray tones layered on top of each other create texture, while the light-colored ceiling keep the room from feeling too somber.

Living room with coordinate colors

We've written a lot about how to deal with a small bedroom, but what if you have the opposite problem? A giant, cavernous space can feel just as oppressive as a tiny, cramped one. With that in mind, we've rounded up some ideas for making your big bedroom feel cozy. Above: a big fluff comforter will go a long way towards making a big space feel homey. An oversized headboard makes a big statement... and makes a room feel fuller without being overcrowded. Make a big room feel cozier with thick rugs and lots of layered textiles. A sitting area in your bedroom is a nice way to relax before bed - and a nice way to fill up a little extra space. If you don't mind working in the bedroom, adding a desk at the foot of your bed is a great way to fill a little extra space. How cozy is this ceiling-hung canopy? Perfect for a big bedroom - or any bedroom.

Black and white living room

The soft tones, natural patina, and simple designs of Belgian interiors are appealing for all rooms of the house. We find that Belgian influence particularly attractive for the kitchen, where the hustle and bustle is what's busy, not the kitchen's design.... Check out the full post: Soft and Serene Belgian Kitchens.

Minimalist white living room

If you're remodeling a smaller bathroom and feel a bit hemmed in, then take a look at these blah tiny bathrooms that still manage to pack in plenty of style. Blogger Emily from The Pink House didn't let the small size of her upstairs bathroom keep her from pulling off a gorgeous remodel. Showers are a popular choice for smaller bathrooms because they take up less space. Opting for a minimal glass enclosure can mean that the shower almost disappears, like in this bathroom from Studio LS. The clever setup of this bathroom from Apartment 34 means that there's no need for a bulky shower curtain. Minimal detailing and simple colors give this bathroom from Homedit a spaciousness that belies its small size. A clawfoot tub can actually be a good choice for a small bathroom, like this one from Domino. Although this modern bathroom from Homes to Love isn't particularly small compared to some of the others, it is a great example of how you can fit both a tub and a shower into relatively little space. Bold color can be a great choice for a small space, as evidenced by this small bathroom from Katie Martinez.

Large living room with large furniture

We spotted these futuristic aquariums while shopping at the 2nd Street District's Lofty Dog store and thought they were perfect for homeowners looking for the therapeutic benefits of pet fish without the look of a doctor's office fish tank. While not a brand new product, we think they deserve another look for Apartment Therapy's pet month.... Known as the BiOrb, SpyOrb and BiUbe, these funky fish tanks have a sleek and modern look to complement any modern home. Made of strong acryllic with silver coated lids and bases, these fish tanks are also available with a variety of lighting options, such as halogen and LED. We love the shapes and sizes these aquariums are available in and because they come with flitration systems they are nice and healthy for our watery friends. Anyone an owner of these aquariums? Tell us how you like them!