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Turquoise kitchen cabinets

In the latest issue of Surface Magzine, they featured this series of witty wallpaper from 5.5 Designers called 'Wallpaper games' as part of their bathroom products section.... There are three games, a maze, tic-tac toe,, and a hidden word puzzle. According to their site, they are highly recommended for the bathroom, waiting rooms, or any space where one might be bored.

Farm kitchen island


Colorful kitchen

We're excited for our son to get his first bike, but we're not excited about storing it for the winter. Like-a-Bike has developed a companion product to turn their freestanding bikes into rocking bikes. Like-A-Bikes are a considerable investment so we weren't terribly surprised that the ROCK-a-BIKE is too at a cost of almost $200. But we have to admire the concept as we're all for multipurpose toys. Have you seen a bike stand or rocker for any other kids' bikes?

Modern kitchen


Open plan kitchen


Small kitchen with breakfast bar


Warehouse kitchen

It may be autumn, but spring colors warm up this bedroom showroom. Maxwell reports, 'I like the generous layout here of two full size twin beds in soft blue and yellow at the Thomasville display.' The Apartment Therapy team is on the ground in North Carolina for the twice-yearly High Point Market. We'll be blogging their favorite furniture finds as they send them in so check back for updates often. For even more up-to-the-minute coverage of High Point Market, be sure to follow Apartment Therapy on Facebook and Twitter.

White and green kitchen cabinets

If you've been thinking about swapping out that old dining table, first take a look at some of the star pieces that caught our eye this past year. Our favorites include tables in various price ranges and styles ranging from reclaimed rustic to classic mid-century, with some designers putting modern twists on traditional designs. Check out the best of 2011 and give us your recommendation by leaving a comment.

Small modern kitchen

We spotted this neat idea from the Spring 2007 'Befor & After' special publication from Better Homes and Gardens. Many of you renters might have a similar bathroom setup. Extra large mirror with a single sink in the middle. As you can see in the photo, they were able to add some architectural interest without having to take anything down or have anything custom built.... They purchased two pre-made wall cabinets that traditionally would be mounted, but instead, simply left them sitting on the counter, flanking either side of the sink. Note that the bottom cabinets match the color of the cabinets on top, which makes one cohesive look. In the middle of the mirror over the sink, they attached an over-sized frame. The effect gives the look of built in cabinets, without the build. Has anyone tried this idea? Does anyone have any other non-permanent but high impact suggestions for bathrooms? Please share in the comments!Image from Before&After- a Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication.

Kitchen with warehouse ceiling

Christian and her husband decided to make a beautiful cathedral window quilt the focus and inspiration for their daughter's nursery. In addition to using the quilt's colors throughout the room, Christian's husband made this incredible wood wall art as a perfect compliment and counterpoint to the quilt. While one is soft and the other hard and the color comprises the diamond shapes in one and the petal shapes in the other - we think you'll have to agree that these items are both fantastic on their own and especially stunning together. You can read a bit about how this wood wall hanging was made on Christian's blog, ModObject at Home, as well as more about how this room went from a room for a son to a room for a daughter.

White kitchen cabinets

Q: We want a rug to pull our living room together and give it a cozy feeling, but we are on an extremely tight budget. Will this brown HERRUP rug from IKEA work in my living room that is basically all solids? And where should we put it? I was thinking right in front of the couch, but there is also that area in front of the fireplace, between the tv and the chair/ottoman. If you have any other rug suggestions, I would love to hear them. I really do like the HERRUP rug a lot, I just don't want our living room to feel too dark and/or boring. Editor: Leave your suggestions for EEB0423 in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Send us yours with pic attachments here.

Large open plan kitchen

Q: I was recently in the Hilton Suites Magnificent Mile Hotel in Chicago and fell in love with the sofas in the lobby. They are made of a cognac leather with extremely deep seats. The interesting part was the texture of the leather, which almost has a pocked quality to it. There are small holes all over the leather as if to give it room to breathe. Here is the best picture I could find of the lobby where the sofas are. My question is: has anyone been there and knows where to find these exact sofas, or something similar? Editor: Please share any info, suggestions or sources with Shannon in the comments below...thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Small kitchen with yellow cabinets


White kitchen with warm wood details

Architects Steve Schappacher and Rhea White painstakingly renovated a 1904 fisherman's cottage on Shelter Island. While their black and white kitchen benefits from custom designs and the keen eyes of two talented architects, other renovators can achieve a similar style if they know where to look. Here's our brief guide to getting a kitchen like this for yourself.

Small kitchen with island

Bored to tears with your wood cabinets? We hear you. If you're not a renter or you have some stand-alone cabinets that you'd like to embellish, DIY Magazine has ten clever and inexpensive project ideas for adding some interest to your plain Jane kitchen cabinets. Ideas range from painting a faux-antique finish to replacing the center panel with a delicate radiator screen. We love the look of the latter, and think spray-painting the screen prior to installation could yield some fabulous results too. Check out all the ideas and find step-by-step instructions over at DIY Magazine.

Minimalist kitchen

Round coffee tables are so easy and low-maintenance. When you need an open floor plan, round coffee tables can be temporarily pushed aside or placed next to the sofa, without a crooked angle in sight. They move easily for cleaning and are excellent for small spaces where mobile furniture makes for a quick shift from party mode to office mode. In addition to round coffee tables, oval and organic shapes work nicely in situations where the conventional square or rectangle won't do.