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Warm metallics have taken the decor world by storm these past couple of years, showing up primarily as hardware and fixtures in beautiful kitchens everywhere. Accents are one thing, but some brave souls fully committed and made brass a significant feature in their kitchens, covering entire rows of cabinets and islands in shiny gold. Are these showstoppers that make your jaw drop or do they cause you to shake your head and cluck your tongue in dismay? Are they hot or over-the-top? Above, the brass-clad island is a significant feature in Michael O'Sullivan and Melissa Schollum's New Zealand Home, as seen in Dwell. A kitchen by Fiona Lynch that uses a row of gold upper kitchen cabinets, which acts as a spot of warmth in contrast to the cold marble below. This Stockholm apartment designed by the architects Claesson Koivisto Rune, has a minimalist brass-clad cube that functions as a both work surface and a storage space. A Paris apartment designed by Jean-Louis Deniot that features what looks like hammered brass cabinet fronts. This very glamorous kitchen from Studio William Hefner blends modern design with old-world charm. It's gold-leafed island is interesting contrast with the utilitarian grey stools. A bold and eclectic space by designers Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci, as seen in the New York Times.

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When we came across this image of a fabulously white kitchen, we realized that it's not often you see open residential cabinets treated with square tiles as pictured. While it appears that the upper cabinets had their doors removed and white tiles added during a renovation, this seems like a great solution for creating a clean, cohesive kitchen design using the existing structure. We love how the backsplash material is carried up to the ceiling. Open shelving is always a divisive issue, as some people feel the look can get cluttered too easily if display organization isn't perfectly maintained at all times. In this kitchen, the neutral contents of the cabinets do a good job of adding some interest to the all-white areas. Tile is also much more appealing to look at than the usual MDF seen in most budget-friendly cabinetry.

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We may envy folks with giant, dreamy washrooms with multiple machines and enough folding space for a small village...but that doesn't mean it's not possible to fit a stylish and highly functional laundry room into a small space. Above: a sliding vintage door reveals a laundry room nook in a home from Style Me Pretty. There's a sink for handwashing delicates, and the countertop that extends across both machines is a great spot for folding and stacking laundry. The cabinets are perfect for tucking away laundry supplies, and a hanging rod provides a catch-all for homeless hangers. This little laundry room from The Woodgrain Cottage cleverly incorporates storage above and below the machines. From I Heart Organizing, a great example of how even a garage laundry room can be stylish and functional. A half bath turned lovely laundry room from Chris Loves Julia. The laundry room sink is nice to have, if you've got the space. A little laundry room with shelves above from BHG. A stylish bathroom/laundry room combo from BHG. Here's a laundry closet from Elextrolux that even boasts a sink. From Martha Stewart, here's another laundry closet tucked into a bathroom.

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Got an amazing bathroom you've spent a lot of time, money, and/or energy on? Got kids who needs a night light, bath toys, and/or those sweet hooded towels? If your bathroom decor involves wood, plants, and a beautifully natural minimalism-like the bathroom in Sam & Anne's Cozy Modern Blend, above-stocking up on children's bath accessories is fairly simple and completely adorable. I recommend sticking to white, green, and wood for a fresh, organic look.

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We know a couple that is lucky enough to both be able work from home. Well, they were miserable, until they created this home office 'Door code.' It's a relationship- and life-saver that you can practice yourself, whether or not you or your S.O. work from home. If you're struggling to separate the 'Home' from the 'Office,' you can use this door code to communicate with friends, family or roommates about your, um, availability. By just taking a glance at your home office door, any would-be distractors can figure out whether or not you're open to interruption. What do you think? Is this something you might use at home? Of course, this only works if you have a dedicated home office with a door separating it from the rest of the house. If your home office is a multi-purpose room, how do you communicate your availability to housemates? Tell us in the comments!

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We like to hide our appliances as much as anyone else, but this might have taken the concept a little too far. The Spruce, designed by design provocateurs Vitamin, is a floor lamp that converts into a floor sweeper. The lamp shade is even flocked with a dust-mite pattern which becomes visible once the light is switched on. Too bad it's not like a Roomba vacuum that moves on it's own accord while illuminating your that would be something.

