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Living room

Living room


Living room with black furniture

Buying a new TV can be just like buying a pair of jeans; you want something that matches your style and fits your form. So why is it that we'll approvingly try on a pair of jeans before we buy them, but trying on a TV is still an unthinkable convention? Website TV Size Matters wants to change up the way we buy tech by letting your living room 'Test out' a new TV. Wondering if a 60-inch set is too big for your space? Wish you could get a glimpse of what a new TV might look like in your room? Check out TV Size Matters. When you upload a photo of your room, TV Size Matters shows you a simulation of what the space might look like with different-sized TVs from a sliding scale. It works by having you set the scale of the room by drawing a line on the photo-along a known object like your picture frames or sofa back-and typing in the length of that line in real life. TV size matters will show you if the screen fits in its intended spot, but it's still up to you to pick the best screen for your space. Remember that viewing distance has a lot to do with choosing the right screen size-this post has a great chart that spells out the ideal viewing-distance to screen-size ratio.

Rustic walls living room

'This is a friend's baby's room that I painted for her. She was using the blue brown combination and we decided to borrow from Ms. Adams since she wanted something clean and modern.' 'I have to admit that I'm an apartment dweller with a finicky landlord so I can't indulge, but my girlfriend, her husband and her new son allowed me the chance to live large through them.Color can be so emotional it can transform your feelings as soon as you enter a room. I think it's a powerful design element. I only wish I could live a bit more of it myself. Since my friend was technically the'client' I just helped her implement the idea. Always test a patch of color on the wall and let it cure for 24 hrs before deciding. If you understand the underlying pigments in paint it helps in choosing paint colors. I'm blessed to have taken an insanely difficult color theory course. All those color little wall space to accommodate. You can't help but live vicariously through those designers.

Small living room


Blue chair

If a jigsaw or a wood-burner is not in your repertoire for crafting, you can still add a classy hand-crafted touch to a basic wood cutting board: try some leather loops and cords! IKEA's inspiration blog, Livet Hemma, gives this great idea for embellishing the company's line of sleek and simple PROPPM√ĄTT chopping boards. Of course, you can use any wooden board you might already have around, but this idea works best with boards that have handles or hanging holes. For a fancier look, add some metal studs with a rivet punch, or make a braided strap using thin leather cord.

Living room

This is creating a challenge for me and my MCM furniture because I want to leave space open but if I leave it too open, it feels vacant - yet I'm concerned about a cluttering it up as well.... My carpet is an ugly beige color and looks awkward with a square shag rug on top. I'm trying to find a way to tie my mid century modern style'd furniture together and have been told a rug is a great way to do it. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions? I've thought perhaps a shaped rug might work better? Do you have any links or photos of MCM living rooms with built in carpet for inspiration? Thanks, Brett. Hi Brett, there's a few examples of MCM decorated spaces from our house tours showing rooms appointed with carpets...and even one with a rug ontop of carpet. Check out Sam's Sydney Simplicity, which shows a shag with a patterned carpet below it. Another striking MCM example of using rug ontop of carpet is from Gregory's Palm Springs In the Suburbs, where the living room was decorated with a large pattern rug ontop of the neutral carpeting. Small rugs can also be used to compliment the carpeting, as the case was with Derek's MCM themed carpeted apartment, shown in his house tour, Gidget Gets a Sex Change. We also recommend looking at playing with FLOR carpet tiles, which allows for unique patterns, shapes, and layout that often work well with MCM style decor at a reasonable price. Anyone else out there with similar carpet conundrums they've solved? Resources to share?

Bright living room

We often find that a small kitchen leaves little room for a place to sit down and eat a meal. Most folks working with a small cooking area will take a meal to the couch. So when we spotted Caroline's DIY countertop bar, we had to share. By simply painting and installing wood shelving from IKEA, Caroline makes great use of a tiny space. Instead of having to stand in the kitchen waiting for the pasta to boil, she can plop down on a stool and enjoy a sip of tea and a magazine. Great idea for those of us who never thought a dining area was possible in a small kitchen.

Chair and fireplace

One of our favourite posts during Art Month was a chalk wall, and ever since we first saw it, we have been thinking about how to incorporate this fun and easy to clean surface into the nursery. If you aren't ready to commit to painting a whole wall in chalkboard paint, don't despair - we have ten fun ways to add a little chalkboard surface to your nursery.

