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Classic living room with red tones details

A small bathroom though ... a small bathroom is a different story. One small bathroom for two women - two relatively low-maintenance women, at that. Still, for us, a small bathroom is often not cool; sometimes it's a pain. Perhaps, I'm overly sensitive today because another plastic shower caddy broke last week and we've been storing our shampoo, etc. Shaving our legs is nearly impossible in our tiny shower- Storing the basics in the shower has become and issue - the suction cup caddies don't stick and most of them take up too much space. Obviously, these inconveniences we suffer are minor and, for the most part, we've adapted. We often shave our legs over a bucket of warm water now - rather than doing it in the shower. We're getting by ... and some days ... the bathroom does feel just ever so slightly cozy. Do you have a small bathroom? Do you do anything creative to cope with the space limitations?

Living room coffee table

My room makeover:: When we bought this condo,the room that serves as a living, dining and office space was dark, dated and dingy. It measures 22' x 15', has a 7'6' ceiling and one source of natural light. Our first order of business was to visually lift the ceiling, push the vertical boundaries, and brighten the area without doing structural modifications. We re-plastered the scrolled ceiling to a smooth finish and painted both the ceiling and walls in a super white with a high light reflectance value. We removed the beige carpeting at the living room end and the vinyl flooring at the dining end of the room and ran solid oak throughout. New recessed LED lights and a see-through chandelier replaced the old off-centered, brass/glass pendant. White slipcovers, mirrors, and furniture that does not visually take up a lot of space helps to keep our multifunction space looking spacious and bright. What I love most about my new space:: We love living small and being surrounded by only those things that have significance and meaning to us.

Small living room with leather sofa

Our friend is decorating her bedroom in yellow and gray - a color combination we love. She thought it might be too trendy at first, but she loved the pieces she found so much that she decided to go with it. We think that's the right way to approach decorating - don't worry too much about trends and do what you love because you're the one living with it.

Living room

After seeing a handful of mirrors in the kitchen, we understand some reservation about the material in such a heavy-use space. Mirrors can show everything, from small smudges to cooking splatters. Which is what intrigued us with the mirror used in this kitchen in the Tarpon Run Southern Living Idea House. The mirrored backsplash is of antiqued 12x12 mirror tiles. Its worn surface warms the space and adds patina and a sense of age. The bonus? The antiquing disguises imperfections when the mirror isn't perfectly clean. If you like this home's design as much as we do, see more from the architects and interior designer.

Living room

The guest bathroom in Melissa's mid-century modern home was out of place with its rustic touches. She and her husband renovated it to have a more classic style, which fit with the rest of their home. Our mid-century modern home had a very outdated 'Rustic bath' and we wanted to update it to fit the home, our personal taste, our budget and to be classic. All the work was done by us in a timely manner - we worked on it around our work and family schedules. The finished bath is a great reflection of our own personal taste and it works well for our guests and young daughter - as my husband has kindly stated, 'She will get ready for prom here.' Materials used: hex marble floor, white large subway tile, classic pedestal sinks, chrome modern lighting and a functional piece of furniture.

Living room

Name: Veena Location: New York, NY Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: Living in a two bedroom apartment converted into three in New York City doesn̢۪t leave a lot of common living area to display and store items. Although my room is small, I get a lot of utility out of the space - a place to rest, a place to store, and a place to display artwork and other objects I love.

Living room

Did you know the architect who got her start designing peaceful, introspective memorials also has a few amazing residential projects in her portfolio? One is this NYC residence. The chairs fit neatly under the table when it's not in use, making a minimalist wood mass that's like a piece of sculpture. We love this look, and it's space-saving to boot. See more work, residential and otherwise, at Maya Lin Studio.

Purple living room

Q: I'm moving into an apartment and want to paint the bedroom a color that will complement the exposed brick but also give it a cozy feel. Our furniture is all modern: low leather platform bed in white, white sheets and white nightstands, so I really want the furniture to stand out against the paint. Then was going to do very bright, multi-color patterned roman shades to add a punch of color to the room. I was thinking a rich brown color in semi-gloss but don't want it to blend too much into the brick. Editor: Please share your color suggestions and advice with Jessica in the comments below - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Living room

Oh mang! When we were little we never had a TV in our room, let alone a whole kids loft media room! Featured on Design*Sponge, this kid's loft is found in the home of Rosy Levy. She designed the room so that the TV, on a swivel arm, can swing out for easy viewing from the kid's deskor can be watched from the king size futon. 'We set up a king upholstered mattress to lounge, play Xbox and have kids sleep over,' Levy tells Design*Sponge. 'They don't have desks in their bedrooms, which are meant only for sleeping.' Instead, Levy made a little home office for her kids with Eames soft management desk chairs from Corporate Design Choice, along with millwork done locally, leather drawer pulls from York Studio, and a corkboard covered with a raffia material.

