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Double-ply puts a serious squeeze on resources: If every U.S. household replaced just one roll of virgin toilet paper with 100% recycled ones, it save 423,900 trees. If we replaced one 12-pack, it would conserve 1.7 billion gallons. Think of your last trip anywhere abroad. The U.S. has the cushiest tush treatment just about anywhere on earth, and most of these brands aspire to our softie standards. The Natural Resources Defense Council put together a handy little cheatsheet that also includes facial tissue, paper towels and napkins. It's 100% recycled with more than 80% post-consumer content. Other top ones include Ambiance, April Soft, Earth First, Fiesta, Planet and Seventh Generation, all with a straight 80% post consumer.

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I am a very, very light sleeper and every once in a while I spend a night tossing and turning and swearing to myself that I will smother my husband with a pillow if he moves just One. The next morning, bleary-eyed, I'll complain of my troubles to my well-rested husband and he inevitably says something that has me reaching for that pillow again: 'You know, this could all be solved if we just slept in separate beds.' The very idea of sleeping in separate beds seems to me to be a recipe for the quick unraveling our marriage. On one of my favorite episodes of CBS's How I Met Your Mother, Marshall and Lily decide to give twin beds a try and - much to their surprise - they love it! Until, that is, they hear a friend recount the tail of his divorce and learn that the first step to the eventual downfall of his marriage was sleeping in separate beds. Horrified, Marshall and Lily quickly revert to their old double-bed set-up. I have to admit that whenever my husband and I are forced, through lack of other accommodations, to sleep in twin beds, I sleep like a baby. Still, I can't imagine bringing twin beds into our lives - and not least of all because it would throw off the design of the whole bedroom! Am I overreacting? Do you think sleeping in the same bed, as your partner is an important part of your relationship? Have you had success with separate beds, or even separate bedrooms? Tell us about it!

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In case you weren't paying attention during grade school, here's a real-life lesson in 'The grass isn't always greener': You could spend a chunk of your life wishing you had an apartment with massively tall ceilings, then regret it all the moment you realize that, yeah, sometimes it's hard to decorate with those new proportions. Like, what ever do you do with the space above the kitchen? Above: You can bring the lights down to where you need them, like these suspended track lights from James Ivy Designs. You can extend the cabinets all the way up to the tall ceilings, like in this dusty green kitchen from This Old House. You might even consider a library ladder setup, like in this quaint kitchen from Country Living, to get good use out of the highest shelves. Or bring the backsplash up and over the top cabinets, like the checkerboard pattern in this Brazil apartment designed by Gislene Lopes and featured on Home World Design. The goal with each of these designs is to visually bridge the gap between your usable, close-to-the-ground kitchen features and the tall, tall ceilings. This Mexico home in Architectural Digest makes it happen with ceramics atop the cabinetry and a low-hanging pendant light.

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Minimalism isn't a new trend in home offices, but it's one that will always work well, since it will force you to de-clutter your desk frequently to keep up the look. The trick to minimal home office solutions is to try and keep things simple. Once you keep that in mind, it can be rewarding to set these types of home offices up. You can easily contrast a minimal workstation with a wooden desk of some kind, or simply go for a glass desk. Jared's Clean & Cordless Workstation Jared uses a frosted glass desk with four IKEA Lagra spots mounted underneath. Ronnie's Mac Mini + iMac Combo Ronnie combines a Mac Mini with an iMac to get the most out of his minimal workstation. MacBook Pro + Mac Mini Combo There are different ways of combining computers to get the performance you need at home. Sam's System Attic Sam's delightful home office makes us want to set up our own home office up in our attic. A lot of though went into making this a home office that allows for a few different workstations.

Living room

Hi AT,. My bedroom closet takes 'Long, narrow, and awkward' to a whole new level. The closet is 12 feet long by 2 feet wide, with a 3 foot wide door halfway along it's length. I also have a shelf on each end, sitting on the shelf rail. Lastly, I installed about three linear feet of hooks on the shelf rail right in the middle, so that they are the first thing you see when you enter the closet. I like to keep my dirty clothes hampers out of site in the closet, but that means I have to reach over them to get to my hanging clothes. I also can't help but feel like I'm wasting a whole lot of vertical space. It's a rental that I'm not sure I'll be in for more than a few years, so I don't want to do any custom closet installations. Email questions & pics with QUESTIONS in subject line to: sf(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)comLink To All Good Questions.

