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Living room

Living room with great view and art work

I'll have to live vicariously and settle for this intriguing look at Desiree's post-vacation take on Parisian style in her lovely Amsterdam home-. As a blogger and stylist of my own home I learned to keep my eyes and ears open for every little detail that comes my way. Inspiration and new ideas for your home or blog can be found on every corner. Pictures in B&W with French movie stars and models that gave me that real I am in Paris feeling I so love. What made my heart beat faster .... were the moodboards, as in a collage of pictures glued directly on the walls and windows. I loved to design this and the idea to have something handmade by a craftsman and especially made for me makes it a really special addition to my bedroom. On the wall behind I made a moodboard with pictures I shot in Paris. Check out more of Desiree's singular style on her blog: Vosges Paris.

Stairs and library


Living room red couches

As we come into Week 6, many of you might have Week 7 on the brain... seeing as how next week is Thanksgiving! Undoubtedly next week you're going to be busy with preparations for guests, so this week is the perfect time to put in some extra effort to make your home beautiful and welcoming. This is also a great time to address the bathroom, since that's one of the rooms your guests will be frequenting when they come over for the Great Feast next week! You've been removing things from your home thus far, so now is the time to put a few luxurious touches back in. Plentiful light and all-natural candles, home scents, and soaps will put your guests at ease and set the stage for a wonderful, relaxing evening. Instead of buying Dial antibacterial soap next time you're out of hand soap, try Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castille Soap. It is hands-down our favorite soap ever and we have gotten so many compliments on it from people who assume it's fancy, expensive and must not be earth-friendly. You can buy a 32 ounce bottle for around $10-12, and it lasts a long time. You can also buy the bar soap for about $3. We're also big fans of Tom's of Maine toothpaste.

Living room with fireplace

For some time now, white has been the color of choice for kitchen cabinets. Above: mint green cabinets in a kitchen by Petra Bindel. A beautiful blue kitchen by Københavns Møbelsnedkeri. This gorgeous minimal kitchen is from an apartment for sale by Scandinavian firm Entrance. Blue lowers and white open shelving, spotted on SF Girl by Bay. More mint green - can't get enough of this color. When I first spotted them, I completely fell in love with these grey kitchens from Karlavagen 76, a luxury apartment building in Stockholm. A seafoamy green and navy blue, all in the same space. Sage green is lovely in a small kitchen from Estilos Deco. Dark grey plays nice with white in a kitchen from Femina.

Three white chairs


Living room and study desk

Ch-ch-ch-changes! There really isn't any better way to show how this cupboard changes than via this little video. Utilizing louvered strips, like a moving billboard, the facade of this cupoard has different graphics so 'The expression of its surface changes.' Designed by Front for the Milan 07 design show.

Large living room

Today we're unable to get away from the fact that we spent the weekend building desks for our new office and have a great tip to pass on: solid, chic, cheap desks for home or office. If you're not signed up, go for it right now.... AT EMAIL ARCHIVE. >> to full AT Email archive.

Living room


Living room with rustic ceiling

Q: What are some ways to add more wall space when there isn't enough? There is a partition wall in my living room that isn't long enough for my furniture. I've tried numerous combinations, and the furniture either extends beyond the wall or seems to just float with no anchor to anything. I'm open to rearranging, adding or taking away furniture. Maybe I could make better use of the wall where the hallway door is? Add floor to ceiling bookcases at the end of tje partition wall? The entire living room/dining room is begging for suggestions. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Brenda in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

Living room with pop art


Living room

We've seen Natalie's 19th century home before and this time she's tackling her dining room. From Natalie: My husband and I bought a circa 1870s house in Pittsburgh nearly three years ago. The house has a wonderful lived-in feeling and great bones, but it needed an infusion of style. We've been working room to room and the dining room is one of my favorite projects. I am an artist so I am inspired by many things, but I was especially excited to do a hand painted mural all the way around the room. I have seen these in grand old houses, and I wanted to do my own take on it. The floors were stripped and re-stained to match the rest of the house, the walls were painted, and the lighting changed.

Sofa and coffee table

We remembered seeing this studio apartment on HGTV a few years ago, so when we spotted these scans on Lisa's blog Small Space Style, we had to share. Back in 2003, Canadian Style at Home magazine featured this 400 square foot studio that made one room living seem not only doable, but also done in a comfortable style that doesn't feel claustrophobic. More photos of the space along with the floorplan after the jump.... The hallway features what looks like an Ikea cabinet with frosted glass doors, to hold everything from magazines to wine glasses. At one end of the studio is the dining area with a small round table and two chairs. Tucked away in an armoire is a toaster oven and more glasses and coffee cups for easy access. A curtain is tacked to the bottom half of the armoire, perfect to hide snacks or cleaning supplies. Next to the dining area is the living area with a small couch, two wicker footstools in lieu of a traditional coffee table. On the other side of the entertainment center is the bedroom. We love the linen tacked to the back, and the rustic shutters that run the length of the studio to hide the bedroom and study areas. A white floating Ikea Lack shelf with cabinet lights installed underneath provides light for bedtime reading. More floating shelves hold documents in baskets, a printer, and a few books.

Living room


Living room

Carli wrote us to share her children's lovely, light-filled play/music room in Sydney: There is one room, right now, where I can walk in and say 'This room is just right'. Toys, books, crafts, a piano, and a play kitchen all find a harmonious home in a space traditionally reserved for dining which her family felt was better put to use as a play area. My three love this space we created together off the kitchen in what is supposed to be the dining room. I like it that they are close to me when I'm cooking so I can admire their imaginative games. That it opens to the outside is a huge bonus so we can take everything outside on fine days, especially good for backyard painting because all their craft stuff is kept in this room. See more photos and read about the adventures of Carli and her family at Carli's Clan.

Contemporary living room

The classic glam bathroom is a retreat fit for royalty. To get the look, swap out a builder-grade mirror for something Venetian inspired, opt for plush bathmats and, of course, top off the space with a glistening chandelier. Oh, and don't forget to treat your fabulous self with a luxe fragrant candle and bath oils.

Living room with green walls

Whether you're lucky enough to have the space for a formal dining room or just have a cozy dining area that you carved out of your living space, it's nice to have a place for friends and family to gather over a great meal. There's something about this eclectic space full of warm rustic woods and friendly boho colors that will have you sitting here all night with good food and friends. This room from Inside Out doesn't have much to it but it's full of warm woods and playful pops of color to make it a very welcoming dining space for both casual family eats or playing hostess with friends.