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They usually speak to us while at a tag sale or thrift store just after discovering a unique piece of something that we have no immediate use for but is just too good to pass up. CK at Bald Man Mod Pad must hear these voices, thus his purchasing of some plywood with a bunch of perfect little circles cut out. Kudos to him for taking the next step and actually using these pieces as a perfect accent for his son's bookcase. Double kudos for not only lighting up that bookcase, but for using bingo chips to add some color. CK does not provide a tutorial in the traditional sense. It's more like a rambling walk through his brain, which is a pretty amusing place.

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Laundry room

Juliette balconies are often 'Pasted' onto buildings, seemingly unusable. There's something nice about them from the interior.... Sure, you're never going to get a table or even a chair out there. If you open the doors wide, the narrow balcony acts as a rail for the rest of the room, creating a great big balcony, if you will. Take this bedroom from UK's Channel 4, for instance. In the photo up top you can see that with the Juliette balcony's doors flung open, the whole room takes on an outdoor feel. Rather than step out onto a full-size balcony, this flattened version allows you to enjoy the interior space much as you would an outdoor space. Arrange a comfy chair there by the doors and you could read or nap away a warm afternoon 'Outdoors', in the comfort of the interior.

Simple laundry

It's hard enough to find an affordable apartment in San Francisco without requiring period extras like a wood-burning fireplace. So this product fascinates: a sleek wall-mounted steel 'Fireplace' that requires neither chimney nor gas line because it burns organically-produced Ethanol. Ethanol is more green than anything you would use to fuel a traditional or gas fireplace, though burning ethanol does produce greenhouse emissions. Designed by Floz Design for Blomus and available in three sizes, Chimos can be found here.

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Name: Alexander Location: Bilbao Spain Square Feet: 390 Division: International What I Love About My Small Home: It is in the city-centre so everything is close: parks, bars, pubs, cinemas, underground, etc. I have enough space for the pug and the Florida tortoise, and also for gatherings with friends. Cozy, bright, comfortable, and efficient while easy to clean and to heat.

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They embrace the idea that less is more, and most appreciate design that is clean, pure and simple in form. Help Dad grab the brass ring with the Crescent Brass Bottle Opener from The Future Perfect. Akita Desktop Accessories from Plant & Moss are perfect for today's concrete jungle. Handcrafted and simply luxurious, the Leather Laptop Cover in Tan with Brass Button from OEN is 100% leather. The unique design of the World Time Clock by Charlotte van der Waals from Amazon displays the time for all 24 time zones. 78.7.A master of minimal design, the Picnic Time X-Grill from looks as good cooking as it does being carried. The Barcelona Bird Feeder By Monique Engelund is inspired by the work of a minimalist master.

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Greycork is a furniture company based in Rhode Island, and they are crowdfunding their flat pack living room that's an alternative to IKEA. The collection has a minimalist Japanese aesthetic, and includes a chaise, three-seater sofa, bookcase, and coffee and side tables. Made from ash, fiberboard, and polyester upholstery, the pieces ship for free and assemble in four minutes or less.

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Small laundry

Have you been looking for something to set you apart at the next all day music festival or soccer game? Check out this lawn chair that's received quite the luxury treatment with a few leather belts. We happened upon a great pin on Pinterest and followed it back to Kiki over at Kiki The Spunky Munky where we discovered this vintage lawn chair that has a brand new life ahead of it. Vintage frames of this sort usually have torn webbing and the replacement options aren't always attractive. You could pick up inexpensive options from the thrift store and alter them with either dyes or punches - heck leave them just the way they are! It's a fun idea to make custom pieces that will be the awe of the block party or perfect for your next trip to the beach or ballgame.

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The Alpha Chair is beautiful in a very sculptural way. Designed by Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta for PIE, the Alpha Chair is hand-crafted from bamboo. Its smooth curves blend art and contemporary minimalism with an Asian influence. The Alpha Chair is available at Vivavi for $700..

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Q: After ten years of dreaming, we are about to renovate our terrible bathroom. I am looking for a bathtub just like this one, which was part of an apartment just profiled in the NY Times. Does anyone have any leads on which tub this is or something similar? Any help is appreciated! Editor - Any recommendations for Nicole to make her bathroom renovation dreams come true? Got a good question you'd like answered? Send your queries and please include a photo or two illustrating your question, and we'll see if the Apartment Therapy LA team or our readers can help answer your question.

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We've been searching high and low for a free-standing mirror for a client. Finally landed on this: the Triptych Vanity Mirror by Baker Furniture. It's perfect for areas where you need a mirror but have no wall to hang it on. In our case, it's at a bathroom sink that has a large window in the spot a mirror would usually hang. We've found there are so few mirrors out there that do this job - maybe that's why they have it priced so high.

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Feeling a bit moody? We've compiled our list of moody bathrooms done in a daring black to set the tone. Black bathrooms are tricky to pull off: too much gloss and it can look like the set of an 80's Kylie Minogue music video; too little pizzazz and the bathroom looks like a work-in-progress. Take a look at some of our favorite black bathrooms after the jump.... A boudoir black bathroom with a shocking shot of citron, from Laure's favorite black bathroom. A simple yet glamorous bathroom that can be recreated easily with some glossy black paint, floating white shelves, and black and white photographs in simple black frames. This top dollar bathroom features beautiful ebony floors with a matte charcoal-grey wall. Love the elegant clawfoot tub and the silver candelabra and light fixture adds just a touch of fantasy.

Laundry room with floral wallpaper


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My own desire to move from the dining room table to some kind of dedicated workspace that doesn't need to get packed up had me lusting over little nooks in the kitchen to fit a desk, a couple of folders, maybe a bulletin board and a computer. A couple of friends of mine have tiny apartments with kitchens that can accommodate a little table for 2. This desk from flickr user Laura Hiartrich is mid century utilitarian style with an eames chair and simple lines. It's a small desk just at the end of the counter, out of the way but not shoved into obscurity. I wonder how often the desk in the kitchen ends up getting everyone's stuff all over it. With ample shelving, bulletin board backsplash and out of the way enough to not be in the cook's way. If given the chance would you use the kitchen eating nook for work? Do you already? At the least I'm picturing a little parsons desk or something like this to stick into a tiny corner.