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Living room

White couch


Living room with green fabric

Let us for a moment throw the practical and pragmatic out the window and indulge in a little bit of fantasy home daydreaming, allowing ourselves to consider the details of a dream home filled with the latest technologies. The Kohler Numi, a luxury toilet features a motion-activated cover and seat, self cleaning bidet, integrated air dryer, heated seat, foot warmer, and Bluetooth connectivity. BedroomThe bedroom, a sanctuary for peace, calm, and rest. What's this? A television set in the bedroom? For those who must, here's a luxurious and aesthetics solution which doesn't take over the bedroom. Comprised of an automated TV lift which controls the display at the touch of a button, the Nexus 21 offers multiple variations, from pop-up lifts that hide the television set in furniture, to drop down setups that store the television in the ceiling. With the TV tucked out of the way, the bedroom can at least give the appearances of being distraction and screen-free. So now instead of staring at what's in the fridge, we might just be staring at what's on the fridge. 'Home OfficeIt can be too easy to get distracted while working from home, when a couch and television are mere feet away. But when imagining working from the Emperor 200, chances are I'd have no desire to ever leave. Looking like something straight out of a sci-fi film, this luxe workstation costs a whopping $50,000 for an assemblage of premium features: touch screen control center, an air filtering system, light therapy, electric powered leather seat, surround sound system, and three 27' LED screens. Living RoomWhat does nearly $40,000 get you? The Samsung S9 ultra-HD display, available at a near projection-screen 85' diagonal size. This is the opposite of the Nexus 21 above: the S9 is for people who want to make their television the center and focal point of their room. At this size, there's no way you could ignore a 4K screen this large and clear.

Living room with large art piece

COLOR INSPIRATION: I love gray as a neutral, especially when I have an affinity for the brown of hardwood floors and the 70s/80s accessories that reflect my home as a kid. GO TO MICHELLE'S ENTRY PAGE AND ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, get tips on how to use color, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites in each division at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better!

Living room

'My husband and I recently moved into a small cottage-style home in College Park. In my frenzied anticipation, I went ahead and had some of our furniture reupholstered before the move - a regrettable decision, as the light in the new place is most certainly not what it was in the old. Although I have come to love the different beiges and creams in the space, I think it still looks like I made fabric choices under the influence. Any suggestions on how to tie the room together without breaking the bank?'. Kate,We love the fireplace and the floors in your new place, and can't wait to see more pictures! Have you considered a colorful area rug to help anchor your living room? The mirrored coffee table would reflect the colors of the rug and help make for a nice pop in front of the fireplace. Readers, do you have any advice for Kate and her husband in their new house?

Modern living room

Even when you think there's no possible place to plop a proper home office-residing you to a life of sofa-desking-you'll get creative and squeeze a workspace into one of these 4 areas of your home. BONUS IDEA: You'll get great use out of multi-tasking your kitchen and office storage. The Dining RoomAgain, for the folks who's idea of 'Home cooking' is eating Chinese takeout on the sofa, use any available eating space-whether it's a formal table or just a tiny nook-as an office. The ClosetKill two birds with one stone: Donate a bunch of your lesser-worn clothes to charity and make room to transform your closet into a home office. BONUS IDEA: If your closet is less walk-in and more peek-and-feel-around, try a desk on casters, like in this rolling hideaway closet office. The PorchIf you've got an outdoor space, chances are it's the least-used room in your home. What's that? That's because it's below freezing outside right now? Well close it in with walls or super-thick curtains and wire up a few space heaters to get a cozy home office.

Dining table

This month we have been focusing on bathrooms, what we like, what we don't and what is new in the world of bathroom decor and design. In the process we have also shared items that would make the bathroom of our dreams. In my view, having a bathroom as near to resembling a spa as possible would be my ideal design. That is why this unique shower space is my selection my most extravagant bathroom fantasy. For the first time, Horizontal Shower permits showering using the Ambiance Tuning Technique while reclining. The application combines six Water Bars recessed into a broad shower field above a reclining space, along with an eTool as the main operating element. Just as with Vertical Shower, with Horizontal Shower the user can also choose from among a variety of pre-programmed choreographies, offering a range of settings for water temperature, intensity and quantity. The user can decide from among Balancing, Energizing or De-Stressing effects.

Red and yellow living room


Living room


Blue sofa

We look at the Red Toffee media chair and we are not sure what to think. What kind of space would this actually look good in? The use of fiberglass for a seating material is definitely proven with the Eames shell chair, but a fully integrated media unit? Not so sure if this is the best execution of that. We would actually prefer a different fiberglass chair if we were looking to build a self contained media unit.... '...the'> Arnio ball chair with a small screen. They have already been retrofitted with speakers, the only thing missing is a display.

