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Living room

Leather sofa and log coffee table

The happy modern aesthetic is one that is, well...modern and happy. In the living room, a peppy colored sofa is key to the look, then build around it with graphic textiles, contemporary furniture frames and punchy accessories.

Funky chairs

Shannon couldn't get this Mid-Century Modern-style desk she found at a yard sale in her car fast enough! It wasn't in the best condition and the finish was a bit rough, but Shannon loved the shape and had a perfect place in her home for it - after refreshing it with cheery paint. I decided that a fun dose of bright color was just what it needed to really come to life! I painted the entire piece a pretty teal color, and painted the edge of the desktop gold. I also updated the knobs with some lion's head pulls! Seriously, the perfect finishing touch! I love how this desk looks now in my living room, where it acts as both a functional end table and a pretty display piece!

Living room

MTH Woodworking, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, specializes in creating furniture from nature. The Bloom collection by MTH Wood Works is based on a hybrid synthetic/organic design that combines tree sections with a resin top to create a unique look. The modern look of these tables takes the unfinished wood look to a new dimension. The base of the tree is used as is and the minimalist resin top lets the tree show through.

Living room with wallpaper and art work

We found this cool feature buried in The New York Times pages for New York & Regional News - it's a full, interactive panoramic shot of William F. Buckley Jr.'s formal dining room in his Park Avenue apartment. Buckley, the 'Preeminent voice of American conservatism' died in February and the tables are still set! While the style of this room does nothing for our modern sensibilities, we're smitten with the technology! This is a must-see interactive panaromic image, so check it out: The Dining Room Where Buckley Reigned. Now we just need this same technology for AT House Tours!

Living room

We've always wanted to install a trough sink in a hallway bathroom for the kids. Our reason? The combination of vintage styling and the practicality of the large trough seems so perfect for children. Of course my heart went pitter patter on seeing this delicious teal trough sink complete with yellow rubber ducks. It reminds me of preschool times - ambling up to the trough sink in the art room to wash the paint off my arms and hands.

Living room

Hi AT,. Our bathroom is tiled in seafoam green and yellow. Email us with QUESTIONS in subject line: sf(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)comLink To All Good Questions.

Small white living room

Our work took us to Pasadena yesterday when we spotted this giant glass partition. Used to separate a work station and a conference table area, the French doors allow light through while maintaining a sense of coziness. The doors were scored at an estate sale and work beautifully as a partition from the entryway area. The 'Wow factor' is unique because of the size and the vintage style of the French doors. For extra privacy, you could always apply contact paper to the middle area but we really like the airy quality of the current look.

Living room with colorful throw pillows

NAME: MeganLOCATION: Woodstock, New York COLOR INSPIRATION: Nature and the contrast of pop art. GO TO MEGAN'S ENTRY PAGE AND ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, get tips on how to use color, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites in each division at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better!

Vibrant colors living room

This shower head by Jaclo is something a bit different: it combines the popular rain shower head with the equally popular drum lamp shade.... The outcome is the Lumiere, a line of LED-lit shower heads printed in a variety of patterns from damask to stripe. Hmm, we're not sure if the sum here is equal to its parts. What do you think? See the full collection at Jaclo.

Living room

We had the pleasure of seeing Vincent van Gogh's The Bedroom and Egon Scheile's The Artist's Bedroom at the Neue Galerie last week. We'd always loved the perspective, colors, and intimacy of both bedroom paintings.... Egon Schiele's The Artist's Bedroom, 1911. It reminded us of Jack's Think Big from the Smallest Coolest Apartment contest! In all three rooms, we see highly personal spaces enriched by care and a mindful eye. We were tickled to stumble on such a striking resemblance between these century-old paintings and Jack's small cool apartment.

Living room rug and library details

Did you guess? Yesterday's Guess the Decade post asked the AT design minds to vote on which decade the photo of this colorful, silver-ceilinged geometric motif kitchen is from. The correct answer is.... The Seventies. Nice work, design detectives! The majority of you are tough to beat - you came through with the right decade. It brought back memories for E.I.F. who said, 'Well i'm guessing the late 60's early 70's only because growing up i had a set of sheets with that stripe design. I remember the stripes had red, orange, yellow, and brown. the fridge also looks new for that time.' Following right behind the correct voters who said the Seventies, were two groups pretty evenly split between the Sixties and the Eighties. The Nineties and Now both got a smaller split of votes...the cable suspended table DOES seem far ahead of it's time and is most likely the element that sent the handful of votes to recent and current times. The fifties brought up the rear, with the smallest amount of votes, but you never know - it could have been the kitchen of a suburban family who were really fashion forward! Thanks to all who voted and played along on the original post.

Dining room

Noorieke's home is a mix of whites, creams and grays. With the help of some amazing chandeliers making each room have a focal point, Noorieke has created a cozy winter retreat that we'd like to call home. This chandelier which joins the kitchen and the living room makes a statement. Because Noorieke's color palette is soft and cozy, this sparkly light source makes the room glow. An accented wall covered in iridescent wallpaper carries the luminous 'Glow' quality into the living room. A few tea lights and a fluffy rug help make this space warm and cozy. Noorieke tells us that she has since said goodbye to the black television in the corner of the room. A salon style photograph grouping of prints add an extra layer of comfy.

Living room couch

Sometimes all you need to pull a room together is one great chair. The Black Forest Chair from Wisteria is just such a chair - we can see it working in a variety of interiors, giving a little natural contrast in a super modern space, or some rustic charm to a more classic interior. From the website copy: 'The forest's mystery and serenity are revealed through the subtle details of this piece.' Hm, well, while we're not sure about that, we think everyone can use a little faux bois in their life.

Living room with fireplace


Green sofa  round coffee table and great view

Hello AT:SF, I was hoping AT readers could help my partner and I come to a decision about tile for our backsplash. As you can see from the picture our kitchen remodel is almost finished, but we can't proceed until we pick a color for the backsplash tile.... ...Our countertop is black Paperstone made of recycled paper, our floor is recycled cork in a greenish color and we want to install recycled glass tile - this limits our options. We were thinking black or possibly a mosaic blend, but we are afraid to go too dark. The wall colors stay, so I don't want anything green.

TV unit

Do you have some gorgeous wood floors that have seen a bit of abuse? Have they been hiding under carpet for years? Getting them professionally refinished is the easiest way to give them a facelift, but you will pay a pretty penny to do so. You cannot sand lead paint and may need to just replace the floor at that point. You will need 20-60 grit depending on the damage to your floors. The sander will remove a lot of surface from your floor, so the best scenario is if your floors are 3/4' thick to start. If they are thinner than 1/4', you shouldn't refinish them or you will gouge holes in your floor and hit the subfloor. Plank floors are thicker and can be sanded more times than tongue and groove. Sanders are heavy, loud, and awkward, so you will want to practice your movements on some plywood before you get going on your floor. The biggest mistake in DIY floor renovation is gouging the wood. If you are happy with the floor after the first pass, then go straight to 120 grit paper for the final smoothing process. If you are staining the floor a new color, first use a wood conditioner to help even out the stain.