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Turquoise kitchen cabinets

An email from Catherine I'm looking to get an area rug for my living room in a 9' x 21' size. I'm looking for something in wool, but very simple, with no pattern. Since I don't need anything fancy, I'm not even sure where to look. Hi Catherine! For something that large, and especially if you're not concerned with a pattern, you might consider going to a regular carpeting store or carpet warehouse and seeing if they have any remnants that fit that size. Normally they can bind the edges for you and the results can give you a real custom look and also be quite cost effective. Does anyone have any experience with this or have any other suggestions?

Farm kitchen island

We love the look of a rustic kitchen - and it's a style that's gained a great deal of popularity in recent years. What's interesting is that we're starting to see the emergence of something we're calling 'new rustic': kitchens that strike a balance between uber-minimal and country cozy. Above: An antique island adds a little texture to a modern kitchen from Svenngaarden. Exposed brick walls and a weathered island add rustic appeal to Julia's Atlanta kitchen. There are lots of rustic elements in this kitchen from Archello, but the lack of upper cabinets means that the space still feels airy and open. Wood drawers contrast wonderfully with a white background in this kitchen from VT Wonen. Wood, subway tile, and stainless steel come together in a kitchen from Bolig. The exposed beams and wood countertops add just the right amount of texture in this kitchen from Schoolhouse. Just a bit of wood cabinetry in a kitchen from The Style Files.

Colorful kitchen

Sitting with your face buried in a computer screen can really make you lose track of time, especially if you're working in a window-less office. You can create your own 'Window' with your computer wallpaper and keep track of the passing of time in a clever way-no numerals required. Just using your computer's built-in rotating wallpaper setting, you can use your background to keep track of the passing hours, just like a bell tower. Each time the scene changes, you'll know another 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour has passed, depending on how you set it. If you want to get really creative, pick out 24 stellar wallpapers to represent each hour of the day. A quick Google search will return images of gorgeous day- and night-time scenes from around the world. If you're a budding photographer, you could even shoot the same scene at different hours of the day for a time-lapse-style wallpaper. It's the perfect background for your work to keep you on top of your time management.

Modern kitchen

They create a solid space for little ones to play and get the creative juices flowing, but more often than not, they aren't really something you want in your living room. It's not that you're exactly opposed to the Legos being there, but the tables themselves aren't exactly stylish. That's why you should build your own! Check out what this table hides inside. Ana White has been busy once again and this time she's taken to the living room. Ana's hide away coffee table is the best of both worlds and not only looks great, but has large toy storage bins within it. They're perfect for holding anything from Lincoln Logs to Legos, and even has recessed panels so Lego bases will fit right in. This makes it easy for small hands to stay busy while parents take a few moments to snuggle on the sofa and catch up on a little HGTV or Mad Men. Head over and check out the full tutorial for this table, it would make a great holiday gift for parents and kids alike - and don't fret if you've never attempted wood working, Ana makes things simple with easy step by step photos and a cut list to take to your hardware store.

Open plan kitchen


Small kitchen with breakfast bar


Warehouse kitchen

You never know what you're going to get with old houses sometimes. In this turn of the century house for sale featured on Vintage Seattle, you get a clawfoot bathtub that's been sunken into the floor. The listing explains that the bathtub is in the guest suite, as opposed to the master bathroom. Don't know about you, but we think this would be incredibly unnerving to discover and bathe in as a guest in this house. We wonder what else is between the floor we can see and the floor the clawfeet are standing on. It's rather beautiful actually - note the mullions.

White and green kitchen cabinets

The NY Times has picked up on the modernist dollhouse craze. I've loved dollhouses and things in miniature for a long time, but devotees to this movement have really wowed me with their collections and creations. Take this miniature replica of the IKEA Expedit, a familiar friend here at Ohdeedoh. Don't you just want to take it and organize it? You can read the NY Times full article and check out the slideshow here.

Small modern kitchen

A collapse in wild chinook salmon populations has prompted the US Fish and Wildlife Service to seriously consider closing the 2008 salmon fishing season from northern Oregon to the Mexican border. The reason for the dwindling salmon population? Pollution in the rivers and oceans, plus shrinking water levels caused by diverting water via aqueducts to Southern California. Washington and Alaska fisheries are not affected, but California and Oregon produce the most prized varieties of chinook salmon found in fine restaurants and home dinner plates. Chinook populations have been sharply declining over the past three years. 60,000 chinook salmon are expected to spawn this fall, a number that is less than half of what is needed to justify a nominal fishing season. In sharp contrast, the bumper crop of 2002 saw 800,000 salmon spawn. A chinook ban could potentially increase the price of salmon in supermarkets and restaurants. Home chefs will instead have to buy sockeye salmon from Alaska.

Kitchen with warehouse ceiling


White kitchen cabinets


Large open plan kitchen

'I just moved into my very own condo in DC! and I have four lovely windows in my bedroom. My question is about window coverings. It is a very sunny bright room which I love, but I am aware people can see in and it gets a bit too bright in the morning. So how best to cover them??'. 'I like the shades above from Pottery Barn, but not the fabric. There is cool old moulding around the windows so I don't want to cover them with a rod. I also like the fabric below but they don't do custom shades... does anyone know of an easy way to make shades myself, or of a place in DC who does it?'. Katie,You can get shades made by G Street Fabrics in Rockville; though it can be pricey, they do run periodic sales on both fabric and labor. You can also make your own shades if you are comfortable with a sewing machine; we've had good luck with patterns from G Street as well.

Small kitchen with yellow cabinets

Hard to believe, because week after week, the majority of voters get the decade right on the money, but this week, a different decade came out on top.... This was a tough one - and the majority of the voters didn't get the decade right this time around. 125 voters said the '70s - and it is actually NOW. It is a room designed by Jonathan Adler, which granted, made it a bit tricky, since the late 20th century definitely influences and informs his work. 53 of you got it right by voting NOW, followed by 31 votes for the 60's. The 80's came in fourth, with 15 votes, followed by the 90's and 50's, and the 40's were last with just 2 votes. Mod Life, Mod Dog and Bepsf all said they knew the photo, but kindly kept the rest of the info to themselves. A few other readers went for NOW based on the eclectic vibe of the room, such as ChrisToronto, DN and PlanItGirl. Alana in Canada said that the color palette tipped her off, and for Maggieann, it was the bamboo chairs and chandelier. The slipper chair was the giveaway for Doppelganger and kimg924.

White kitchen with warm wood details

There are two words you don't often see paired together, but these leather baby bibs just may change that. Made of washable leather, these reversable bibs have a unique magnetic clasp that adjusts to fit 6-36 month old babies, and won't pull baby's hair the way that velcro closures can. In a clever bit of design, those same magnets stick these bibs to your fridge until your next mealtime - we may never lose another bib again! They are a little pricey, at $32, but there are lots of patterns to choose from, and given the durability of leather, one or two of these might just replace a pile of cheaper cotton bibs.

Small kitchen with island

What does your dining area look like when it's not in use? We usually keep a few stacks of books and a vase of fresh flowers on our table to keep the space inviting. Sure, we make good use of the dining room when there's company, but we also like to make the space useful in other ways when we're not entertaining. This idea could be a reaction from childhood memories: my parents never used the dining room, the parlor, or the good china unless people were coming over or if it was major holiday meal. We spent the majority of our family eating time around a more casual table in the kitchen. As a result, those rooms stayed in pristine condition-and also a bit cold and uninviting.

Minimalist kitchen