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When people paint their interior brick walls, they tend to paint them white.... But the owners of this Dutch home featured in Marie Claire Maison painted the original brick walls in their house a lovely rich gray that gives the simple room a unique look and looks great against the French zinc chairs and other furnishings. Kristin Hohenadel blogging from rue Vieille du Temple, Paris, France.

Living room

'Q: I just bought this industrial dining table from West Elm and I am searching for a bench to go with it. I'm thinking of getting Parsons chairs for one side in a bright color, and then doing a bench on the other side. I can't seem to find a bench that works with the size and the color of the wood. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Ashley in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Living room

This minimalist desk lamp strips the elements of a light fixture down to the bare necessities, the bulb and the wire carrying power to the bulb. There is also no switch to clutter the design, simply touch the aluminum clamp and the light source fades on or off. In addition to the desk lamp, this idea has also been extended to a chandelier, floor and wall mounted lamp. As this is still a concept, unveiled at Salone de Mobile 2007, no pricing or availability has yet been announced but you contact the designers directly here.

White living room

White linens, neutral walls, filmy curtains: the whole bit. The bedroom in our new home has dark wood floors, and at first the contrast felt a little jarring. Area rugs in the bedroom aren't great for the allergy-prone, so we've been looking for other ways to make the marriage of dark flooring and pale décor work. Here's what we found trolling the web in search of inspiration and tips. Is it just us, or are the walls tinted slightly blue or gray, echoing the mahogany floor? Here again, subtle dark accents... seems to us that those little zebra pillows on the chairs are working wonders. The black-framed artwork here makes an interesting geometric backdrop, which plays nicely off the relaxed, country vibe of the white furnishings. Gray walls are a mid-tone between the dark floors and the pale ceiling. We love all the playful textures in here too-they soften the severity of the dark floor's effect. The pops of color in these two spare bedrooms distract from the stark contrast between dark and white. More inspiration, please! How do you manage to harmonize dark flooring with pale décor in your homes?

Living room

We've seen mismatched chairs pulled up to a dining room table but we've never seen two mismatched tables put together to serve as a dining room table. Even though these two tables are quite different in style, their similar size and height pull this look together. We found a few other inspirational pics of mismatched furniture in cohesive spaces after the jump. Our favorite combo is definitely a seating bench plus a few mismatched chairs at the kitchen table. We've found thrift store chairs that are quite different in style and painted them all a robin's egg blue. To keep a bedroom from looking too uniform, we like the look of two contrasting side tables that are similar in height and size.

Living room with fireplace

Someone once asked if I could write about the golden colors of the Tuscan landscape. I'll never forget the first time I arrived in Rome: a cab whisked me into the city at about 9am on a September morning, and the Colosseum was bathed in a golden misty sunshine like I'd never seen before. The whole country is like that, and that quality of light affects our perception of color on landscape and architecture. I have a few photos I've taken over the years that contain this golden hue, which I think are evocative of how light bounces off of Italian buildings. The wall on the right is the most delicious harvest gold; the one on the upper left is like warm baked bread. My sense is that the colors Europeans use are more saturated, or colorful, than Americans are willing to use on their exteriors, more muted or less garish than we like on our interiors. Since we're talking about a European sensibility, let's start with Fine Paints of Europe for possible color matches, because the colors they produce are so rich and complex. The following look like things I'd love to try: E5-30, E5-28, E6-45, E6-49, P08760. I'll throw in a few Ralph Lauren colors for good measure. I'm curious about this new color Cypress VM27-if anyone has tried it let me know. Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter.

Living room with large art piece

Lofts and studio apartment arrangements often leave the bed out in the open. Establishing privacy in this situation is always a design challenge and we love the screened solution in this downtown Kansas City loft.... the 'Bedroom' as seen from the rest of the loft. Designed by Black Bamboo, this 'Bedroom' is seriously just a bed-sized area of the loft that's been partitioned off with beautiful woven screens. It receives lots of natural light since it's up against an exterior wall, yet it doesn't hog it all from the rest of the loft: partial height screens and an open weave allow light to penetrate into the main loft space. The privacy is improved over having a bed out in the middle of an open space, yet this still may not be private enough for some. We think it strikes a good balance between privacy and an open, loft-like feeling.