Brown sofa

Q: I just moved into a new apartment and am having trouble deciding how to best set up a couch and kitchen table. I don't have an eat-in kitchen, but I do have two 'Living rooms' that join each other by a double-wide doorway with the doors removed. The rooms are of equal size although one has a closet that cannot be blocked. The front door opens directly into the first living room which then leads into the second and down the hallway to the kitchen. It would make sense to put the kitchen table in the room closest to the kitchen but I don't know what wall would fit the couch in the first room due to the front door and closet that cannot be blocked. I'm not opposed to making the second living room the room with the couch and having to walk through it from the kitchen to get to the kitchen table but am wondering how to configure everything so that it is cozy but so that there is room to walk through when needed. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Anne in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

Living room with fireplace and wallpaper

Of all the rooms in a house, the living room is the most actively used and most important. Read on for Slow Home tips to make the living room the best room in your home. Locate the living room near quality sources of light. Ideally, the living room would be on the south side of the building to get the most amount of sun throughout the year. For small spaces in particular, the living room is a multi-functional space: relaxation, gathering, entertaining, office and workspace, and even sleeping. Consider multifunctional furniture such as sleeper sofas; tables that can be occasional, dining and desk surfaces; storage pieces that can also be decorative, sat on or eaten on; ottomans can be used as a coffee or side table, serve as a place to rest your feet, and store items within; and benches that can be used to take off your shoes near the entry and then relocated at the dining table or moved to the living room for additional seating. Unless your room is large enough for two furniture groupings, organize the room around a single focal point. While the idea of a 'great room' has gained popularity in recent rooms, so has the occurance of living rooms that are too largely scaled. 'Great room' doesn't necessarily mean large, it actually implies a room that is multifunctional, which can still be cozy and small-scale. Good window shades can be decorative, provide privacy, filter daylight, shade the room from the hot sun and insulate the space during the winter.

Minimalist living room


Living room

When you're sharing an apartment with a roommate, compromise and settling on 'Safe' colors and design tend to come with the territory. While it's good to expand your creative tastes and try new and different ideas, it's also important to have at least one place that is 100% your own; a place that just fits you. I chose colors that I respond well to, both physically and emotionally, and turned a room that's mainly viewed as a place of rest and peace into a place where I have complete and absolute freedom. Everyone always says 'Don't be afraid of color!' I prefer to say 'Stop pretending!'. There's usually a good reason for thinking that you're afraid of color, but it's usually not a bad fear. It's best to assess your apprehensions in order to determine exactly a.) WHY you are afraid of color and b.) WHAT the best way is to incorporate color into your life, while removing the fear of it, instead of just ignoring it. In fashion, they say you'll never TRULY know if you like something until you 'Try it on.' The same goes with color. If you think you like a certain shade of pink, but are wary about designing a whole room around the color or even just painting one wall that color, find a decent size decorative object in the same shade of pink and place it in that room or on/against that wall for a couple of weeks and see how much you like it, how well it gets along with the surrounding objects/area, and most importantly how it makes you feel. I'm used to painting rooms with plain old flat matte paint, but we just painted our entrance hallway with a satin finish paint and I'm in love with it! It's a great alternative to flat matte when you really want a wall to hold its own in a room. I'm more concerned with finding the exact color that I want.

Living room with geometric details

Like hand in glove, the Twin chairs by Italy's Euga Design fit together perfectly. They're a set of two chairs that are designed to fit together, creating a simple cylinder. The seats are made of oak scraps covered in oak veneer and invert into one another to store compactly and beautifully. This isn't exactly like other stacking chairs we've seen before. The key to this design wasn't complete efficiency, but rather a brilliant coupling of two elegant forms into one.

Living room with wallpaper


Living room with wood floor boards

I have a passion for collecting large format geometric and hardedge art from 60's and 70's. Displaying large format pieces in a small apartment creates an interesting space. We live in downtown Brooklyn, where there are a lot of new luxury condos. We chose a building that had less bells and whistles, but with the large savings, we were able to make changes and add details that are more to our tastes; including glass walls to let more light in and new kitchen and baths. HOUSE TOUR ARCHIVE Check out past house tours here Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy? Contact the editors through our House Tour Submission Form. Are you a designer/architect/decorator interested in sharing a residential project with Apartment Therapy readers? Contact the editors through our Professional Submission Form.