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I've been thinking about re-painting the guest bathroom for the past six months or so, and I've committed to do it this weekend. The only problem is that I can't quite seem to make a decision on the actual color. The bathroom has classic, simple white furnishings-but there's definitely a catch: the tile around the tub is light pink, edged with maroon. Initially, I considered going light: a soothing taupe or beige to keep the room neutral. Now I'm hankering to make the bathroom a bit more dramatic with a dark hue, and I initially considered painting the room a rich espresso. After some consideration, I'm worried that with the pink tiles and white sink and tub, the bathroom will look like Neapolitan ice cream. A friend of mine suggested that I try a dark grey instead: 'I think it'll go well with all the white pedestal sink and vintage style hardware. Keep the trim white, paint the walls grey, and then you can play with a wide range of pink and reds as accent colors.'

Living room

Yesterday we compiled our favorite Masculine & Moody Home Offices. More you ask? Yes, now we're wanting to experience Fun & Feminine Home Offices. Samantha Reitmayer of style/SWOON is certainly lucky to have a combination dressing room and home office. Rebecca's Loving Living Small Home Office is one of the brightest home offices we've seen in a while. Aerin Lauder's Closet Confidential is another example of combining the dressing room with an office. Honestly, we haven't seen much of these - but the ladies of luxury are bringing them to our attention! How could you not be inspired when sitting at a gold desk in the shape of a Z? Bold Purple Office may not be on everyones list of favorite offices, but we think it's intriguing. Gary Spain Designed Home Office is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. What do you think of these Fun & Feminine Home Offices?

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Noorieke's home is a mix of whites, creams and grays. With the help of some amazing chandeliers making each room have a focal point, Noorieke has created a cozy winter retreat that we'd like to call home. This chandelier which joins the kitchen and the living room makes a statement. Because Noorieke's color palette is soft and cozy, this sparkly light source makes the room glow. An accented wall covered in iridescent wallpaper carries the luminous 'Glow' quality into the living room. A few tea lights and a fluffy rug help make this space warm and cozy. Noorieke tells us that she has since said goodbye to the black television in the corner of the room. A salon style photograph grouping of prints add an extra layer of comfy.

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Looking for a great escape in your own city that offers some fabulous design style and a chance to unwind for under $10? Consider checking out and enjoying.... afternoon tea, coffee or cocktail outdoors at the cafe or restaurant of a luxury hotel. Living in Los Angeles, we have the pleasure of being able to check out and enjoy some iconic and quite drool-worthy luxury hotels, like the Beverly Wilshire and the Beverly Hills Hotel. We've enjoyed an iced tea at the latter's Polo Lounge and embraced the design style and inspiration that the hotel decor offers. Hotel style is a welcomed design palette to introduce in your home, like creating your bedroom to feel like you are on a constant vacation.

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Looks like 2008 Olympics mania has even creeped into the home decor market. Designer Jarvier Mariscal has designed a series of bathroom sinks for Roca, our favourite being the swimmers sink shown above. Check a few more images inspired by Olympic events under the jump.... More images available here, including an amusing tennis court basin not shown here.

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Living room

The Mid-Century Modern checker board patterned coffee table and two end tables are selling on Craigslist for $275 total or best offer. You can pick them up in Columbia Heights or ask for delivery. The Apartment Therapy DC Furniture Classifieds are local and JUST DECOR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll highlight you here on the front page.

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There are plenty of other ways to consume media - and plenty of reasons your living room might be better off without the box. Maybe watching Game of Thrones every week is how you and your housemates bond, or maybe movie nights are a really big deal to you. If your TV has a less important place in your life, maybe it's time to reconsider its dominance in your living room. You'll still know it's there, and therein lies the problematic thing about TVs - the tendency, if you have one, to arrange your living room like a place for entertainment, and not a place for people. I've noticed, lately, that what a lot of the successful living rooms I see have in common is the lack of a TV. This allows for the creation of all sorts of cozy and interesting conversational groupings - a group of seating round a fireplace, a daybed across from a sofa, or my favorite, two sofas across from one another. Conversations, even among quite a few people, always feel so wonderfully intimate on two sofas across from one another. If you find that you're not ready, you can always do something just as good - arrange your living room for people placement, and let the TV placement be a second thought.

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Living room with large windows

Name: Kathy & Jared Location: Brooklyn, NY Square Feet: 820 Division: Small What I Love About My Small Home: We knew the apartment was perfect for us from all the natural lighting and the open floor plan. Although we are only on the third floor of our apartment building, we live on a hill that gives us great elevation so we can see the Manhattan skyline and the bay. The second bedroom that we decided to utilize as our living room gives us the space to accommodate guests, and there is never a shortage of guests when you live in NYC..

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The kitchen that Emily and I use is admittedly pretty darn small. At 68' x 76' in size, it's more of a boat -sized cooking space than an ordinary kitchen, meaning that only one of us can cook at a time, lest we end up finding ourselves accidentally included as one of the ingredients. Ft...almost half the size of our studio apartment! Though we're proponents of small space living, we do think having a decent sized kitchen is a luxury we wouldn't mind having again, since we do miss cooking together in the same room. You'll notice our cat looks uncomfortable in the corner...that's because we're standing too close to him in our tiny sized kitchen and he feels like we're not respecting his personal space. Even he wants us to get a larger kitchen.... Here's my dear mom in her kitchen from way back when she lived in what was soon to be named Koreatown. The kitchen in our Wilshire Blvd. area apartment was small, but still much larger than the one Emily and I use currently; about twice as large. On the complete other end of the spectrum, we've got the kitchen inside LA's most expensive apartment, darn near ready to have Gordon Ramsey over to throw something together, with room to spare for several Mario and Emeril-sized chefs. So AT people...what sort of kitchen to you work your culinary magic in? Do you wish you had a larger kitchen to work in, or do you hardly cook anyway and just use the space to socialize? For those of you with small kitchens, any good tips you'd like to share about space saving solutions? We're personally fond of magnetic utensil holders, kitchen rails, ceiling pot racks, hooks, hanging produce baskets, and near-ceiling shelving to optimize space. We're still struggling with the battle of the bulge in the kitchen.

Living room with high ceiling

'Guess the Decade' is back with a fairly formal, very feminine sitting room, with a roaring fire to welcome us. Comments and conjecture are welcome in the comments, as always, but if you know the source of the photo - PLEASE don't tell. We promise to reveal it tomorrow, so please check back then for the answer.

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We've only got a week and a half left before the end of October's Color Month, so why not pick up this pair of bright yellow chairs, and only for $100 for both! Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..