Living room

I listen to this debate all the time: does a dark color shrink a room or not? I'd like to answer that with 'Yes and no.' A dark color can bring the walls closer towards you, but it also makes the room appear to be vast, like the night.... I remember years ago seeing a photo of a room Billy Baldwin designed in the sixties. It described the paint color as 'Coca-Cola,' or what I would call a red black, but it was in one of those Upper East Side apartments with plenty of wood paneling painted white so the color never became overwhelming. I thought this room was gorgeous, and it made quite and impression on me. I live in the smallest apartment in Christendom and have a long, dark brown accent wall. So for the end of small apartment month at Apartment Therapy, let's take another survey. Who is brave enough among you to paint a small space dark, and what would you choose? Once again, I'll try to pick fun colors for our options. Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter.

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Although Christopher loved his new queen-sized platform bed, he had an epiphany one morning while brushing his teeth. It dawned on him that there was a lot of valuable dead air under that bed. If he could just find a way to get under the mattress, it would open up tons of room for storing sweaters and sheets.... ...not to mention a great place to hide Christmas presents. After hours of online searching, a trip to the auto parts store, and a few conversations with friends, Christopher had all necessary parts and a general approach to the project. The key was a set of bed storage lifts, found online at Woodworkers Supply. Armed with those, along with some basic plywood and 2 x 4 frames, he and some friends went to work retrofitting the bed. All in all, the project took about twenty hours of planning, four hours of shopping, and four hours of construction. For all of you with small spaces, is this a project you want to tackle?

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COLOR INSPIRATION: I love gray as a neutral, especially when I have an affinity for the brown of hardwood floors and the 70s/80s accessories that reflect my home as a kid. GO TO MICHELLE'S ENTRY PAGE AND ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, get tips on how to use color, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites in each division at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better!

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Roma of DesignFlute sent us a heads up about an eco-friendly home showcased on Better Interiors. We've seen modern suspended seating before, but rarely with traditional furnishings. How about the beautiful carved jaali that filters a warm light into a cool interior? AT:India, here we come?

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Check out a very touching story in today's NYTimes: Holdouts on Dry Ground Say, 'Why Leave Now?'. Billie Moore, who lives in an undamaged 3,000-square-foot house on the city's southwestern flank that also stayed dry, said she did not want to lose her job as a pediatric nurse at the Ochsner Clinic in Jefferson Parish, which continues to function. 'Who's going to take care of the patients if all the nurses go away?' Ms. Moore asked. When police officers arrived at her house to warn of the health risks of remaining, she showed them her hospital identification card. Ms. Moore and her husband, Richard Robinson, have been using an old gas stove to cook pasta and rice, dumping cans of peas on top for flavor. 'We try to be normal and sit down and eat,' Ms. Moore, 52, said. 'I think that how we'll stay healthy is if I keep the house clean.'

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'La Malle Feu', or translated for us English speakers, the 'Travel Trunk of Fire', is one conversation piece sure to set the room aflame with curious wonder when opened. The modern white trunk opens up to reveal a mirrored top with a two flame bio-ethanol fireplace inside.... For more details about this $5,400 Pandora's box of earthly warmth at Atria's website.

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Living room

For your Monday morning inspiration- we've rounded up a few beautiful kitchens. Even if you're not in the position to overhaul your whole kitchen, there are plenty of family-friendly ideas here that you can easily integrate. Think colorful bunting, chalkboard walls, or open shelving. Kitchen with Bunting: No need to save the bunting for birthdays or other celebrations. Open Kitchen Shelves: Out of reach of the little hands of course! But just taking off some of your cabinet doors can breathe new life into the kitchen and highlight some of your prettier dishes. Modern Country Kitchen: We love this style: a white background with a chalkboard somewhere and shelving that stores all of the glass jars and pieces that make this feel country. Family Kitchen Diner: We have a large map in our kitchen in full view from our table and we love it. Second Row: Family Kitchen with Central Island: Don't forget to add photos and artwork. Vibrant Kitchen Diner: We love the look of a bench for a family kitchen. A Kitchen/Dining Room Combo from House to Home: Just adding pops of color can really update the room. A Springlike Kitchen: Three islands in this kitchen!

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Talk about a Box office smash! Here's a stylish option to those that need an office space but don't have the room, or like the aesthetic of conventional desks. This contemporary unit looks like a small cabinet or sideboard, but it actually opens up to a fully functioning work station. It comes complete with pull out keyboard tray, file cabinet, and additional shelves. When you're done, simply fold it back up! We could see this being quite functional and non descript in a living room, dining room or loft space. Available online at Target More images after the jump.....