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We've shown you many home furnishing stores in Austin here at Apartment Therapy. A city of varied tastes, Austin's got stores with modern furniture, vintage furniture, global decor--you name it. We regret that we haven't shown more stores that offer rustic 'Texan' decor. Big, painted armoires and cabinets line the walls of the store and would offer interesting storage options. If you've been searching for cute and rustic signs for your home, Rustic Rooms has a local resource that will make custom ones. Some of our favorite items in the store were the recycled and handmade centerpieces made out of old propane tanks. We also loved the large, metal and wood frame mirrors in the store. What do you think of Rustic Rooms? Live in Austin and have visited the store? Let us know!

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Living room

It can be tricky to fit everything into a small apartment, and often one of the first functions to get the axe is a dedicated dining space. A folding table, like this one spotted on Jelanie Shop, is a great solution if you have room for a smaller table but want a bigger one for dinner parties and special occasions. You could even fold the table up completely and tuck it into a corner or behind other furniture when not in use. If your space is so small that even a folding table is a bit of a stretch, a wall mounted table in the kitchen can double as an extra prep space and a dining area, and fold away to almost nothing when not in use. This is the solution I've embraced in my own apartment: a desk, on wheels, that can do double duty as a dining table when needed. If you're really short on space, and you often find yourself eating on your couch, a coffee table that lifts up to a proper dining height can help to dignify the process a little bit. Finally, Natasha and Rob have found an excellent dining solution for their 350 square foot East Village apartment: a coffee table that converts to a dining table.

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Q: I need suggestions on how to create an entry way where the door opens into the middle of the living room. We're a no-shoes-inside house and ideally we'd have a place to sit while we put on/take off shoes. Most of our shoes go in the closet but I do like a couple pairs readily accessible for rushing out the door. Does anyone have some creative ideas on how to achieve that in this space? Editor: Let Cory know what you suggest in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

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If there is one thing that hasn't changed since its inception, it's the concept behind a washing machine. The box-like devices haven't changed that much, and even you look for something different, you'll end up paying thousands of dollars for something like that. Think about it, weren't those LG washing machines and dryers the latest rage in washing machine technology? Designer Djordje Zivanovic comes to the rescue with an Aquarium, and it's not for fishes! It's hard not to compare this design by Djordje Zivanovic to the iPhone. It's nice to see the whole box-like machine replaced by something spherical, but in the end, does it wash any better? Now that's the important question. Since this is only a concept, there isn't much information available on this. We've found a few interesting tidbits about the Aquarium. Washing machines are usually kept far away from prying eyes, so making one look cool doesn't really make much sense. The designer says that its innovative since it's only composed of two spheres, one inside the other. The spheres rotate in different axes, so looking at it can be mesmerizing. It's mentioned that this washing machine is called Aquarium because it doesn't need a water tap, meaning that you have to refill it periodically and it can be placed in the middle of your living room, if you find the movements of the spheres really interesting.

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The NY Times has picked up on the modernist dollhouse craze. I've loved dollhouses and things in miniature for a long time, but devotees to this movement have really wowed me with their collections and creations. Take this miniature replica of the IKEA Expedit, a familiar friend here at Ohdeedoh. Don't you just want to take it and organize it? You can read the NY Times full article and check out the slideshow here.

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There's literally not even a place to put toothpaste and toothbrushes! As you can see in the picture, there's lots of wallspace above and to either side of the sink. I'm wondering if you know where I can find shallow large wall cabinets.... There's a plethora of ugly medicine cabinets on the market, a semi-attractive one might work above the sink, but I'm looking for something much larger, perhaps several feet wide by five feet tall, for next to the sink. Something with lots of shelves where we can store everything from toilet paper rolls and cleaning products to skin and bath products. Oh, and it would be great if I could get it for under 500 bucks! Thanks in advance and keep up the good work,Caroline. P.S. We also plan on changing the lighting and the paint to tone down all that peach tile! We're opening this one up to the 'AT junkies' who perhaps came away from April's Bathroom Month with some answers for you. We think your problem may best find its solution in a custom-built unit, so you can get the exact materials and shallow dimensions you need and want. In addition to placing shallow shelves/cabinets around your sink, you might also consider using the area above and around your window, which may give you less restriction on shelving depth.

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Name: Veena Location: New York, NY Division: United States What do you love about your bedroom?: Living in a two bedroom apartment converted into three in New York City doesn̢۪t leave a lot of common living area to display and store items. Although my room is small, I get a lot of utility out of the space - a place to rest, a place to store, and a place to display artwork and other objects I love.

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We wanted to purchase a home that needed a kitchen remodel because we didn't like what we saw when we toured houses with remodeled kitchens. We wanted to get used to our place before we embarked on a remodel so we knew what we wanted as far as layout, finishes, and appliances. We were glad we waited because we made many decisions that were different from our initial thoughts on what we wanted. It took us a while to find someone who knew what we wanted. We also didn't want to do a generic remodel so we spent a lot of time looking for a lighting, tile, and surfaces. The tile we chose was 100% upcycled material from old CRT screens. It was funny because our tile contractor didn't want to install the tile because it was handmade and each tile was slightly different. It ties the kitchen into the rest of the second floor because there is a lot of wood. Now, after six months, we are thrilled with the results and use the kitchen more than ever.

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Welsh design firm FreshWest created the uber-stylish Inside-Out Bathroom Cabinet to bring the interior to the exterior. We love the bright yellow color and the changing perspective of the different shelves.... Made of aluminum composite.

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Hello AT,. 'Do you have any advice about moving couches in and out of windows? We're moving into a duplex with an awful couch stuck inside, and we've fallen in love with the 82' Case Study couch, which we'd love to buy-but not if it will cost a fortune to bring in through the window....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions. I admire the brave woman who hired someone to saw her beloved couch in half, but I don't want to risk it with a new and expensive piece fo furniture. Do you know of anyone we could hire to help us with this quandary, and what it might cost? We love your choice of sofa and don't want to see you pass it up. We don't have any experience moving sofa's in/out of windows, but we think that if you called Rabbit Movers they would have your answer. Windows are often smaller than doorways, so unless you remove the whole frame you don't get a tremendous advantage.


We'll keep this one anonymous: I'm looking for a nice, modern jewelery box to give as a gift for my girlfriend. Most that I see seem to be posing as relics from my grandmother's house or look better suited to a country cottage than my girlfriend's modern, mid-century-inspired house. Great question! We think these new Jonathan Adler lacquered boxes are just the thing for your girlfriend's jewelry. So do any of you have some tips for this aspiring Casanova?