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Living room

Living room

The contractor we consulted told us, in a sense, that the house was built around the tub and that we would literally have to take our house apart to move it. Since we are stuck with this tub, what colors can we use along with this tub to help update it? I have a picture of the 1950's ad of our exact tub. Editor: That is a big, blue tub! As a renter of a smurf-blue bathroom, I'd like to recommend a sunny yellow-orange color to brighten the room and act complementary to the blue.

Living room

I grew up with one of those wildly inaccurate mechanical body scales which always required adjusting, offering a reading only somewhere in the ballpark of 'Accurate'. Bathroom scales have come a long way since then, like this all-digital wireless model offering user-calibrated weight and BMI measurements, wireless data uploads via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a partner Health Mate app to visualize user's weight data, and multi-user recognition for households...all with a year long battery life!

Living room

How do you make the most of a small space you've turned into a bedroom, despite the small square footage? A Redditer found ways to maximize space when they turned the solarium of their small Toronto condo into a 8.5' x 8' bedroom by adding a wall. They came up with some simple but smart ways to make the small space feel peaceful and not overcrowded. It's not within every budget to buy a bed that has built-in storage, but in this small and closet-less space, it appears to have been a vital element to ensure this small space actually functioned the way they needed it. Another fun storage feature? Not just one nightstand, but three, on each side! Floating nightstands have long been a smart choice for small spaces, but here, the addition of even more wall-mounted ledges means more room for both needed and decorative objects. We all know that wall-mounted reflective surfaces like mirrors work magic in small spaces, and in here it's no different. They chose to add the mirror to the wall opposite the door, which is a smart move since it'll reflect an image of the other room, making it feel a little more open than it actually is. For saving space and adding privacy, you can't beat a sliding door, which they made here themselves using mostly items found at Home Depot. Keep the side of the drapes that face the bedroom a light color, preferably a similar color to the wall. This will help them blend in and expand the look of the space visually. It just makes sense - small spaces need less stuff, and keeping the decorative elements to a minimum will help keep a small space from feeling cluttered. As this small bedroom proves, you can find a good balance between art, decorative elements and more and still have a room that feels spacious for its size.

Yellow living room

When you have brick walls in your home, thoughts most often turn toward painting them white. Maybe it's a reaction against the commonly-dark color of brick. A coat of light blue paint offset by red furnishings and it's transformed into a happy place to hang. What do you think? Would you go with a color instead of white when painting a brick wall?

Bright living room

The Long Island home of fashion designer Victoria Swanson Beard is, by all accounts, gorgeous. While the 1865 farmhouse has been completely redone, Swanson Beard still suffers a problem that plagues many-low ceilings. In the dining room, Swanson Beard doesn't shy away from tall items. The sideboard features tall vases with tall flowers, and there are two trees in the corners. Browsing the article, I didn't notice the low ceilings until Swanson Beard mentioned it herself. 'The rooms are large rectangles with low ceilings, and there's not much excitement to them,' she tells Elle Decor. Her solution? 'Wallpaper provided that surprise element. Each room has an identity now; each is very inviting.' In the bedrooms, living room, and even a bit in the breakfast nook above, Swanson Beard layers prints and comfy textures that pile on the cozy. 'We'd joke that it's granny-chic, sloppy and comfortable,' she says.

Large living room



'And last week I saw Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal, and I talked her out of buying this truly heinous angora sweater. Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed...' -Elle Woods. We're not the biggest fans of pink, but damned if we're not going to admit that we are loving these pink sofas! Pink is one of those colors that scares us: too bright, and it looks like a hair extension from the Avril Lavigne collection. Too muted, and we're sipping tea at Grandma's. After taking a look at these sofas, we're thinking maybe the secret to pink is using it in bold graphic textile patterns to diffuse the prissy factor.....

Living room with wood floor

Looking to add a little color to your bedroom? Check out these 7 color combinations that are both lovely and and restful - perfect for your sleeping space. Above: In this bedroom from Inredning Shjälpen, a medley of greens come together with black and white for a sophisticated space with plenty of richness and depth. We love this bedroom from Lonny with a rather complicated color palette that, in application, seems so simple. Notice how the pink, dark green, blue, and gold colors in the room all pick up tones from the rug. Blue + orange is a classic combo: these complementary colors are especially dynamic and pleasing together. This bedroom from Domino takes it a step further with dark brown and black accents; a hefty dose of white provides the perfect backdrop. Black can be a wonderful color for a bedroom, and it's also an excellent way to set off jewel tones, like the blue here. The colors in this bedroom from AD España are rather subtle, but we love the way the different shades of purple play together and against the light grey walls. This combination of teal and chartreuse, from Lonny, has a special energy to it, but is still soothing enough for a bedroom. From Decor8: soft pink and blue paired with white and a cool grey for a look that's both sweet and sophisticated.

Living room with big windows

Today's Home & Garden section of The New York Times focuses on kitchen design. After an interesting discussion on What Is the Best Material for a Kitchen Work Surface? on The Kitchn this week, we were pleased to see The Times offer a wide range of counter top materials other than the ubiquitous granite. Pictured above is IceStone.... The story, New Counters? Everything's on the Table looks at both engineered surfaces and more traditional options like marble and terrazzo. There's even abreakdown of prices based on square foot: With So Many Options, So Many Price Points.

Bright living room with large windows


Living room with black wallpaper

Part plumbing fixture, part architecture, the SATI and SANGHA shower heads are part of the new Elemental Spa collection by Dornbracht.... Dornbracht's new Elemental Spa collection, designed by Sieger Design, has the common element of a white form that just floats out of walls, providing water. The outcome is almost like floating shelves and not at all like your typical chrome tap. The SATI protrudes straight down from the ceiling above and the SANGHA floats out from the wall.

Open plan living room and kitchen

It's been our favorite color since our tween years. Grey isn't the first color color you probably think of when decorating a nursery or buying baby accessories, but maybe it can be. Like brown , the color grey is a great modern neutral. Although sometimes considered cold, it also can be very warm. We're drawn to the matte grey finish on the Sparrow Crib by Oeuf. It works with any bedding choice - bright, pastel or white. We're kicking ourselves for buying our Stokke Tripp Trapps chairs before the grey ones came out. What do Ohdeedoh readers think about grey in the nursery? Do you like the look enough to use it in your baby's nursery? Check out our previous post about grey in kids' rooms.

Living room

Lori must have changed her mind, because she is selling her Rejuvenation hanging light for half price. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

Living room with red wall

We look at the Red Toffee media chair and we are not sure what to think. What kind of space would this actually look good in? The use of fiberglass for a seating material is definitely proven with the Eames shell chair, but a fully integrated media unit? Not so sure if this is the best execution of that. We would actually prefer a different fiberglass chair if we were looking to build a self contained media unit.... '...the'> Arnio ball chair with a small screen. They have already been retrofitted with speakers, the only thing missing is a display.

Living room with zebra rug

We always like the idea of things being tucked away. Whether it's a home in a garbage truck, with everything from a teapot to a cutting board concealed in a drawer or, as we noted yesterday, a nook for a dog's bowl, having a place for everything and everything in its place is not only cool looking but it makes clean up easier. Here's something we hadn't thought of. In this small bathroom, a sink is concealed in a drawer that pulls out only when necessary. The fixtures are on the wall above the drawer while a flexible hose drains the water away.

Bright living room