Living room

When Eric and Sara bought their Portland, Oregon home in 2012, the kitchen was in sorry shape. It had been remodeled in the mid-90s with builder-grade oak cabinets and country touches. Sara says, 'It made us want to barf.' To keep the queasiness at bay, they decided to completely revamp the small kitchen by stripping it down to the walls and starting from scratch. Materials:IKEA APPLĂ…D cabinetsPental Quartz countertops IKEA undermount sinkGrohe faucetFrigidaire Pro appliances. In the end, they love how the all-white kitchen looks clean and open, and the half-wall that lets them chat with people in the living room from the kitchen. Sara says, 'It feels much bigger and is much more functional.'

Living room in earth tones

The contractor we consulted told us, in a sense, that the house was built around the tub and that we would literally have to take our house apart to move it. Since we are stuck with this tub, what colors can we use along with this tub to help update it? I have a picture of the 1950's ad of our exact tub. Editor: That is a big, blue tub! As a renter of a smurf-blue bathroom, I'd like to recommend a sunny yellow-orange color to brighten the room and act complementary to the blue.

Living room with portraits

One of the things I most notice while migrating between my iOS device and back over to Android and Windows Phone devices is the general lack of minimalist UI options in the apps department. App developers of the Dieter Rams camp tend to be iOS loyalists, where Android seems to be the hotspot for Michael Bay of Design school graduates. Thank goodness for simple solutions for common tasks like Horace Ho's Minimalist Timer app.... Minimalist Timer will remind some of you fellow older folk of high quality receiver/amp audio dials from the analog age. Users can mark/access favorite interval settings, while double tapping the screen resets the timer, while a single tap pauses/resumes...intuitive and uncluttered. If you're a multi-tasker using your iPhone or iPad in the kitchen, you'll appreciate Minimalist Timer works in the background, so you can switch to browsing for recipes, scan song playlists, or chat with friends while you're waiting for that cake to bake.

Sofa and coffee table

Fredik Larsson and James Anthony opened Scandinavian Grace, in Williamsburg a year and a half ago. Initially their focus was just on Scandinavian glass and housewares. Then six months ago, they expanded into the space next door and into large items for the home.... Scandinavian Grace is committed to introducing new Scandinavian designers and products to an American audience. As we browsed the store, we noticed how many of the items seem perfectly suited to New York apartment such as a drop-leaf dining table with a narrow profile, a floor lamp that leans against the wall and out of the way, and modern sofas that are completely slipcovered. Although some of the larger items are on the expensive side, there are smaller housewares to fit every budget. We love the Kaj Franck designed Kartio Tumbler, and the Paus Cheese Dome, and the Teema line, also by Kaj Franck that can go from oven to table. Updated - since reviewing this store the name has changed to Scandinavian Design House.

Blue chair

Harbenger Duo is a husband and wife design team based in Houston, Texas. Lucky for us, their stylish take on modern/traditional furniture is available through Etsy! 'The Kart chair shown in the first image is made from walnut veneered birch plywood and is $400 from Etsy. The Hammock coffee table - measuring 57.5' x 17' x 17.75' - coordinates beautifully with the chair and sells for $650. In addition to it's body of walnut veneered birch plywood, it features a felt pocket to hold magazines and remotes. You can see more of the Harbenger Duo collection on their website and blog.

Living room

Hello AT,. I live in a 2 room LES apartment that is under 350sf. For additional space I need to install a loft bed in one room so that I will have sleeping up top and dining and an office area below. It can't look ordinary and needs to be reasonably priced. Can anyone suggest resources to see some great designs for inspiration or can you recommend a qualified builder? Thanks, Lisa S. What a great question for this month! We have never built a loft bed, but we have seen ads for carpenters who specialize in doing just this. Mainly we have seen them on Craigslist, but we couldn't find many today.... Here's links for Luke Lowdnesand Julian. Here is Musa Sangare, who is a good general carpenter and handyman. There is definitely more out there and we'll post it as we see it.

Living room

This one comes on the heels of the beautiful wall treatment we featured in our Another Nod to Grey post last week. On the right is what looks like a dramatic white wallpaper featuring clusters of buildings outlined in black. The walls are painted black with the same buildings painted on, this time in white and on a much larger scale. We suspect that the homeowners painted the walls black and then drew in the white buildings freehand using either chalk on chalkboard paint or white paint pens. The larger-scaled buildings on the black wall keep the room from looking too busy. For more photos of the rest of this house, check out Emmas Design Blogg.