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Living room

Living room

Be colorfully creative with CB2's aqua and pink furniture or stay traditional with a big walnut desk from Room & Board. Straddle the line with contemporary work desks and accessories from Crate & Barrel. Make sure to stay organized with rolling storage and more from West Elm.

Living room

Laure got us excited about Valentine's Day a few weeks early with her post yesterday on letterpress cards. Since we love all things red we've rounded up some inspirational ways to bring red into your bedroom.... If your bed frame needs a new look-why not paint it red? Most frames are paintable as long as you prime them beforehand. We love this small but stand-out bench in the master bedroom. In a sea of gray, this fabric covered seating bench is a main focal point of the room. We have two chairs in our bedroom that we found at local thrift stores. With a shiny coat of red paint-the bedroom starts to get a makeover. Not only is the fixture really neat to look at, it makes a bold statement with the bright red and orange colors.

Living room zebra carpet

Q: I love the look of a distressed/rustic wood island for the kitchen - and even for the dining room. I would like to buy one pre-made, but can't seem to find anything that fits the bill as having that true salvaged feeling to it. Is there anywhere I can buy one similar to either of these? Thanks! Editor: Please share your sources and suggestions with Amanda in the comments below - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Sofa with zebra pattern

If you're lucky enough to have a dedicated dining room or enough space for a big open concept dining area, you want to show it off and make a statement. The kitchen is where you have the pre-show, but the dining area is where the real magic happens. There is nothing better than sitting down around a table full of good food and good friends-sometimes late into the night-so it's nice to put some real thought into making the space both stylish and functional. Here's a great modern boho look that you can get on two very different budgets. This look has a lot of warm textures and tones from the wood, leather, and brass, as well as modern, Mid-century-influenced black accents. The rug grounds the space and adds some color and pattern for interest. You're not imagining it-we found the same buffet at two different prices.

Living room


Minimalist living room

Why I chose these colors for the nursery:I didn't specifically chose the colors, it sort of came together by themselves in time while I was still imagining the future nursery. After a bit of color palette experimentation at, I found the perfect tone of yellow that goes well with the fabric. Then I found the poster by Steven Harrington, with color scheme which ties in all the different bright colors together. The rest of the colors are of course from her toys and books, since we prefer to keep the furniture in white or natural color, with some playful exceptions like the LĂ–MSK IKEA chair. I love the way the colors look girlie, yet not cutesy. is an excellent resource to experiment with color palettes, and if you're not keen on making your own, there are thousands of available palettes to use as inspiration. Having a small library in the room always adds instant colors and character to the room, even a plain white one. Color(s) and brand(s) of paint used in the room:We used Flexa, with specially mixed color for the yellow wall.


Q: My husband and I are moving to an apartment that we are absolutely crazy about. It has a fantastic open floor plan, approximately 1300 square feet, and is built into the second story of a 1900s carriage house that is situated next to our to-be landlords' stone mansion. My question relates to the color of the living room area. The previous renter had painted the walls a dark red, which at first sight I didn't really like. Because it is a loft space, the ceilings are slanted in most of the rooms and the windows are few, limiting the natural light in certain areas of the apartment. Initially, I was thinking that by repainting the walls white or off-white, it would really open up the space even more and make it feel bigger. On the other hand, as the color started to grow on me a little bit, I wasn't sure if repainting the walls white would complement the white slanted ceilings and dark wood accents very well. My decor style involves a lot of rustic metallics, wood, reds, purples and yellows, so I don't think the color of the wall as it is right now would clash with how I plan on styling the space. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Sara in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Living room

Ikea's multi-tonal LED lighting strips have proven to be one of the easiest ways to brighten up your home tech. From highlighting home office desks to adding ambient lighting behind speakers, the $50 LEDs sure are versatile. Installed within a Lack TV unit, that was already modded with frosted glass sliding doors, the media unit now changes colors depending on the owner's mood or movie night choice.... More Dioder Projects.

