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Small kitchen with custom backsplash

Our dining room is my favorite room is our new but old home. After reading up on the slow home principles Cambria mentioned earlier this month, I realized our dining room qualifies. A pendant light should be centered above your dining table, hanging between 28 and 34 inches above the top of your dining surface. You'll need proper, easy-to-access storage in your Slow Home Dining Room. What else is on your list? Making these items easy-to-access will make the process of dining in this room convenient and enjoyable. Take an inventory of the items you typically use in your dining room. Typically you'll want 5 to 6 feet of space around your dining table, unless it's situated against a wall. Hang a special piece of art in your dining room or dining area to celebrate the space. Let go of the idea that your dining room will always be perfect.

Kitchen with recycled pallets as center island

Have stubborn rust stains in your toilet bowl? If you live in an older apartment then chances are you do. As much as we try to stay green with our cleaning products, sometimes it seems like you have to go harsh to tackle a major stain like rust. We just read on the queen of clean that Tang sprinkled around the bowl and left for an hour or two will do the trick. Apparently the Tang works because of the citric acid that oxidizes the rust stain. So anything powdery that contains citric acid will do it, even lemon flavored kool aid. What a relief to not have to bust out the harsh chemicals. An added bonus is that we don't have to worry if someone leaves the lid up and our kitty goes in for a drink that she'll be ingesting harmful chemicals. Finally it'll leave your bathroom with that fresh tang scent!

Modern italian kitchen

Oh, IKEA. We applaud your green initiatives: taking the formaldehyde out of your products; charging a nickel for a plastic bag; making a public commitment to phase out PVC in both your products and your packaging... and we're sure we're forgetting a few other green deeds. When we stumbled upon, happenstance, a promotion for your Tempe, Arizona, store, we sighed. This sigh was not a sigh of contentment at reasonably priced, well designed, mass market housewares. HELP REDUCE C02 EMISSIONS BY USING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! Bring in your monthly bus pass to the AS-IS section of the store any day of the week, and receive an additional 10% OFF discount on AS-IS purchases only - on products $20 or more. Not valid on previous purchases and cannot be combined with any other offers. If you've been to IKEA, the above conjures up a comical image of some poor bus pass holder lugging a lightly used, heavily discounted Swedish bookshelf up the front steps of a bus. The bulk of IKEA products are made of particleboard and are therefore very heavy; most IKEA products are sold 'Knocked down,' which is a fancy way of saying you have to put it together yourself; however, AS-IS is the section of the store where IKEA offloads floor models and returns: ergo, things that have already been assembled. Heavy, large things that have already been assembled and that are unlikely to fit through, much less be allowed on, a public bus. We applaud IKEA for giving props to people who use public transportation, but perhaps a free cup of coffee might be a better promotion that recognizes that the vast majority of IKEA's merchandise leaves the store strapped to the roof of a car or stashed in the back of an SUV. image via

Grey cabinets kitchen

Seems like everywhere you look something new is being used as a canvas. So it's no surprise that the next big thing to hit the streets comes straight from your living room - the Painted Sofa. Painting a couch can be a work of art, but also something quite practical. Companies like Fabric Spray Paint offer permanent, non-toxic spray paints for your furniture. Other people have had success using basic latex wall paint and mixing in Textile Medium, which helps the paint adhere to fabric. Whether you choose to paint your couch for fun or function, let us know how it goes and send in your examples to newyork(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com.

Sleek cabinets kitchen

Re-nest reader Kristin is looking to replace this chandelier in her entry. She wants it to be green, and able to use CFLs. Our first idea was paper lanterns. Other readers have suggested grouping pendants, or choosing a well-made fixture from Rejuvenation. We're also making progress on our quest for lightweight, portable containers for packed lunches. We've got a great DIY on how to reduce odor from your cat's litter box. Don't miss the latest two installments of our inspiring Green People series, which profile architect Eric Corey Freed and consultant Aaron Winer. Does mixing these two litters result in the perfect blend? Green consultant Aaron Winer tells about helping others to go green. We thought these well-designed recycled plastic food containers would be the perfect portable complement to our vintage Pyrex. Re-nest readers tell us to watch out.... Green architect Eric Corey Freed not only has an amazing scarf, but also an agenda that includes attacking government subsidies to the oil and coal industries.

