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Classic living room with red tones details

It's no secret that the world of design is leaning a bit more toward the modern side of the spectrum these days. If the design mantra speaks to you, lose yourself in 11 of my favorite modern/minimal blogs. Above: With a tagline like 'Escape from everyday life' you know you're in for something exciting and Finnish blogger Riikka Kantinkoski certainly doesn't disappoint. The stylist and lifestyle photographer is always displaying chic interiors that comprise bold design choices in minimalist settings. Best to kick things off with an extremely modern blog. Minimalissimo is a design magazine that is committed to inspiring creatives through a less-is-more aesthetic. They're curated moodboards and tranquil interiors make visiting this blog like taking in a deep breath of fresh air. Now her blog has become a go-to source for anyone looking to keep things simple while also remaining stylish and warm. Highlighting the more colorful and playful side of modern-minimalist design is this creative lifestyle blog by Lisa Tilse. Laid-back Los Angeles designer Amber Lewis has turned heads with her easily recognizable collected minimalism style. The effortlessness with which she designs personifies this modern-warm movement to a T. Focusing on all things Scandinavian, stylist and writer Michelle Halford consistently delivers a curated design blog that places minimalism on a pedestal and fresh modern designs at the forefront.

Living room coffee table

Instead, lay your eyes on these fantastic outdoor area rugs by Italian designer Paola Lenti. The rugs are anti bacterial, non-toxic, and non-allergenic, made of Lenti's signature Rope yarn. The outdoor furniture you see in some of these photos is also designed by Lenti.

Small living room with leather sofa

As someone who's lived in city apartments for most of my adult life, the last time I had a relatively big bedroom was in high school. It's been a steady string of wall-mounted reading lights, compact closet systems, and creative ideas for shoe storage. If you find yourself in the same situation, read on for links to helpful small bedroom source lists.

Living room

Tree stumps cast in fiberglass and covered in a 'Gelcoat' finish. These Timber stools by Fleetwood Fixtures are shaped like nature, but they sure don't look like anything you'd find in the woods.... New metallic finishes give these shiny stools even more bling. The Gelcoat is more akin to Corvettes than tree stumps. Isn't it the contradiction that's alluring here? The stools are 17' high and 16' diameter, making them good for casual seating or small side tables. Find out if these stools were Hot or Not at AT:Chicago's survey Stumpie Seat/Floor Cushion by Little Odd Forest.

Living room

Awhile back, we got a question from AT reader Mike who had recently stayed at the Custom Hotel near LAX. He loved the bedside lamps that they had, and we just stumbled on the source over at Bromhead Design: The Bestlite wall light designed by Robert Dudley Best. These industrial-looking sconces come in three different colors; and are available at Bromhead Design.

Living room

The future is now? Well, not exactly, but you can get a potential glimpse into the future on how we might live, all through the visions of international architecture and design teams. There are several fascinating projects being featured that explore all kinds of living ideas. The main exhibition will be held from April 14- July 1, 2007.

Living room

Wow, I thought my minimalist modern tendencies had faded away since my days in college studying to become an architect. Then every once in awhile I see a residential structure like this and I think I might be able to live in a concrete box.... The big box, known as the House kn, is located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan and designed by Kazuyasu Kochi and Mana Kochi of Kochi Architect's Studio. Also below is their Shinkawasaki Infill condominium, which has a stunning white washed interior space with a most curious crawl space only reachable by ladder.

Purple living room


Living room

A lot of people use accessories to infuse pops of color into rooms and keep the main furniture pieces more neutral, perhaps with wood or mirrored textures. We also love seeing rooms that incorporate color by choosing bright and bold colored furniture and keeping the accents more neutral. When we spotted this interesting and bright orange buffet, we thought it would be a great color piece in a room. Check out a few more colored furniture pieces that can be inspiration for your home after the jump.

Brown sofa

I have something to share this week that is slightly unusual for two reasons: I'm writing about a country house upstate instead of an apartment, and I have more than one photo of the same color. Having several photos will reveal how a color changes with light. Neutral colors like this in particular can shift depending on the time of day, light conditions and other variables. Blue Gray is warm that runs slightly green in shadow, which leads me to my next point. I have something else I haven't shown in a while: baseboards in a color other than white. I most frequently use Decorator's White for trim, White Dove with yellow or tan unless something special is called for. Since my first Farrow & Ball post a few months ago, I've learned quite quickly that the F&B palette tips upper-crust, and what Gervase Yellow evokes as a darker-than-Ivory trim color is just that, yet it also sits comfortably in Upstate Bohemia. Gervase Yellow picks up on a mysterious tint in the wall color and the result is equally classic and mid-century, and is also a perfect foil for all the wood objets and hand-made lamps, done by the artist in residence.

Living room with fireplace and wallpaper

Whatever reason behind you having to make do with an extremely small bathroom, there are five ways you can survive such a small space. Though a small bathroom might hint at a home with similarly small rooms, don't necessarily try and make your bathroom hold its fair share of stuff. Your bathroom is the place you get ready every morning and it's also a high-mess place, so toothpaste particles, dust and grime happen in here a bit more than say, your living room. Even if you follow this post's first suggestion, you still have some things you have to keep in your small bathroom, from toiletries to toilet paper and more. Don't be afraid to make your bathroom more functional by displaying tools you use every day, too. There's something a little clinical about a small bathroom. Sure that's not a big deal when you're in a hurry and getting ready in the morning, but what about when you need a place to relax after a stressful day at work? That's where centering on comfort can help you survive a small bathroom.

Minimalist living room

Hanging on my wall are these two great looking and useful wood peels that we use to pull pizzas out of the oven. I got them for Ursula and I to use and was at first stymied as to how I'd store them. After oiling them and using them once, I decided they'd look great on the wall, and they do. I used a shiny brass screw to hang them and put mini over biggie.

Living room


Living room with geometric details

Forget the days of cluttered countertops filled with recipe book conversion charts, or flour-sprinkled laptops. Sweet Fine Day's Etsy shop hosts these super cool and useful conversion prints designed by Jenna Park, the co-owner of the Brooklyn-based confectionery company Whimsy and Spice. Reduces Resource Use: We've all had to look up a conversion during holiday cookie-baking time. Many of us turn on our computers and look up conversion rates online. Attractive: The conversion charts are simple, yet stylish. The design comes in several different colors, so it's easy to find the colors that are right for your kitchen. Durable: The kitchen can be a messy, high heat place, making artwork a big question mark. Made with heavy weight matte paper with archival inks, the charts aren't as eco perhaps as the water-based inks, but they will last a long time and be able to withstand the variations of the kitchen. The charts aren't all-inclusive, but they have some helpful conversions for liquids.

Living room with wallpaper

It's a tricky space to strike the right lighting balance, thanks to the many different functions the living room serves. The first step when lighting any room is to ask yourself: what happens here? Different activities require different types and levels of light. A well-lit living room will have three different types of lighting: general, task and accent. These are used at different times of day and for different purposes, and key to a functional lighting scheme it to know how and when to mix and use them. Not all homes have a ceiling fitting in the living room, and if you have lots of natural light during the day, you might not need overhead light at all. If you watch TV in the living room, choose the surrounding lights carefully to avoid television glare. It can be distracting to have a bright overhead light above or in front of a TV set, so ensure ceiling lights are dimmable, or use offset wall sconces or floor lamps instead. Task. Specific task lighting, such as reading lamps, are important if you read frequently, have low levels of natural light, and especially if you ever work in your living room.

Living room with wood floor boards