Living room and dining room

We saw it in matte white at the Waterworks store, and think that the shape really lends itself to relaxation, which is what a bath is all about. We have seen similar shapes in limestone for upwards of $30,000, so at under $9,000 this seems like a steal. Because of its light weight material this tub can go on a second floor.

Living room with storage


Living room

This apartment by designer Amy Lau is one of our favorite examples of a space that hits the right note with natural wood. The coffee table is the perfect anchor for a room of spare but texturally rich furnishings. Although designer rooms are a great source of inspiration, their furnishings often come with a high price tag, and burled wood antiques or Nakashima coffee tables are no exception.

Large tv unit


Living room green chair

'Hi AT:SF, I'm in the process of completly re-doing my living room in my townhouse and need advice! So far I've purchased the R&B 76' Andre sofa in Teton Pewter, the R&B 42 inch Linear Media Stand in white oak, and two Hans Wegner CH25 chairs. At this point I can still return things if they don't work.... ...I need a colorful 8 x 10 rug that would add some 'Pop' to the room and highlight the color of the Wegner chairs as my wood floors are light. The chairs will be located in place of the gold chairs with a table in between. The sofa will face the windows and the media stand will be on the right wall. I need to find a small scale coffee table and accent table for between the Wegner chairs. I'd like to go more modern than mid-century with the tables. Re-cap:What rug?What coffee and accent table?Any other suggestions? Attached are pictures of.1) Andre Sofa.2) CH25 chairs.

Black leather chair

From shipping containers to garbage trucks, we're fascinated by small space living on the go. This home may be more conventional, mobility-wise; but after reading Andreas Stavropoulos' inspiration and story to remodel and live in a vintage Airstream trailer, this home is definitely out of the ordinary. The inspiration behind Stavropoulos' home stems from his profession as a landscape architect. When he became self-employed, he found an urgency to surround himself with his medium. 'Whereas landscape architects once spent significant time on the site, the profession now finds some of the most creative minds shoehorned into cubicles. This seemed like a loss to me, and I wondered how it might be possible to create a space for real understanding within the profession-the kind of understanding that occurs from seeing a day of shadows move across a place, or listening to and observing people in a space,' he writes. With this simple and stylish Airstream studio that he renovated himself, Stavropoulos is able to travel and work on site. By the looks of these photos and the rest of the gallery on, we're fairly convinced that Stavropoulus is living a modern-day version of Walden.

Living room with fireplace

While the classic decor color combination of blue and white truly never goes out of style, it does have distinct moments of feeling even fresher and more fashion-forward. Now that navy has officially joined the club of 'New neutrals' we're deep in the midst of exactly one of those moments. That means that finding ways to inject a little blue and white power into your room has never been easier; you can go solid for your sofa and add a pretty patterned occasional chair to help balance it. As shown by the range of the price points below, it's a design plan component to suit most any decorating budget.

Small living room

Designing a room is like putting together an outfit for your space. When it comes to fashion, there was no shortage of fabulous inspiration at the Met Gala this year. It's so interesting to see how fashion and home decor can inspire each other, so let's take some of the looks from the red carpet and translate them into your space. Inspired by Rihanna: Bedroom inspiration from HomeEdit, yellow wallpaper by Mimou, yellow stair inspiration from The Style Files, yellow pillow from Houzz. Inspired by Maggie Gyllenhaal: black & white color block pendant from Mood Design Studio on Etsy, modular sofa from Bolia, pillow from Crate and Barrel. Inspired by Lily Collins: pillow from Fine Art America, floral bedding from Deny Designs, floral curtains from Anthropologie. Inspired by Jessica Chastain: gold textured trays from Anthropologie, gold base lamp from Residential Lighting, gold Moroccan pouf from Laurier Blanc. Inspired by Jennifer Lawrence: If you like the top of Jennifer's dress then you'll love the Marimekko Unikko Collection in your home.