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White kitchen with breakfast table

No, it's not wallpaper we're talking about but tile. Italian ceramic manufacturer Iris does a great job of bringing tile out of its bathroom/backsplash niche into the rest of the home. Although these rooms are beyond the reach of most, we found some inspiring ideas in the mix: patterned kitchen walls, modern-meets-traditional dining rooms, and a few great color combos.... For more inspiration, visit Iris Ceramica.

Modern white kitchen

Every functional item you put in the nursery is an opportunity to inject modern design. This Girl's Dress Kids Mirror from British retailer Heal's is a good example. The simplicity of the cut-out dress shape of the mirror on a wooden hanger works well in the modern nursery. The mirror is available at Heal's for £125.00. Two complaints - there is no corresponding version for little boys and Heal's currently doesn't ship to the United States. Consider having a glass shop cut out a similar shaped-mirror and afix a hanger yourself.

Contemporary kitchen cupboards

It can come as a nasty surprise when your beloved workstation desk no longer fits in the space you have available. This is also the case when you thought your desk would fit flush but you're left with some extra space. When we moved into our new home, it was apparent that the IKEA Galant super desk that we had with extensions wouldn't fit at all in the new home office. The Galant is a nice desk, when you have room for it, but in our experience they are magnets for clutter, at least in our case. Gary from Germany was in the opposite situation when he was looking for a desk that would fit the entire width of his home office. The Expedits aren't deep enough to fit the entire tabletop, so there is some space for cable management as well as LED lighting strips. Lastly, he added a third Expedit with two drawers on the right side of the desk. Since the desk is set up against a wall, some LED strips would work very well. We like how the Expedit with drawers adds some desk real estate, without making the desk too large.

Farm kitchen

We've always felt that the bedroom is a place where it's really important to invest in quality over quantity. Our favorite bedrooms are serene and clutter-free, arranged to support a good night's sleep.... If you're able to, center the bed against a wall. This is a basic way to bring symmetry and balance to a room, but there are exceptions to the rule. If a door or window prevents you from centering, place your bed in a spot where it's clear from obstructions. If you have the space, flank your bed with side tables and reading lights. If you don't have room for tables, try wall sconces above the bed. Good bedding can mean the difference between a restful or poor night's sleep. When shopping, understand thread count and keep an eye out for good deals. Keep clutter to a minimum by making sure you have adequate storage. Of course, the best way to find the bedroom arrangement that works for you is to try things out in your own space. For a diverse range of inspiration, check out our bedroom archives on Apartment Therapy.

Kitchen with breakfast island

The 'Tokeo' Wall by PMFKA A wall-drawing made in Copenhagen in the start of the year of 2006. As this is a livingroom I wanted to draw something that had more the character of a wallpaper. The wall-drawing is made in my friend Tokes apartment, north Copenhagens own 'Ol' Blue Eyes'.

Outdoor kitchen

They say that bathrooms are the biggest money pits right now. Whereas people used to sink cash into kitchens and living areas, bathrooms are getting the most upgrade attention lately. This bathroom would certainly be a case in point, but the ideas could be adapted. We found this bathroom by Connie Braemer, a Canadian interior designer, and we liked the raw stone trough sink with the faucets coming out of the wall.

Small kitchen with different cabinet styles

Parts of the country have been seeing lots of snow, so that got us thinking about shoes yet again and some quick DIY ideas for where to put the really wet ones. It's great for baking cookies- or for holding wet shoes- get out a baking pan and a wire cooling rack. Another way to make a simple boot tray work better- fill it with stones so that the water from boots on wet days will drain down.

Large open plan kitchen


Small modern kitchen

If you've got a ton of digital photos uploaded on Facebook for grandparents or friends, and printing them out in any tangible form seems overwhelming at this point, check out Shape Collage. Download it for free and in less than a minute, it'll transform those photos into any shape imaginable. You chose the shape, and then you can adjust the size, number, and spacing of the photos included. Download it free here, or if you want to use photos that aren't online, you can upgrade to a $25 personal account. We'd be willing to give it a shot because it does something with those photos in less than a minute- maybe a good grandparent gift?

White kitchen and dining room

For the dining room, we love a good wooden table and chairs. In the 20th century, Danish designers began updating these materials using forms that fit more easily with modern decor. Click below for a few ideas inspired by kitchen and dining manufacturer Bulthaup.... This photo inspired a post on AT:NY about mixing and matching Wegner chairs - a classic look that avoids being staid. The dark table in the center of the room anchors the light woods and gray floors surrounding it. In an eat-in kitchen, a smaller table can be combined with a couple of chairs and stools. Exposed brick + white table + birch chairs = a very airy arrangement that works well in a loft. Just by adding one large-scale piece of artwork leaning up against the wall, the dining area feels more relaxed. Using a bench on one side of the table extends your seating options, and allows you to fit more people for a dinner party. This arrangement shows that you don't need a table to have a nice eating area.

Large contemporary kitchen


Farm kitchen with breakfast table

Here's a bathroom idea that maximizes a small space by combining the sink and the tub. 'It works by employing a removable sink insert that empties into the tub, which is in turn angled to help drainage. The lip of the tub, and thus the edge of the sink, is tall enough that it comes within range of the height of a standard sink basin, about 32'. The sink reminds us of tub covers we've seen in Japanese bathrooms. The design could also facilitate greywater use, if you use a mild, plant friendly hand soap.

Creative kitchen island

We found this cool feature buried in The New York Times pages for New York & Regional News - it's a full, interactive panoramic shot of William F. Buckley Jr.'s formal dining room in his Park Avenue apartment. Buckley, the 'Preeminent voice of American conservatism' died in February and the tables are still set! While the style of this room does nothing for our modern sensibilities, we're smitten with the technology! This is a must-see interactive panaromic image, so check it out: The Dining Room Where Buckley Reigned. Now we just need this same technology for AT House Tours!

Large open kitchen

This is the first house that my friends and I moved into last year. It is a 1,150 square foot townhouse, with three bedrooms. I love it because it is within walking distance of my workplace, the grocery store and pretty much anything else I need to do. The three of us were pretty excited to get to decorate an entire house ourselves. We got a lot of hand-me-downs from people to keep the budget low, but we were able to imbue it with our own style as well. The pheasant patterned sofas were actually my Grandparents from the 1970s! The thing that I love most about our home, is that it has an eclectic vintage feel, while still being incredibly personal. Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy? Contact the editors through our House Tour & House Call Submission Form.

White kitchen cabinets


Black cabinets open living kitchen

When Step 2 discontinued their Choo Choo wagon, it became a cult item among parents of multiples, who would stalk resales and eBay in hopes of finding a used one. Now Step 2 has reissued the Choo Choo, and Radio Flyer debuted another wagon for three. The Choo Choo is available with 2-3 cars, and Step 2 makes a trailer that can be added on for hauling additional kids or stuff. Radio Flyer's Triple Play Deluxe Wagon has triangular seating configuration and a rear storage bag for carrying extra stuff. Each Choo Choo car can hold up to 50 pounds, while the Triple Play can haul up to 200 pounds total. Neither design is particularly attractive and we would much prefer a non-plastic option, but it's worth noting that wagon manufacturers are addressing the needs of larger families. These could be good options for families with several small kids who have aged out of their strollers but might still want to hitch a ride on longer outings.