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Navy blue and timber floor living room


Romantic contemporary living room

A well designed and made wood desk is a pleasure to work at and fits nicely into a home, which wants more warmth and softness than an office environment. Here are three that I've stumbled upon over the past month that are unique and beautiful, with real design design DNA behind them. Over the weekend, at the Arch Digest show, I saw a beautiful small maple desk by George Nakashima, which is simple and luxurious at the same time: the Patterson Desk. They don't know if any of these designs were built or sold, and they've been slightly modified to contemporary specifications. At our last Apartment Therapy Offline, I met Henry Grosman and Abby Richardson, two young designers who have created a uniquely attractive His and Her desk from green materials called the ADV 2.0. 'It is made from an environmentally friendly wood that is a composite of sunflower seed husks called dakota burl. The wood was cut with a CNC router machine and the legs are 1' piping with speed rail joints. The surface of the desk looks like burled wood and smells like Cheerios. While they're not in the manufacturing business, they wanted to get their design out there and said they'd be happy to help others make it. Finally, a few months ago Joseph Fratesi of Atlas East released a stunning new desk that matches their as4 shelving system. Made, like the shelving of solid walnut and cold-rolled steel bar, the desk is free standing and minimally framed so that you can move freely in and out of the desk.

Modern living room - Nasciturus design -


Living room - Nasciturus design -

How do you make the most of a small space you've turned into a bedroom, despite the small square footage? A Redditer found ways to maximize space when they turned the solarium of their small Toronto condo into a 8.5' x 8' bedroom by adding a wall. They came up with some simple but smart ways to make the small space feel peaceful and not overcrowded. It's not within every budget to buy a bed that has built-in storage, but in this small and closet-less space, it appears to have been a vital element to ensure this small space actually functioned the way they needed it. Another fun storage feature? Not just one nightstand, but three, on each side! Floating nightstands have long been a smart choice for small spaces, but here, the addition of even more wall-mounted ledges means more room for both needed and decorative objects. We all know that wall-mounted reflective surfaces like mirrors work magic in small spaces, and in here it's no different. They chose to add the mirror to the wall opposite the door, which is a smart move since it'll reflect an image of the other room, making it feel a little more open than it actually is. For saving space and adding privacy, you can't beat a sliding door, which they made here themselves using mostly items found at Home Depot. Keep the side of the drapes that face the bedroom a light color, preferably a similar color to the wall. This will help them blend in and expand the look of the space visually. It just makes sense - small spaces need less stuff, and keeping the decorative elements to a minimum will help keep a small space from feeling cluttered. As this small bedroom proves, you can find a good balance between art, decorative elements and more and still have a room that feels spacious for its size.

Frames on the wall

This 'Dark and dreary' dining room just begged for a makeover to not only brighten it up, but also to make it a space that might actually get used. Inhabited by folks who love to entertain, this small room needed more seating and storage as well as a redesign to utilize space better. The first thing we did was sell all the existing furniture on Craigslist. Then my Dad mentioned the idea of a custom banquette and it was the perfect idea to add comfortable seating and extra storage space. The rest of the pieces were all found at local thrift stores. The solid wood table was sanded and refinished with a darker stain, the chairs were re-upholstered with a geometric fabric and a large mirror and chandelier were added to soften the space. The new space is much more functional and comfortable; it's my new favorite spot in the house.

Yellow living room

'Q: There is one room that is composed of the kitchen, dining and living room and is only 12 by 20 feet. My issue is that I don't have any'wall' space, only windows, but don't want to cover them with furniture. There is also a door to the den/study at the right, again no wall space there! I really want a dining room and I also don't know what to do with my 42' flat screen TV. Sent by Marie-Claude. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Marie-Claude in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

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Large living room

We didn't think it was possible for us to fall in love with a lamp any more than Ilse Crawford's unpretentioius Studioilse w08 desk light. We just saw her new wall lamp - its new, grown-up friend.... Earlier this month at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Swedish lighting company Wastberg launched the new w093w halogen wall lamp by studioilse. Ilse Crawford reportedly developed the new wall light, based on the w08 desk lamp she created last year for the company. The w093w uses the same honest wood, iron and porcelain and adds simple pulley system so that the height of its porcelain shade can be adjusted to fit your table or desk. We can't get enough of the combination of these simple materials, red cord and weight system. Having lived with bare bulbs in our eclectic dining room for several years, we think we finally found the perfect table lamp. According to the folks at Wastberg, the lamp is still a 'Work in progress' and will be on the market sometime this autumn. In the meantime, you can check out these swing-arm wall lamps we rounded up last year.

