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Living room

Dramatic living room decor

We know it looks like this room is styled for a magazine photo shoot, but it is a real, honest-to-goodness room in a family's home. The owner made some major changes to a chaotic kids' playroom to transform it into what she calls a 'Game room/lounge,' but what we'd describe as a true family room with space and activities for everyone. To really appreciate the transformation, see the before picture after the jump. Holy cow, right? We love the new warm color scheme and are inspired by how much storage and organization the owner added without it feeling clinical or school-like. We saw this incredible space on the fabulous This Young House blog where Sherry and John chronicle their own home's diy renovations and decorating. Check out their post on this beautiful room and, if you'd like to see more, follow their link to more photos and information.

Retro living room

Name: Leigh Location: Rangiora New Zealand Division: International What do you love about your bedroom?: I love the all the original 1920s features in the room. We just uncovered the tiled hearth a couple of months ago when replacing the carpet, and even though it's not in perfect condition it was way too cool to cover up again. So many houses of this age were destroyed in the Christchurch earthquakes, I feel lucky that we can enjoy and preserve these features for future generations.

Small open plan living room

We put together a bathroom that feels like the beach. Cool blues and sand-colored accessories keep things low key while still bringing in a little color.... The Concept: Sky and Sand.

Living room in neutral colors


Contemporary living room

Get away from every day cast iron or porcelain fixtures. They're made of laminated bamboo and come in sleek, rectilinear shapes. While the natural bamboo looks just great, the sinks are also available in bright-colored stains. The sinks themselves start at $580 and staining is an additional $120..

Dining room with yellow walls

The iPad recently saved my life on a long flight to the other side of the world. Beyond its web surfing and TV playing capabilities, the device can run other applications that have the potential to make your life a whole lot easier. One recently-updated app called LivingRoom allows users to easily place and customize furniture pieces in a floor plan. LivingRoom is intuitive and user-friendly with its easy set of menus from which functions are selected. You are able to make notes to yourself within the interface, and you can email a PDF of the plan with one click of your mouse. The program is available for only $4.99 and can be purchased directly from the App Store. Check out the above video to see just what this bad boy can do.

Cream living room

There's something really intriguing about the combination of black and white in the bedroom. The contrast makes it interesting, and the simplicity makes it soothing. Above: a black and white space from Ollie & Seb's Haus. The hotel Praktik Rambla in Barcelona, spotted on Petite Passport. That chandelier, contrasted with these minimalist furnishings... so good. A bedroom with some interesting wall hangings, from Homelife. All black walls with just a touch of white - very soothing. Tommy Hilfiger's bedroom, spotted on Elle Decor. We love the black and with wallpaper in the bedroom of Alexis & Josh's San Francisco home. Dark walls and bright white floors, spotted on SF Girl by Bay. The touches of bold black make this bedroom from My Paradissi soothing but not boring.

Living room with bold art piece and fireplace


Living room with color coordinated fabrics


Vintage furniture living room

It's the only way to describe the light given off by the rope lights we recently put up in our bathroom. While rope light is ubiquitous around the holidays, we like this look so much that we think it will last throughout the year. We used two ropes for this design, attaching them to the wall with the included clips. For ease of use we used an adapter to plug them into the light socket, so they work with the wall switch. We picked ours up at Target but almost anywhere selling holiday decorations should carry it. It's also available from numerous online sources, including Amazon, which has 24' for $15.29.

Small tv room

Hanging on my wall are these two great looking and useful wood peels that we use to pull pizzas out of the oven. I got them for Ursula and I to use and was at first stymied as to how I'd store them. After oiling them and using them once, I decided they'd look great on the wall, and they do. I used a shiny brass screw to hang them and put mini over biggie.

Sleek living room furniture

Back in April '06, Janel blogged these stunning mesquite wood tiles from Ann Sacks, which start at $42.62 per sq/ft. For $27 sq/ft we found some alternatives from Anchor Bay Tile.

Romantic coffee table and sofa

Hello AT,. I just signed the lease on this great studio apartment. I'm pretty much starting fresh with new furniture but I'm not sure what color scheme would work best with the exposed brick. My other question is, how should I divide the room to hide my full size bed? Right now I'm thinking of putting it in the corner to the right of the closet.

Living room with frames on the wall


Casual living room with leather sofa


Minimalist retro living room