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Black red and white livingroom


Modern livingroom with great lamp

Hello AT,. I have a tap water purifer for my kitchen sink, and a shower head filter for my shower. Do you know of anything similar for the bathroom sink? i have a feeling the unclean water is what's causing my face to break out. We wonder how much people worry about their water in this town. Aside from filtering it to drink, we generally think it's pretty darn good. Tap mounted water filters are made to fit on to almost any faucet, including bathroom faucets. We believe that each tap mount even comes with special fittings to make sure that they suit multiple types of faucets. The real problem is that they are BIG. We have found listings for a few mini-tap filters - or travel filters, which we include below. The range is not great here and sink top models may be your best bet.

Asia inspired livingroom

We have chalkboard on our mind lately, evidenced by our recent post about colored chalkboard paint. We like the idea of these minimal effort wall stickers.... In part because they're mildly amusing. You'd certainly need an eclectic style to make one of these work or else it could just look downright bad. And while they require far less effort than painting a chalkboard zone, they aren't cheap: $36 for a 31.5' by 18.5' sticker.

Bright livingroom


Great fabrics livingroom


Purple chair and fireplace

Name: Erin Location: Kingston Canada Division: International Inspiration for my palette: I recently moved and had the opportunity to start with a blank canvas. Since the room is fairly small I wanted to keep it cozy and inviting, while infusing a bit of a boutique style feel. Most of the items in the room were DIY, including the headboard which was the starting point for the design. I chose a gray linen to match my custom chair and the paint colour followed suit. Overall it's quite dramatic, but I love the white elements and pops of turquoise and green which offset the rest of the room!

Livingroom stripes

White linens, neutral walls, filmy curtains: the whole bit. The bedroom in our new home has dark wood floors, and at first the contrast felt a little jarring. Area rugs in the bedroom aren't great for the allergy-prone, so we've been looking for other ways to make the marriage of dark flooring and pale décor work. Here's what we found trolling the web in search of inspiration and tips. Is it just us, or are the walls tinted slightly blue or gray, echoing the mahogany floor? Here again, subtle dark accents... seems to us that those little zebra pillows on the chairs are working wonders. The black-framed artwork here makes an interesting geometric backdrop, which plays nicely off the relaxed, country vibe of the white furnishings. Gray walls are a mid-tone between the dark floors and the pale ceiling. We love all the playful textures in here too-they soften the severity of the dark floor's effect. The pops of color in these two spare bedrooms distract from the stark contrast between dark and white. More inspiration, please! How do you manage to harmonize dark flooring with pale décor in your homes?

Wallpaper livingroom


Minimalist livingroom

I love this Before & After because of its absolute simplicity. This dining room acts as a pass through room in my house. You have to move through it to get from the living room to the kitchen. Even though we kept the furniture in it to a bare minimum, it still felt stuffy and crowded. My husband gets full credit for this re-arrangement in our dining room. By removing two of the chairs with backs and replacing it with a farmhouse-style bench, the three rooms flow seamlessly from one to the next! It was an easy way to make the room more airy and inviting.

Livingroom armchairs

Ugly appliances are so commonplace that we sometimes find ourselves accepting them then trying to forget about the way they look. Why not do something about it by changing out the handles? There is a range of appliance handles available for purchase at Kitchen Cabinet Hardware. We found a couple of stainless steel bar handles that we really liked, though they aren't cheap. A quick look at our own oven looks like handle replacement would be a simple job. This small project could have a huge impact on the appearance of the kitchen.

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Has anyone had success sanding and staining parquet a dark ebony color? I'm not sure if it will look weird or take stain irregularly b/c I'll bet the floor guys will lay the stain down in only 1 direction. Otherwise, I would float dark 'click' boards over it. Any advice on anything to put in between to help cut down on floor noise for my downstairs neighbor?Thank you! ALMDear ALM: You can absolutely sand and stain parquet floors. The only problem is that if in order for the stain to get into the wood you need to sand down far enough to remove all the old polyurethane. I have even stained over an old floor that had some poly still in it, let it dry, and then successfully laid new layers of polyurethane. It really depends on your floor and if your floor guy is good.

White couch livingroom

While the trend for outrageously-sized outdoor furniture hits us hard this season, sometimes the smaller, simpler designs are exactly right for our small spaces and tigher budget. Smith & Hawken sells a Parisian Park Dining Set that fits these criteria. Made of powder-coated steel and beechwood, The 3-piece set is avaialable with side chairs or armchairs.... It is rare to see an armchair in a set like this. This set is perfect for a back garden or small terrace, and it folds for easier off-season storage. The side-chair set is currently on sale for $279. Outdoor Furniture.

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Minimalist black and white livingroom


White minimalist livingroom

Q: I have been endless hours trying to find a light fixture to fit our dining room space. The room is rectangular...the table is rectangular and the buffet is too! I did find two that I love - but they are out of my budget. I love these two because they are simple with details that make them stand out. Not over the top....not too plain....What do you think? Editor: Leave your suggestions for Jess in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Minimalist livingroom with yellow accents