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Books nearly made me drop out of school in first grade. I'd learned to read early, but my school had strict library rules, and though I was bored to tears by Dick and Jane, the second- and third-grade books were off limits. So I took to phoning my great-grandfather from school each morning. I'd complain of headache, he'd come get me, and we'd play and read happily at his house each day. On my first day, the teacher marched me into the school library. 'This child is allowed to read any book she wants to.' At that moment, I was seven feet tall, and my education was secured. If you've taken a Cure, you'll know that one of its central tenets is that your home has energy in it that is unlocked when you work on it, and novelist Masha Hamilton has given me a great way to unlock the energy on my bookshelves and put it to good use giving other people access to a library. Initially launched with three camels on Oct. 14, 1996, the library now uses 12 camels traveling to four settlements per day, four days per week. The camels bring books to a semi-nomadic people who live with drought, famine and chronic poverty. The books are spread out on grass mats beneath an acacia tree, and the library patrons, often barefoot, sometimes joined by goats or donkeys, gather with great excitement to choose their books until the next visit. The Camel Book Drive is set up to support the bookmobile's efforts, and on that site you can see pictures and a video and get all the information if you'd like to donate either books or funds for a new tent to protect library patrons from the desert sun.

COuntry kitchen

Hello AT,. 'Do you have any advice about moving couches in and out of windows? We're moving into a duplex with an awful couch stuck inside, and we've fallen in love with the 82' Case Study couch, which we'd love to buy-but not if it will cost a fortune to bring in through the window....apartmenttherapy(dot)com)Link To All Good Questions. I admire the brave woman who hired someone to saw her beloved couch in half, but I don't want to risk it with a new and expensive piece fo furniture. Do you know of anyone we could hire to help us with this quandary, and what it might cost? We love your choice of sofa and don't want to see you pass it up. We don't have any experience moving sofa's in/out of windows, but we think that if you called Rabbit Movers they would have your answer. Windows are often smaller than doorways, so unless you remove the whole frame you don't get a tremendous advantage.

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With the arrival of my oldest daughter's little sister, I knew they'd eventually be sharing a room so I wanted to give it a facelift. I'm really inspired by white Scandinavian kid's rooms mixed with an eclectic, colorful style. I wanted to incorporate natural textures and animals, because what kid doesn't love animals? The whole room developed from the floral art hanging in the closet- which is actually gift wrap from Rifle Paper Co.! I love that there is a place for everything and accommodates both of my kids needs! All of the large furniture is from IKEA. I especially love the toddler bed that extends to a twin that will grow with my daughter! What a great idea. I love handmade touches in a room, so I like to use several things from Etsy. The feather mobile is from Gigi Love Feathers on Etsy. The fox block printed pillow is from Laura Frisk on Etsy and the green felt shoes are from Bonnie Bluebell's shop also on Etsy.

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The guest bathroom in Melissa's mid-century modern home was out of place with its rustic touches. She and her husband renovated it to have a more classic style, which fit with the rest of their home. Our mid-century modern home had a very outdated 'Rustic bath' and we wanted to update it to fit the home, our personal taste, our budget and to be classic. All the work was done by us in a timely manner - we worked on it around our work and family schedules. The finished bath is a great reflection of our own personal taste and it works well for our guests and young daughter - as my husband has kindly stated, 'She will get ready for prom here.' Materials used: hex marble floor, white large subway tile, classic pedestal sinks, chrome modern lighting and a functional piece of furniture.

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We love the darker tones in this photo as opposed to the shabby chic white versions. It can be hard to get rid of a giant bathtub, so maybe it's easier to just fit it into your outdoor decor. Or maybe you're really into the idea and have incorporated it on purpose. Either way, we love unexpected elements in the garden and the bathtub can be one of them.

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Bringing kitsch souvenirs home from a trip is sometimes a gamble; you could end up with an interesting conversation piece, a someday-family heirloom or just a cheesy mistake that ends up in storage. What if you live in a city chock full of kitschy souvenirs? Can you bring them into your home and call them art? We've been trawling the Cat Street Market off of Hollywood Road since moving to Hong Kong as a thrifting alternative. It offers a pleasant diversion on a busy day, watching tourists look at antique knock-offs and home d├ęcor items that we see everywhere. We've been returning to a vendor who seems to specialize in Chairman Mao sculptures, drawn to the colours and variety of poses in which he is modelled. We've only actually purchased one, and he stands proudly waving at us in our living room, dressed in what seems to be his dressing gown. Usually a souvenir gains interest once removed from the thousands of exact replicas with which it mwas originally displayed - we think Mao works best en mass, waving at us from as many angles as possible.

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We love the architecture and details of many older homes, despite the smaller square footage and more interior walls than we'd like. There are no family rooms, recreation rooms or bonus rooms to speak of. There often is a formal dining area adjacent to the main living area, perfectly-situated for a playroom. We love to entertain but we find that more and more we're doing it in a less formal way - buffet style sitting on various surfaces throughout the house. The dining room definitely is handy for Thanksgiving dinner, but a playroom would be great the other 364 days of the year. We need some paint, new lighting, new floor coverings and some storage space for our dining table. Has anyone done this in their own home? Please share with us in the comments.

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Who says you have to go the route of tradition and put up a typical Christmas tree? For those looking for a more minimal and modern contemporary spin on the old yuletide decoration, why not take a cue from this IKEA catalog setup where they've taken a trimmed tree branch and decorated it with a striking monochromatic selection of ornaments. Our only qualm is that presents don't look hardly as nice under this as a traditional tree, but it could be executed as a smaller complimentary holiday decor detail with smaller vases also instead of a replacement for a traditional tree. A good friend created something similar for her wedding reception centerpieces, and they were such a big hit, attendees fought over who could take them. Either way, it's a great way to recycle and reuse some wintertime yard trimmings.

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When I think about an eclectic room, I always picture something very involved. With lots going on inside of it - colors, treasures, just... things. The truth is, eclectic style is more than just having a lot of different stuff. Your home can live somewhere between minimalist and eclectic, and these 8 rooms prove it. Just take a minimalist room, then add color and texture - not stuff! - to give it that worldly, lived-in look we've come to love. Above and at top: An apartment-turned-showroom in Denmark called, obviously, The Apartment. Each of these three photos was taken during a different period of The Apartment with different decor: March 2012, March 2013 and August 2012, respectively. The two photos above were taken in the Brooklyn apartment of jewelry and textile designer Caitlin Mociun, featured on Houzz. Above, a Primrose Hill, London, bedroom designed by Jino Design, via Houzz. The living room and bedroom in the above two photos belong to DJ Simon Digby's Australian home, featured on HomeLife. What do you think of this style? Is it possible to be eclectic and minimalist, or would you call these rooms something else entirely?