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If you're one of the lucky few who got to open a brand new, gift wrapped HDTV or surround sound system over the holidays, you'll want to make sure everything is calibrated and up to par with today's entertainment standards. We've gone ahead and made it dead simple - using the combination of Dolby's interactive app and visual guides that makes setting up that new home theater dead simple. Dolby's interactive guide makes good use of the viewing distance guide Taryn provided a few months back. While we understand that the larger the screen is, the further back we should sit, it's nice to have an interactive app that also helps us with the rest of the parameters of the home theater, especially speaker angles and listening distance. You can choose from a number of sound system setups, depending on your current equipment. Dolby then provides a list of listening distances so you can get a better idea on where to put that sofa. It also explains the role of the speakers and why audiophiles often obsess about the 'Sweet spot' while listening to music.

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I have seen variations of dark wood floors, but in my opinion these ebonized wood floors are sexy statement looks for any room. Do you like dark dark wood floors? Or are you more attracted to light wood? Ebonized floors are gorgeous and easy to bring out a mood or elements in a space. If you want to have a dramatic look to accompany dark furniture, this will do the trick! Or perhaps if you have all white and bright decor, the look of the true dark wood will show off your furniture.

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Julia writes in with a case of her rambunctious pup mistaking her IKEA couch for one giant red Snausage:I'm looking for a suggestion for fixing/ reconstructing/ redesigning the corner of our couch that my dog ate when she was a pup. The couch came from Ikea, who I contacted, but they cannot send me a material sample to repair it, and I am having a terrible time finding the exact same leather. I'm open to ideas for a creative reconstruction of the couch arm, a cool cover, or...anything really. The rest of the couch is in perfect condition and I don't have the heart to just throw it away. Julia, you could easily salvage that sofa by just using a fabric sofa slipcover, since the cost and time repairing an IKEA couch would likely be beyond it's worth. Finding the perfect fit for a slipcover may require contacting a slipcover specialist, since your IKEA couch's dimensions and shape deviate from the standard couch more slipcovers are designed for. Perhaps some of our local readers have some recommendations for Los Angeles businesses that specialize in custom slipcover work?

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We're always shocked at how expensive bean bag chairs are in stores. They don't have structure or complicated construction and are made from relatively inexpensive materials. What gives? If you're even mildly handy with a sewing machine, it's quite easy to make your own. Our favorite tutorial for this project can be found on Making It Fun, the blog of Michael Miller fabrics. You primary materials will be six yards of fabric and bean bag pellets. The tutorial has tons of photos so you can follow along at every step.

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Conventional wisdom on hardwood flooring is very straightforward: always run the boards parallel to the longest side of the room. Floor joists must must be perpendicular to the direction of your hardwood floor for added strength. If you don't lay your floors this way, you may void your flooring warranty because sagging is more likely to occur. It also makes sense to orient floors toward your external light source, minimizing the visibility of imperfections, and in a vertical direction from a grand front entryway. In a case like this, it may make sense to run the floor across the shorter sides of the room. It is also important to check in on the installation to make sure the layout is aesthetically pleasing. It is also a good idea to check the variation of color in a natural product such as hardwood.

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Our post about Gray Kids Rooms inspired Ohdeedoh reader Leah to write in and share some pictures of the gray kids room she designed for her first child.... 'When we were expecting our first kid last June we didn't find out the sex and wanted to go with a good neutral color for our nursery that doubles as a guest room when the grandparents are in town,' Leah told us. 'I choose the Dwell Robin Motif bedding first and then went with gray on one wall and left the other three walls white. We use the blue and green out of the Robin bedding for accent colors and have since added many pieces to compliment the room - a Robin Rosenthal counting poster as well as a blue Eames RAR rocker. The room has a calm cool feel even on hot and sunny SoCal days. Plus, it works great for my son.' Kristin Hohenadel blogging from rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, France.

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Lofts and studio apartment arrangements often leave the bed out in the open. Establishing privacy in this situation is always a design challenge and we love the screened solution in this downtown Kansas City loft.... the 'Bedroom' as seen from the rest of the loft. Designed by Black Bamboo, this 'Bedroom' is seriously just a bed-sized area of the loft that's been partitioned off with beautiful woven screens. It receives lots of natural light since it's up against an exterior wall, yet it doesn't hog it all from the rest of the loft: partial height screens and an open weave allow light to penetrate into the main loft space. The privacy is improved over having a bed out in the middle of an open space, yet this still may not be private enough for some. We think it strikes a good balance between privacy and an open, loft-like feeling.

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Name: Cammie Location: Lawrence, KS Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: I love the green floor! Our bedroom is in the attic of a small bungalow-style home and one of our first projects when we moved in was ripping out the dark brown carpet. Underneath was a very low-quality wooden floor, so we had no reservations painting it. Most of the walls in our house are off-the-shelf “ultra pure white,” so the green is a refreshing sea of color.

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Here on Re-nest we talk a lot about capturing water for and conserving water in our gardens. We haven't talked too much about designing gardens that limit runoff. When it comes to the environment, that's just as important. She calls it 'a manual on how to design and manage a garden that captures and keeps the water that it gets.' What's so important about capturing and keeping water? Well the more you capture and keep, the less you need to use. Kent stresses, if you capture it, you keep it from running off into the ocean, especially if you live near the coast. That's incredibly important, because the water that runs-off from our gardens tends to pick up to carry things like pesticides, oil, and cleaning solutions along with them.

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In our opinion, building toys get you the most bang for your toy-buying buck. Blocks, train tracks, logs... you get these toys when your kids are young and - if our own childhood is anything to go by - they'll be played with for years. These build-your-own marble runs fall into the same camp. The quality of Quadrilla's German-engineered wooden blocks and twists makes this a keepsake toy that will last for years. Like any good building toy, you can start with a decent basic set, such as the one pictured at the left, and keep adding as many expansion kits as you want... until you can ostensibly create a complex masterpiece such as the one at the top of this post. There's also a smaller 'Try Me' starter set.

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