Living room

I feel my bedroom is beautiful because it is clean and organized. The best part of it all is that, the different pieces around the bedroom from the wall art to the decorating pieces, are simple, inexpensive and yet they give my bedroom a smart look. Choose furniture that compliments you and your style. Clean cut and simple furniture makes a bedroom a lot nicer, more attractive and smarter. It makes your bedroom furniture look cheap and messy.

Couch union jack throw pillow

About two years ago, we were dealing with the renovation of both bathrooms in our house. What got us most excited about the project? The Fixtures n' Faucets showrooms in San Mateo and Redwood City. With such good service and selection, it's no wonder this place has been serving the Peninsula for over 25 years. The store carries bathroom and kitchen products - from manufacturers such as Dornbracht, Hansgrohe, Duravit, Porcher, Toto and Vitraform. If you're planning a remodel, it may be worth considering a trip down to Fixtures n' Faucets. Even if you don't place an order, you'll likely get some great inspiration from the showrooms.

Couch green wall with many frames

Inspired by Apple's unique Cover Flow design, Li Jianye decided to cut a few corners in functionality in order to create the ultimate homage to clever interface that all us iTunes users know so well and love. If you're willing to sacrifice a little actual CD storage space, the iShelf may just be the perfect fit in helping create the ultimate Apple-decked out bachelor pad. We would have preferred a little more thought into creating an actual animated Cover Flow effect, but we understand that keeping hundreds of CD cases on a thin little wall plate might not be the greatest idea if you're looking to keep your sheetrock intact. The iShelf is still a prototype design for now, but we're sure Li Jianye would love to hear a little feedback if the art display lovers out there enjoy the design as much as we did in showcasing old CD art.

Living room

I have an addendum to last week's Color Therapy post, flatteringly titled by my editors as Gorgeous Grays. That was a painted stripe on the floor; why not try the same thing on the wall? This is a lobby in a new-ish condo and I was invited last week to the opening party, mainly for realtors, which is where I shot this moody evening photo. We produced this last summer, which is why I knew which gorgeous grays to choose for painting the floor. I hate to repeat myself, and whereas every room wants something specific, I believe in results-why tamper with a good thing. Colors run along the 1597 page of the Benjamin Moore Classic Collection. Here's an opportunity to reveal part of the development process: I sent over four sample boards to the aesthetics committee, they chose number three, and we ultimately dropped the yellow band. It was the difference, I think, between a corporate logo and something more like and Agnes Martin painting. Perhaps I'll surprise you next week and stripe a ceiling.

Luxurious dining room


Rustic living room

This article has got us thinking about pink living rooms, and how, when done right, they give off such a pleasingly warm feel. Here are a few we're particularly fond of.... If pink sounds a little scary to you maybe consider a very pale version of the hue. It won't conjure thoughts of Barbie, and you'll still get a nice soft glow and neutral color that's so much more interesting than beige. Va va va voom pink from none other than Betsey Johnson. Combining pink and light green usually results in something too Palm Beach/Lilly Pulitzer for our taste, but we think designer Steven Gambrel got it right here.

Dark round sofas living room

All this week we're talking about bathroom renovations, starting with Ashley's recent remodel, and following up with tons of helpful posts about the process! The process of drilling through ceramic tile is easy as pie - as long as you use the right tools. The hardest part? Taking the plunge wondering whether you've marked the right spot where you'll soon drill into your pristine new tile. With a pencil, lightly mark out the area in which you want to drill a hole. Make sure you're sure this is exactly the area you want to drill your hole. For good measure, have someone else come in to verify your measurements before you commit to drilling the hole. Attach the special glass and ceramic bit and slowly begin to drill your hole. Have someone spritz the drill bit and tile with water while you are drilling to keep the bit cool. Install a plastic anchor by lightly tapping into the tile with a rubber mallet. Run your screw into the anchor and hang your accessories.

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Portuguese inspired living room

Name: Jennifer Location: Portage, MI Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: I love the morning light that it gets. I enjoy the outdoors, and bringing in natural elements and colors makes it a place I can relax and rest. I love looking at photos of family and friends as I get ready in the morning.