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Chair and mirror


Living room fireplace and mirror

Transformer! Similar to the Grahm coffee table we posted the other day, this table is 'More than meets the eye.' The Charisma coffee table starts off as a solid dark wood piece with a glass top, making a bold graphic statement. Then it opens up and and reveals hidden compartments for storage and additional functionality. 698 for the coffee table and $388 for the side table.

Bright living room

I don't know about you, but when I try to incorporate multiple motifs into a room willy-nilly, things can quickly get a little out of control and the space ultimately lacks cohesion. When it comes to the delicate dance of mixing and matching patterns, it's best to take cues from the pros. As your print-mixing guides, we've put together four high and lows inspired by rooms with perfectly blended patterns. The Terrace Suite at the Ham Yard Hotel in London, designed by co-owner and Design Director Kit Kemp, is an ideal example of pattern-mixing prowess, as it's bursting at the seams with drool-worthy patterns-many from her own textile collections, like the hand-embroidered curtains in the living room and the vibrant, upholstered headboard in the bedroom. Though not for the faint of heart, this space packs some serious pattern punch.

Living room


Sofa and dogs

A design direction that just keeps on ticking along is the fascination with geometric surfaces - products that feature facets, angles and a focus on structure. Here's a current crop of handmade goods that are right in the sweet spot of the trend. See more of our fab finds by following our new page: Apartment Therapy on Etsy.


If you like a nice, big flat shower head that dumps a lot of water on you AND you like filtered water running down your sexy body, this is for you. These ShowerUp shower head filters are some of the nicest we've ever seen. Available with a double or single arm extension for 40' or 20' adjustment range, these elegant thinks will get up and out of your way and then dump the good water straight down from the top. Filters come in different capacities, finishes come in satin nickel or chrome and prices range from $55-$152..

living room asian art

Hello, I recently moved into a new apartment and I need some desperate help. First question: My living room looks boring and needs some artwork over the couch and some more colorful throw pillows.... ...I like it when things don't look so matchy-matchy but still work together. For artwork I was looking into getting the Ikea Premiar NY canvas portrait, I feel that its large size will work well. I don't want to spend too much money...Please help.... Second Question:Even worse than my living room is my dining room. It's a room with a dining table but that's about it. I have been trying to find a mirror that will work over my server or maybe even a piece of art. Another issue is that large wall alongside the table. I feel that it's naked and needs something but I'm not sure of what, if anything at all.

Dining room

Little girls want to be just like their moms, so this mom used her own kitchen as the model for this play kitchen. 'Maureen writes,'I was inspired by all of the the play kitchens on your website, especially the ikea play kitchens. The doors came from a bathroom cabinet that I dismantled. I painted on the burners and used a stainless steel bowl as the sink. I used the brick embossed wallpaper on the back because it mimicks my own kitchen.

Minimalist living room round sofa

If this is your thing, here is a good price for a fixture that shines against its hand-painted silk to create a really wonderful glow throughout your room. According to the CL post, this retails for $2200, so this is quite a steal. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF.Thanks, Craig!

Living room


Living room with wall full of art work

I am a very, very light sleeper and every once in a while I spend a night tossing and turning and swearing to myself that I will smother my husband with a pillow if he moves just One. The next morning, bleary-eyed, I'll complain of my troubles to my well-rested husband and he inevitably says something that has me reaching for that pillow again: 'You know, this could all be solved if we just slept in separate beds.' The very idea of sleeping in separate beds seems to me to be a recipe for the quick unraveling our marriage. On one of my favorite episodes of CBS's How I Met Your Mother, Marshall and Lily decide to give twin beds a try and - much to their surprise - they love it! Until, that is, they hear a friend recount the tail of his divorce and learn that the first step to the eventual downfall of his marriage was sleeping in separate beds. Horrified, Marshall and Lily quickly revert to their old double-bed set-up. I have to admit that whenever my husband and I are forced, through lack of other accommodations, to sleep in twin beds, I sleep like a baby. Still, I can't imagine bringing twin beds into our lives - and not least of all because it would throw off the design of the whole bedroom! Am I overreacting? Do you think sleeping in the same bed, as your partner is an important part of your relationship? Have you had success with separate beds, or even separate bedrooms? Tell us about it!

Family room

Steve Melendrez and Rebecca Cox of Living Room invited us yesterday for a sneak peek of their showroom in preparation of their two year anniversary sale.... The showroom, formerly the offices of Eric Garcetti, is tastefully appointed with an eclectic and stylish mix of original artwork, ethnic decorative arts, in-house custom pieces, and modern design notables from the likes of Jonathan Adler and John Robshaw. The Living Room's showroom almost feels like a miniature east-of-the-101 H.D. Buttercup, each corner showcased in different decor styles. Starting on February 8th-11th, Living Room is having a special 2 year anniversary sale, with everything 20% off all special orders, custom orders and in-stock goods/floor items, including furniture, lighting and accessories. They even promised to have some adult beverages and tasty snacks to nosh on while you shop.

Living room and stairs


Red and orange curtains

I'm really confused about where to start! The living room is the main concern right now, as it's where I spend most of my time. I like having my setup in the living room as it's the brightest room. A few friends have suggested putting it above the fireplace, but I'm not a big fan of that idea. I like the idea of a floor shelving unit that I can put a turntable atop and fill with records/books, similar to what Tyler has in his living room. I fear I won't have enough wall space for this. Maybe I could put one under the big window and get rid of the smaller sofa? Perhaps an underwindow bookshelf? Is the coffee table too big for the room? Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Living room with union jack chase

White might be the most popular color choice in kitchens. From modern to traditional to retro, here's a gallery of some of our favorite white kitchens from Apartment Therapy and The Kitchn.

Chair and coffee table

Despite all the advertising pushing flatscreen TVs as an ecologically friendly alternative to bulky, old-fashioned CRTs, it pays to shop carefully. Because of all this upgrading, we'll use 50% more energy powering our TVs by 2009. A few tips for greener TV shopping, after the jump.... If you're comparing a few different TVs, or need somewhere to start, check out the TVs on the EnergyStar list. They use 30% less electricity than average TVs of the same size. These ratings will be more meaningful in September, when new, more strict requirements kick in. Our sister site unplggd has gone over the energy consumption of plasma TVs and blogged a few low-energy LCD alternatives. Think about what you'll do with your old TV when the new one shows up. Best Buy will recycle it for you-but only if you've bought a new TV there. Re-nest editor Stephanie had success freecycling her old tv.