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Small cozy living room


Living room gray curtain

Hi AT! My girlfriend and I have been struggling with the lighting in our dining room. The chandelier we have now directs light down onto the table, creating a kind of cave of light, leaving the rest of the room feeling a bit dark. Lamps are difficult for two reasons: only one outlet and the room is a little small. We are considering a different overhead light and/or sconces. Our tastes lean towards MCM but we already have a modern white, globe-type light hanging in the back room off the dining room. Of course, we ain't too spendy! Thanks, Nick.apartmenttherapy(dot)com). Any lighting suggestions for Nick's dim dining room?

Library armchair


Vintage living room

We were checking out the new Room and Board catalog and were admiring the new Anders Bed which reminds us of a sturdier and more updated version of the case study bed that we happen to own. What we noticed was how great the bed looks with all the blankets neatly tucked with such precision. We admit that we'd love to be able to keep up a look like this, especially since it so goes with the style of our bed, but it just isn't practical. First off, we like down comforters which, by nature, do not tuck. Third, our better half is very tall and his legs stick right of the end of the bed so it's very uncomfortable if it's all tight and tucked in. What's your take? Is it wrong to sully a perfectly good modern bed with mussed up sheets? Do you have the patience, resolve, correct bedding to do the tuck? How are you warm enough? Do you hide extra bedding that you put on the bed when it's time to go to sleep? Do you untuck everything before getting into bed? Or do you let it all hang out? And does anyone actually get the corners looking as good as the above photo?

Living room with rattan furniture

Following the fully integrated design style of the Yamaha YSP and Phillips Ambisound systems, the Marantz houses the drivers and amp all in one unit. No bulky separate amplifier to deal with, which is especially useful when you are trying to maintain a minimal aesthetic. The advantage of the Marantz over the other two virtual surround systems? Number of inputs. With 2 HDMI and 3 digital optical inputs you should have no trouble accomodating your gear.

Living room with book shelves

When you hear people tell stories about going to the bathroom in the jungle you picture the worst of circumstances. This jungle bathroom, on the other hand, looks like the lap of luxury. Over at One Project Closer, we ran across a snapshot of Fred and Kim's recent trip to Guatemala where they saw this amazing outdoor bathroom. It's packed with plants, the sink is supported by large pillars of stone, and to be quite honest, we'd totally make a move to a more tropical climate if this could be our space. It's found on the Valhalla Farms, an all-natural macadamia nut plantation that promotes reforestation and the training of indigenous people to farm using sustainable methods. Do you have an outdoor bathroom or shower? Do you love it or hate it?

Living room in contrasting colors

On a mission to pick up a gift card for an upcoming wedding, last week we discovered the Crate and Barrel has a store in Spring Valley, DC. Delighted to save ourselves a trip to the mall, Mom and I popped over and were delighted to discover that the store has an entire floor dedicated to the C&B furniture line. We started trying out chairs and couches, and then fell in love with the chair and ottoman shown above.... Shown in Notting Hill Copper, the Petrie Leather Chair is wide and extremely comfortable, the ideal reading nook for me. Mom loved the 60s styling- the tapered legs and tufted cushions apparently called to mind the first sofa she and my dad ever owned. The chair features a certified sustainable, kiln-dried hardwood frame, and the seat cushion is soy-based polyfoam with fiber encased in downproof ticking. Made in the USA, this chair would be a wonderful addition to any room. In person, the butter soft copper leather is truly beautiful; the chair feels broken-in even though it isn't. The $2900 price for the package means we the chair behind for others to enjoy, but if you are in the market for new seating, we highly recommend checking out this model of the ever-popular Petrie line.

Monotone living room

It seems that with Sasha and Malia currently residing in the White House, presidential children are very popular items of discussion and remembrance. Just how many children have been in the White House? Well, a recent slide show at Us Magazine gives us a photographic glimpse into the various kids who ran the White House hallways. Who knew Alice Roosevelt was so cool? According to Us, 'The self-described 'wild child,' smoked on the roof of the White House, fired guns at telegraph poles and walked around with a boa constrictor roped around her neck.' To view more photos, visit the Us Magazine Web site.

