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Small cozy living room


Living room gray curtain

The brand-new store in Fremont makes custom couches out of eco-friendly materials with the smallest mark-up possible, cutting overhead costs by sharing space with Orange Spot gallery. Owner Ameer Radwan is motivated by a personal disgust with overcharging, a near-religious zeal for a good deal, and ambition to be known as the place to go in Seattle for a couch. The contact page on his website includes a personal 'Batphone' number, with this to say, 'If it's midnight and you simply MUST see couches because you're watching HGTV and you're inspired to change your whole decor - call the batphone. I'll probably want to talk about couches at midnight too. I'm not kidding. Repeat: I'm not kidding.' Think folks take him up on it? Each couch starts with an FSC-certified wood frame and water-based adhesives that give off no volatile organic compounds. The choice of style, fabric and filling is all yours, and Radwan is there to guide you and point out which material choices are recycled or organic. You'd think this service would come at a higher cost, but Couch's website lists example after example of earth-friendly, custom copies of big-box couches for less than the original - most under $1500. Couch doesn't just do couches, but chairs and upholstered beds as well. More surprisingly Couch offers custom framing through his partnership with Orange Splot.

Library armchair

Purple is a color that shows confidence, as it was once the color worn by Roman Emperors and continues to be the color most associated with royalty. The color purple is used to attract attention - here are some bold and beautiful pieces that will become the focus of any room simply for their hue. Arc en Ciel folding table in lilac, EMU. 6.

Vintage living room


Living room with rattan furniture

To be perfectly honest I initially had a difficult time determining how I felt about these Barnacle wall mounted storage vessels. On one hand, I immediately imagined the grand effect of using these en masse, placed upon a large column or wall mimicking their natural inspiration, creating a storage solution that would both look like an art installation while providing utilitarian use. It's also their geometrically-modern form which would make these a tough fit for anyone who did not live in a 'Machine for living' interior, or at least one of the less traditional variety. Still, sometimes you can admire something simply for what it is without necessarily wanting it for yourself, and these certainly fall under that category.

Living room with book shelves

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a lounger! It's a table! It's P'kolino's Play Table. Upon first glance, the P'kolino Play Table looks like a playground climber of some sort but then you discover that it is so much more - and when you're short on space, any multi-function item is a welcome addition. The P'kolino Play Table is a multiple-use modular wonder, made with bent maple wood and soft foam which can transform itself into a desk and table set, a climber and a sleek lounger. Flip the table over and children can use it as a rocker. We love how the pieces fit together, like a puzzle, for compact and easy storage.

Living room in contrasting colors

When Elise and Ben bought their Mount Washington house, the kitchen looked like this. They used this sad kitchen for five years until they finally updated it. The end result is modernized, but still captures the spirit and integrity of the storied older house. Using IKEA cabinets to keep the costs down, they were able to upgrade and personalize the look with Calcutta marble and Schoolhouse Electric hardware for all the cabinets. Removed a wall between our tiny kitchen and mud room to make one larger kitchen and create a peninsula for the kids to sit and eat. Replaced two louvered windows with one awning window. The surprise that Elise found during renovation was unreal.

Monotone living room

Q: I really love the design of the West Elm Grace Table but I think it's just a little small for my 11'x13' dining room. I like to have larger groups for dinner and would love something that seats at least 8 when expanded. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a similar design that would be a bit larger than this. Editor: Leave your recommendations for Arielle in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Living room with large window to garden

'Q: I have a beautiful piece of vintage Marimekko fabric that I want to hang on my wall. It's 54' by 59'. The 59' side is a white selvage with a Marimekko stamp and the date, so I don't want to cover that up by putting the fabric in a frame. How can I hang this fabric, other than framing it or stretching it over a frame? I really love the CB2 hanging rails where fabric is stretched between two metal rails, but they have poor reviews. This seems like an easy DIY or IKEA hack, but I can't quite come up with something that would look polished. Editor: Please share your ideas and suggestions with Leslie in the comments below - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Modern furniture living room

Name: Georgia Location: Caledonia Canada Division: International What do you love about your bedroom?: I love the colors and the wallpaper and the tiny coziness. I love that the wallpaper wraps around the room and envelopes my husband and myself like a cocoon. I love that it is so tiny that it can only be used to sleep, read in bed and get dressed in. I love that when I wake up in the middle of the night and open my eyes the moon is right outside my window and the trees are all around us.