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In a small space, glass table lamps can work well, reducing visual clutter while providing a light source. They're easy to find, come in many shapes and sizes and look good next to a bed or a couch. This one from Z Gallerie has a clean, modern look that would compliment a softer sofa. We also like the Marlene Lamp from Crate and Barrel. If you're looking for some Old Hollywood glamour, check out the Portico Crystal Lamps from Restoration Hardware. For more inexpensive lamps, JCPenney is a good source.

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Q: I am redoing my living room/dining room, it's a large room but long and narrow. I don't need a dining area and I'm at a loss for how to make the two rooms into one cohesive space. Right now it's two separate rooms which isn't really working for us. My dream floor plan would have this entire room working as one living area with little nooks for my child's toys and art and significant floor space to run around. Editor: Let Emilie know what you would do in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

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Hello All,I start a new job and I need a home office. Please guide me to a great desk that doesn't look like an office. Thanks,T. Dear T,We saw this desk at the Container Store and think it's a great option for the home. More ideas below the jump.... The Java Roll-Out Desk is on sale at The Container Store for $224.25. It measures 34' x 21.5' x 37.75' and offers up to 36' of workspace when pulled out. Does anyone have this desk? Any other desk recommendations?

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This week's LA Times Home section is like reading a back- issue from last year. High design with mass appeal - Loads of celebrity home designers are Attempting to bring their good design to the masses. THE SCOUT - Mirror images: Both high end and not, Mirrored furniture is everywhere. THE SCOUT - Sparkling personality: West Elm's affordable barware with bling, just in time for holiday parties. THE SCOUT A new website to get great Italian design without the long wait and high price tag: //www. Man of the House - Where in the world is Mom? Wreaths to ring in the season - Aside from the annoying premise that you can trick your wife into thinking you are helping out, here are some helpful hints on putting together a holiday wreath. Frugal and fabulous - Some good ways to spruce up dull decor. Maybe a tweak is all you need - The Times telling us what we already know: The new trend in having someone come in help you work with what you've got]instead of a complete interior design redo. A desert home that comes first - The lovely and hysterical Beth Lapides talks about her inspiring decision to move to Palm Springsbuying the second home first.

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We might consider Tokyo living the ultimate small-space challenge. Where many people live in one or two rooms roughly 12' x 7' plus a tiny kitchen and bathroom area, small space solutions are de rigueur. This one spotted in a subway department store gave us pause. It's a fabric basket hanging under a kitchen stool, a concept not too difficult to reproduce on this side of the pond. While clever in an out-of-the-box way, we wonder how practical it would be: does it swing or otherwise interfere with scooting back and forth? What kind of item would be appropriate to store in this way? Does it even look, well, right? Like so many things spotted in Tokyo, we're just not sure.

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Privacy and light are big issues when choosing bathroom window treatments. Natural light is really important in a small space, but bathroom windows need some serious cover-up. Click below for 8 solutions for bathroom windows, whether you rent or you're planning a renovation.... Top: Wooden blinds are a popular choice for bathrooms because they go with a wide range of decors, they're simple to clean, and they let in light while obscuring the view. These blinds from The Shade Store fit in well with a clean, spa-like bathroom. Glass blocks in a bathroom obscure what's inside while letting an entire wall of light into the space. A bathroom skylight in Christy and John's Logan Square Bungalow fills their space with light, and solves the privacy problem. Windows set high in a bathroom let in light while keeping out onlookers.

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Name: Minetta Location: New York , NY Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: I love that I took the opportunity to allow the space to evolve over time to what it is today. My room has had many incarnations before this point, but none felt right. My goal ultimately was to create a warm, comfortable, luxurious and layered space that would be my refuge from the urban chaos outside my doors. I've incorporated items that really provide a sense of calm to me; family photos, mementos of cultural significance, souvenirs-things that put a smile on my face every time I enter the room... I have to admit a fabulous mattress and amazing bed linens don't hurt either.