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Blue living room


Living room with dark furniture


Wall art work

There's nothing like seeing a living room updated to accommodate another life - in Nicole's case, her preparations for the baby. Not only does the right choice of furniture make the space look absolutely gorgeous, but the most importantly, it completely integrates the technology into the backdrop, making the seemingly coldest piece in the room feel almost as vibrant as the space around it. A smart choice of choosing a white bezel on the LCD television keeps it from being a distraction in the room, especially when the focus is the child - not entertainment. A comfortable rocker and seating area for easy viewing of both the kiddo and Oprah. We also love the idea of using ample lighting on both sides of the couch balance out the electronics in the room. That, paired with natural light during the daytime, makes a space feel warm and welcoming no matter what time of day it is.



Living room red


Chairs and side table


TV unit


Colorful living room

Inspirational posters usually make us shudder, so when we first ran across this series from University College Falmouth in the UK we got pretty excited. The website copy explains: 'Advice to sink in slowly is a series of posters designed by recent and established graduates of University College Falmouth for the purpose of passing on advice and inspiration to first year students. A poster is given as a welcoming gift to every first year student when they enroll.' We only wish that we'd gone to a college this cool. Advice to Sink in Slowly posters are available for £5.00 each from their webstore, and shipping from the UK to the US is also just £5.00.

Living room with fireplace

Last week we featured a gallery of dark bedrooms, moody, cocoonlike spaces full of fluffy blankets and somber hues. This week, we're looking at bedrooms that are just the opposite of that: light, bright spaces decorated all in white. Pictured above: a beautiful, bright bedroom from Kinfolk. If you like this look, the whole apartment, which is decorated completely in shades of white, is worth checking out. The key to making this work, I think, is adding a little texture. Since we're talking bedrooms here, this is easy to acheieve with rugs, quilts, and bedding in textured fabrics like linen. Here, the floor covering adds just enough texture to a super-minimal space. A white floor, too - these folks are really dedicated. I love the layers of different textures on the bed - and on the floor. Finally, a romantic space from Stadshem, via Nordic Design - proof that monochromatic spaces can be far from boring.

Livingroom green wallpaper

The rail supports multiple cabinets, and once it's level and fixed to the wall, there's no need to individually align and level each cabinet. We were able to hang each cabinet in a matter of minutes, but because we had to modify several cabinets, it took most of the week to get all of the wall cabinets in place. In order to fit the cabinet around the pipe, we had to remove an entire rear corner of the cabinet. The cabinet looked a little unstable with a missing corner, but once we got it in place and attached it to the wall and the adjacent cabinet, it ended up being pretty sturdy. The blind upper corner cabinet, made by attaching a panel to a 30-inch cabinet. IKEA offers a diagonal corner cabinet, but I prefer the more streamlined, right-angle look of the blind corner cabinet. IKEA doesn't make a blind corner upper cabinet, so we attached a side panel to a 30-inch cabinet to convert it to a blind corner. The only upper cabinet that we haven't installed yet is the nine-inch cabinet to the left of the range hood. Since IKEA doesn't make a nine-inch cabinet, we'll need to cut a 12-inch cabinet down to nine inches.

Modern livingroom black chairs


Classic color palete livingroom

Oh man, are we ready for the end of this truly heinous week...damn. We are so looking forward to the weekend, especially since June gloom seems to be over. On tap for tomorrow: Tying down the wisteria vine on the trellis, picking lemons off the tree, and tending to our herb garden. In order to get inspired for a tranquil Saturday morning of gardening, here's one garden that we've been keeping in our inspiration's the perfect combination of organized flowerbeds and wild growth. Check out more photos of this beautiful, ethereal garden after the jump.... (Images: Sköna Hem.

White living room

In honor of Election Day, we decided to showcase some of our favorite red, white, and blue color combos, thanks to Living Etc. and Rachel Mallon's Twolia Blog. We love these slight variations of reds and blues that make these rooms look less gimmicky and more sophisticated. Check out some of our favorites below the jump.... Left: Denim blue and white striped rugs correspond with an ornate red bedspread and black walls; Right: A traditional beige living room is given a shot of blue and red thanks to the fireplace and the armchair. Bright red drapes create a backdrop to a steel-blue sofa with a satiny sheen. Also love the black and white accents throughout the room. Left: Small space dining room has a bright red round table that can split in two and be shifted to the walls underneath the matching hanging blue art pieces. Right: Wood paneled drawers with an undertone of red sits below sleek grey-blue cabinets in this modern kitchen.

Mediterranean living room

In preparation for a move away from New York City, Billy is selling his Danish modern 3 seater sofa. It's Skippers Furniture brand, good condition and described as reminiscent of Wegner furniture. MM. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.Thanks, Craig!

Comtemporary livingroom with splash of colors

After seeing a handful of mirrors in the kitchen, we understand some reservation about the material in such a heavy-use space. Mirrors can show everything, from small smudges to cooking splatters. Which is what intrigued us with the mirror used in this kitchen in the Tarpon Run Southern Living Idea House. The mirrored backsplash is of antiqued 12x12 mirror tiles. Its worn surface warms the space and adds patina and a sense of age. The bonus? The antiquing disguises imperfections when the mirror isn't perfectly clean. If you like this home's design as much as we do, see more from the architects and interior designer.

Small livingroom with fireplace

They've packed a lot of functionality into this stylish table. The inside has movable dividers for storage and the underside of the top is chalkboard. The cut-out in the chair backs make them easy for kids to grab and move.