Living room with large window to garden


Modern furniture living room

As mention in an earlier post we're looking to ditch our 80's nanna inspired bathroom. Goodbye to our beigey pinkish sink and hello to.... Rodgerseller's Roma Embossed Washbasin. Oh how that sweet pattern would make me smile in the morning. Coming in two sizes of 85cm and 52cm's wide and they can be wall hung or bench mounted- this sink could work in most bathroom layouts big or small. If the flora pattern offends you, this sink is also available with no decoration which has a nice medical feel to it. Also available to compliment these sinks are option towel rails, pedestal bases and chromed legs.

Small living room in light colors

Richard Hamilton, who died Tuesday, is considered one of the instigators of the British Pop Art movement; in fact, the cheekily-positioned Blow Pop in his most famous collage may be where the movement got its name. Let's take a look at some of Hamilton's most iconic work. Nearly 40 artists collaborated to produce the show, but Hamilton's contribution had the most impact, and is now considered the first work of Pop Art. Hamilton himself defined Pop Art better than I just did, as 'Popular, transient, expendable, low-cost, mass-produced, young, witty, sexy, gimmicky, glamorous and big business.' Of course, while Hamilton was in some ways celebrating this throwaway culture, he was most certainly critiquing it as well, in particular casting his canny British eye on American economic imperialism. Not surprisingly Hamilton's work was often blatantly political with a strongly Leftist bent. In 1968, the Beatles commissioned Hamilton to design the sleeve of their next album, which Hamilton decided should be plain white, with 'The Beatles' embossed instead of printed, and numbered sequentially to suggest a limited edition. Like his famous collage, the White Album sleeve also fits every adjective in Hamilton's own description of Pop, above. Richard Hamilton circa 1970, with his work Kent State on the wall behind him. Hamilton continued to make art until his death on Tuesday at age 89.

Open plan black and white living room

In this collaboration between Niclas Collén & Jesper Zacco, simple CD storage is turned into a block of stencil art. Niclas builds the cabinets while his brother Jesper creates the illustrations. A few more photos and where to buy after the jump.... The Kiev and Brooklyn cabinets can hold 200 CDs and go for $1,800, which we suppose would be a decent price if these are limited edition, but it's unclear from the site.

Living room with ecletic furniture

I removed the room's door, which I never closed anyway. Talk about a great space saver! Without the door swinging into the room, I could use the entire wall. After painting the rest of the room an energizing bright white, I treated this wall with chalkboard paint, which both minimizes the visual presence of the crate and shelving brackets and gives me a surface for writing notes. My office eventually will double as a sleeping space for visiting nieces and nephews, so the chalkboard wall will be fun for them too. My desk, which I pushed out of the way for the 'After' photo, is now in the center of the room, directly beneath the light. The barre is behind the desk, where the crate used to be, and I now have plenty of room for my daily stretching. The other side of the room is still in progress, but I promise to show a Before & After of the entire office when I'm done.

Living room with warehouse feel

You never know what you're going to get with old houses sometimes. In this turn of the century house for sale featured on Vintage Seattle, you get a clawfoot bathtub that's been sunken into the floor. The listing explains that the bathtub is in the guest suite, as opposed to the master bathroom. Don't know about you, but we think this would be incredibly unnerving to discover and bathe in as a guest in this house. We wonder what else is between the floor we can see and the floor the clawfeet are standing on. It's rather beautiful actually - note the mullions.

Small living room and dining room


Modern fireplace and designer chairs

It's recognizable everywhere and is especially striking, which is why we found this lamp so interesting. This lamp is a tribute to all things relating to video games, and it was a DIY project, so you can make one yourself as well. It looks exactly like an Atari joystick, except that it's about 5 times the size of a normal one. One important thing that Seamster mentions is that he practiced making the parts a few different times in order to get them just right. His 15 step Instructable is quite detailed and will help you create your own amazing lamp. He used photos to model his lamp, since he no longer has his Atari 2600. The success of his build entailed spending a lot of time on details, like the raised ring around the joystick and the way that the base looks. Once the raised ring and base were done, he moved onto the stick, which took him two times to get right. He used the covers of some old video games to make the lamp shade, which is quite appropriate. He primed and painted the whole thing, the set himself to assembling the lamp, using a simple socket lamp from Home Depot. Even if you don't, getting some help or taking your time will make your Atari lamp look good.