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Small red kitchen

I have this vintage wooden dining table with chrome legs. Since I want to fit 2 chairs on each side, they cannot be too wide. I can't even decide if I should get wooden chair or not. My budget per chair is under $200. Any Ideas? This table is eearily similar to the design of my parents' dining table. My parents have always had light colored Thonet cane chairs that have worked well.

Red small kitchen

A velvety, comfy sofa sounds very cozy now that the cooler weather is coming and the color looks fresh. The price is right, as the seller says the condition is excellent. Apartment Therapy Furniture Classifieds are open for your business in the NAV BAR. Post a particularly good thing, and we'll post you here on the front page.... OTHER GOOD STUFF..

Compact modern kitchen

Over seven years have gone by and I still haven't attempted this project...but maybe you will? Though I am usually such a plain Jane, the cheerful, simple, graphic nature of rickrack really appeals to me...though I think I would use grey rickrack, if such a thing exists. Grey would evoke clouds, and white or cream would be pretty dreamy, too. Then every time I look at that photo above I think, 'Red! So cute!'. 'The article recommends Masterstroke Canada and Hancock Fabrics as good sources for rickrack, but it looks like Purl Soho currently has the best selection of the 3/4' size. In San Francisco I've seen giant rickrack at Fabric Outlet SF on Mission at 17th. In the magazine, the same instructions are given for embellishing pillowcases and stocking, so please see these instructions if you'd like to attempt this project. Please tell us how it goes! Perhaps your triumph will encourage me to get over my fear of sewing projects and finally, finally make these my own.

Small kitchen

Most people have a strong reaction to pink, and love it or hate it - it's become a bold choice for decor. While one would imagine that it might be an offbeat fit for the dining room, it actually makes alot of sense. Pink is a color that is perceived as being romantic, upbeat and festive, which are moods that we hope any dinner party would inspire. We like the idea of using an unusual color for a little unexpected drama in the room where you hope to entertain and dazzle guests just a little bit, but want to know what you think - Is pink for the dining room an appetizing proposition or enough to make you start skipping meals? Check out House Beautiful for more great photos and decorating ideas.

Breakfast bench

Whether you're lucky enough to have the space for a formal dining room or just have a cozy dining area that you carved out of your living space, it's nice to have a place for friends and family to gather over a great meal. There's something about this eclectic space full of warm rustic woods and friendly boho colors that will have you sitting here all night with good food and friends. This room from Inside Out doesn't have much to it but it's full of warm woods and playful pops of color to make it a very welcoming dining space for both casual family eats or playing hostess with friends.


We love the look of a rustic kitchen - and it's a style that's gained a great deal of popularity in recent years. What's interesting is that we're starting to see the emergence of something we're calling 'new rustic': kitchens that strike a balance between uber-minimal and country cozy. Above: An antique island adds a little texture to a modern kitchen from Svenngaarden. Exposed brick walls and a weathered island add rustic appeal to Julia's Atlanta kitchen. There are lots of rustic elements in this kitchen from Archello, but the lack of upper cabinets means that the space still feels airy and open. Wood drawers contrast wonderfully with a white background in this kitchen from VT Wonen. Wood, subway tile, and stainless steel come together in a kitchen from Bolig. The exposed beams and wood countertops add just the right amount of texture in this kitchen from Schoolhouse. Just a bit of wood cabinetry in a kitchen from The Style Files.

Kitchen yellow benchtop white cabinets

You know what? Treating yourself on a regular basis is the best way to keep your spirits flying high all year. Here are our picks for the best ways to revel in luxury in every room of the house. Indulge in good sheets! The kind of sheets that you love diving into, sleeping in all night and hate having to crawl out of! Good sheets don't just have to be for luxury hotels; you can find affordable sets for use everyday. Add to the enjoyment of using this room by filling it with a few just-for-you treats that would be something you really love, like a great candle with a scent you can't get enough of, a tea kettle and tea cup set you love serving yourself with, or perhaps a stylish little boombox to play your favorite tunes out of. Then make sure you use them! And not just every now and then, try almost every day. Get yourself some great seats! You always forget how uncomfortable some dining room chairs can be after you've sat in them for awhile. Turn your bathroom into a more spa-like space for a room that will be a luxury to indulge in. Make an intentional display for your favorite consumable treats so that when you do indulge, you're celebrating it, not sneaking it out of a package hidden in the back of your pantry! Having it on display might seem like a way to sabotage your diet, but we think it's the opposite. By giving yourself permission to treat yourself every now and then you're taking away the 'Can't have it, must have it!' aura. So pull out the throw pillows, the throw blankets the candles and then bring a few of those edible treats out there, too! How are you indulging yourself this year? Where will you be adding luxury to your home in 2015?

Country kitchen with white cabinets



In between blogging, we've been doing the Fall Cure and trying to get our bedroom together. As much as we'd love to have a room full of modernist furniture, our collection is really a mishmash of contemporary pieces we've slowly acquired and hand-me-downs from family. Based on what we already have, we're planning an upgrade that combines our 70s mod aesthetic with our second-hand shabby chic pieces.


If you are looking for a large screen movie or TV viewing experience in your home, a projector definitely gives you the best screen size to dollar ratio. A 65 inch LCD runs for approximately $7000 while you can pick up a 1080p projector and screen for about half that price. Those numbers alone give the projector a considerable advantage for our home theater setup. Do be aware that projector setups require a reasonably dark room to provide the best image, not as much of a consideration for LCD TV's. What else should you consider? Assuming you use the projector 8 hours a week you are looking at just under 5 years. Not all projectors can be ceiling mounted and each projector has a distance requirement which may not fit with your layout. Noise level: Having a projector means having a spinning fan to cool the projector while watching a movie.

Living room

Right now I'm convinced that the perfect thing for that last blank wall would be one of these breathtaking modern mirrors. Cordor Design's Objet Trouvé mirrors incorporate found objects for a whimsical, sculptural effect. I'm a little bit obsessed with this mirror from Bower, first spotted on Design Sponge. It's from their series of Shape Mirrors, which you can see here. They're available from Room68, starting at $975. The hand-distressed antique finish of this mirror makes it not so great for looking at yourself, but perfect for making a big statement. Color-washed circle mirror, $1.098 from Anthropologie. This gorgeous leather and brass mirror is by EK Design. Probably my favorite item on this list is this beautiful, delicate 'Francis' watercolor mirror by Constance Guisset for Petite Friture. The design of this floor mirror has a beautiful simplicity. Metal framed floor mirror in rose gold, $499 from West Elm.


This dining room mixes old and new elements for a look that's fresh, but still rooted in the past. Whether or not you decide to adopt these elements in your own home, hopefully it will provide you with a little inspiration for mixing things up in your own dining room.



Kitchen island

Hey girl, we thought you should know that San Diego restaurant Bang Bang has a women's bathroom wallpapered with photos of Ryan Gosling. The only way to make this place more perfect? If their doggy bags actually came with free puppies.


That is what the Collective Four, a group of design students from the Pratt Institute, set out to create for Dwell's Building Green project in Harlem. AT: NY gave us a tour of the entire home, but we thought we'd take a look at the design of the home office. Constructed of a multitude of eco-friendly materials, this home office offers a wealth of inspiration for alternative and customized storage solutions. The owners had two distinct personalities for the designers to contend with, one being a bit whimsical and the other quite practical. The solution was to create an 'Organized chaos' through interlocking pieces that create a desk and shelves. The result, an attractive, functional space that suits their lifestyle. To see more photos and learn more about the design, materials, and construction techniques, check out the Collective Four's Blog that documents the entire process from start to finish.

Country kitchen