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Answer: It was #3, the yellow flat woven rug from Knotisse! Which means you all are a clever bunch, as just about 30% of you picked it as the best rug for the job. The Moroccan and Abstract Cloud rugs came in next, with 20% and 17% of the vote respectively. This photo is from Australian design collective Meme, showing a project they did for the Prince of Wales Hotel in Melbourne. The firm was asked to update the soft furnishings for the The Prince's guest rooms, creating light and bright spaces with natural features and a calming neutral palette. Moroccan! The bit of pattern in a tame color palette is what this room needs. Anything else would be too matchy/too clashy - Lauren C. The floor is gorgeous so no rug at all - suzytheobserver. While I love abstract clouds, I think that it is between #2 and #6, and #6 doesn't compete as much. 6. The yellow one is nice but doesn't have enough correspondence in the room - Lending Whale blog. I wouldn't pick #3 for my own home, but it fits that room perfectly - Slangevar. Voted for the clouds - maintains a soothing, zen vibe - Virginia Grayson.


A number of people have recommended Stone Source to us lately. Built primarily as an online resource, Stone Source now has showrooms popping up all over the country which give you a really nice opportunity to see/touch/feel what you want for your bathroom, kitchen or whatnot. Here's an incomplete list: granite, marble, limestone, ceramic, metal and glass tiles, stone, porcelain and gypsum. All of this is viewable on their intense website, which also allows for sorting, browsing and search. We don't know yet how their prices match up to others, but we imagine they're competitive since Stone Source is dealing in volume. They want to be your one stop shop for all your STONE needs.

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Inspired by our weekend adventure, we've been dreaming of having a home office in a tree house. It's basically the classic one tree tree house. You can download plans for a 50 square foot tree house that you build in around 14 days. The download only costs $29 and it walks you through each step of the process. All materials and tools are readily available in major hardware stores and the plans feature two window seats and a covered balcony section. We'd love to retreat up to our tree house to get some work done, maybe lay down, or just get away from it all.....

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COLOR INSPIRATION: What started as a small collection of posters and photos has grown rather quickly. As a a result a pattern of colors and ideas came through. We simply built upon that to create a color palette. GO TO BRENT'S ENTRY PAGE AND ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, get tips on how to use color, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites in each division at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better!

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Blue Ant Studio is rapidly becoming one of our favorite blogs. We loved their homebrew baby safety gate - which we were about to blog when AT:NY slinked it, and both AT:Chicago and AT:LA featured it. AT:SF parents, how have you meshed modern design and your kids' needs? We'd love to see photos.

Colorful living room


Living room with fireplace

It's sometimes loud, it's hard to find street parking, it's often a too close for comfort vibe - it's apartment living in the city. A span of sometimes just 10 feet between apartment buildings is common in urban spaces and noises often infiltrate your sweet and comfy sanctuary. Yesterday we returned home from a five hour road trip after a weekend in San Francisco. Tired, a little hungry and running late for dinner, we immediately slowed down when we heard our neighbors great jazz music. We don't often listen to jazz but the rhythm and beat was perfect. It was as if the neighbor was encouraging us to relax a bit as we got ready for the evening - and it worked. We've often talked about how neighborly noises nearby are annoying and sometimes just wrong. Sometimes hearing your neighbor's music or a dinner party can make you feel connected or part of the vibe. What are your positive experiences of apartment living when it comes to overhearing things?

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For some people, the bathroom is a very utilitarian spot. Especially during the winter months, there's nowhere I'd rather be than soaking in the tub. I am sure that if I had a bathroom like this, my life would be about 15% more glamorous. Shiplap and marble - why not? Image from Good Housekeeping. Modern luxury in a bathroom from Miss Moss on Instagram. Modern fixtures and classic black and white hex tile in a bathroom from Decoholic. A black fireplace and tub add a little contrast to a bathroom from House to Home. Beautifully patterned tile in a stunning bathroom from AD Russia.

Modern livingroom black chairs


Classic color palete livingroom

Spa style bathrooms on the cheap! We're loving the styling that's gone into these Ikea bathrooms. This bathroom could easily feel sterile except for the warm woods and comfy textures of the towels and the baskets on the shelves. If you currently have mismatched fixtures in the bathroom it's worth checking out what it would cost to change one of them. Having all the same finishes helps to tie together a space and will make it feel bigger. This all white bathroom also avoids feeling sterile because of the textures on the walls, the addition of some softer gray tile and the details of the cabinets. It also helps that the white surfaces aren't glossy or shiny which would also bounce more light and sound around and make it feel empty. Not quite neutral, we wouldn't have considered purple or such dark grays, but we applaud the effort, this bathroom looks sleek and modern and because it is well lit, doesn't feel like a cave. What we love is that you can borrow any of these ideas to hep make your bathroom feel a little bit more luxurious. See all the Ikea Products in these pictures right here.

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Mediterranean living room

To be perfectly honest I initially had a difficult time determining how I felt about these Barnacle wall mounted storage vessels. On one hand, I immediately imagined the grand effect of using these en masse, placed upon a large column or wall mimicking their natural inspiration, creating a storage solution that would both look like an art installation while providing utilitarian use. It's also their geometrically-modern form which would make these a tough fit for anyone who did not live in a 'Machine for living' interior, or at least one of the less traditional variety. Still, sometimes you can admire something simply for what it is without necessarily wanting it for yourself, and these certainly fall under that category.

Comtemporary livingroom with splash of colors

We have a lot of really phenomenal house tours, and love revisiting them through various lenses. Today's post shines the spotlight on ten guys from last year, and their approach to decorating homes that are unequivocally theirs. I get inspiration from David Hockney's Calfornia colors, Justina's Jungalow, the Eames' House living room, the desert, and, like Mondo from Project Runway, I love the beauty that you can find by mixing unexpected patterns, colors, and shapes. When a hotel is done right; you feel at home the minute you walk into the lobby. Don't be embarrassed of a single thing in your home, unless you yourself don't like it anymore. Home is a cozy one bedroom with plenty of space to house his art and vintage treasures. With quite a collection of rotating furniture, small goods, and a house full of pets, this cozy spot keeps Adam happy and inspired. All of Nancy Meyers' films, The Kids Are All Right, The Talented Mr. Ripley, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Meryl Streep's loft in The Hours, Colin Firth's home in A Single Man and Kim Basinger's bungalow in LA Confidential are a few that really stand out as influential moments for me. Your home is your sanctuary, so create a space that is comfortable and that you enjoy coming home to. My style has drawn from Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé's private apartments; Wim Crouwel posters; the '90s; Hoefler & Frere-Jones typefaces; Gourmet magazine; Bedford Street; Nørrebro; designers Nick Olsen and Bill Brockschmidt; Grumpy Cat; Apartment Therapy house tours; my very talented and creative friends: Kristy Schiro, Jane Jennings, and Lauren Jennings; and finally, my mother's unwavering dedication to order and tidiness.

Small livingroom with fireplace