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Dark living room

We're always simultaneously heartened and chagrined when we read about New York families making clever use of their small spaces. Heartened that it can be done, yet chagrined knowing that we're probably not making the most of what we ourselves have. The Finger-Kennedy family whose apartment was recently featured in Dwell is definitely making the most of their 640 sq. Feet in the East Village with multi-functional furniture, hidden storage and skylights. 'When the family met with the architects who helped them transform and rejigger the apartment young Jonah voiced his opinion that the apartment should feel like a pirate ship. And indeed the architects incorporated ideas from boat design which demands clever solutions for small spaces. See Jonah's bed above? It's also a desk that the whole family can use. There are hidden 8' compartments in the floor to eke out every last bit of storage space. The family's dining table folds down from the wall, but can accommodate a dinner party if need be.

Large living room with library

Q: We are moving this weekend and are looking for some amazing advice for arranging furniture for this narrow living room in a DC rowhouse. Among the obstacles - a radiator below the windows, a fireplace dominating one wall, and the open wall for the entry way. We had wanted to create two sitting areas, one in front of the fireplace and one under the windows. We are slowly realizing that there may not be enough space for two sitting areas - and a good chance that the space under the windows will become an unfortunate 'Dead' zone. We also thought of putting a round table and chairs next to the radiator, but are uncertain if there would be enough space or room flow. Editor: Amy- what great bones! We love the window nook, the wood floors, and the yellow archway, but we can see the challenges you face in this space. How about a chair and ottoman in the window to create a comfy reading nook? It will look less crowded than two chairs and won't block too much of the heat coming from the radiator. Your couch can face the fireplace and create some separation from your entryway, and if you're having a party, the ottoman can always serve as additional seating. Readers, what advice can you share with Amy as she gets ready for a pre-holiday move? Do you have a Good Question you need answered? Drop us an email with QUESTIONS in subject line - please remember that questions with pictures get answered first!

Living room

Our bedroom is freezing - consequence of being a poorly built addition with little to no insulation - so the idea of having a fireplace at the foot of our bed is the ultimate in winter sleeping luxury. When we tied the knot this fall we spent a few nights in this adorable B&B carriage house where the highlight was undoubtedly the thermostat-controlled fireplace.... We're not really gas log folks but we'll admit the modern convenience of knowing the fire would turn itself off was highly enjoyable. Anyone ever stayed at a B&B with a fireplace in the bedroom? Or do you have one in your own bedroom? If so, how do you feel about it in warmer months when it goes unused? We're on the fence about having one in our own home but definitely relished our experience for those few days. The Colby Hill Inn is in Henniker, New Hampshire and comes highly recommended if you're looking for a great B&B in southern NH..

Living room wood panels

Umbrella-ella-ella...There's long been a superstition that opening an umbrella inside brings bad luck, but we're gonna have to cast that fear aside if it brings a fun decor idea like this one! While perusing some of the entries over at Domino's Decorating Contest, we came across this entry by 'Shannon from Gresham, OR.' She put up a vintage outdoor umbrella and stuck it in the middle of her dining table. Now, personally, we don't think we could sacrifice a real vintage danish modern table by drilling a hole in it, but we love the concept, and you could easily do it to, say, a less expensive table, or one you got at thrift store. We love this idea of bringing the outdoors in and if you've got a a liking for more exotic decor, adding in some candles or string lights above could make your next dinner party all the more intimate and fun.

Living room




Dining room and living room

AT reader Danny sent us a link to these great images from Architectural Digest, including the above Chicago house designed by Richard Himmel in the late 1960s. Above: A Chicago house designed by Richard Himmel in the late 1960s features polyurethane floors and furnishings in Plexiglas, vinyl and chrome. Lee F. Mindel, of Shelton, Mindel & Associates, collaborated with architect Reed Morrison on the design of his own retreat in the Hamptons. In his Palm Springs house, built by John Lautner in 1968, interior designer Arthur Elrod arranged the ribbon chairs, covered in stretch fabric, and curved sofas-all of which he designed-to maximize views. Shelton, Mindel & Associates restored and renovated a family's Central Park West apartment, turning two units into a unified 8,000-square-foot whole-half of which is designed to host philanthropic events. Shelton, Mindel & Associates' Lee F. Mindel added a two-story poolhouse to his Hamptons property. Above: The horses can enter the open area of the yard through two rectangular openings in a wall that Barragan, a horse lover himself, designed to the scale of a horse's body.

Living room with rock walls


Minimalist living room

Bedroom art is so interesting - specifically the art that people hang directly over their heads. Maybe it's just us but the selection of what to hang over one's head while sleeping offers a much more intimate glimpse into one's personality than any other art in any other room. Over our own bed is an old, cut paper collage made by a family member in a lovely ornate frame. To us, this personal piece simply could not reside anywhere else. We've rounded up a variety of over-bed art selections from across AT Boston - follow the jump to check them out.... House Tour: Jeanine's Sun-Filled House. What do you have hanging over your bed and why did you choose it?

