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Leather sofa and log coffee table

I love how good design can transform something humble - like a bathroom sink - into something breathtaking. I first spotted this sink by Gore Design Co on Design Milk years ago, and I've been in love with it ever since. A gorgeous modern sink from Jamie Hayon's collection for Bisazza. There's something so appealing about the simplicity of this square black stone vessel sink. You've probably realized by now that I have a bit of a thing for marble sinks. Who knew a sink in a humble material like concrete could be such a showstopper? It's all in the execution - the deep basin, the wall-mounted faucet, that nifty shelf thing on the back of the sink. Finally, from architect Oziel Contreras via Archilovers, a sink that's as counfounding as it is beautiful. Obviously the water exits the cantilevered sink on the right side, which connects to the wall, but where does it come from? We're guessing the the pipes that support the mirror also supply the water.

Funky chairs

Among our predictions for the looks that will dominate the kitchen in 2017? What we're calling the new country kitchen. After years of hyper-minimal kitchens, we're seeing a swing back towards a more intricate, textured look - one that incorporates elements of the modern kitchen, like open shelving and minimal upper cabinets, but also brings in certain rustic or even traditional elements. We like to call it 'the new country kitchen'. The space above, from One Fine Stay, is a perfect example: the subway tile and open look of the kitchen, sans upper cabinets, are quite familiar, but the antique cabinets, which help to ground the space and add a little bit of warmth, are what really sets this room apart. See all our other predictions for the new colors for the kitchen here. The hyper-minimal style of this kitchen from SF Girl by Bay is enhanced by the texture of the exposed brick wall. Another favorite for the new country kitchen is soapstone countertops, seen here paired with shaker cabinets for an especially timeless look. The new kitchen is all about bringing together new and old elements in a way that feels timeless but also fresh. An antique work table, which serves as an island, adds warmth to this kitchen from My Scandinavian Home. Never has a kitchen so beautifully embraced the contrast between old and new as does this one from Svenngarden. This kitchen from The Country Philes, via Apartment Therapy, works dark colors and also vintage elements.

Living room

For many of us, this means purchasing a Christmas tree for the arrival of jolly ole Saint Nick. I grew up celebrating each Christmas with the plastic foilage of a I-pity-the-faux Mr. Tree, assembled yearly in the living room with the precision fit of Voltron, to form a sham of a semblance of an aromatic and grand live tree...trees that seemingly graced the living rooms of all our other neighbors. My better half is allergic to many of the live variety of cut Christmas trees, so she procured via eBay a vintage aluminum tree last year...a fine fit in size and style for our cozy apartment that almost seems as nice as a real tree. Now the Christmas tree lots are about to open, and many retailers are displaying artificial tree selections of various shapes and sizes. We're curious about what sort of tree will grace the homes of our readership.

Living room with wallpaper and art work


Living room

The diminutive proportions and clever designs of these 14 desks makes them perfect for small spaces. It's 47 inches wide and only 11 inches deep, but perfect for a laptop. It's only 31 inches wide and 28 inches deep, and the fact that it's wall-mounted opens up space for other things underneath and gives it a pleasing visual lightness. At 48' wide and 20' deep, it's not quite as small as some of our other picks, but the shelves mean that you can store things above your desk, even if you're not able to mount shelves to the wall. For a smaller desk option with shelves above, there's the Stairway white 72.5' desk, $349 from CB2. It's only 30 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. The slim little Farringdon laptop desk is $299 from The Container Store. Standing desks, allegedly, are better for your health, and there's the additional benefit of not needing to make space for a chair. Knotten standing desk, $149 from IKEA. Arguably the most attractive of the wall-mounted options is this Mid-century office shelving from West Elm. The desk is only 24 inches wide, and a mere 8 inches deep when folded. The Besta Burs desk is almost four feet wide but a mere 16 inches deep, making it a great option for placing in a narrow spot or behind a sofa. 199 from IKEA. The Parsons mini desk is $299 from West Elm.

