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Living room with large blue art work

Hello All,I start a new job and I need a home office. Please guide me to a great desk that doesn't look like an office. Thanks,T. Dear T,We saw this desk at the Container Store and think it's a great option for the home. More ideas below the jump.... The Java Roll-Out Desk is on sale at The Container Store for $224.25. It measures 34' x 21.5' x 37.75' and offers up to 36' of workspace when pulled out. Does anyone have this desk? Any other desk recommendations?

Contemporary living room and dining room

The soft tones, natural patina, and simple designs of Belgian interiors are appealing for all rooms of the house. We find that Belgian influence particularly attractive for the kitchen, where the hustle and bustle is what's busy, not the kitchen's design.... Check out the full post: Soft and Serene Belgian Kitchens.

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Large living room

Le Pet Spa is a full service pet store, with grooming, pet sitting, accessories, food and supplies. This is strictly a local affair, built on the love of pets and the hard work of an owner who answers his own phone. Any thoughts and opinions on Le Pet Spa? Tell us below! >>Originally reviewed by Maxwell on 1.25.05.

Living room

If great minds think alike, then I think we'd all agree on one thing: blue and brown go perfectly together and are the greatest pair since pizza and beer.... I don't think I'd really call this color combination a fad, and I can't quite call it retro either. The thing that really turns my crank is the pairing of a warm dark with a cool light, and readers of this column will know that dark brown is one of my favorite colors. The first photo was taken chez moi, and my accent wall was the first column I ever wrote for this website. Here I combine brown with blue in the accents: robin's-egg blue pillow cases, the backing on my grandmother's quilt, and an oil sketch by artist Brian Gilmartin. Jonathan Adler has created a large portion of his inventory in blue and brown, including these throw pillows in retro patterns. The last photo is from my friend Richard, an editor in L.A. He painted his dinette in Ralph Lauren Edwardian Burgundy and Benjamin Moore Sea Foam, and tied the two together with vintage drapes. Mark Chamberlain, interior and decorative painter.

Living room

This gorgeous dining room mural was designed and painted by Emily Knudson of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. As JHID writes on their site, 'The walls are a pale grey, and both colors find their way into the layers of Emily's abstracted land and sea scape. The chandelier reminded us of the sails of a ship and the legs of the iconic Eames chairs felt like an inversion of the chandelier. A thick rustic table of reclaimed teak helps to ground the lighter elements.' Beautiful.

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We're digging this fresh-off-the-production-line Bike Lamp recently shown at this year's Milan furniture fair. Both the cycle floor lamp and the human-powered desk lamp seen above are LED powered and made from sustainably-certified wood. In case you were thinking you'd be able to get a great workout while powering your light, think again: you only need to pedal for about 4 minutes to power the lamp for a full half hour. Reminds us of this lamp from DWR that we've always admired.

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We'd be able to share show much more about La Fontana Contemporary Bath collection from Artceram. For now, check out the vibrant colors and modern silhouettes.... Via Trendir.

Rustic dining room

Got an amazing bathroom you've spent a lot of time, money, and/or energy on? Got kids who needs a night light, bath toys, and/or those sweet hooded towels? If your bathroom decor involves wood, plants, and a beautifully natural minimalism-like the bathroom in Sam & Anne's Cozy Modern Blend, above-stocking up on children's bath accessories is fairly simple and completely adorable. I recommend sticking to white, green, and wood for a fresh, organic look.

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Large luxurious bathroom

BKLYN designs, a contemporary furnishings show, was held this weekend in NYC. I'm sure we'll be seeing lots more on what was shown during the next week, but here's a quick peek via Core 77. To the left is the box shelving system from Manche Mitchell. Constructed of birch, walnut and aluminum, the system is designed to be strong yet lightweight. Look for coverage of BKLYN designs this week on AT-NY from their roving reporters.

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Round furniture on round home

July 4th is the unofficial holiday of the paper plate. While many believe there's no such thing as disposable dinnerware that's green, Verterra offers the lazy but semi-conscious an intriguing, compostable alternative made of fallen leaves. According to Verterra company lore, the founder came upon the idea in India. He saw a woman make an on-the-spot plate by pressing water-soaked leaves in a waffle-iron contraption, then serve a meal on it. In this version, fallen leaves from Southeast Asia are collected, steamed, heated and pressurized under fair worker conditions. While they are reusable, they also biodegrade within 2 months. Unlike many conventional alternatives, they are also free of artificial chemicals and toxins. The process isn't all that's unconventional. Plates are square or hexagonal, and joined by several serving platter options as well as a round bowl. A 10-pack of 6-inch bowls or plates is $8.99; 100 for $70. Nine-inch plates are 10 for $11.99 or 100 for $90. The platters are 12 for $12.99; also available in different shapes.

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