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White kitchen with breakfast table

With all the vacationing and staycationing at Apartment Therapy this month, we thought we'd show you how to create a luxury hotel room of your own right at home. For your luxury hotel suite ensemble you'll need a few things to make your vacation day indoors perfect. We bookmarked some great finds from an online store called Linen Place. 'You'll first want to pick up some down pillows and a duvet. There is a summer weight option down duvet if you or your mate run hot. Another item that will keep you in bed all day are 1000 thread count Egyptian sheets. Throwing in these curtains'>black-out curtains from Target, time will seem irrelevant. We have the same curtains from Target and would never go back to everyday drapes. For this staycation, we like to get the room nice and cold, order delivery from our favorite Indian restaurant and catch up on our Netflix.

Modern white kitchen


Contemporary kitchen cupboards

We're finding lots of inspirational love for grey these days. We really liked the grey and pink nursery put together by designer Kenneth Brown. Now check out one of our all time favorite color combinations.... Grey and yellow. The dark charcoal wall looks so rich and velvety and bold white floral graphics do a beautiful job breaking up the darkness. The custom made yellow and white crib bedding makes for a perfect combination. Check out the full post on this room at Jo-An's blog, Little Papercuts.

Farm kitchen

Q: My home was designed with a very narrow dining space between the living room and kitchen. At 9ft by 9ft and it is simply too narrow for our dining room table. We have moved the table to the much larger family room around the corner and enjoy using the 'Dining space' for an office/library. Any suggestions for how to make it an attractive, comfortable and functional extension of the living room? While we're at it, any advice on the very open kitchen? Rug suggestions? Should I paint the cabinets white? Editor: Let Megan know what you think in the comments - thanks! Got a question? Email yours with pic attachments here.

Kitchen with breakfast island


Outdoor kitchen

Umbrella-ella-ella...There's long been a superstition that opening an umbrella inside brings bad luck, but we're gonna have to cast that fear aside if it brings a fun decor idea like this one! While perusing some of the entries over at Domino's Decorating Contest, we came across this entry by 'Shannon from Gresham, OR.' She put up a vintage outdoor umbrella and stuck it in the middle of her dining table. Now, personally, we don't think we could sacrifice a real vintage danish modern table by drilling a hole in it, but we love the concept, and you could easily do it to, say, a less expensive table, or one you got at thrift store. We love this idea of bringing the outdoors in and if you've got a a liking for more exotic decor, adding in some candles or string lights above could make your next dinner party all the more intimate and fun.

Small kitchen with different cabinet styles

If you're looking for some design details to add to your space that will create a calm and soothing room, you may find some inspiration in this cozy and simple apartment that mixes a modern style with zen-like accents. From the designer: My client for this project is a busy executive in Playa Vista, California, who is passionate about yoga, his vegan diet, and traveling. He wanted a calm and peaceful retreat after his busy day at the office. Also notable was the fact that he wasn't proud to have folks over to his place previously - he was ready for a home where he enjoyed entertaining his friends and family. To create an eclectic yet modern overall look, I juxtaposed two types of furniture-clean, tailored, and masculine with textural and organic. For a soothing yet dynamic color palette, I used calming neutrals peppered with watery blues and greens in pillows, accent walls, accessories, and the grass cloth on the walls of the master bedroom. My biggest design challenges were a modest budget and an awkward layout of the main living space. We've allowed for folks to pull up dining chairs to the living room sofa during a party, but when my client is home alone it feels comfortable. I selected items that gave us the most bang-for-our-buck and arranged the room for functionality and flow, using materials and colors to create cohesion and calm in the space. Are you a designer/architect/decorator interested in sharing a residential project with Apartment Therapy readers? Contact the editors through our Professional Project Submission Form.

Large open plan kitchen

I'm calling it 'Livably minimalist,' and using it to describe those clean, mostly-white spaces that appeal to our spartan sensibilities, but which still showcase some of the comforts of home. In other words, like a seriously cool futurist catalog kitchen, but one that looks like somebody actually lives there. I've rounded up 10 examples of 'Livably minimalist' kitchens, so you can feel the modern-yet-lived-in vibes and decide for yourself if this is the aesthetic you've been after for your own space.

Small modern kitchen

We've featured the home office of Flickr User and Unplggd Flickr Pool member, LewSpeigh before. His tastes have matured and certainly streamlined since the last time we peeked inside his office and we're pleasantly surprised. The only remnants of the previous office is that fantastic alarm clock. 'Santa gifted LewSpeight a Macbook Pro for Christmas and we're certainly happy he did because the gift inspired him enough to shoot photos of his new setup. The setup includes: Macbook Pro hooked up to the Samsung 24' monitor, Mac Mini, wireless Apple keyboard, two IKEA Lamps, Altec Lansing Speakers, Palm Pre Mobile Phone and MX Revolution Mouse. We love the angled white desk and how the desktop and laptop wallpaper perfectly accent each other and create a super cool mood. We're noticing Samsung has really stepped up their game and they seem to be the go-to manufacturer for monitors, even with Mac users. As we learned from his debut on Unplggd he's saved up all of his own money to purchase everything in the home office.

White kitchen and dining room


Large contemporary kitchen

Framing fabric, it's easy to do and creates stunning results. It's also the perfect solution for leftover fabric or fabric of sentimental value that hasn't been showcased anyplace yet. Jessica wrote us with this project, inspired by bookmarks that she makes. Jessica uses self-adhesive paper and cuts out the shapes she wants with an X-acto knife. Then she peels off the back and places the fabric over the windows. Add a frame and there you have it- a lovely work of art.

Farm kitchen with breakfast table

With all the wooden items going around, it was just a matter of time before someone made a USB flash drive out of wood. The USB flash drive comes in a 1GB capacity and is available in Japan for about $62. It's made by Marubeni Infotech.

Creative kitchen island

Flip through any design magazine or blog and you'll find spaces with white walls: airy Scandinavian spaces, maximalist Bohemian spaces, tailored Midcentury-style spaces. If you're experiencing a bit of white fatigue, then feast your eyes on this collection of 15 living rooms in pretty much any color but white. A lavender-hued living room spotted on Dear Designer. A darkly dramatic British living room from Design Sponge. A living room in the palest pink, from The Curated House via Brit + Co. A dark accent wall adds drama to the living room of this Oslo townhouse. A beautiful cool blue living room in a Moroccan home from Elle Decor. Bold blue walls in a London living room from Marie Claire Maison. From Rue, a living room painted perfectly in the palest shade of blue. A living room in a beautiful shade of emerald, from Bolig Liv. From Design Sponge, a living room in a calming shade of grey.

Large open kitchen


White kitchen cabinets

This one comes on the heels of the beautiful wall treatment we featured in our Another Nod to Grey post last week. On the right is what looks like a dramatic white wallpaper featuring clusters of buildings outlined in black. The walls are painted black with the same buildings painted on, this time in white and on a much larger scale. We suspect that the homeowners painted the walls black and then drew in the white buildings freehand using either chalk on chalkboard paint or white paint pens. The larger-scaled buildings on the black wall keep the room from looking too busy. For more photos of the rest of this house, check out Emmas Design Blogg.

Black cabinets open living kitchen