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Large farm kitchen

I stumbled upon this blue bedroom and really liked the saturated color in the walls and the giant-scale painting at the head of the bed. Further investigation revealed that this bedroom was created by.... Extreme Makeover Home Edition! I've watched the show a few times, but had to put up with a lot of mockery from my architect husband for doing so. This Chatham House bedroom project, one of Ty Pennington's specials, really sparked my interest. The painting behind the bed is by artist John Paul Strain. Strain is a renowned painter of Civil War-era scenes. I really enjoyed reading his take on the wild experience of working with Extreme Makeover. The painting is 5' by 5' and Ty framed it with wood molding finished with a coat of silver paint. It looks terrific and is a great idea for DIY framing of oversized pieces.

White cabinets kitchen

There's something sort of perfect about black in a bedroom: what says 'sleep' more strongly than the color of the night? Here are 10 rooms where this moody hue is the backdrop for a seriously stylish space. Above: Jenna Lyons' black bedroom from Domino, arguably the one that began it all. A black bedroom with gold accents from Farrow & Ball. Black and white and lots of texture make for a soothing bedroom, spotted on Design Sponge. Black can also be a perfect background for setting up other, brighter colors, as in this bedroom from Lonny. Black also pairs nicely with other, less bold colors - in fact, it pairs nicely with any color at all. A gallery wall adds a little bit of color to a bedroom from Domaine Home. Finally, the deliciously moody bedroom in Allison and Matt's East Village apartment. Want to get the look? Find plenty of color suggestions in our Black Bedrooms Paint Color Portfolio.

Black and white kitchen


Large kitchen with breakfast table

Here's an example of where we like the idea behind the product, but we're not so hot on the actual selection of finishes to choose from. The Mirr.Edge system allows you to fancy up that plan mirror sheet in your bathroom with a mirror acrylic or woodgrain finished polymer. Like we said, we like the idea, as we've living in our fair share of apartments and homes with those cheap tab held mirrors. Looking through Mirr.Edge's selection of choices/finishes, we're left wondering if a DIY solution using framing material from an art/frame shop and some industrial adhesive would work just as well. It would surely give you a lot more options to choose from.

Open plan kitchen

When you're looking for places to bring color into your home, don't overlook the dining room. Dining chairs, tablecloths, and walls are good starting points. Look for photos and options below.... Option #1: Neutral table and colorful chairs. Option #2: If you have a hard time committing to color, bring it in with changeable accessories. Shown: Jackfruit Tablecloth from Anthropologie, $98 and Stockholm Table from IKEA, $429. Option #3: Dress up dining room walls with wallpaper, a great backdrop for elegant dinner parties.

Wood cabinets kitchen with breakfast island


White open plan kitchen

To complete your summertime entertaining kit, pair it with this folding bar cart and quench your guest's thirst while the smell of barbequed food whets their appetite for your smoke infused fare.... The well-named Gastone, made of steel and aluminum with polyurethane trays, is sturdy enough to hold a evening's worth of mixers and glasses, that you can wheel over to your guests. In five colours, you can find one to match your decor, indoors or out. When the party's over, just fold it up and put it away to await your next fete.

Modern gray kitchen

Round coffee tables are so easy and low-maintenance. When you need an open floor plan, round coffee tables can be temporarily pushed aside or placed next to the sofa, without a crooked angle in sight. They move easily for cleaning and are excellent for small spaces where mobile furniture makes for a quick shift from party mode to office mode. In addition to round coffee tables, oval and organic shapes work nicely in situations where the conventional square or rectangle won't do.

Minimalist kitchen

Looks like 2008 Olympics mania has even creeped into the home decor market. Designer Jarvier Mariscal has designed a series of bathroom sinks for Roca, our favourite being the swimmers sink shown above. Check a few more images inspired by Olympic events under the jump.... More images available here, including an amusing tennis court basin not shown here.

Modern large kitchen

Sometimes a new proportion is all that's needed to bring a breath of fresh air into a common material. These pavers by Stepstone Inc. are a fine example.... Stepstone's Narrow Modular Pavers are concrete pavers that come in a linear proportion: 4' wide by as much as 24' long. Available in 12 colors, the pavers give the common concrete paver an uncommon look.

Farm kitchen wooden cabinets

Buying a new TV can be just like buying a pair of jeans; you want something that matches your style and fits your form. So why is it that we'll approvingly try on a pair of jeans before we buy them, but trying on a TV is still an unthinkable convention? Website TV Size Matters wants to change up the way we buy tech by letting your living room 'Test out' a new TV. Wondering if a 60-inch set is too big for your space? Wish you could get a glimpse of what a new TV might look like in your room? Check out TV Size Matters. When you upload a photo of your room, TV Size Matters shows you a simulation of what the space might look like with different-sized TVs from a sliding scale. It works by having you set the scale of the room by drawing a line on the photo-along a known object like your picture frames or sofa back-and typing in the length of that line in real life. TV size matters will show you if the screen fits in its intended spot, but it's still up to you to pick the best screen for your space. Remember that viewing distance has a lot to do with choosing the right screen size-this post has a great chart that spells out the ideal viewing-distance to screen-size ratio.

Kitchen with white counter top


Large kitchen in open plan warehouse conversion


Large kitchen with study desk


Modern kitchen with white cabinets and stained wood

Wow, I thought my minimalist modern tendencies had faded away since my days in college studying to become an architect. Then every once in awhile I see a residential structure like this and I think I might be able to live in a concrete box.... The big box, known as the House kn, is located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan and designed by Kazuyasu Kochi and Mana Kochi of Kochi Architect's Studio. Also below is their Shinkawasaki Infill condominium, which has a stunning white washed interior space with a most curious crawl space only reachable by ladder.

White kitchen with details in red

One of the challenges of living in a small space is that often, your living room is doing a lot of work: as workspace, lounge space, dining room, and maybe even guest room when the occasion demands. If you need a little inspiration for fitting it all in, look no further than these five apartments, where clever homeowners have managed to squeeze a lot of living into a little space. The living room of this New York apartment from Homepolish has a small space solution that we love: a wall-mounted console that runs the length of the room and serves as desk and storage. This living room from Design Sponge is quite narrow but still manages to get a lot done. Jessica and Milo's little apartment is only 325 square feet, but they've managed to fit a lot of living into their little space. Their coffee table is actually two tables that come apart as needed, which is useful for dining in the living room. The chairs can be moved around the room as needed, so the living room actually seats quite a few people, while maintaining a spacious feel. The living room of this Paris apartment, from IKEA Family Live via Apartment Therapy, is so packed with solutions it's hard to know where to start. It takes advantage of a sectional sofa, which can be quite a good solution if you need a lot of seating in a tight space. You can see the full floor plan of the apartment here.