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Living room

Black red and white livingroom


Modern livingroom with great lamp


Asia inspired livingroom

In honor of Election Day, we decided to showcase some of our favorite red, white, and blue color combos, thanks to Living Etc. and Rachel Mallon's Twolia Blog. We love these slight variations of reds and blues that make these rooms look less gimmicky and more sophisticated. Check out some of our favorites below the jump.... Left: Denim blue and white striped rugs correspond with an ornate red bedspread and black walls; Right: A traditional beige living room is given a shot of blue and red thanks to the fireplace and the armchair. Bright red drapes create a backdrop to a steel-blue sofa with a satiny sheen. Also love the black and white accents throughout the room. Left: Small space dining room has a bright red round table that can split in two and be shifted to the walls underneath the matching hanging blue art pieces. Right: Wood paneled drawers with an undertone of red sits below sleek grey-blue cabinets in this modern kitchen.

Bright livingroom

We love this rammed earth construction by Terra Firma Rammed Earth Builders. It's uncommon enough to see on a home's exterior. Would you believe you can also use the material in bathrooms? Check it out after the jump.... All photos are from the Terra Firma Rammed Earth Builders' portfolio. Look at the one with the 'Fish fossil' on the wall. The shape was put into the formwork for the wall, leaving a 'Prehistoric' imprint behind.

Great fabrics livingroom


Purple chair and fireplace

We check in with Maya at Maya*Made from time to time and last week, she promised her readers a tour of her mom's bathroom at the barn. A heavily dominated white backdrop that plays up some amazing natural light-making this bathroom quite the charmer. We love the green accents of the sprouted grass and cabinet mixed with the crisp white of the space. Before entering the bathroom, you walk under twin filigree transoms and a repurposed pocket door. In addition to the hints of green, yellow flowers in a vintage jar add to the overall appeal of the bathroom. We also love the delicate yellow curtain strung from a simple wire with clips. A big fan of white towels and linens, we love how the bathroom closet is stacked with extras.

Livingroom stripes


Wallpaper livingroom

So - how about a little Friday afternoon politics? We've been following the passage-veto-override of the new Farm Bill with some interest. The infighting amongst our two major political parties has been interesting to watch, as the Republicans helped override a presidential veto to pass a bill that sets our nation's food and agricultural policy for the next five years. The U.S. farm bill is an omnibus bill that sets the agricultural and food policy of the federal government; it's reworked and passed every several years. What exactly is in this bill? We didn't have time to read through and digest all 700-plus pages of the bill, but we found a cheat sheeet. Domestic nutrition programs make up the largest portion of the estimated $300 billion farm bill. Foreign food aid would make up less than 1 percent of the bill, costing less than $200 million. It feels very, very difficult to weed through all the competing opinions and points of view on the Farm Bill, especially when it's so huge and unwieldy. Back to the garden.... You can read the full bill here: H. R. 2419 - Farm Bill - It's 742 pages long and about 1MB in size.

Minimalist livingroom

When a homeowner didn't want to dedicate a small space solely to movie watching, the designer, Donny Hacket, gave them a rotating floor that lets the room be home theater one minute, and revolves to create a more comfortable living room atmosphere. They don't show any photos of the living room setup, and we are pretty sure just turning around a bunch of theater seats isn't going to cut it when trying to create an inviting space. The room itself looks pretty sterile, which is great when your attention is focused on a screen, but not so much when you're using it for other purposes. The premise is great, one room with two functions. One that apartment dwellers have been dealing with for a long time. How do you create a theater atmosphere in your living room? We bet you have a ton of easy, inexpensive ideas that don't involve a revolving floor. Check out a video of it's elaborate construction, which strangely doesn't include any shots of the finished product in action.

Livingroom armchairs

Emma wrote to us: 'I just moved into the most lovely fourplex, and while the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all roomier and nicer than any apartment I've ever lived in... the bedroom is the smallest I've ever inhabited in my entire life! While I have no problems with size, I'd like for it to look really great and be as functional as possible.' 'I've already decided to combine black and white with my current favorite color, yellow, to brighten it up... but something still seems a bit plain about it. What would you guys do to spruce it up and give it more room for my huge collection of clothing?'. Especially my super boring 'Ikea birch' dresser!! 'Some specs: it is approx. 7.5 by 9 feet, with eensy teeny but very tall closet. There are two doors - one leads to our back foyer, the other to another bedroom, and one window.' 1) Great looking room, we love the colors and honestly it doesn't give the impression of being too small or cramped in the photos. Since the room is not large, we'd go with one over-sized piece, rather than a bunch of small pieces. Artwork that is big and bold and colorful on one of the walls would be spectacular. Since it was reasonably priced, you can give this a try without too much anxiety - and if you just cover the wood, the clear inserts on the drawers would be a nice a nice visual break in the pattern. Ok, AT-at-home designers...take it away.... Wallpaper Dresser image from Cote Maison via: Another Shade of Grey.

Colorful livingroom


White couch livingroom

We love paint and wallpaper, but you can achieve a colorful room with plain white walls. These two rooms show us how, even with the whitest of walls, one can still have a room resplendent with color. Bold, beautiful accessories in the form of carpeting, textiles and artwork add depth and texture to the rooms. Striking blasts of color can come from the furniture as well. The best part is, when you want to redecorate, you can begin anew with totally blank canvas. Images from HGTV. See their slideshow of kids rooms here.

Modern livingroom

It's time for another Guess the Decade, and this week we are back in the kitchen. Lots of small details to check out and consider in this one - take a good look and then jump below to make your guess.... Check back on Monday - we'll be posting the answer and the photo info then. Speculation and discussion is always welcome in the comments, but for those of you who may know the photo source info...please don't tell! Thanks!

Minimalist black and white livingroom

We purchased our 1950s home one year ago and have been remodeling it one room at a time. We did all but the electrical and plumbing in our Kitchen remodel ourselves. As an added bonus, we scored the whole set of kitchen cabinets for $50 on Craigslist. We removed the wall separating the kitchen and dining area to open up the space and add an island bar. We also were able to use the original 1950s front door for our pantry. We replaced the sheetrock ceiling with beadboard and added recessed lights. We removed the old electrical panel and relocated it to the laundry room adding more space for cabinets.

White minimalist livingroom


Minimalist livingroom with yellow accents

As much as we love simplicity, a kitchen is the one room in the house where we like to see more color. Lately we have been drawn to turquoise and blue kitchen interiors. From pale to deeper and richer shades of the two colors, the effect is quite unusual. More photos after the jump.... The kitchen in the first photo is from a portfolio of Paul Raeside.