Open plan living room and kitchen

We want to hear from you! Like all of the AT sites, we want the Nursery to be a community as well as a resource. Got a great tip to share, a favourite online resource, store, or blog? Looking for a hard-to-find item, run up against a challenge you need help solving, want to tell the world about your favorite nursery product? Let us know. We want to hear from you, and hope that you will take a moment to let us know what you hope to see from us. Of course, you know we cannot wait see what you did with your nursery, so please, start tagging your Flickr pictures with apartmenttherapynursery! Thank you for reading AT: Nursery, and for your great comments so far.

Black and white living room

AT:SF, I recently bought a place and I love everything about it, except for the fact that the living room and kitchen feels very dark and depressing due to the dark cherry floor and cabinets. The whole place just feels so 'Red' to me; and on top of that, we have an upper deck outside the living room that blocks a lot of the sunlight coming to the living room. How do I decorate and furnish this place to make it brighter?.... ...I was thinking of painting the walls a bright white. Do you think it's a good idea to have bright white walls with the dark floor? If not, can you recommend me some colors that will work well with the floor and cabinets. I also hate the wood trimmings around windows and doors, so I was thinking of painting it white as well but I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

TV unit

Hello AT,. My beau and I recently moved into our first home together, a rather generous sized 950 sq. We were lucky enough to be able to renovate the space and we've been trying to make the place feel more like a home than the rather bland rectangle leftover from the office conversion....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions. Right now we have a temporary coffee table from Ikea, but it is much too small for the space. We bought it as an interim measure until we could find something more spectacular. We have a gorgeous walnut vanity cabinet and have been looking for something to complement it so we were thinking of the Scando table by Offi. We were also looking at a second hand Saarinen coffee table from a local store, but someone grabbed it up before us. We're a little worried that with a large white table our place might be starting to look a little bland though especially with our light colored rug. We still have some other longterm improvements to make, like refinishing the dining room table and figure out how to hang some sort of sliding doors to separate the bedroom instead of curtains. Before winter arrives we'd like to make our apartment a bit more lively and colourful.

Contemporary living room

British textile designer Anna Magdalena Johansson's Tree Room Divider is really lovely - and inspiring. Made of small holes in paper, on a wooden frame, it reminds us of a headboard we once saw on the television show Changing Rooms. The designer had drilled simple holes in MDF or wood and installed light strings behind it, so that light peeked through the holes. We'd thought about making one, and then forgot until we saw Johansson's room divider.....

Living room

In most bathrooms, the shower enclosure is a bit of an afterthought, just a practical solution for keeping water from spraying all over the room. Lately a different kind of shower enclosure is picking up steam - steel framed doors that make the shower a thing to be celebrated. I suspect that most of the shower doors pictured in this post are custom jobs, but if you're interested in replicating the look without dealing with a fabricator there are a few options, like this French door-style corner shower, and Costal Shower Doors' Gridscape series, which is available in a variety of styles. A steel-framed shower door is also lovely in a more traditional bathroom as well - like this one from Byrd. These shower enclosures can take on a different look depending on the size of the panels. A delicate shower enclosure draws the eye in a bathroom from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. Another minimal steel-framed door, seen on My Domaine. This shower enclosure from TradHome resembles a graceful pair of french doors. This shower almost looks like a stained-glass window with leaded panes. A steel-framed door makes the shower a standout element in this bathroom from Dwell. Finally, an industrial/rustic bathroom seen on

Living room

This is where old products go to die - but in a completely good way! All of the stuff you remember your parents using when you were a child, products that seemed to mysteriously disappear by the time you were a teenager, are to be found at Vermont Country Store. Along with nearly-extinct perfumes, obscure soaps, unusual canned goods, Vermont Country Store also has an interesting array of vintage-inspired toys and home goods that will send you back in time. We had a Raggedy Andy doll when we were very small, and seeing Vermont Country Store's Raggedy Ann and Andy, $29.95, now just makes us all misty-eyed. While we never had an Inchworm, $49.95, growing up, we can live through our son vicariously if we choose to buy one. Of course, no toy blast to the past could be complete without a Slinky, $9.95. For us the main attraction to Vermont Country Store is the high chance it offers to O.D. on nostalgia. Besides cool toys and odd knick-knacks, where else can you find Sweetheart Soap, Rosebud Salve, Jean Naté, a Bulova Travel Clock and a slide viewer all in one place?

Living room

One of our favorites is the white marble mantel in Anna's Old-and-New Newburgh Victorian. If your home didn't come prestocked with an amazing Victorian mantelpiece, thin cast stone models are one option. Their thin cast stone mantels range from $700 to $4,000 and some can be purchased with hearth and surround kits. They also sell antique wood mantels, false fireplaces, and economy mantels.