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Charlotte Turtle and her husband didn't have a master bath in their home and wanted to find a way to remedy the situation. They did have a large laundry room attached to their bedroom that they thought just might do the trick. Follow me after the jump to see what they came up with. They began this renovation with planking the walls, leaving one wall with exposed brick. For Charlotte, the design element key to making this rustic bathroom a success was the sink basins. She had always loved the look of ceramic bowl basin sinks and that's what she had her heart set on, so with a little work she made it happen. She found two brightly painted ceramic bowls at Anthropologie and brought them to a granite shop to get holes drilled for the drains. Then plumbing was hooked up to the bowls and they were set atop rustic barn-like shelving. Once the sink was complete, Charlotte was beside herself that her dream had been realized.

Living room

Name: Craig Location: Brooklyn, NY Square Feet: 425 Division: Tiny What I Love About My Small Home: My husband and I previously lived in an even smaller apartment on the same block as this apartment in the Historic District of Brooklyn Heights; Every day I walked by this apartment building and wondered what it was like inside the apartment with the unique arched top window. One day while searching the internet, I came across a rental listing for that very same apartment- and a few days later, we were planning our move. We love the location and the charm and details of the main room. Living in New York City where space is a premium, we made the easy sacrifice of charm and location over having more space. Though the space has history, we used a mix of more modern furnishings and objects to personalize our home.

Living room

The difference between a bookshelf and a book shelf is not simply an extra tap on the space bar. The former is exactly what you think it is, a shelving system for books. The latter is a shelf made from a book, which looks amazing, especially when used to hold other books. We love this easy but oh-so-pleasing shelf from Instructables. Using an old book, an L-bracket and a couple of screws, this eye-catching shelf can be made in no time at all. The intriguing thing about this project is the lack of visible supports. The final effect is a mind-bending visual that will definitely make people stop and scratch their heads. Be sure to scroll through the comments section beneath the tutorial-the user-submitted photos really give you a sense of this project's potential.

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From the brokers over at Alvhem, we were able to catch a glimpse of a beautiful property in Göteborg, Sweden, filled with Scandinavian influences aplenty. We've held many examples on how to go white before, but never have we seen something so thoughtfully integrated as this. While the first thing we'd like to point out would be the fact that the couch is just way too far away from the television set to be able to view any high definition movies properly, the openness of the space actually creates a very airy environment that's anything but a claustrophobic home theater. Depending on what you're looking for, perhaps avoiding the whole surround sound experience and wire headaches may just create that open living room feeling that you've been missing. Or, you could check out the Flatwire sound wiring system we reviewed a while back. If you're in the market for a white television set, you should check out our previous post where we rounded up 10 white LCD HDTVs for your viewing pleasure.

Modern living room with red details

Among our predictions for the looks that will dominate the kitchen in 2017? What we're calling the new country kitchen. After years of hyper-minimal kitchens, we're seeing a swing back towards a more intricate, textured look - one that incorporates elements of the modern kitchen, like open shelving and minimal upper cabinets, but also brings in certain rustic or even traditional elements. We like to call it 'the new country kitchen'. The space above, from One Fine Stay, is a perfect example: the subway tile and open look of the kitchen, sans upper cabinets, are quite familiar, but the antique cabinets, which help to ground the space and add a little bit of warmth, are what really sets this room apart. See all our other predictions for the new colors for the kitchen here. The hyper-minimal style of this kitchen from SF Girl by Bay is enhanced by the texture of the exposed brick wall. Another favorite for the new country kitchen is soapstone countertops, seen here paired with shaker cabinets for an especially timeless look. The new kitchen is all about bringing together new and old elements in a way that feels timeless but also fresh. An antique work table, which serves as an island, adds warmth to this kitchen from My Scandinavian Home. Never has a kitchen so beautifully embraced the contrast between old and new as does this one from Svenngarden. This kitchen from The Country Philes, via Apartment Therapy, works dark colors and also vintage elements.

Minimalist living room

Remember when we reported on Martha Stewart's minimal office upgrade at her new location in Manhattan? Well the domestic goddess herself has decided to correct the rumors both on her site and her show. I just want to say that this article is a misrepresentation of what actually was discussed within our offices. The list of pens is an assortment of what our company will provide our employees with at our expense. We never stated that other pens were not allowed to be used. In these tough economic times, harmony is essential within the working environment. I must also inform you that we use a great assortment of writing implements from the Martha Stewart crafts line available at Michael's Crafts and Walmart. We love that she took the time to sell her MC and W lines! She also addressed the rumor on her show, where ever the clever business woman, she did not mention the name of the blog who wrote the rumor, but instead directed viewers to her site to get the blog's name.... Now you may be wondering where the fabulous photo up top came from. Well, an intern at a radio station was sent down to Martha's book signing with a print out of photos from the post. In classy Martha fashion, she autographed the print out with a stern warning about believing the hype.

Open plan living room and dining room

About two years ago, we were dealing with the renovation of both bathrooms in our house. What got us most excited about the project? The Fixtures n' Faucets showrooms in San Mateo and Redwood City. With such good service and selection, it's no wonder this place has been serving the Peninsula for over 25 years. The store carries bathroom and kitchen products - from manufacturers such as Dornbracht, Hansgrohe, Duravit, Porcher, Toto and Vitraform. If you're planning a remodel, it may be worth considering a trip down to Fixtures n' Faucets. Even if you don't place an order, you'll likely get some great inspiration from the showrooms.

