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Living room with fireplace

It picks up the radio waves with human contact! Check out a video of it in action after the jump! Designer Florian Kräutli embedded conductive threads into the design of the rug that utilize someone walking on top of it as an antenna for radio reception. This would be great fun to play with on your own, but we're guessing it might be a little offputting to others trying to use the same space, although we're totally curious as to what happens when your pets run through your room on it! Even if we don't necessitate one in our own home, we still think it's a fabulous design and execution!

Living room and dining room

Since it came out, I've been a big fan of this svelte modern sleeper sofa solution. Designed by Blu Dot, it's got durable good looks, a comfortable sleeping surface and an uncomplicated folding and unfolding approach. You can see comments on it here, and if you want to go cheaper in a similar style, I would recommend either or these super affordables: the Anywhere Sofa at $399 or the Lubi Daybed at $899..

Living room

When I moved into my condo, the kitchen had wood cabinets and dark green laminate countertops. Before I moved in, I had the cabinets and walls painted white. I bought granite countertops and a new sink to replace the laminate ones. I have a back door in the kitchen that I painted yellow originally, but then an aqua: Behr Cool Jazz. I also brought the aqua color scheme in through my IKEA cart and storage containers from World Market. Overall, it was an affordable makeover that made a huge difference. Are you interested in sharing a decorating or renovating project with Apartment Therapy readers? Contact the editors through our Makeover Project Submission Form..

Living room with fireplace

Shower stalls tend to be squarish and nestled in a corner, but what if you have more space available in your bathroom and you'd like to have something more distinctive? Or what if you have less space and need something smaller? The circular shower looks modern and minimal, and is perfect as a centerpiece for your bathroom. When you are trying to organize your bathroom, you usually don't have that much space to deal with. In most cases, a nicely tiled shower nestled in a corner with a glass door will do the trick quite well. What if you want to make your shower stand out and be the centerpiece of you bathroom or if you just don't have the space for a large shower stall? The Spanish bathroom design company Roca has come up with something quite particular. It's a perfectly circular shower stall, that opens and closes automatically thanks to motion sensors. It's called the Transtube and it's a 360° shower stall. It gives the appearance of floating on air and it's ideal for modern and minimal bathrooms. The automatically rotating door features no handles, no hinges, nor any screws. There is a sleek chrome column inside that lets you regulate all of its features. The circular shape will let you shuffle it into smaller bathrooms as well, without losing any luxury.

Classic small living room

Remember the racing car bed the Rickster had in Silver Spoons? Cheesy, yes, but I must admit, at the time, I was a bit envious. If you think your child would enjoy a car as a bed, but don't want to go to the extreme, this project found at IKEA Hacker is for you. The bed is the Vikare bed from IKEA, which doesn't seem to be available in the U.S. but any bed with a footboard will do. Anna, the talented mom who hacked this bed, described using adhesive plastic sheets to create the jeep details. Unlike the Rickster, when they grow out of this phase, you can remove the decals or repaint the bed. Check out more photos of this jeep bed over at IKEA Hacker.

Living room and library


Large living room

Name: Jodi Location: Vancouver Canada Division: International What do you love about your bedroom?: Our wood feature wall. Our condo bedroom has been transformed into a warm cozy space.

Modern living room and tv unit

You might remember Hilary from about a month ago; she sent in her Angelus Vintage Modern Buffet Refinish Project with details of how she redid the vintage piece. I acquired another vintage piece this time by Stanley furniture. For this one I used color washing; it's a cool effect that can be applied to most wooden finds. The drawers were solid wood along with the majority of the structure. A glaze can be achieved by mixing dry pigment or acrylic paint to a water-based latex paint. In order to keep the colors really saturated, I used 5 parts of acrylic and only a 1 parts latex base as a medium. An old friend of mine used to say aim for the consistency of half n' half. This glazing technique could be used on any wooden furniture to give it a whimsical feel.