Small living room in light colors

In a recent Apartment Therapy 'Favorite Rooms' post, someone described their bedroom as 'Dark and Stormy.' Perusing through the photos, I agreed with the adjectives; the wall paint color was reminiscent of the greenish blue color of a stormy sea. I realized I had seen several wall paint colors recently that also fit the dark and stormy style. The big difference between these dark and stormy jewel tones and other jewel tone color trends we've seen in recent years is the amazing dichotomy behind the particular colors below: they're rich, bold and dramatic, but they also have a subtly to them. They coordinate with other paint colors when used on a single accent wall, and they flourish when used to cocoon a small space. BEHR's Tropical Skies creates a bold dining room. Benjamin Moore's Dragonfly cocoons this living room. This bedroom are a wall paint color matched from a paint chip: Ace Royal, Flat 183. This master bedroom features a gorgeous color from Sanderson: Indigo Blue.

Open plan black and white living room

Last night, we made our way to the Museum of Modern Art for the 'Scandinavian Design Today' event. The evening was basically a showcase for Design House Stockholm, a company that we love for their innovative designs at reasonable prices. Among the speakers was Design House Stockholm's founder, Anders Fardig, whose company currently works with 45 designers. We thought this was especially cool: Six times a year, they hold 'Design Days' - which are a bit like casting calls for new products. Fardig described today's Scandinavian design as 'a combination of fantasy and function.' As you can see from the photos after the jump, Design House Stockholm is achieving its goal of taking things that have been available and making them in a new way. Wing Desk: available in black or white; $650.Carrie Bicycle Basket: available in white, kelly green or black; $40. Bono Mugs: set of 4; $50. Cord Lamp: a standard bulb, textile cord and steel tube; $150. Umbrella Stand: blue steel frame and a soft sponge base; we didn't see the price last night, but it's retailing for 134 Euros on the Design House Stockholm website. Many of the new products are not available through the museum's online store yet, but you can stop by and see/buy them in person at 131 Third Street in San Francisco. Locally, you can also find Design House Stockholm at Scandinavian Details, which has a great online shop.

Living room with ecletic furniture

Purple was our favorite color growing up, and we still have a decent soft spot for it. Recently we came across these two kitchens designed around the royal hue, and we're struck by how versatile it is, coordinating with gray for a modern look, and brown for a warmer feel. The kitchen can also be a particularly good place to play with color, since it's near to, but often still separate from the main area of a house or apartment.

Living room with warehouse feel

'I have never taken any exercise except sleeping and resting.' ~Mark Twain. If you're in Mark Twain's camp, make exercise more fun with beautiful handmade bedding. Like the proverbial apple a day, eight hours of sleep is good for your health. These soothing yellows and grays are good for your soul. Organic, repurposed or sustainable, these handmade designs will satisfy your green spirit!

Small living room and dining room

Wood pallets are an unfortunate innocent bystander of our shipping needs. Often found discarded behind grocery stores and shopping malls, I'm sure they would long for a greater meaning to their one use lives. Jen Turner felt the same way and decided to turn four lucky pallets into a rustic DIY dining table. Using four pallets and some decent carpentry skills, Jen built this table that can be customized based on the sizes of the pallets you are using. This table would be great for both indoor or outdoor uses. Personally, if I were a pallet table, I'd be happy spending my days in the room above with that awesome bird decal.

Modern fireplace and designer chairs