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Living room

White living room

Check out this elegantly simple bathroom vanity from Italian manufacturer, Mastella. The Jey vanity is a curved open shelf in natural wood. Definitiely designed for the consumer who is not intimidated by open storage!.... Available in varying sizes and two tones of wood. If you prefer closed storage, check out Mastella's Guest vanity.

Small living room


Living room storage


Living room with wallpaper

My room makeover:: My wife and I wanted to choose features and design that would tie in the natural light from the large windows. The dark color and heavy drapery made the room feel small and damp. We hoped to have the fireplace stand out as a focal point of the room so we painted it all one color and made over the trim. We shaved the popcorn ceiling, added custom crown molding, and put in an overhead light fixture. With all the DIY efforts we were able to keep the cost under $1,000 for the whole room. My makeover advice:: Try to have a vision to begin with and use resources like Pinterest to gather inspiration. We also already had the furniture from our previous home, and tried to find a style that would incorporate what we had to work with. Having a focal point, or one item that you want to stand out allows everything else to fall into place. We really wanted a cozy space that was livable but still modern. What I love most about my new space:: The fireplace has been the most enjoyable part of our new living room, both functionally and aesthetically. Now that we can enjoy the natural light during the day, and the fireplace at night, our living room has turned into a space we can enjoy all day.

Chair and fireplace

Name: Amanda Location: Billings, MT Division: Dark Inspiration for my palette: Our slate tile floors inspired the dark, dramatic wall color. To brighten up the dark color, teal accents were added.

Cabin living room

We've seen this trend for quite awhile now, so it's probably safe to say that it's become a permanent option for the dining room. In lieu of a set of chairs, using a bench or two gives the space a more casual, rustic feel. Aesthetics aside, we like the idea of using a bench-and-table combo for a small space because not only can a bench pull double duty, but it can seat a few extra guests in a pinch.

Large flat living room

Q: I live in an old Victorian style home that was built in 1901 and later converted to apartments. The window moldings match the period and are about 6 inches tall. I'm not sure where to hang curtains or valances. I would like to hang a valance in my kitchen, but am not sure if I should cover the molding completely or hang the valance lower so you see the molding above it. In my living room, I just want to hang one sheer over each window and am again wondering where I should place the rod. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Renee in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

African fabrics living room

The other day, Laure's post about what to do if you don't have a guest room, brought out a bunch of great ideas. Here's another one we saw recently at IKEA. The ODDA guest bed is sort of a modified pull-out couch. Instead of pulling out the couch, you actually flip it open.... In it's closed position, thow on some pillows and it acts as convenient extra seating. We're not exactly loving the black and white color option, but that could easily be reupholstered with a different fabric. Does anyone have this piece in their home? More specs here. Do you guys have any other recommendations on convertible type furniture pieces?

Living room coffee table

Name: Jo Location: Atlanta, GA Division: Warm Inspiration for my palette: The combination was inspired by a painting my aunt did that hangs in that room. I love trying bold combinations of color, and I've always loved the juxtaposition of teal and orange, and finally got the courage to use it in my 1930s bungalow!

Large modern living room

'We moved to our loft space one year ago and with its white walls, white appliances and gray Formica countertops, we just had to jazz it up with some color. Because we're leasing, permanent remodeling of the kitchen was out of the question, so we went to our local Scandinavian department store for the essentials - pantry, cabinets,shelves, organizers and workspace/island. Then, working with some of the artwork we had collected, I painted the walls each a different color - an orange/rust, a pale celery green and a grayed olive green. These colors all show off our paintings and collection of linens and pottery.' Color Resources:As a garden designer and vintage shop owner, my color selections as well as texture influences are mostly taken from what I see in nature. As a former color stylist in animation, we studied old illustration art for ideas in combining colors.

Living room with green feature wall


Large living room with fireplace

We just found some pages that we tore out from the Feb. '07 Vogue article titled, 'Behind the Seams: Five designers reveal how their lives inspire the very individual looks of their dresses.' Katie Nehra of Simone selected these ultra-feminine blue glass canisters from L.A.'s Grace Home Furnishings, and we really loved the color and the ornate design - even though we typically go for more streamlined angles and textures. Other designers featured include Samantha Sung of s-sung and Alice Ritter, both of whom rounded out the feminine picks of Nehra with their master painter influences and love of '60s Mod.

City skyline living room

The Renovation Diaries are a collaboration with our community in which we feature your step by step renovation progress and provide monetary support towards getting it done in style. My plumber came back to install the gas line, and ended up reevaluating his original plan. While things inched along in the kitchen, I turned my attention to the dining room. Last week Gregg, my contractor, installed some new molding around the panels that flank the fireplace. This week, after patching the nail holes and caulking the new moulding, I painted the paneling and the rest of the dining room trim a bright white - Benjamin Moore's 'Super White' in pearl finish to be exact. With the floors refinished and most of the walls and trim painted, the dining room is starting to come together. There's another, potentially more serious problem with the fireplace: a crack running all the way across one of the marble side panels. Check out the full series and be sure to join us next week for installment #14 of Dan's Kitchen Renovation.

Living room tv unit

Name: Alexander Location: Bilbao Spain Square Feet: 390 Division: International What I Love About My Small Home: It is in the city-centre so everything is close: parks, bars, pubs, cinemas, underground, etc. I have enough space for the pug and the Florida tortoise, and also for gatherings with friends. Cozy, bright, comfortable, and efficient while easy to clean and to heat.

Neutral colors living room

Letting go of this giant, 60'x60' mirror we have in our apartment is like cutting our perceived square-footage in half. The mirror is borrowed, and we enjoyed it while it lasted. We're on the hunt for affordable replacements. Costco actually caught our eye, with their Joan Wall Mirror. It's 40'x50' and costs $440. That includes shipping, which really counts for something on an item of this size and fragility. The mirror has beveled edges and is set in a walnut frame. This baby might just ease the pain of letting go of our old giant.

Open plan living room

Why I use color:'Color is a fabulous way to decorate for two reasons. The first, color can totally change the mood or vibe a room gives off; cheerful, bold, cozy, you name the feeling and it can be achieved with color. The second, you can get dramatic design for little money and make everything from hand-me-downs and flea market finds look top notch!'. 'Go with your first instinct, even if you take more time to hem and haw over other colors you'll most likely return to your original choice.' 'Don't be afraid of color, it's just paint!'. Favorite type and brand of paint:'Sherwin Williams Classic 99® Interior Latex Paint'.