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Looking for a great escape in your own city that offers some fabulous design style and a chance to unwind for under $10? Consider checking out and enjoying.... afternoon tea, coffee or cocktail outdoors at the cafe or restaurant of a luxury hotel. Living in Los Angeles, we have the pleasure of being able to check out and enjoy some iconic and quite drool-worthy luxury hotels, like the Beverly Wilshire and the Beverly Hills Hotel. We've enjoyed an iced tea at the latter's Polo Lounge and embraced the design style and inspiration that the hotel decor offers. Hotel style is a welcomed design palette to introduce in your home, like creating your bedroom to feel like you are on a constant vacation.

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The pattern in this Publique Living poster is inspired by a well-known building in San Francisco. We know the image is a little small, but can you name it? Answer after the jump. Each poster in Publique Living's Grafik180: City Art series is inspired by a building, with the architectural elements forming the design of the background. In the foreground is the airport code for the city in which the building or structure resides. Aside from the de Young poster there is another San Francisco print featuring a pattern based on the exterior of a UCSF parking garage.

Classic living room

Is because we wear gray all the time and we're looking for something to mix it up? Or maybe it's a harbinger of spring? Or could it be a friend's child's obsession with Curious George and his patron? Whatever it is, we're currently having a yellow moment. Which is why these yellow floors we saw on Bloesem were so arresting and unexpected in an otherwise neutral room. More ways to incorporate yellow, after the jump.... Most likely it's the fact that we're about to paint over our living room's yellow walls. When yellow lines the hallway, you can be sure that a home filled with good food, good friends and good conversation is at the end. Grey and yellow is one of our favorite combinations whether it's the walls that are yellow and the furnishing grey or vis versa.... This much yellow is definitely a commitment. You cannot be shy and have a room that rocks this bright a colour. Aubergine aka eggplant or deep black purple and yellow is a sophisticated and sexy combination. To brighten up these dark times, how about bringing a touch of yellow into your home and creating your own bit of sunshine? It can be a simple as a bowl of lemons, a bright teapot or a wall on one end of your living room. Or try throwing yellow into an otherwise neutral and subdued room with a bright pillow, a throw or a bunch of sunny daffodils.

Living room

He bought the house from his parents and completely redid the decor in black and white. After drooling through the slideshow, we searched for even more beautiful rooms decorated in black and white. See our striking finds below the jump.... Shown above: the Modium kitchen by KicheConcept via Trendir; the bathroom in Lena Proudlock's restored Jacobean house in Gloucester, England; and Cactus wall bookcases from the Italian company Compar. Below are living room furniture from Fritz Hansen and a Black and White Balanced bedroom from LivingEtc. For more black and white home decor ideas, check out the blog Black and White Delight. Read the article 'River Retreat;Designer Darryl Savage crafts a whimsical refuge from a house his parents once owned' by clicking here.

Living room

On Friday night we went with some friends to a restaurant in Amagansett, NY and admired this big clock on their wall. We snapped a few pics and did a little sleuthing.... The first design note we made was how nice a large clock like this energizes the space - how the oversize quality of it makes it a dramatic feature in the room. This can also be done in homes, where oversize clocks or mirrors create focal points. For over 70 years, Electric TimeĀ® has been a master in the art of handcrafted clock manufacture and design. Our choices of indoor and outdoor styles range from silhouette clocks and tower clocks to post clocks, street clocks and wall clocks. If you are interested in vintage clocks and time, they have some great links here.

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We love the look of a rustic kitchen - and it's a style that's gained a great deal of popularity in recent years. What's interesting is that we're starting to see the emergence of something we're calling 'new rustic': kitchens that strike a balance between uber-minimal and country cozy. Above: An antique island adds a little texture to a modern kitchen from Svenngaarden. Exposed brick walls and a weathered island add rustic appeal to Julia's Atlanta kitchen. There are lots of rustic elements in this kitchen from Archello, but the lack of upper cabinets means that the space still feels airy and open. Wood drawers contrast wonderfully with a white background in this kitchen from VT Wonen. Wood, subway tile, and stainless steel come together in a kitchen from Bolig. The exposed beams and wood countertops add just the right amount of texture in this kitchen from Schoolhouse. Just a bit of wood cabinetry in a kitchen from The Style Files.

Large living room

I definitely didn't expect to go into a movie about male strippers and come out with a blog post. I left Magic Mike loving more than just the washboard abs. The title character's blend of beachhouse masculine and Warm Industrial had style worth more than a wad of $1s. Channing Tatum plays Mike, a stripper who dreams of leaving 'The Life' and crafting one-of-a-kind furniture. Though his designs and business acumen are debatable, I loved the warm manliness of his living room.

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We're excited for our son to get his first bike, but we're not excited about storing it for the winter. Like-a-Bike has developed a companion product to turn their freestanding bikes into rocking bikes. Like-A-Bikes are a considerable investment so we weren't terribly surprised that the ROCK-a-BIKE is too at a cost of almost $200. But we have to admire the concept as we're all for multipurpose toys. Have you seen a bike stand or rocker for any other kids' bikes?