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For your Monday morning inspiration- we've rounded up a few beautiful kitchens. Even if you're not in the position to overhaul your whole kitchen, there are plenty of family-friendly ideas here that you can easily integrate. Think colorful bunting, chalkboard walls, or open shelving. Kitchen with Bunting: No need to save the bunting for birthdays or other celebrations. Open Kitchen Shelves: Out of reach of the little hands of course! But just taking off some of your cabinet doors can breathe new life into the kitchen and highlight some of your prettier dishes. Modern Country Kitchen: We love this style: a white background with a chalkboard somewhere and shelving that stores all of the glass jars and pieces that make this feel country. Family Kitchen Diner: We have a large map in our kitchen in full view from our table and we love it. Second Row: Family Kitchen with Central Island: Don't forget to add photos and artwork. Vibrant Kitchen Diner: We love the look of a bench for a family kitchen. A Kitchen/Dining Room Combo from House to Home: Just adding pops of color can really update the room. A Springlike Kitchen: Three islands in this kitchen!

Earth tones family room

I love to hear that one of our 'Oldie but goodie' archive posts has helped somone out, years later. Molly used our post on how to get a limed effect on brick to tackle her fireplace makeover. Both it and the Family Room that it's part of look utterly amazing now. Molly sent us the pics by email but she also wrote all about the fireplace and room redo on her blog, The Nesting Game. All it is is drywall compound applied to the brick, dried and sanded. We sanded a little more than they did at BBDW because we wanted a bit more of a liming-effect, with some of the red showing through to tie into our color scheme. Ha! All the good projects seem to be just that - a bit messy, but worth it! Be sure to check out all of Molly's makeover details: Nest Tour: Family Room.

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CNBC via LA Curbed reported today that drool worthy CB2 is currently looking for a Los Angeles location. Crate and Barrel's sister store just launched their first store outside of Chicago in New York Tuesday, which Maxwell attended and reported on here. Finally we get to sit on that couch we've been eyeing forever! CNBC went on to report about the development of CB2 which we found very interesing. Crate and Barrel opened its first CB2 store in 2000 in Chicago, and originally thought it would appeal to young shoppers looking to decorate their first apartments. 'We wanted to have a store for 22-year-olds who were getting married. Then we realized no one 22 is getting married. They're all 27 and 28,' he said. The first store also stocked too many smaller, 'Clever' home decor items, he added. 'There wasn't enough sales volume generated from all these fun, small items.' The retailer retooled the concept, adding more furniture to appeal to shoppers in their 30s, 40s and 50s who were coming to the store in search of stylish, contemporary items at affordable prices. We're sort of thinking that the married at 28 might have to be altered to the 35 demographic for Los Angeles but possibly we're just old, bitter and jaded. Regardless, we're looking forward to finally seeing the goods in person! Let's get the ball rolling with location ideas...readers? Where to for CB2? To See the full slideshow check out.

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A way of breathing new life into them a taller order. The introduction of fine 18thC French textiles seemed an interesting bet. These fabrics, placed behind and through the glass, combine to create a subtle balance between mirror, light and reflection. So the story goes with London-based Textile Mirrors, something we discovered in Vogue Living magazine. Prices range from 250-2000 GBP; visit Textile Mirrors online.

Narrow living room with fireplace

MGR. VINTAGE CABINET FOR SALE. This is one of my favorite pieces, but I recently moved and it doesn't fit in my new place. It's a beautiful shabby chic-style, chipped paint cabinet. I used it as a TV stand/media storage cabinet, but it can be used in any room in the house. It's a brown rustic color, with signs of chipped carmel-colored paint showing through. Inside has one shelf, a large open storage space, and three narrow drawers. The cabinet has plenty of room on top to store just about anything. I can't say enough good things about this piece.

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