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Purple was our favorite color growing up, and we still have a decent soft spot for it. Recently we came across these two kitchens designed around the royal hue, and we're struck by how versatile it is, coordinating with gray for a modern look, and brown for a warmer feel. The kitchen can also be a particularly good place to play with color, since it's near to, but often still separate from the main area of a house or apartment.

Living room

Above: This kitchen transformation from My Domaine is quite lovely, but the thing that really caught my eye is the scalloped edges of the marble backsplash. The green and black color scheme of this kitchen is especially striking, but if you take a second glance, you might also be intrigued by those diamond-shaped cutouts, which are perfect for finger pulls - no hardware needed. This beautiful, uber-modern kitchen from Ecora has a special treat: a mirrored toe kick. This kitchen, spotted on Yatzer, has a glowing light strip recessed into the countertop. We've done a bit of coverage before on the world's most beautiful kitchen sinks, but I think this integral marble sink from Il Granito might take the cake. Even if you're not into the unusual color scheme in this kitchen from Gisbert Poeppler, here's a clever detail to steal - a shallow drawer, situated on the back of the countertop, that's perfect for storing tiny little sundries. Here's an especially lovely integrated drain board in a kitchen designed by French architect Eric Bommel. A copper sink is a bit humbler than a marble one, but no less lovely. This pegboard toe kick, in a kitchen spotted on Pocket Witch, is weird and quirky and wonderful. I love the inset stone countertop in this kitchen from Nordic Design - not nearly as expensive as installing stone in the entire kitchen, but just enough for a little grace note.

Living room

The Madrid home of Rosalind Williams and Tino Calabuig is only 11.5' wide! The couple bought the four-story building in 2001 and renovated it, making the top two floors their own home. The New York Times gives us a peek at their space filled with an eclectic collection of modern art, Tunisian tapestries, African wood carvings and religious icons.... Outside of the couple's vast art collection, the apartment is furnished from street finds, thrift stores and antiques. They definitely enjoy the 'Mix and mingle' of various periods and styles. Read the article about their real estate adventures in Madrid: In Spain, a Bright and Narrow Space and its slideshow.

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Perhaps it's because, in the current economy, people are reluctant to upsize their homes to make room for new children. Or perhaps it's because parents want their kids to have the special closeness that room-sharing can bring. All we know is that we've been spotting a lot more shared rooms featured all over the web these days. The room featured at the top of this post was actually published in Living Etc in January 2006. As this next photo shows, you can't go wrong with bunkbeds, great storage, a lovely wall color, and lots of natural light. We found these next two pics from Domino via Desire to Inspire. What? Doesn't every nursery have room for two cribs, two beds, and a foosball table? If yours does, perhaps this next space by Sixx Designs will stoke your creative furnace. Do you have your own favorite photos of shared rooms? Let us know!

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COLOR INSPIRATION: Bright and open spaces that allow for the art in the space to have glamourous POP!like a gallery that is brought to life by each individual artist. GO TO DEBORAH'S ENTRY PAGE AND ADD IT TO YOUR FAVORITES. Visit the entry page to view all five photos, get tips on how to use color, make a comment, select the room as a favorite and share on Facebook and Twitter. The rooms with the greatest number of favorites in each division at the end of the initial round go on to the finals. You can choose as many rooms as you like as favorites, so be sure to check back each day for all the new entries - the more favorites you find, the better!

Red couch

Name: Renee c.f.Location: Lynn, MA. Picture Description: The Red Snow Studio: While not a bedroom, the feel of this photo is what the perfect bedroom means to me. The passion and color pop of a deep red, the seclusion and quietness of the woods and the comfort and crispness of the newly fallen snow.... The snow blanket also invokes the feeling I want from the feel of my bed. The bedroom can be aesthetically amazing, but if your bed isn't comfortable, then what's the point? It's also a photo of a very personal and emotionally meaningful place to me and that sentimentality and personal touch is something that's important in my bedroom. It might be cheesy, but I want my bedroom to be an inspiring escape and cocoon all in one, and for me, this does it. I try to only keep things that I love in the bedroom - that includes art, books and company! And never underestimate the comfort of a newly washed down blanket and natural light - not to mention a good mattress!

Living room

We're always shocked at how expensive bean bag chairs are in stores. They don't have structure or complicated construction and are made from relatively inexpensive materials. What gives? If you're even mildly handy with a sewing machine, it's quite easy to make your own. Our favorite tutorial for this project can be found on Making It Fun, the blog of Michael Miller fabrics. You primary materials will be six yards of fabric and bean bag pellets. The tutorial has tons of photos so you can follow along at every step.

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Name: Nadia Location: Tarrytown, NY Division: Light Inspiration for my palette: I wanted a neutral-gender color scheme for my son's nursery. We already had all the white furniture and I love grey. I wanted the room to be a happy and bright space so I was between green, orange and yellow as accent colors. After creating three mood boards and seeing everything together, and with some help from family and friends, we decided on the yellow-grey-white color scheme. Once we started putting the room together I added some brown accents.

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