Living room


Living room

Designer Robi Renzi of RenziVivian will present a series of cabinets assembled from a patchwork of salvaged wooden components in Milan next week. The salvaged items fit together like pieces of a contemporary puzzle and perform different functions: a small home office, a mobile bar, or a standard storage unit.

Sofa with colorful throw pillows

I keep coming back to this photo - it's an AFTER shot of a family kitchen made over by Match Interiors. This kitchen is a great example of efficient space planning in a small-ish space. By the way, the makeover of the kitchen took 2 hours! The design team put in bench seating and a pony wall to create a small space within a space. The new dining space allows the whole family to eat together. The children's table and chairs is a great place for a snack or play. The bassinet on the other side of the pony wall means the baby can hang out too. That's a pretty impressive use of space in the kitchen.

Purple living room

The walled garden at Grey Gardens from Forty Years of Gardening via Stephen Orr. It's pretty obvious that we're excited for the upcoming HBO Grey Gardens movie. Even though we've seen and loved the Maysles' documentary, we hadn't really thought much about the gardens for which the home is named. Somehow we never realized that the gardens of Grey Gardens were walled. Walled gardens near the sea? Doesn't that just sound like the most romantic place ever? Before the home was purchased by the Beales, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hill bought the home in 1913 as a summer cottage. 'It was truly a gray garden. The soft gray of the dunes, cement walls and sea mists gave us our color scheme as well as our name....nepeta, stachys, and pinks....clipped bunches of santolina, lavender and rosemary made gray mounds here and there. Only flowers in pale colors were allowed inside the walls, yet the effect was far from insipid....I close my eyes and sense again the scent of those wild roses, the caress of the hot sun on our backs as we sauntered to and fro from our bath and lazy mornings on the beach.' - Anna Gilman Hill, former owner of Grey Gardens in her book Forty Years of Gardening. For more about the gardens of Grey Gardens, check out What Were the Skies Like and Grey Gardens Online.

Living room

If you've been looking for a way to give your kitchen an update, you might be considering the look of stainless steel. Stainless steel appliances can be a little more expensive, but there's a new product out there than can give you the look, with just a paintbrush! Liquid Stainless Steel is 'The world's first brush-on stainless steel for your home.' It doesn't use any colorants, but is actually made with 100% stainless steel. It's made with a micrometal technology that combines microscopic pieces of stainless steel with a hybrid polymer that allows the stainless steel to flow. It is an automotive grade finish, so it has the durability of a car finish, but is water based.

Living room with bold details and lamp

Pitch:My daughter Darcie and I moved into our new apartment in April 2005; in December, all our art still was leaning in a huge pile against a wall. It's hard to decide where to hang many things, especially after getting rid of many walls. Decided six eyes were better than four and hired another recent art grad who had worked in a gallery. Are those birds or leaves in the background? The red nudes definitely had to go on the wall above the couch, but it was hard to find a wall for Eve, which is 3-3/4' x 6'. The wall between the bedrooms was the choiceAt first I was disappointed because the beams holding the kitchen island block the painting. The bad photography doesn't show how the orange in this painting picks up the orange kitchen tiles. I got very cheap clip frames for Darcie's artlooks great. It's such a high quality print that it looks originalI couldn't resist the beautiful arts and crafts frame which cost about 15 times the price of the print. On the other side of the column are two prints by an old friend of mine Doug Hartman and Darcie. To the left: a tiny b/w print my uncle owned, and a really beautiful silhouette of two children playing in a swing on a big tree, which I bought for $75 at the annual Hancock Shaker Village folk art show about 15 years ago. '4. To the right of the bathroom are two numbered wood cuts by an artist named Francisco LinnaBargain of the century $50 at a garage sale. On the opposite wall Darcie poses under her collageIn the bathroom itself, three more Darcie artworks: the multimedia star with sparkles and swirls. Can you see the orange in these two pieces picks up the orange of the tile? To the right, another Darcie painting'Every child has the right to go to school).



Leather chair

Although we don't have AT Pet, we're sure that if we did this would be one of the first places we'd check out for a house tour. Or, we might see it in the Smallest, Coolest.... With its different levels, it's the pet version of that Parisian teenager's garden shed we were drooling over, only here, instead of wishing we were a Parisian teenager, we're considering the luxurious life of the lucky pet who gets to live here.