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Victorian living room

Are your kitchen cupboards coming apart at the seams? Do you need a little help in getting them organized? When it comes to reorganizing, we are firm believers in hard work and creative solutions; no one product is going to solve your organizational dilemmas. Here are a few good ideas, examples, and yes, a product or two, to help make your kitchen cupboards more healthy, beautiful, and organized. Before and After: My Ikea Shelf Epiphany - A before/after guide to decluttering a kitchen shelf. Kitchen Tour Favorites: Five Creative Storage Solutions - Five good ideas from past kitchen tours. Kitchen Organization Tour: A Visit With Bento Expert Biggie of Lunch In a Box - See how Biggie organizes all the little accessories and snacks that go into her bento boxes. Good Product: LifeLiner Ribbed Shelf Liner - In old apartment kitchens, shelf liner is a first step towards having easy-to-clean cupboards. Beautiful Spice Storage Solution - A lovely spice storage box made with repurposed materials. Click-Clack Storage Containers for Flour and Sugar - These are great storage jars; they're going strong in my own kitchen. Blomus Obar Kitchen Multi Storage - One-stop storage for plastic wrap, paper towels, and aluminum foil. Look! Painters' Butcher Trays in the Kitchen - A pretty way to organize the countertop and cupboards.

Neutral tones living room

Here's a take on artwork that doesn't just go 'On' your wall, it becomes your wall. This is a great tip I got from Jane Mount, who was a 3rd place finisher in our 2006 Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest. She wanted to give her bedroom the feeling of a 'Cozy thicket' and create a space that was a retreat from the rest of the apartment.... Being a designer with a good sense of humor and plenty of DIY experience, she covered her bedroom closets with a huge mural that she had made by a company called Gallery Street in Roswell, Georgia. She just emailed them the file and they send back the mural in the size requested. All images are printed on commercial grade wallpaper, are fade and scratch resistant, wipeable and can come in any size you like. Enjoy the goofy pics below and think of your own possibilities!

Modern living room with high ceiling

When your child needs a designated study area where they can keep their books and supplies, why not hook them up with a lovely modern desk? We spied Sophia's study desk on Flickr and loved the simplicity and order of her space - while still being stylish. Alana, tells us, 'We bought it from the estate of our house's previous owner. She had a nice collection of vintage Danish modern pieces all throughout the house. I don't see any manufacturer info anywhere on it.' We love unexpected finds, and Alana certainly scored with this one. A laptop, abacus, singing bird toy, and more make their home on this desk. With a sweet little space like this, who wouldn't want to study?

Living room with wall art


White living room

We've had questions on here before regarding the protocol for mixing wood tones. It's a subject that can cause people quite a bit of torment when decorating a home.... We usually feel that decorating 'Rules' are meant to be broken, and this is no exception. Sticking to one wood tone can easily end up looking bland or matchy-matchy, whereas different types of wood and finishes can create major interest in a home, as these interiors from architect and designer Andre Rothblatt clearly show. Do you stick to one type/finish of wood in a room or do you mix it up?

Industrial feel living room


Retro colors living room

It's all about the bedroom this month and in honor of that I've rounded up some of our favorite bedroom makeovers. All are fresh with ideas for the coming spring months ahead! Read on for the full list.... 1.

Ecletic living room


Grey walls living room


Purple casual living room

I love this Before & After because of its absolute simplicity. This dining room acts as a pass through room in my house. You have to move through it to get from the living room to the kitchen. Even though we kept the furniture in it to a bare minimum, it still felt stuffy and crowded. My husband gets full credit for this re-arrangement in our dining room. By removing two of the chairs with backs and replacing it with a farmhouse-style bench, the three rooms flow seamlessly from one to the next! It was an easy way to make the room more airy and inviting.

Colorful living room

This question has popped up four times in the past two days, and we still haven't figured out a foolproof solution. So we're asking you, dear readers, to help us out: What kind of window treatment could you use for a bay window? We're thinking maybe breezy panels to add a punch of color, but we're afraid of the movie theater look.

Green vintage living room

The new year has arrived, and with it, a bit of culture shock: back to work, back to reality, back to a reasonable amount of cookies. It's important not to shock the system.... The holidays can definitely be a time of indulgence, and for good reason: winter is a tough time of year. I've been thinking of other ways I can bring a bit of indulgence into my life, without wrecking my budget or my health. I'm going to keep my white lights up for at least another month, probably until the end of February. Last year I kept my mirror garland up until March and I was so glad I did. A single bottle of Champagne in the fridge can work wonders. Half- or quarter-batches of cookies are the way to go! A batch of cookies makes too many cookies to be alone in the apartment with, but there's no reason I should go completely without. A few fresh-baked cookies now and then are good for the soul- and, I'd argue, the body. How do you make the transition from party-time to back-to-the-grind a bit smoother? Happy New Year, everyone!

Living room with ethnic rug

Reader Stefania sent us an e-mail: 'My son is dying to paint his room black. While I totally believe in creative freedom, I'm really not digging the idea of having a room with black walls in the house. Do you have any ideas on how to satisfy both of us: a black room without having a black room?'. When we were 16, we tore down the wood paneling from our room and painted the walls black. When our mother saw what we had done, we spent the next day putting the panels back up. Have you considered perhaps using chalkboard paint in some fashion? We love the ideas the Better Homes & Garden Web site gives on just this topic, 'Help your nonconformist feel special and make a statement everyone can live with by saying yes to black, at least in small doses.' By pairing bits of black with other striking colors you get all the pizazz without the total funereal vibe.

Living room with bold wall art


Large minimalist living room

So your kids have always wanted their name in lights? Will they settle for just their initial? We love the old-timey quality of these large, metal lights reminiscent of Vaudeville, Broadway, or even the circus. All in a bold, weathered red they'd make quite an impact in a room. They look dim enough to function as an ambient night light, too.

Green couch