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Living room

Chair and mirror

The British have so many more radiator options than we do here in the States. This one's new to us: it's the Marble Heating Company's stone radiator. The design takes advantage of the heat retention properties of natural stone. The radiators become almost architectural, as large, solid, slabs of stone.... The slabs are warmed with electric heat, retaining it and distributing it through a space. The Marble Heating Co. states that in any given hour, the actual heating element is working for only 10 to 15 minutes. The rest of the time, the stone is slowly releasing heat. The stone radiator design won the Product of the Year award at the Design and Decoration Awards in 2005.

Living room fireplace and mirror

Ok, that's a dramatic opener, but this book is really remarkable in its structure, quality of photos and pure enjoyment value. Arranged from smallest to largest, the homes featured in Living Large in Small Spaces start at 100 square feet and go up to 1000 square feet; from simple student digs to the just-so grandeur of some very elegant abodes. It's the closest thing we've seen to the AT House Tours meets the Small Cool Contest....on paper. 400 pages of inspiration, ideas, eye candy and voyeuristic forays into the homes of people from across the US. Our copy is getting worn out from the many many times we pull it off the shelf and enjoy it. We've often wondered how many fellow AT-er's also have this book in their design library.... Written by Marisa Bartolucci with photos by Radek Kurzaj, it is available in bookstores everywhere and online.

Bright living room


Living room


Sofa and dogs

Three of the top six Good Questions had to do with Coffee Tables. Here's a roundup of the most popular Good Questions at AT:New York in September. All the of the posts below were MOST VIEWED by you, the readers, according to our Google Analytics.... To All 2007 New York Best Posts.



living room asian art

We're talking about kitchens this month, but kitchen timers can be used in and out of the kitchen. A timer is a great motivator for getting things done. It's also great if you've got a little chef or someone learning to tell time. Design Sponge shared a plentiful roundup of timers a while back. We've blogged before about the Time Timer which is often used in Montessori-style classrooms. We got our timer from Anthropologie a month or so ago for about 12 bucks and are quite happy with it. It's the same one as the yellow ones in the first picture above.

Dining room


Minimalist living room round sofa


Living room

This solid wood, rich dark brown dining table was purchased at the Merchadise Mart and 'Very gently used.' Without leaves, the table measures 64' x 42', and there are three leaves measuring 18' x 42'. Fully extended, the table can seat 10-12...perfect for dinner parties. The seller in Glenview posted no price, so offer up your best. It appears that getting 10-12 chairs that suit the table will be up to you, too. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

Living room with wall full of art work

When it comes to open space living, the advice we keep hearing is to designate areas by using all the methods known to man. This would be, but not limited to: colors, rugs, curtains, screens, and tables...But for those of us who like to keep our spaces streamlined in all ways, here's an interesting example of restricting the color palette while still keeping everything in its rightful areas with the proper balance of black and white. After staring at this photo trying to decipher how and why it works, we conclude that the lesson to be learned is this: when in doubt, opt for glossy white floors and an oversized light fixture. Oh, and try to keep everything spaced apart just enough.

Family room

Save your laptop from dings and dents when you don't necessarily want to haul your whole bag around with this inexpensive idea over on Instructables. Protection, cheap and easy, was exactly what zoundsPadang, who wrote the instructables, was thinking. The protective case is made of cardboard, and decorated with duct tape. We love the idea and the recycling this concept uses.

Living room and stairs

Seems like our inner kid isn't just excited about tree houses, but is sort of kind of really into PB Teen's Bedrooms. You can find the entire collection of bedding on the PB Teen website.

Red and orange curtains


Living room with union jack chase

Ok, so we're probably not all as brave as Jungalow queen Justina Blakeney when it comes to pulling a room together based on prints and patterns. For Justina, the art seems effortless: throw multiple unexpected prints together, add a plant and poof! Magic. Take her dining room for instance: the composition is pretty straightforward, but the bold elements come together to reveal a perfect pattern-on-pattern extravaganza! Here's how to get the look for a high and low budget. This room would be nothing without Justina's own Aja wallpaper in Aubergine for Hygge & West, but at $190 a roll, it's certainly a splurge. If cloaking the whole room in the wallpaper is just not within your means, try framing large pieces of the wallpaper to hang above the buffet. For the 'High' look-which comes in a little under $5,000-vintage Panton dining chairs are also pricey, but look-a-likes are aplenty in the market for a lower budget. The fun and funky accessories, like the vintage pendant light, striped curtains, folk dolls and pompom charms are all relatively affordable and really give life to the space, so they make an appearance in both collages. Overall, this room works because of the tight color palette: warm golds, mustards and browns are balance by bright white furnishings with smatterings of earthy greens.

Chair and coffee table

Recently we spotted this idea for hanging artwork in the house. Of course there's always hanging artwork gallery style which is a little bit more eclectic and random than this version. We love how clean this version looks, especially for a small space where a normal gallery style hanging could become chaotic and overwhelming. Because the images are small, they provide a pop of color in a neutral space and also invite people to stand close to get a good look at the image, instead of needing to step back to get a good look. Some places we'd love to see this arrangement: in a long hallway, a small bathroom in a more formal way. The Ikea Ribba Frames come in square silver but have larger mats cut.