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Romantic white living room

The AT readers have been tough to beat in past rounds of Guess the Decade, but we're back today with a new challenge. Check back on Monday - we'll be posting the answer and the photo info then. Speculation and discussion is always welcome in the comments, but for those of you who may know the photo source info...please don't tell! Thanks!

Light filled contemporary living room


Open plan living room

So - how about a little Friday afternoon politics? We've been following the passage-veto-override of the new Farm Bill with some interest. The infighting amongst our two major political parties has been interesting to watch, as the Republicans helped override a presidential veto to pass a bill that sets our nation's food and agricultural policy for the next five years. The U.S. farm bill is an omnibus bill that sets the agricultural and food policy of the federal government; it's reworked and passed every several years. What exactly is in this bill? We didn't have time to read through and digest all 700-plus pages of the bill, but we found a cheat sheeet. Domestic nutrition programs make up the largest portion of the estimated $300 billion farm bill. Foreign food aid would make up less than 1 percent of the bill, costing less than $200 million. It feels very, very difficult to weed through all the competing opinions and points of view on the Farm Bill, especially when it's so huge and unwieldy. Back to the garden.... You can read the full bill here: H. R. 2419 - Farm Bill - It's 742 pages long and about 1MB in size.

Modern fireplace living room

Spotted this in the latest issue of Vogue Living: Rather than a traditional vanity made of wood for her bathroom, Betsy Morgan opted for a more glamorous option. Her mirrored vanity with its Anthropologie drawer pulls picks up the shine from her chrome-edged shower and fixtures, giving her 1850s bathroom an updated look without compromising its vintage charm. The rest of the apartment is done up in a soft, traditional color palette with antique furnishings like the clawfoot tub and a set of beautiful gold end tables repurposed in the bathroom as plant and TV stands.

Black and white living room

Billed accurately as perfect for the small apartment dweller, his Danish modern folding desk is shallow and has a fold down writing surface so work can be tucked away when not being, uh, worked on. You could have a surprise every day! -MM. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.Thanks, Craig!

Colorful living room

About two years ago, we were dealing with the renovation of both bathrooms in our house. What got us most excited about the project? The Fixtures n' Faucets showrooms in San Mateo and Redwood City. With such good service and selection, it's no wonder this place has been serving the Peninsula for over 25 years. The store carries bathroom and kitchen products - from manufacturers such as Dornbracht, Hansgrohe, Duravit, Porcher, Toto and Vitraform. If you're planning a remodel, it may be worth considering a trip down to Fixtures n' Faucets. Even if you don't place an order, you'll likely get some great inspiration from the showrooms.

Cottage living room

When I got back to Baltimore after a long holiday visit with family, my bedroom greeted me with its disarray. I am only good about putting clean laundry away if I do it when the clothes are fresh out of the dryer; otherwise, they sit in the basket in my bedroom. My husband, who does his own laundry, completely avoids putting his clean clothes away entirely. As organization took a total back seat to the holidays this year, the clothes just never made it from the laundry basket to the dresser or closet-although some did make it to the floor. While of course there's another end to this organization game, in 2014 I want to be more on top of getting things from dryer to drawers. For my bedroom's sake, I'm committing to taking ten minutes whenever a laundry load finishes to put that stuff away-right away.

Minimalist living room

The happy modern aesthetic is one that is, well...modern and happy. In the living room, a peppy colored sofa is key to the look, then build around it with graphic textiles, contemporary furniture frames and punchy accessories.

Living room with modern lamp

Our bedroom is freezing - consequence of being a poorly built addition with little to no insulation - so the idea of having a fireplace at the foot of our bed is the ultimate in winter sleeping luxury. When we tied the knot this fall we spent a few nights in this adorable B&B carriage house where the highlight was undoubtedly the thermostat-controlled fireplace.... We're not really gas log folks but we'll admit the modern convenience of knowing the fire would turn itself off was highly enjoyable. Anyone ever stayed at a B&B with a fireplace in the bedroom? Or do you have one in your own bedroom? If so, how do you feel about it in warmer months when it goes unused? We're on the fence about having one in our own home but definitely relished our experience for those few days. The Colby Hill Inn is in Henniker, New Hampshire and comes highly recommended if you're looking for a great B&B in southern NH..

White living room


Colorful living room

Now this is a small space home office at its best! Jordan of Oh Happy Day wanted a dedicated work area that could disappear in an instant, hide their 'Unsightly behemoth printer' and also just look nice when closed up after hours. One used IKEA armoire for $100 and a can of paint.... 'Paul and I both spend a lot of time at the computer and it is so nice to be able to close it up when we entertain or when we want to prevent grubby two-year-old hands from getting into all our stuff.' Seems like Jordan has a small camera collection that deserves their own display area. Some ideas to borrow from this corner home office is her use of vertical space, applying corkboard on the inside of the door and purchasing matching magazine holders for a consistent and cohesive look when her armoire office is 'Open for business'.

Neutral colors living room

We've been thinking about wall adornment all day - can you tell? While researching some good ideas for a friend, we found these wall stickers ljcfyi put up. These Nouvelles Images wall stickers feature colorful and attractive animals in various scenes. We like how ljcfyi put them at the very bottom of her walls. You might not notice them right away but they're a fun surprise. If you're a commitment-phobe, you'll be glad to know these wall stickers peel right off without damaging your paint job.

Luxury feature wall for living room

Why I use color: I can't get enough color in my house! I work with color on an everyday basis as an interior designer. Every room in my house is filled with warm and welcoming vibrant colors. I use color because it not only makes a space comfortable, but it makes it feel alive. So many people I speak with are afraid to use color on their walls or use colorful decorative accents. I practice what I preach, and my house if filled with color. I have a theme of bright oranges, greens and chocolate browns on the first level and blues, reds and chocolate browns on the second level. It makes a bold statement and I have turned my 1930's victorian home into a modern delight! Paint trim white-it will make the color of your walls pop.

Grey and silver small living room

Name: Jennifer Location: Richardson , TX Division: Cool Inspiration for my palette: The unchangeable trim, granite and floor colors are so warm; we really wanted a cool color contrast for our dining area. I think the hint of warmth in this blue was a nice compliment to all the golden tones of the apartment and our added furniture/accessories. We chose to wrap the color through the arched doorway and into the entryway so we're always greeted by this great shot of color. When we move out, we'll have to pay a fee to have each painted wall covered over, so we wanted to be bold with the small amount of painting we were willing to do.

Large living room with fireplace

We spotted this neat idea from the Spring 2007 'Befor & After' special publication from Better Homes and Gardens. Many of you renters might have a similar bathroom setup. Extra large mirror with a single sink in the middle. As you can see in the photo, they were able to add some architectural interest without having to take anything down or have anything custom built.... They purchased two pre-made wall cabinets that traditionally would be mounted, but instead, simply left them sitting on the counter, flanking either side of the sink. Note that the bottom cabinets match the color of the cabinets on top, which makes one cohesive look. In the middle of the mirror over the sink, they attached an over-sized frame. The effect gives the look of built in cabinets, without the build. Has anyone tried this idea? Does anyone have any other non-permanent but high impact suggestions for bathrooms? Please share in the comments!Image from Before&After- a Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication.

Modern living room