Large kitchen with island

The folks at Cookie Magazine are showing off the beautiful rooms of Tovalisa and Otto Gothenburg, ages nine and six and the children of designer Elisabeth Dunker Gothenburg. They reside in a spacious old apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden. The dresser is from Elisabeth's mother, the bedspread is vintage, and the bed is from IKEA.... We love this orange and white wallpaper. It's from the Swedish company Sandberg and was designed by artist Charlotta Sandberg. Otto's room also feels bright and airy, and he has plenty of floor space for playing. The colors seem similar to Tovalisa's room, although Otto would prefer black or blue walls with Spiderman posters. We love the clean look of the beautiful wood floors and primarily white walls. It leaves plenty of room for adding color in the furniture and accessories. Thanks for sharing these great pics Cookie Magazine.

Modern Orange kitchen cabinets

Q: I live in an old Victorian style home that was built in 1901 and later converted to apartments. The window moldings match the period and are about 6 inches tall. I'm not sure where to hang curtains or valances. I would like to hang a valance in my kitchen, but am not sure if I should cover the molding completely or hang the valance lower so you see the molding above it. In my living room, I just want to hang one sheer over each window and am again wondering where I should place the rod. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Renee in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Kitchen with industrial lamps

I know it is a matter of opinion, but I love the look of a mirrored dresser. I have decided to buy the one from Pier 1 and I know for sure that I don't want to go matchy, matchy. I am thinking to find a nightstand that is similar lines and paint it. I also have a tufted headboard picked out that is going to be gray, blue, or white. I am concerned that I am going to pick the wrong pieces for the rest of my furniture in the room. There is only room for a bed, nightstand, and this dresser in my bedroom, so each one matters quite a bit in how the room looks. What bed and nightstand would look best with this dresser? Should I buy the matching night stand and do a tufted bed? Editor: Please share your suggestions with Kate in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Kitchen with zig zag wallpaper

Q: We want to brighten up our living room and adjoining dining room. We're renting, so the wood trim has to stay natural. Even though we have huge bay windows, we don't get much light. We would love Sherwin Williams paint color suggestions, because it is a block away. Editor: Leave your suggestions for Kate in the comments - thanks! Have a question for our community? Send us yours with a photo or two attached.

Dark wood cabinets and large island

Seems we have a love / hate relationship with them in our homes.... Love, because of the sense of age and texture they give to a room. Hate, because they're sometimes crumbly or have a darkening, heavy effect that overwhelms small spaces. If you're dealing with conflicting feelings about brick walls in your home, one thing you might consider is whitewashing. It's translucent, so it will still let the inherent qualities of the brick show through but lighten things up considerably. There is a simple how-to at Frugal Farmhouse for anyone who wants to give it a go.

Open plan kitchen


Large rustic kitchen

No, it's not wallpaper we're talking about but tile. Italian ceramic manufacturer Iris does a great job of bringing tile out of its bathroom/backsplash niche into the rest of the home. Although these rooms are beyond the reach of most, we found some inspiring ideas in the mix: patterned kitchen walls, modern-meets-traditional dining rooms, and a few great color combos.... For more inspiration, visit Iris Ceramica.

White contemporary kitchen


Kitchen with hydraulic titles

Dining chairs are an inexpensive staple from thrift stores and yard sales. If you find a pair with seats in disrepair, here's a great way to reuse them as a chic garden bench. If your garden is looking a little bare, break out a circular saw, and get to converting a pair of old chairs into a brand new bench. This Old House ranks this as an easy 4-hour project, costing only $65 plus chairs and outdoor fabric. Not bad for a bench made to look good and withstand the elements! For a shopping list and step-by-step instructions, visit This Old House.

Red cabinets industrial look kitchen

Whether you're looking to impress your dates or just create a sleeping space with a little scope for the imagination, you'll find plenty to be inspired by in this collection of romantic bedrooms. Above: An intricate mirrored headboard adds a romantic touch to amostly minimal bedroom from Desire to Inspire. Whimsical touches enliven a bedroom from Osborne & Little. I love the delicate little hanging lamp - almost like a cluster of flowers - and the lavender linen bedding in this bedroom from SF Girl by Bay. Layered greys make for a lovely space, as seen on Design Sponge. I love how the more intricate touches - like the carved bed and chandelier - are balanced out by more minimal elements in this bedroom from Domino. Intriciate moldings are just the thing to add a little drama to any space. In this room from Decor8, a cool, almost ethereal palette is balanced with a bit of rosy pink. An intricate headboard makes this room from House to Home. Love the look and want to see more? Check out this Gallery of Romantic Bedrooms.

White modern minimalist kitchen

Victoria's House Tour may have been last summer, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten it. Now that it's Bathroom Month, we immediately thought of her bathroom. The sectioned mirrors reflect the light beautifully, and make a small room seem larger. If you'd like a similar look, Restoration Hardware sells a Triptych Tabletop Mirror.