Living room

A while back I entered my bedroom in the fall colors contest, and many readers asked where I bought the items for my space. I figured since its bedroom month on Apartment Therapy, I would repost the bedroom pictures and let you know where I purchased all of the items for the space. I wanted to create a space that looked most like a hotel bedroom, so I could pretend I was on vacation. My room is very small and I had to maximize the space as best as I could. I did not have any room for a dresser and needed storage for my TV and my clothes. I found a cabinet from Ikea, which fit perfectly in the space but the only problem was that it only came in birch, I decided to paint it black, which I do not recommend since the paint can peal off easy. The doors actually came in black and I decided to customize the cabinet by adding white trim and stick one Lucite handles. I had my upholsterer create a cushion to the exact measurements of the corner and attached peg legs that I painted white from my local hardware store. Hardware and trim for cabinet: Koontz hardware Red bench: Custom made. Bed sheets, hanging lamps and drapes; Ikea.(Hanging shades, Drapes). Vintage side tables: Ebay.Handles for side tables: Koontz hardware Red Vases: UmbraSyroco wall clock and mirror: Vintage Syroco Birds: Ebay.

Small white living room

This kitchen seems to be suffering from a bit of a brown overload. With the combination of wood cabinetry and hardwood floors, plus the black appliances and dark green paint, this kitchen is looking a little dark. Isn't it amazing what a little white paint can do? Of course, it's a lot more than just a little white paint at work here. Over the span of one month Jessie, from the blog Imperfectly Polished, transformed this kitchen with a lot of little touches. There's the subway tile backsplash, the DIY concrete counter tops, and the addition of beadboard to the ends of the cabinetry. The addition of the concrete counter tops and beadboard do as much to spruce up this kitchen as painting the cabinetry. The beadboard has a way of making the sides of the cabinetry and island look finished. The concrete counter tops? Well, they're just plain pretty - and in a sea of granite counter tops, the concrete is a welcome change! To see many, many more photos of Jessie's kitchen renovation, check out her blog: Imperfectly Polished: The Big Kitchen Reveal.

Living room with colorful throw pillows


Vibrant colors living room

As an offshoot of Inflate, a British company that has been making temporary inflatable buildings since 1999, AirClad offers custom-made permanent inflatables for residential and commercial use. The AirClad pool house is 32 feet long, 13 feet tall and 16 feet wide. It's made with an opaque, polyester-reinforced, solar-reflective PVC that comes standard in white, or in any number of custom colors. The 'House' is essentially a lightweight solar shade with no doors or enclosures, and uses air to inflate the base, walls and roof of the structure. Known as bubbletecture, inflatables are becoming viable alternatives to prefab structures. Dwell on Design will be featuring inflatables for the first time this year, including the AirClad and the CasaBubble. See more of AirClad's concepts and projects on their site.

Living room

Sometimes when you invest in one timeless piece of furniture, it can elevate everything around it. These pairings combine one high-end sofa with one less expensive coffee table, and vice-versa. Click below for two more pairings, as well as links and prices.

Living room rug and library details

This gorgeous dining room mural was designed and painted by Emily Knudson of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. As JHID writes on their site, 'The walls are a pale grey, and both colors find their way into the layers of Emily's abstracted land and sea scape. The chandelier reminded us of the sails of a ship and the legs of the iconic Eames chairs felt like an inversion of the chandelier. A thick rustic table of reclaimed teak helps to ground the lighter elements.' Beautiful.

Dining room

On a hunt for great round tables, we became reaquainted with Bart Bettencourt and Carlos Salgado's Scrapile Table. An elegant, brutal design, made entirely of wood scraps in native Brooklyn, each table is unique, each one is 45' dia x 30' tall, and every one is $2650, which ain't too scrappy.

Living room couch


Living room with fireplace

The soft tones, natural patina, and simple designs of Belgian interiors are appealing for all rooms of the house. We find that Belgian influence particularly attractive for the kitchen, where the hustle and bustle is what's busy, not the kitchen's design.... Check out the full post: Soft and Serene Belgian Kitchens.

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TV unit

Does anyone know where I can dispose of interior house paint in or around the West Hollywood/West Los Angeles area? Some kind of haz-mat or paint drop-off location? The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County actually has a website that answers this question. They actually have a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program, that gives LA county residents a legal and cost-free way to dispose of unwanted household chemicals. For Orange County residents, you can call The County of Orange Integrated Waste Management Department's Household Waste Office at834-6752 for locations near you. This website has other useful info for OC residents.