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Living room

Large living room with high ceiling

Name: Abina Location: Orange, NJ Division: Warm Inspiration for my palette: This bathroom is located in my work studio at home and as such, the goal was to integrate it into the overall experience of being in my creative space. I wanted to create an artistic, dramatic, welcoming and cozy feeling while using a color featured in the main space.

Minimalist living room

In honor of Kitchen Month, I have been thinking about the kitchen table as a nourishing altar to our meals and remembering a comment posted last week by someone who felt they could not afford to keep fresh flowers in their house. Faith suggested buying Mums or Alstroemerias - both last well over a week if you change the water now and then, and both are available year-round at most flower shops and even corner delis. Most corner delis that sell flowers have mums for about $3 a bunch. Simply stripping off the paper wrapping and putting them in a vase makes them look, well, like a $3 bunch of mums from the corner deli. I like to snip off each stem where it joins the main stem, getting up to forty 3'-8' stems. Tie a little ribbon around the bouquet and you have something even more sweet. Having fresh flowers on your table is one of the best ways to honor you table for what it is: an altar to your place of nourishment.

Small brown living room

We have some nice brick walls, 10 foot ceilings, and quite a bit of wall space. We love the space and want to add some really unique pieces punch up the d├ęcor. While at the Elephant's Trunk flea market in Connecticut this past weekend, we happened upon a very old wheel used on a hay baler. Since our goal is to mix in some country rustic chic into the apartment, we knew it would look perfect in the dining area against the brick wall. The wheel weighs somewhere between 75-100 lbs.2. Because of the hub, the rim of the wheel will sit roughly 6 inches from the wall.4. We'd love to hang it using something complimentary in style to the wheel - for example; a railroad tie as opposed to a shiny industrial bolt from Home Depot. Editor: Can you help out with some tips and ideas for Ted's challenging wheel hanging? Let us know in the comments below - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Pop art living room

Since I tend to normally focus on home offices and desktops, I decided to change things up and give the living room some love. We've discussed the best colors for a dedicated home theater, but comparatively, living rooms also have to be livable and ideally offer more color than a dark theater setting. Cue in these wallpaper recommendations, inspired by the designs of some of the most popular flat panel TVs available today.... Light & Airy: The Panasonic Viera models are some of my favorites because of their sleek design and the clear bezel some of the models come in. This Smart Viera would be complemented further with a nice white and gold wallpaper to get a clean yet fashionable look, further accentuating it's see-thru design, and making sure the television is not the focal point of your room. Dark and Moody: If you're aiming to improve the viewing experience while the lights are dimmer or off, a more dramatic darker background can bring out the picture front and center. The 60' VIZIO Razor LED Smart HDTV is a great budget pick, and this dark copper and blue color underwater inspired wallpaper should help blend in the Razor's black bezel when it's movie hour. Pair it with this cute jungle wallpaper by Jonathan Adler and make the room even more kid-friendly. Fashion First: This last one is for my own dream living room. I don't need a 3D TV, and because I live without cable I'll be relying upon an antenna and smart streaming features via Netflix. I've got my eyes set on a LG LED Smart TV paired with this tie-dye wallpaper creates a feminine space without being too girly.

Designer sofa

Wendy fell so in love with the character and charm of this rental apartment she was a bit blind to the stained, outdated wallpaper in the bedroom. After moving in, she realized an update was needed, and she went with a dark and dramatic color palette. When my children and I moved into our rental apartment last winter, I was so wowed by the charm and character of our new space that I scarcely noticed the dingy, stained wallpaper covering every room in the house. When you walk into an apartment and see built-ins, pocket doors and fireplaces with original tile you can overlook the little things like mysterious blood splatters on the walls, right? My landlord gave me permission to paint, but with the stipulation that I did not remove the wallpaper I painted away and miraculously the wallpaper didn't fall off in a big, wet paint heap. The stains are gone, the walls are still intact and this formerly drab and dreary room is now my most favorite room in our home.

Black and white living room

COLOR INSPIRATION: I knew I wanted lavender, and wanted something young and fresh for a teenage girl. GO TO JESSIE'S ENTRY PAGE AND ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, get tips on how to use color, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites in each division at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better!

Leather sofa living room


Gray living room

So how many of you have organized your books according to colour, like our industrious and organized Flickr poster, 'Chotda' has? Look at this beautiful display! The sheer audacity of it all...we're impressed, and a tad bit jealous. Some may argue this is a poor way to organize books, but we'd disagree, since those of us visually oriented often remember books not by their titles, but by the colour of the cover. Some of us indeed judge a book by its cover...and then decide where to store it accordingly. Then upon reading some of the comments underneath the photo, we found a link to a nearly as impressive colour coded collection of CDs by another Flickr poster, 'Sugarfreak'. We love these folks who are so dedicated to making colour a part of their lives, even when they're be a bit obsessive.

