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Living room

White living room with fireplace


Living room with ocean views

Sculptural lamps create instant drama, especially when placed on or near the floor. Lighting placed low provides great ambiance at a party, creating a soft light that reflects off freshly cleaned floors. These Castore Lamps would create an interesting focal point, grouped together on a low table. These Luau Portable Lamps could be used outside or indoors. The lamp uses replaceable LEDs that last 6-10 hours. These birch lamps are meant to create 'a forest of light.' The shade is made from silk and printed with a birch bark pattern. They're small, but they would look great lined up along a low ledge. Birch lamps come in a set of 3, available at Lekker for $450. Links to Other Sculptural Lamps: Gus Design Group Lightbox, $293 at Design Public.

Small living room and home office


Living room with fireplace

Last year during bathroom month we posted a video roundup, The Japanese Toilet Tour. This year, we're jumping into the bathtub for some commercials on bathing. Lesson #1 - Showgirl style headdresses are a nice bath accessory. Lesson #2 - If a raccoon steals your white radish, don't fret, just go for a relaxing soak. Lesson #3 - You know Toto's insulated bath works well if it stays hot enough for Mr. Hot Water Container to want to hop in.

Sofa and pink fabric

If you're in the market for a unique coffee table, take a look at this Kagan-style option currently on sale. Featuring a starburst wooden base and a glass surfboard top, this table would be a nice addition to any modern home.

Piano and couch

Remember the racing car bed the Rickster had in Silver Spoons? Cheesy, yes, but I must admit, at the time, I was a bit envious. If you think your child would enjoy a car as a bed, but don't want to go to the extreme, this project found at IKEA Hacker is for you. The bed is the Vikare bed from IKEA, which doesn't seem to be available in the U.S. but any bed with a footboard will do. Anna, the talented mom who hacked this bed, described using adhesive plastic sheets to create the jeep details. Unlike the Rickster, when they grow out of this phase, you can remove the decals or repaint the bed. Check out more photos of this jeep bed over at IKEA Hacker.

Living room

We've talked a lot about the pros and cons to having a television in the bedroom. Most people are fully against it and would never let a television disrupt their quiet place. Well, in comes Dave and stirs up the whole pot - he not only believes in having a television in his room, he believes in having two. Glancing into his bedroom you don't notice anything out of place. It's a well put together room with plenty of reading material, great bedroom ambience and that's about it. If you look a little further, you'll see the side of a television poking out of the bookshelves, and if you look even further, you'll see what could be a second one - shocking! He's an interior designer and frequently switches up his pad in hopes of designing his space to look a little more 'Dave'. He thinks he finally hit the jackpot and if that meant two televisions in the bedroom, so be it. He put the two tv's in the room for those gloomy rainy days that keep people in bed all day.

Dining room


Living room with large art piece

Earlier this week, we mentioned our friend who moved downtown and is enjoying a whole new perspective and vibe in Los Angeles. While they were setting up shop, they decided to use a simple trick to make their bedroom closet look and feel great. They used the same wooden hangers in their closet for all of their clothes. What seems like a no brainer to some was something this couple had never considered and they are glad they did. Before their closet felt like a jumbled mess, with mis-matched hangers, including wire hangers. We love the idea of using simple tricks to make a room or space look and feel better.

Living room

We were so excited to open our inbox today and find this little peek into a Nob Hill penthouse from SF-based interior designer Steven Miller. See more photos of the project after the jump.... Steven's objective for this small one-bedroom condo was to edit down the owners' collection of objects and furniture and add a few key pieces and decorative embellishments in order to create a more cohesive space. The result is this little jewel box of a home that showcases the couple's treasures while maintaining a composed, chic look. See more of Steven Miller's work at his website.


In addition to going without a traditional living room/dining room in order to have plenty of space to spread out and work, she also reduced the size of her apartment's largest room so that she could get organized: behind the white curtains are piles of fabrics, flat files, a small desk, and many, many ideas. What are some traditional must-haves that you've decided not to have, resulting in a worthwhile compromise??

Colorful living room


Contemporary living room with yellow accents

Are you all neutrals, all the time but have been feeling a little color curious as of late? It's nothing to worry about. We can help you with these easy ways to step up your game and add a little touch of your favorite color almost anywhere. Above: Take a chance on color with one piece to ease in with a different level of commitment. Can you spot the color above? It's a subtle statement. Check out the aqua drawer knobs that add just a little touch of something extra to a brown and white bath. A black, white or wood frame would have been fine, but Ramzi chose a rad red/orange instead. Want to keep your shelving classic on the outside? Make like Abby and add a wash of color inside instead! An aqua door adds a whole new element of colorful curb appeal to Tiffany's front porch.

Living room

Hanging a group of art in matching frames is a simple way to convey a sense of unity and order to a room. When the artworks themselves are thematically consistent, like the three dark and broody paintings in the corner of this otherwise cheerful living room from Domino, the effect is even more intriguing. Artworks hung together in thematic groups have the feel of a collection. They become conversation pieces rather than backdrops, inviting you to linger over them. In designer Brian Wark's living room, featured on Design*Sponge, a group of vintage prints and portraits really personalizes the space and provides an exciting contrast with the graphic pillows. Sabrina from Hello!Lucky hangs vintage prints together too; we love the antique whites and yellows against the grayish-blue bathroom wall. Designer Steven Gambrel's portfolio includes quite a few examples of artwork grouped together by theme. Here he uses the concept in two very different entryways to equally stunning effect. The calming blues and whites in the beach house hallway are welcoming and serene, while the collection of oil portraits beckons you to follow them up the stairwell. In these two similar vignettes from House Beautiful, prints of flora and fauna grouped together complete a kind of off-kilter Victorian aesthetic. What do you think? Do you like this unified look, or is an eclectic grouping more your style?

Living room


Bright living room

Maybe I'm just a bit jealous, but it seems a bit excessive that people are now hiring interior designers to makeover their laundry rooms with limestone floors, built-in television screens, and even warming drawers 'For clothes too dainty for dryers'. According to the LA Times's 'Fluff piece', Laundry rooms clean up nicely, the newest home renovation status symbol trend has moved beyond restaurant quality kitchens and spa-style bathrooms, into the utilitarian realm of laundry rooms. Of course, you'd have to be amongst the 56.7% of households fortunate enough to have a separate laundry room. The last time I tried to give decor advice to the local laundry mat, they asked me to take my soiled drawers, issue of Elle Decor UK, and high-falutin' ideas elsewhere.