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Ecletic living room

Q: I am about to move into a new apartment, and the front room is currently painted deep red, ceiling and all. I do like the color, but it definitely makes the room feel dark, and maybe a bit smaller than it is. Painting the ceiling a different color is not an option, since there is no 'Edge,' where the wall and ceiling meet, the sides are rounded. Colors for the fireplace, windows, curtains, lighting ideas? Furniture that goes with deep red? I am starting from scratch, so all suggestions appreciated. Just in case it matters, the room that you can see off to the left will be the living room, and it is being painted a light gray color. Editor: Please share your suggestions and advice with Megan in the comments below - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Colorful warehouse living room


Contemporary media room

Why we use color: We like earth tones and crisp colors that accentuate the structure of a space, and we tend to be minimalists. We prefer a smaller range of colors within the same room instead of trying to fit the whole rainbow in at the same time. For the dining room, we really wanted bench seating along the wall, and our choices in color were a little limited. Rather than choosing bold paint colors, it's much easier to accessorize with color using pillows, rugs, artwork, etc. If you really want to paint with a bold color, have all of your ideas for the room planned out in advance. Congrats if you can do this, because we tend to change our minds once a color is actually on the wall! If you're ever stuck on a decision between colors, pick the one with the best name! 'Hmmm... Which will it be... Ice Cube? Eggwhite? or Breathless?'. My 6th grade art class color wheel! Don't forget the basics, right?

Modern family room

Owner of Etsy shop LuxChroma, Reuben Strangelove offers up a selection of interesting and attractive hand made lighted wall features including a very cool USB symbol to show off your inner geek. 'Other notable tech geek options available from his Etsy shop include a 5.25' floppy disk, the Ubuntu Linux logo, and a retro cool audio cassette. His designs are made of PVC and purchasers can request from white, green, blue, red and amber lights to customize their wall feature.

Luxurious living room


Living room with butterfly artwork

It has ugly woodpaneling on the walls and behind that is ugly wallpaper.... The cabinets are quite dirty and the former owner lined them with some sort of strange sticky corkboard that is also filthy. I'm thinking about painting the walls Wildflower Honey from Behr. My first instinct was to paint the cabinets white and get some sort of hardware from Ikea. So far I have had a couple of comments from people that think I should leave the cabinets the way they are and just attempt to clean them. Which has me second guessing whether I should paint them. I think leaving the cabinets the color they are might make the kitchen too dark. What do you think? To paint or not to paint? Sent by CB. Editor: We have some experience here. Cleaning is a necessary step even if you decide to paint the cabinets so let us recommend a thorough cleaning of the cabinets and then take another look. If, on the other hand, you think they're still too dark, you're nearly done prepping for the big paint! Just keep in mind that painting cabinets doesn't always mean going white!

Bold colors and furniture living room


Classic living room

After reading this post about revamping an old club chair, I am feeling a little relieved knowing that someone else is thinking the same way I am. I've been worried that I've gone over the edge and am about to commit a DIY crime. '...I picked up this chair for $100 on Craiglist in Salt Lake City. I am planning to recover it with Ikea's Marimekko knock off, and hope to end up with something like Anthropologie's Astrid Pear chair.' We think this could totally work, although depending on how talented your reupholstering skills are, all that tucking and tufting may be a bit tricky. What do you guys think? Does anyone have any suggestions or tips?

Living room with modern lighting


White living room

If your style is one part classic, one part glamorous-and all parts luxurious-rich textiles like velvet, shagreen, marble and fur should take center stage in your living room. Something...everything...needs to be able to catch the light from your crystal chandelier overheard, right? Let these 12 posh pieces be your swanky guide.

Small charming living room

I'm looking for fabric to recover my mom's sofa. It's a Louis XV revival sofa that she and my dad bought in the seventies just before I was born. I have very fond memories of it but her cats have gotten to it over the years and it's time to recover. I want to find some floral fabric in a similar style and color palette to what is on there now but since it's a more seventies pattern than a classic pattern I am having trouble. Anyone have any good fabric sources they can point me to? Since we need about 10 yards and we aren't high rollers, budget-friendly sources are even more appreciated!

Living room with fireplace


Gray and orange living room

Q: Hi! I own a house that we have been renting out for a few years. We are moving back in soon, but have gotten different furniture since the last time we lived there, and have no idea how to arrange our new couch in the room. As you can see in the pictures, a lot of the walls are shorter or angled, making it difficult to put the back of the couch up against a wall. We spend a lot of time in the living room, both with guests and playing with our 2 year old daughter, so we'd like for it to have a more comfortable feel. We have a large, L-shaped sofa now, with the back of the couch measuring about 10 feet long. We would like to hang the TV on the wall in between the closet and fireplace. I would LOVE any suggestions for how to position the couch so that it does not break up the room too much or block the two doorways! We prefer it to face the TV on the wall. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Katie in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

Large sofa living room


Large open living room

We've seen Family Rules before, but this one golden rule pretty much covers it all. This adorable print is a collaboration between father and son. Six year old Koen drew all of the elements here and then his dad digitally arranged them.

Scandinavian design living room