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Spa style bathrooms on the cheap! We're loving the styling that's gone into these Ikea bathrooms. This bathroom could easily feel sterile except for the warm woods and comfy textures of the towels and the baskets on the shelves. If you currently have mismatched fixtures in the bathroom it's worth checking out what it would cost to change one of them. Having all the same finishes helps to tie together a space and will make it feel bigger. This all white bathroom also avoids feeling sterile because of the textures on the walls, the addition of some softer gray tile and the details of the cabinets. It also helps that the white surfaces aren't glossy or shiny which would also bounce more light and sound around and make it feel empty. Not quite neutral, we wouldn't have considered purple or such dark grays, but we applaud the effort, this bathroom looks sleek and modern and because it is well lit, doesn't feel like a cave. What we love is that you can borrow any of these ideas to hep make your bathroom feel a little bit more luxurious. See all the Ikea Products in these pictures right here.

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In the last several years, urban farms have sprung up all over the country, offering consumers a fresh and local alternative to large scale industrial food production methods. Found in the most unlikeliest of places-empty lots, old asphalt playing fields, rooftops- many of the country's urban farms stand upon the principle that healthy, affordable food should be a basic human right. Despite the increased media attention and growing popularity, most urban farms haven't yet found a way to thrive in the market economy. The problem is that most city farms still rely heavily on volunteer labor and grant funding. According to a recent piece in the Earth Island Journal, this is a definite problem because these farms 'Are unlikely to fulfill their aspirations and make a meaningful dent in the problem of food insecurity if they are forever running on the treadmill of foundation funding.' One farm that has successfully turned a profit while making local, organic produce available to its nearby residents is Greensgrow, an urban farm started in 1998 to serve a low-income neighborhood in north Philadelphia. It sells vegetables, herbs, honey, and seedlings produced on-site, along with produce, breads, meats, and cheeses from local producers, and also makes biodiesel from waste oil produced by the restaurants that buy its vegetables. Greensgrow co-founder Mary Seton Corboy says this diversification partly explains why her organization is financially self-sufficient, while many other urban farms are not. In 2009, Greensgrow had an earned income of $825,000 from CSAs, farm stand sales, restaurant sales, and nursery sales. For more on this, read the full article at Earth Island Journal.

Living room

Re-nest's Creative Reuse series continues with this great idea from reader Heather... and check out Lisa's raised dog feeder in the image below left. We're wondering what impact the economic crisis has had on your remodeling plans. We cover a report that says that strict new regulations on green building and energy use will help the economy. We've got the scoop on the latest design from green architect Michelle Kaufmann, and we've also found some hot 80% post-consumer recycled glass tiles. Who would have thought napkin rings and an old picture frame could make this? We're wondering: have you changed your remodeling plans because of the economic situation? A new report says increasing energy efficiency standards puts more money in people's pockets-and that, in turn, helps strengthen the economy. Unlike a lot of other so-called 'Recycled' tile, Trend's latest offering is 80% post-consumer recycled. As usual, we think Michelle Kaufmann's design sensibility is fantastic. This new design takes a slightly warmer approach than we've become accustomed to.

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Sometimes finding large-scale art for the home-that's actually affordable-is a challenge. We love many alternative ideas like creating collages or DIY art projects, and are liking this simple but effective art solution we found on a photoshoot for an upcoming house tour. Utilizing an oversize canvas, architect Mark Meyer placed a small photograph in the center, and in effect created a eye-catching, affordable piece of large scale art. Sure, canvas isn't exactly free, but compared to a large oil or acrylic painting, this idea of his is much less pricey. Sometimes oversized blank canvases can be found on sale, at thrift stores and on Craigslist. We really like how the canvas being so large draws more attention to the photograph-your eyes go straight to the bit of color on the large field of white. We also think this same effect can be used with really large frames, a small piece of art or photograph and a really oversized mat. Of course, getting something framed isn't cheap, and the larger the more expensive, but again, we're thinking more about those giant frames you find at a thrift store for cheap that have unattractive art you can replace. What do you think about creating an eye-catching art piece by placing something small on a large canvas or in a huge frame? Do you think it creates an interesting solution to an affordable piece of art? Or is a bit awkward?

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Living room

Found on ATSF, this adorable home office/craft station in Leah's new dining room. The desk is West Elm's white Parsons, the vintage tulip-style chair was found on eBay, and that's an IKEA Grundtal rail and Asker containers holding corral scissors, rulers, pens and pencils, paperclips, and other supplies. Leah explains on her blog that the room used to be a dark crimson red. It took two coats of gray-tinted primer to fully cover the red. They then used a paint mixed to match Benjamin Moore's Sonoma Skies. The paint ended up too bright on the walls, so they added equal parts of white paint to dim it down. This just shows you that a little color in your home office can really make a difference. More examples of great use of color in home offices can be found here.