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Living room

Victorian living room

It seems like purple has always been a tricky color to incorporate in a home. Too much, and it comes off looking garish; too little, and it still sticks out. Anyone remember Prince getting slapped with a lawsuit for painting his rental home purple? If you still love the color, we've found this lovely example of a living room with a study area that shows how to balance this color just right. We suspect that the real secret is picking just the right hue.

Neutral tones living room


Modern living room with high ceiling

Lately we've been spotting textured walls everywhere - in homes, store displays, magazine layouts. This is a wonderful way to add texture to an accent wall while seemingly easier to hang then wallpaper and not as messy as paint. If you are in the market for trying something new, like textured walls, check out these pictures of spaces that have successfully incorporated this accent. What do you think about textured wall(s) in a space?

Living room with wall art


White living room

These were the requirements for Design Sponge's own sofa search, which is shown step-by-step here at House and Garden. The search toured through too-expensive modern designer classics, sleeper sofas for those without a guest room, and even traditional designs. The search zeroed in on Room and Board's Andre sofa for its tufted back, affordable price tag, and slim dimensions. Design Sponge's search is a help to us all, as pinning down the right sofa can be a challenge.

Industrial feel living room

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT MY HOME: I love the high ceilings, exposed ductwork, amazing light, and the modern yet comfortable feel. GO TO DANA'S ENTRY PAGE AND ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos and the floorplan, make a comment, select the home as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The homes with the greatest number of favorites in each size division at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many homes as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better!

Retro colors living room

We would guess most people are familiar enough with their bathroom layout to be able to locate the light switch in their sleep. For those who aren't or are frequent visitors to the bathroom in the middle of the night, Robern has a new bathroom cabinet with an integrated night light. The in handle LED and a built in light sensor illuminates the under side of the cabinet automatically when the light conditions are dark enough to warrant it. Now your midnight bathroom trips can happen discreetly without having to wake your partner by turning on all the bathroom lights.

Ecletic living room

Q: I am looking for colors to paint our living/dining room. The family room runs parallel and is open with only a two foot column separating them. As you can see, the furniture in the living room is teal, gold and red and the family room furniture is red. Everything coordinates very well but I don't know what way to go with paint colors. I was thinking creamy/yellow behind the fireplace with a lighter shade on the other walls. I would like to put a light shade of the teal somewhere but don't know where. Editor: Let Tressa know what you think in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Grey walls living room

It's hard enough to find an affordable apartment in San Francisco without requiring period extras like a wood-burning fireplace. So this product fascinates: a sleek wall-mounted steel 'Fireplace' that requires neither chimney nor gas line because it burns organically-produced Ethanol. Ethanol is more green than anything you would use to fuel a traditional or gas fireplace, though burning ethanol does produce greenhouse emissions. Designed by Floz Design for Blomus and available in three sizes, Chimos can be found here.

Purple casual living room

Hello AT,. 'Do you have any advice about moving couches in and out of windows? We're moving into a duplex with an awful couch stuck inside, and we've fallen in love with the 82' Case Study couch, which we'd love to buy-but not if it will cost a fortune to bring in through the window....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions. I admire the brave woman who hired someone to saw her beloved couch in half, but I don't want to risk it with a new and expensive piece fo furniture. Do you know of anyone we could hire to help us with this quandary, and what it might cost? We love your choice of sofa and don't want to see you pass it up. We don't have any experience moving sofa's in/out of windows, but we think that if you called Rabbit Movers they would have your answer. Windows are often smaller than doorways, so unless you remove the whole frame you don't get a tremendous advantage.

Colorful living room

Q: I have two large windows in my master bedroom, which is overlooking a park. I love the view of the park during daytime, but at the same time I need privacy at night. What would you recommend for covering these windows? I generally like clean, modern look. Editor: Offer your suggestions for Mike in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Green vintage living room

This photo of a green bedroom from Moroccan guest house Casa Lila grabbed us right away. We love the painted ceiling, the yellow-green sheers, the wall hanging, and the floor cushions at the foot of the bed. Although we don't often see bedrooms decorated in so much green, this one inspired us to search for more examples.... Inspired by Moroccan decor, French company Emery & Cie mixes rich greens in many of their roomsets. This photograph features the Oreiller d'Herbes Bed. This bedroom interior from European retailer Zara Home unites a variety of patterns under one color scheme. Another photo from Emery & Cie with green bedding, walls, and ceramic side tables: the Rustique Bed.

Living room with ethnic rug


Living room with bold wall art

Need a little more mirror to primp in front of before New Year's? CD in Williamsburg is selling a great floor standing mirror with a dark wood frame that doesn't take up too much room. Can't decide? CD also has one in natural maple as well. Could CD have a mirror fetish? Or is CD a store? Perhaps we'll find out tomorrow. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... 'OTHER GOOD STUFF OAK HIGH CHEST for $150. Mahogany Mirror for $45. 42' ROUND BUTCHERBLOCK TABLE for $55. Oak Writing Desk for $500. painted cabinet for $300. Very Old Pine BIG Antique Dresser for $900. MUST SELL-Vintage Mies MR 20 Armchairs-Knoll/Cassina for $500. Queen Bed Frame for $175. dining table and chairs / dinette set for $150. Awesome Retro Couch Very Inexpensive! for $80. early 60's retro floor lamp for $40. Thanks, Craig!

Large minimalist living room

AT reader, Antoine Di Muro recently repainted his living room in a stylish series of stipes that wrap around the room while also integrating the design with his home entertainment system. Looks great, though we're a bit worried about the precariously positioned component ontop of the subwoofer and the high position of both front speakers. Aesthetically it's a sight to behold; another photo of his setup below.... We just wonder why Antoine didn't position the set more central and at an optimal height instead of so close to the window and so off-center. We've got to commend him for hiding the wires so well...perhaps those lines on the left are to represent the cables and wires gone free?

Green couch

We're all looking for extra storage in our homes and sometimes it's extremely hard to find any spare room. If you have a large family or you're a struggling graduate student in the smallest studio ever made - you certainly know the importance of concealed storage. Of course we've all seen under stair storage before, after all, isn't that exactly where Harry Potter lived at one point? We definitely aren't recommending putting your nieces or nephews in there; but we do think it's a great use of unused space to turn into storage! If you have an older home, you can still keep the integrity of the home in mind by disguising the cabinets. Have built in handles made so at first glance guests would have no idea that was actually storage. There are hundreds of ways to go about adding under stair storage, but we think this one is especially great.