Coffee table details

Q: We want a rug to pull our living room together and give it a cozy feeling, but we are on an extremely tight budget. Will this brown HERRUP rug from IKEA work in my living room that is basically all solids? And where should we put it? I was thinking right in front of the couch, but there is also that area in front of the fireplace, between the tv and the chair/ottoman. If you have any other rug suggestions, I would love to hear them. I really do like the HERRUP rug a lot, I just don't want our living room to feel too dark and/or boring. Editor: Leave your suggestions for EEB0423 in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Modern tv unit in the living room


Living room tv unit

Can you believe we're into Week Four already? I don't know about you, but I feel like these last 3 weeks have flown by. I've been working on my own projects, focused primarily on clearing out my closets. See, we do pretty well keeping our apartment clean and clutter-free on the outside, but the insides -those dark hidden spaces called 'Closets' that whisper 'Psst! You don't know where to put that, so give it to me! I'll keep it secret, keep it safe...'- had developed a life of their own, and it wasn't looking very pretty.... My upper kitchen cabinets after I took off the cupboard doors. A few weeks ago I decided to switch to open shelving in my kitchen. In the process of making all the top cabinets look nice and neat, the lower cabinets got the spillover. A couple months of this and suddenly it was complete chaos: pans falling out on my toes when I opened the door, bowls and random storage containers toppled every which way, appliances I couldn't reach anymore. I'm still not accustomed to opening the doors and not having things fall out! In addition to clearing out the kitchen, I cleared out bags worth of clothes, shoes, and other household items and took it to Housing Works. This week is all about decluttering your living room. We've already gotten a bit of a jumpstart on the living room when my husband cleared out our 'Media cabinet' a few weeks ago and turned it into his bar mixology station!

TV unit


Living room

Have you ever wanted a little privacy when having an out of town guest stay with you? Well this 3 in 1 tent sofa transforms, giving the user the ability to put a roof over their head for some incognito shut eye in the fold out bed.... London designer Philippe Malouin has created Tent Sofa for the Italian manufacturer Campeggi. The sofa is made of soft polyurethane panels it can be unfolded to create a real life tent. We love the idea for the impromptu sleepover guest or for your kids as well. Hopefully we'll see this fun piece in production soon!

Large white living room

This weekend is supposed to be lovely but we still wouldn't mind spending it in bed. So we put together our fantasy weekend bedroom and filled it with crisp whites and happy oranges. We're normally not even big fans of orange, but something about its poppiness, its unpretentiousness and its happiness make us want to surround ourselves with the right burst of it. All while being swaddled in luxurious white sheets and a great mattress.

Living room

Make those cards you send to your friend or family member last a little longer: UK-based Postcarden is a pop-out-card-turned-mini-garden. Each set contains a cardboard scene, an inner growing tray, packet of cress seeds and step-by-step growing instructions. The contents come neatly packaged with a postcard-style space for the recipient's address and sender's greeting. Designed and produced by A Studio For Design, a London-based compant, and printed in Wales using locally sourced cress seeds and inner-packaging material, sending Postcarden in the UK only requires a regular large letter stamp. Available for £7.50 from Postcarden. Seeds should sprout in three days and the plant should last two weeks. Due to custom restrictions on importing seeds, Postcarden is not available outside the European Union.

Living room with red hammock

We put out a plea for help and you always manage to throw us a bone. In our hunt for this dream of a bathtub we came up short. While we still don't have our fingers on an exact replica, one of our readers, TRUE BLUE, sent us a great list with some sweet lookin' metal tubs. Check it out below the jump.... We must admit, the toilet-bench component of this sleek bathroom set freaks us out a little bit. It could be the miracle solution for that toilet seat cover conundrum that AT:LA pointed out a while back, but we're steering clear. For a change of pace there's always the hammock tub concept. As TRUE BLUE pointed out, this tub is described as 'Soft and pliant'. Not really for the bathroom, more for a woodsy outdoor scene.... Thanks, TRUE BLUE, for the great tips!