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Large farm kitchen

When Pantone announced that Tangerine Tango was to be the color of the year, the world of design took notice. Orange furniture and accessories are definitely having a moment. If you are thinking about adding the hue to your living room, here are some ideas, big and small for getting the look. From throw pillows to arm chairs, the color can be integrated as a major focal point or as a small pop of color. Either way, orange will definitely brighten up a room.

White cabinets kitchen


Black and white kitchen

Q: This room was pretty much a selling point for my husband and I. It's one of two entertaining spaces, but this one is definitely the most grand. I've never tried to decorate something so massive! And while the stonework is one of its best features, it's also one of the most difficult to decorate with. How does one try and set up a room with such a glory hog? This space will have the television and seating for guests to lounge around, but with measurements that exceed my tape measure I'm at a loss. FYI, that wall color came with the house, soon to be painted over. Any ideas that would preserve the stone would be super helpful! Editor: Leave your suggestions for Adriana in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Large kitchen with breakfast table

It's often hard to find time to design around a television setup, but it's even harder to do it when all you have is a tiny flat to work with. Our Australian comrade Filip has come to terms with both areas of hardship and created one of the most amazing spaces we've seen in a while. We love how his couch softly creates a divider between his kitchen and living room, executing serene contrast filled with warm, leather fabrics - we just can't help but to drool like crazy! More photos of his marvelous flat can be found on his Flickr. Have a picture to share? Tag them 'Unplggd' and we'll find them! Or join our totally awesome Flickr group, Unplggd.

Open plan kitchen

The picture doesn't give us much to work with, but this is the Green Kitchen Concept by Whirlpool. It looks like something the Jetson's might have liked and it does some things that seem pretty futuristic, as well. The Green Kitchen has one big thing going for it - it will supposedly turn its wasted water and energy into fuel. Engadget says '60-percent of the water and heat generated from diverted to fuel other appliances.' One example given on every blog we can find that mentions the green kitchen is that the heat produced in the compressor coils of the fridge would heat that hot water in the dishwasher. It's only a concept right now - but it's one we like.

Wood cabinets kitchen with breakfast island


White open plan kitchen


Modern gray kitchen

They wanted 'Bold.' Their generous parents wanted 'Reasonable.' One sister's inspiration list included a Sephora bag and a Union Jack- an ode to their British grandmother who lives with them- and the other sister insisted on animal print, and requested that the room be neither too matchy nor too loud. We started by painting the walls Benjamin Moore's Simply White- my favorite white for North facing rooms because it has the slightest hint of warmth while still reading as a pure white. I used painter's tape to paint the far side of the room in bold black and white stripes. Spatially, the most logical space was the wall with the two windows, but the windows were unevenly spaced on the wall, and the headboards were almost ten inches wider than the window frames. I scored inexpensive white cotton duck cloth and black grosgrain ribbon, and sent them to the talented Paul and Nancy Johnson of Paul David Design to be turned into pelmet boxes and curtains. As for their original furniture, we incorporated a few items while shipping the rest down the hall to their younger sisters' room.

Minimalist kitchen

Remember the last time we showed a gray and red room? The soft pale gray walls made the bright red bed look great. Darker shades of gray look great with red as well. Check out the charcoal wall in combination with the lighter gray we came across at the French store Laurette. It's a nice way to use a dark color without darkening the room too much. The gray furniture and bedding makes everything monotone so that the red punches really stand out.

Modern large kitchen

There's something about the contrast between the rugged wood plank and the industrial-yet-graceful hairpin legs that makes this bench just sing. If we saw this beauty in a store window, we'd imagine it came with a hefty little pricetag. Guess how much this little DIY number came in at? Angela of the blog kriselkeeper wanted an entryway bench that her two-year-old daughter could easily sit on to put on her shoes. After finding just the right piece of wood at a reclaimed lumber seller, she made the inspired decision to use those fabulous hairpin legs. All told, the cost of materials was just $109: that's $16 apiece for the reproduction hairpin legs, and $45 for the gorgeous piece of wood. If you're inspired to try your hand at a similar project, the legs can be ordered from

Farm kitchen wooden cabinets

If your style is one part classic, one part glamorous-and all parts luxurious-rich textiles like velvet, shagreen, marble and fur should take center stage in your living room. Something...everything...needs to be able to catch the light from your crystal chandelier overheard, right? Let these 12 posh pieces be your swanky guide.

Kitchen with white counter top

It can come as a nasty surprise when your beloved workstation desk no longer fits in the space you have available. This is also the case when you thought your desk would fit flush but you're left with some extra space. When we moved into our new home, it was apparent that the IKEA Galant super desk that we had with extensions wouldn't fit at all in the new home office. The Galant is a nice desk, when you have room for it, but in our experience they are magnets for clutter, at least in our case. Gary from Germany was in the opposite situation when he was looking for a desk that would fit the entire width of his home office. The Expedits aren't deep enough to fit the entire tabletop, so there is some space for cable management as well as LED lighting strips. Lastly, he added a third Expedit with two drawers on the right side of the desk. Since the desk is set up against a wall, some LED strips would work very well. We like how the Expedit with drawers adds some desk real estate, without making the desk too large.

Large kitchen in open plan warehouse conversion


Large kitchen with study desk


Modern kitchen with white cabinets and stained wood

After a stint in San Francisco, she decided to return to Los Angeles, and in just 6 weeks created a home office that would make just about anyone envious. From this glamorous home office for one, Rebecca juggles an assortment of projects: her own design site, loving. I moved from working as a commercial producer in a cube at an ad agency for ten years to enjoying a comfortable home office and doing work I love as a social media producer and design writer. Through Sweetline, I work with large and small brands on their online presences, social media strategy and style as well as digital marketing campaigns, all from this home office! Since I mostly work from home it was important for me to create a comfortable and peaceful office that worked in the size of the space and that felt balanced in function and form. Proudest DIY: Setting up my office by myself in just a few days. 'Biggest Indulgence: Buying a new computer for my home office, a 21.5' Apple iMac. As described above, it was important for me to set up my version of a comfortable office and having a decent sized computer monitor was part of that. Since I work online and now have a dedicated home office, I wanted to get a larger screen than before. Wicker bike basket to hide the wi-fi accessories IKEA boxes to store tons of office goodies Modern accordion file box for my important papers White planters from IKEA that I use for my pens and pencils. While we will work with homeowners of our favorite homes to feature full tours, we will also share the best as House Calls - short, quick tours of readers' homes.

White kitchen with details in red

Is it Spring yet? This bedroom, from Australian company Salvation Jane, screams out warmer weather, school vacation, and just good old plain fun. Luckily, it's also really easy to achieve in your own home. Just choose three bright bold colors, and find a balance of furniture and decor in those solid shades.