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Patrick's window was being worked on while I was there. While it was freezing outside, I was in the Bloomingdale's windows testing out their internet connection and checking on the installation of Jane, Patrick and Curtis' window displays. They're being installed, Apartment Therapy style, right now and should be done by tonight.... You can follow it all right here, www. The openings to the window are hidden in the store and locked when installation isn't going on. One of the entrances is right here through the Marc Jacob's store. Getting closer! The windows are a lot smaller than you expect. This is Curtis' incredible paint by numbers wall already installed. This is the TV screen that will be showing our site live and keeping track of the window voting for the next two weeks Jane's window is the most done already.

Pink sofa and wallpaper


Minimalist living room

Carli wrote us to share her children's lovely, light-filled play/music room in Sydney: There is one room, right now, where I can walk in and say 'This room is just right'. Toys, books, crafts, a piano, and a play kitchen all find a harmonious home in a space traditionally reserved for dining which her family felt was better put to use as a play area. My three love this space we created together off the kitchen in what is supposed to be the dining room. I like it that they are close to me when I'm cooking so I can admire their imaginative games. That it opens to the outside is a huge bonus so we can take everything outside on fine days, especially good for backyard painting because all their craft stuff is kept in this room. See more photos and read about the adventures of Carli and her family at Carli's Clan.

Living room with fireplace

Known for its laid-back and casual vibes, bohemian style is perfect for the hangout space of your home. Stock up on cozy Moroccan-style blankets, pile up the textured pillows, and get a rattan daybed to lounge on. Your living room is about to become your friends' favorite gathering spot.

Living room with fireplace

Last Friday, we started a game of Guess the Decade, featuring this blue kitchen: metal cabinets, tulip table, copper lighting fixture...lots of clues to the era.... ...but all red herrings. This kitchen is a labor of love and dedication from Pam of Retro Renovation. We wrote to Pam last week asking if we could feature her kitchen and we were so happy when she agreed - the room is such a great, impeccable modern redo of vintage style; we thought it was perfect for 'Guess the Decade'. 196 of you voted NOW making it the lead decade by far in our survey - the eagle eyes definitely won! It was followed by the 60's with 87 votes - which covers the year the cabinets were installed in their original location. The 50's got a fair number of votes, 47, which is not surprising, due to the color, which is very fifties-style. It was followed by the 70's and 90's, which received 41 and 39 votes respectively.

Living room with tv unit

We usually can't look at big crystal chandeliers without thinking of over the top opulence. When we saw an add for this Baccarat Eight-Light Chandelier with Hurricane Holders, we sort of wished we had a grand formal dining room to hang it in. It costs close to $17,000, so it's not on our Christmas wish-list, but wow is it wonderful.

Classic living room

Hello AT,. I have just moved into this house and absolutely hate the color of the walls! We have a loft master bedroom which overlooks the family room. Does anyone have any suggestions for colors to paint these two rooms? My initial thought was to paint the whole place white since there is so much wood trim which I would like to leave in its natural color.... However, I am afraid it will look too washed out. What are people's thoughts on colors that look good in a bright room with lots of sunlight and that match the dark wood trim and beige carpet?

Blue living room

Diving deeper into April, it's clear that some of us were going a little stir crazy with spring not totally allowing us to go outside and play. So we put our energy to good use wallpapering the fridge, rounding up the best products that can be ordered late at night off the tv, cultivating some indoor gardens, finding humor in the bathroom of all places and finally making it out of the house to see the CA BOOM Show at Barker Hangar.

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Living room

From yesterday's House Tour: Giulia's 'Fantasy Girl' Formula, here's the Cosco Chair with Step Stool as seen in Guilia's kitchen. This one's in a soft, buttery yellow, but you'll also see them in white, black, red.... The chair provides a guest a place to perch while you cook plus a stepladder for reaching your high cabinets.

Chair and many art pieces

Q: I just bought an apartment and will be moving in next month. The living room/dining room is almost square and there's a beautiful antique large crystal chandelier in the center of the room. While I don't want to get rid of the chandelier because it's so pretty, I worry that having a central focal point in the room will make it harder to create a separate feel between the dining room side and the living room side.

Living room

Like most rooms in your home, you want to find balance between form and function, and in the dining area, that means creating something that transitions effortlessly from everyday suppers to special dinners with guests. This dining room with both Scandinavian and traditional design elements has both great style and plenty of seating and storage. Here's how to get this Scandi-traditional dining room at any budget. This fabulous dining space spotted in Living Etc on House to Home is the inspiration for this high/low look. It has lots of great contrasting elements that work well together. The warm wood contrasts the black and white palette while the crown moulding and traditional artwork counterbalances the industrial lighting and minimally designed dining set and accessories. It makes for a great space for long dinners sitting around with some great food and your favorite people. Of course you can mix and match and add some of your own personal touches.

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If we smushed a La-z-boy and the Eames Lounge chair into one piece, we suspect it would look a little like this Danish Modern Lounge Chair. This could be a cozy addition to your den, perfect for reading a book or plotting world domination-all for $375! Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

Living room round coffee table

We're always shocked at how expensive bean bag chairs are in stores. They don't have structure or complicated construction and are made from relatively inexpensive materials. What gives? If you're even mildly handy with a sewing machine, it's quite easy to make your own. Our favorite tutorial for this project can be found on Making It Fun, the blog of Michael Miller fabrics. You primary materials will be six yards of fabric and bean bag pellets. The tutorial has tons of photos so you can follow along at every step.

Living room

Back in November, Tiffany wrote in asking AT for advice regarding wallpaper and molding in the bedroom. She sought your advice again for her dining room. Now, she writes to share images of what she's done and how appreciative she was for all of your suggestions! Hello AT,. Wanted to send an update of the dining room! I was in Egypt when everyone wrote back with their WONDERFUL ideas so only just read them. We were in Chicago for the holidays and got to use the dining room for dinner so I took some photos to update you all. I got the Merimekko wall hanging and put it in there, the rug is antique Persian and I have an antique crystal chandelier I got in Belgium that needs to be re-wired as it's European right now. The table is hand-me-down as are the chairs, or brought in from other rooms. I'm saving up for the Martine chairs from Restoration Hdw. Decided not to do the 'Woods' paper as it is so expensive! Thinking about this one... I'll send final pics when we finish this summer, as well as the bedroom.