Traditional living room

Amy was #blessed with two very crucial elements of a rental makeover success: an apartment with good bones and a generous landlord. She took those gifts and ran with them, turning her bathroom into a totally lovely, stylish and calming sanctuary. From Amy: The first thing I did when I signed my lease was ask my landlord if I could paint the bathroom. The tile flooring is a beautiful sea foam green, but someone long, long ago thought it would be a great idea to paint the wainscoting deep teal, the trim white, and the walls beige ... needless to say it was very dark and very dated. Thankfully, my landlord said 'Sure!' and the final results were well worth any sweat and tears shed while trying to paint behind a vintage clawfoot tub. I also swapped out the 2-light vanity fixture for a 3-light fixture, installed oil rubbed bronze bathroom hardware, and hung a giant vintage mirror that I got for $15 at a yard sale and spray painted white over a small built in medicine cabinet to keep things bright, white, and clean. Now if I can just find someone to help me remove the flow restrictor from my shower head .....

Living room with subtle blue accent

Pottery Barn just introduced a modular set of stainless steel items, one of which is a pseudo-backsplash. The stainless steel magnetic backsplash is 36'x18', costs $79 and can be used by itself or in a line to go across the top of a long counter.

Small living room

After tackling their bedroom together and combining both their ideas and tastes, it's a fun, personal space that's proof sometimes two styles are better than one! For four and a half years we've slept on a boxspring and mattress without a bed frame. It's not that we didn't want a bed frame; but we didn't quite know what would work for us. I'm a little bit more vintage and Mark is a little bit more modern. It was an IKEA hack of a Fjell wardrobe they had transformed with a 'Beachy white-washed exterior' and rustic interior shelves that got them started on the idea of mixing rustic and nautical. Next came a bed frame, then a headboard made by Mark and a gorgeous mix of bought bedding and DIY accessories. Visit Lauren's blog The Thinking Closet to see more of this beautiful bedroom transformation.

Eclectic living room

Talk about a Box office smash! Here's a stylish option to those that need an office space but don't have the room, or like the aesthetic of conventional desks. This contemporary unit looks like a small cabinet or sideboard, but it actually opens up to a fully functioning work station. It comes complete with pull out keyboard tray, file cabinet, and additional shelves. When you're done, simply fold it back up! We could see this being quite functional and non descript in a living room, dining room or loft space. Available online at Target More images after the jump.....

Light filled living room

When we were researching the idea of installing white floors as part of our kitchen renovation, we couldn't find an honest report on what it was like living with them. Are they a nightmare to keep clean or is it much the same as a darker coloured floor? Are damages more noticeable? Someone please just give us an opinion other than 'They're pretty!'. We're here to tell you the truth about living with white floors, see more below the jump. They brighten our kitchen and dining space more than we expected and they are really beautiful. They are also very easy to clean which is lucky because these floors attract dirt unlike any other surface we've ever seen! The photo above is all the dirt, dog hair and dust that collected on our floors in 24 hours. Only 24hrs! We're very grateful that we chose a more textured floor finish which does help hide the dirt, especially after we had been considering a high gloss white. Our advice to anyone considering white floors is to consider your environment and cleaning commitment carefully before making that decision. If you live in an apartment with a shoes off rule and no pets- go for it! If you're like us, with people constantly walking in and out with shoes on and a shedding puppy who likes sneaking sticks inside to chew, then be prepared to sweep daily and mop every couple of days. Are there any decorating dark-secrets you've learned the hard way?

Striped wall living room


Contrasting colors living room

We've noticed a trend, lately, of large dining tables smack in the middle of kitchens. We've seen many a dinette set or breakfast table worked into a kitchen space, but we're seeing more and more full dining setups in the center of this often utilitarian space. Whether we have previously failed to take note of this bold furniture placement in rooms, or if it is a new trend toward merging the kitchen and dining areas, we think we like it. Being able to claim neither a full kitchen nor a dining room, we are quite envious of the opportunity to work with large, even oversized furniture. Kim has documented her entire kitchen remodel over at Desire To Inspire, and we were interested to see her choice of a large dining table for six, directly in the middle of her newly open kitchen. We didn't expect to see such a dominant piece, afraid it might disrupt the flow of the kitchen, but we absolutely love it. She has worked a great, large seating arrangement into a warm and inviting kitchen and seems to still have plenty of room to navigate while cooking. Perhaps we're looking a little harder now, but we came across another great example of a sizable dining table in the kitchen in the March issue of Livingetc. The dining chairs are upholstered in a colorful floral, which brings a bright upholstered accent to a stainless, modern kitchen. It seems to add a sense of community and entertainment to the kitchen.

Small living room with orange accents