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Hello AT,. I have been looking for a dining table to go with these chairs I bought at Target. I wanted to pair them with something unexpected and unique so the dining room wouldn't look like it came straight from Target. I am just not bold enough, and I am tempted to just buy a dark, modern table table that matches. Can anyone tell me what they would put with these chairs?

Dining room

Dorm life may seem like it doesn't have many choices when it comes to living a green lifestyle. You'd be surprised at the ways you can make a difference. Follow these great tips and not only green up your life but hopefully your roommate's too. Use task lighting with compact florescent lights to save energy. Buy foods that don't need to be microwaved or cooked, instead eat healthy fruits and veggies in between dining hall meals. Don't turn that window air conditioner on instead use a fan to cool the room.7. By plugging all of your electronics into power strips and being sure to turn them off when you're not in the room you can save tons of energy. Improve your air quality and decorate with a constant visual reminder of the fact that you're going green.

Living room

Sure, you could just surround your dining table with individual chairs - but there's something about sitting down to a meal on a bench with people you love that's so communal, so convivial. A dining bench says 'I like you so much that when you get up to go the bathroom, I am willing to get up as well.' It's also a lovely design statement and a nice way to shake things up a little in the dining room. Midcentury details give this bench a touch of quirky character. I love the sleek, modern look of this bench - and the padded seat means it's friendlier for long meals. I love the light, airy look of this white-on-white bench. Like a modern take on the classic school chair - a great way to add a little rustic elegance to your dining room. A nice mix of rustic and modern for a very long lond. 'Nice and long and minimal and elegant. Also available as a 42' bench. The shape makes it modern, and the velvet makes it just a little bit fancy. This Florence Knoll-style bench is the perfect way to add a little elegance to your dining room.

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Wallpaper in the bedroom might seem like a bit of an odd choice - why would you add such a heavy dose of pattern to a space that you want to be calm and relaxing? But as these 10 sleeping spaces show, the right pattern can serve as the perfect foundation for a bedroom that's restful but also energizing. Above: In this home from Marie Claire Maison, continuing the wallpaper pattern from the bedroom into the hallway gives the two spaces a pleasing feeling of cohesiveness. In the bedroom, the other elements in the room are relatively simple, which balances out the pattern and keeps it from becoming too overwhelming. A cozy bedroom with a dark floral print, from Skona Hem. A leafy print adds a touch of nature to a bedroom from Vtwonen. A master bedroom with a beautiful floral print, spotted on Domino. A simple black and white print in Alexis and Josh's California home. This delicate print is a perfect choice for a bedroom.


An appropriate topic for Small Cool month, Unplggd's gathered various examples of optimizing the space within a closet or stand-alone storage for home office use. Now if we can only clean out our walk-in closet of all the stored away 'Stuff' so we can follow suit.... Read Roundup of Home Offices In A Closet.

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Living room


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I've come to terms with the fact that nothing about my home will ever even remotely resemble anything in Martha Stewart's home, or in her magazine. Today, Martha blogged about her laundry room at Skylands, her home in Maine. Part of what makes Martha's laundry room so impressive is the scale. In addition to the three regular-sized ironing tables, Martha also has a large padded ironing tabletop for oversized items like sheets and tablecloths. Several of Martha's laundry machines are vintage and have a fantastic patina, including these ironing mangles that can quickly and safely press delicate pillowcases and handkerchiefs. Martha posts more photos with descriptive captions on her blog, so be sure to check it out. What do you think of Martha's laundry room? Are you inspired to incorporate any of her ideas into your own laundry area?

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It picks up the radio waves with human contact! Check out a video of it in action after the jump! Designer Florian Kräutli embedded conductive threads into the design of the rug that utilize someone walking on top of it as an antenna for radio reception. This would be great fun to play with on your own, but we're guessing it might be a little offputting to others trying to use the same space, although we're totally curious as to what happens when your pets run through your room on it! Even if we don't necessitate one in our own home, we still think it's a fabulous design and execution!

Living room


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AT,. I want to get a zebra rug to put under the coffee table. The black color will go well with the black iron chandelier, curtain rods and a couple of accents. The only problem is that those zebra rugs are all over the place: in magazines, on-line, etc.

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If you've been thinking about swapping out that old dining table, first take a look at some of the star pieces that caught our eye this past year. Our favorites include tables in various price ranges and styles ranging from reclaimed rustic to classic mid-century, with some designers putting modern twists on traditional designs. Check out the best of 2011 and give us your recommendation by leaving a comment.

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Hi AT! My girlfriend and I have been struggling with the lighting in our dining room. The chandelier we have now directs light down onto the table, creating a kind of cave of light, leaving the rest of the room feeling a bit dark. Lamps are difficult for two reasons: only one outlet and the room is a little small. We are considering a different overhead light and/or sconces. Our tastes lean towards MCM but we already have a modern white, globe-type light hanging in the back room off the dining room. Of course, we ain't too spendy! Thanks, Nick.apartmenttherapy(dot)com). Any lighting suggestions for Nick's dim dining room?

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Though the Big Window Challenge debuts next week in the Lexington Avenue windows of Bloomingdale's, the Apartment Therapy window team has been busy planning the spaces since late October. Pictured above are our window designers: Maxwell, Jane, Curtis and Patrick - they've been perfecting their individual windows since the first walk-through of Bloomingdale's Furniture on 5.... Stay tuned! The windows launch January 21st!.

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'Orange is a tough color. But it worked with the plexiglass/oak Shoji-style sliders. In terms of furniture, an oak look seemed the way to go despite my ambivalence to it. The opposite wall was white and needed texture. Since the room was taking on a 70s throwback vibe, I thought the photo collage wallpaper of an autumnal forest would work well. A dark neutral palette for accessories was key to balancing the bold walls and bland oak. The oversized driftwood candle and framed artwork are statement pieces that add texture.' Balance a bold color by layering a neutral palette around it. Use pattern and texture as a counterpoint, not a focal point. Create visual interest without overwhelming the eye. Good lighting is key for adjusting the character and depth of color. Color Resources:'Rather than suggest specific resources, Id like to address color inspiration.' Color inspiration is all around, not just in shelter magazines or design TV. Go outside and drink in the colors surrounding you. See new places, eat new foods, see art, meet new people. Each new experience brings with it a new visual feast for your eyes-with colors and textures you might not have seen before.

Living room

Do you wish you were more disciplined about limiting the length of your showers? Well, in honor of Earth Day 2009, we decided to show you a couple of eco-oddities that would aid you in your struggle to conserve resources.... Apparently these dynamic shower curtains, which we spotted on Moco Loco, are designed to help you monitor your water use. The Green Warrior Shower Curtains, prototypes designed by Elisabeth Buecher, interact with water and steam to inflate as your shower progresses. If your decadence keeps you in the shower too long, the shower curtain either strangles you or spikes you, depending on the model. That's one way to do it.... Strange, but true? Do you have any techniques to limit the lengths of your showers, short of compressing yourself in a sheath of plastic?